How To Style Short Natural Hair?

How To Style Short Natural Hair

How To Style Short Natural Hair?

Making a hairstyle is simple with a styling mousse spray for styling or simply wetting your hair.” However, the most efficient solution is to braid it to create a fashionable style, like a braid. Our suggestion: Make sure to keep your hairstyle with hairspray.

Your Options In Natural Hairstyles For Short Hair

Protective updos.

They don’t just look elegant but also shield the delicate hair structure from the elements and moisture loss.


They can keep any excess volume and make you appear elegant when worn loose or in chic updos.



Puffs are a replacement for a regular bun popular with African American ladies. You will make something stunning and captivating if you add braids, twists, or other elements to your puff hairstyles.

Mohawks and Fauxhawks.

In style for a long time, The hairstyles listed here are great for black ladies willing to try extreme haircuts and bold ideas.

 Finger coils.

If you’re searching for hairstyles that make an impression on amazing textures, then finger coils are a good option.

Why Having Short Natural Hair Is An Advantage

Why Having Short Natural Hair Is An Advantage

Many of you are ecstatic to see the day you’ll reach your hair length goals. However, for now, appreciate what you already have. Although you may not think of it as such, natural hair has benefits. A shorter hair length implies less maintenance and less maintenance. As your hair gets longer, you’ll understand the difference. You may be longing for the days when you could just take two or three steps and leave, but that will not be the case when you have long hair.

1- Wash Time

Because you need fewer knots to manage, washing time becomes a breeze. There’s not much requirement to separate your hair into braids or apply a particular technique to minimize the risk of knotting. On days with short hair, you may notice that because the hair is shorter, you can co-wash or wash it less frequently than if it was longer. In contrast to each week being your washing, you might be able to wash it once or twice a week.

2- Protective Styles

As your hair grows, it’s more prone to being damaged due to contact with your clothing and getting caught. Alternatively, the ends could dry out because of exposure to elements. The reason is that the hair on the ends has been exposed to many years of exposure to various things. If you have shorter hair, it’s not an issue since the hair is young and new; you aren’t worried about clothing causing damage to the hair. Suppose you decide to style your hair curly or braided up to you. There is no need to worry about protecting styles to maintain the length you have at this time.

3- Moisturizing

If you discover products that suit your needs and hair type, moisturizing it isn’t as difficult as with long hair. However, the moisture in black hair can be difficult to travel down to our ends. That is why if you desire longer hair, we need to be focused on manually applying the moisture to our ends for us. It’s best to practice this as often as you can; however, reaching the end of the hair to provide water at a lower length is quite simple.

4- Not much to do at bedtime

When your hair becomes longer, you’ll notice that you need to put on something to protect it before going to bed to avoid breaking and matting. If it’s placing your hair in braids, twists, or a bun, you should always do it in the evening to avoid tangles, particularly when you have hair that is type 4. If your hair is longer, all that’s needed is a bit of moisture. Suppose you decide to need it. Put your silk bonnet on and fall asleep. Of course, if wearing an elongated braid or twist-out style, you’ll prefer to do this in the evening, but if you do not want to, it’s not a problem.

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Though many of us may not think this way due to what other people believe, hair with a shorter length is gorgeous. It showcases your beauty, and it’s pretty low-maintenance. Many women prefer to keep their hair shorter due to how easy it is to maintain and or because they truly appreciate the style. If you aim to get longer hair, which is fine; however, if your hair isn’t long, take advantage of this period of your life.

Ways To Style Short Natural Hair

Ways To Style Short Natural Hair

Although all kinds of curls look beautiful, your curls don’t require to be voluminous or incredibly long to stand out. Sometimes less is more. Celebrities such as Sanaa Lathan Lupita Nyong’o and Viola Davis have proven this repeatedly throughout the years.

“There are so many styles you can do with short hair, especially natural hair,” Naivasha, the famous Curl Expert and the Founder of Curl Queen. “Exploring the limitless options is a beautiful freedom and sense of liberation.” It doesn’t matter if you’re just beginning your journey and looking for some ideas for your next big cut or just want a new look. Let these styles serve as the inspiration for your next outfit.

1- Buzzed Is Better

Sanaa Lathan has been known for her lush, thick hair since the 1990s. The reason she cut the top layer off in 2017 in preparation for her part in Nippily Ever After was initially a shock to many people who follow her — however, it was an enjoyable surprise. For the perfect look, apply the Afro Sheen’s Texture Setting Crème Gel over your hair. Then, apply a stiff brush to smooth out any stray hair.

2- Finger Wave Glam

Tiffany Haddish recently showed that finger waves could be a great method to add some 1920s glamour to short hair. It’s not just easy to maintain, but it could last up to one week. “I’m a huge fan of finger waves,” says Naivasha. “I think it’s such a classic and confident style and a cool option to mix things up a bit, especially for a red carpet look.” Also, suppose your hair has been becoming thin in particular regions. In that case, finger waves can provide additional benefits and be used to hide spots.

3- New Heights

Taraji P. Henson is the epitome of versatility in her hair. So naturally, her version on a curly, high-top fade has us wanting to create our look. To achieve the style, apply the tough Cookie hair gel that is part of her eponymous product line of haircare TPH created by Taraji to give hair curls definition and hold.

4- Blonde Bombshell

It’s always a risk to experiment with color, but Cynthia Erivo’s bold style proves it’s worth the risk! If you’re looking to get an entire hairstyle overhaul and you’re looking for a new look, blonde is the most suitable option. “There are so many shades of blonde, and there is a blonde for every skin tone; that’s the magic,” Naivasha says. “There’s a sense of liberation attached to statement hair. Blonde is indeed that.”

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5- Jazz It up

Lupita Nyong’o also wore the same hairstyle when she was awarded her first Oscar at the 2014 Oscars to be a part of 12 Years a Slave. However, the actress took her look up one notch with a chic gold hairband.

6– Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

Extensions can accomplish the trick if you awake in the morning and want to add some length to your hair. Sonequa Martin-Green created this look and added a cornrow to her cut; however, there are many options to lengthen your look. From box braids to weaves to hair extensions, the possibilities are endless. “You can’t go wrong with extensions. The sky is the limit, and the style range is endless. It’s also a great option in the transition stage,” Naivasha says.

7- Let Loose

Zendaya has given her Bob Old Hollywood glamour by adding loose curls. To achieve the look, apply Broigne’s Frizz Blow Dry Perfect Heat Protectant Crème from root to end, and then apply GHD’s Curve 1.25 to style the hair.

8- Perfect Pixie

If there’s a shortcut that won’t ever go out of fashion, It’s a pixie cut that perfectly complements Ruth Negga. For the perfect look, try the OGX Moroccan Curling Perfection Defining Cream to make curls more distinct and add shine.

9- Lady In Red

Viola Davis’ natural hair on the red carpet is unbeaten. But, in 2012, she kicked her hair to the next level by swapping her trademark jet-black hairstyle for the auburn-red. Look at a box of Dark and Beautiful Fade-Resistant Rich Hair Colors conditioned in Red Hot Rhythm for a similar appearance.

10- Be Blunt

Yara Shahidi’s curly blunt hairstyle was the center on the stage during the 2017 MTV Movie and TV Awards. To achieve the style, try Eco Styler’s Olive Professional Styling Gel to give your curly curl definition, shine and hold.

Natural Hair Styles: Taking Care Of Your Hair After The Big Chop

Natural Hair Styles: Taking Care Of Your Hair After The Big Chop

From thrilling to frightening. The decision to make the chop, regardless of whether it’s your first or the third time can take us through a rollercoaster of emotions. It’s a great choice if you’re transitioning from natural to processed or require an opportunity to get your hair back on track after having curly hair damaged by heat.

Of course, plenty of those chooses to opt for that big cut and sport the TWA (teeny tiny hairstyle) it can bring as they seek an entirely new and exciting look. It could be a means of welcoming a huge life alteration or new stage in your life.

Whatever the cause, TWA is a fantastic opportunity to understand and appreciate your curly hair and to develop your hair care routine.

1- Moisturize

Between the various lengths and textures, Black hair, the short one, is well-known for the speed at which it gets dry. Make sure you moisturize your TWA regularly. Your curls will appear healthier, and you’ll get better results from twist-outs and Bantu knots when your hair is well-kept and moisturized.

Apply the LOC method of liquid (water-based moisturizing product) followed by sealing oil and, after that, cream. Also, keep an extra bottle of moisturizer to spray your hair whenever necessary during your day. A deep conditioning treatment once every week or every two weeks can help nourish and moisturize curly hair.

2- Protect

Hats. Hair braids, wigs, and extensions can help protect your hair’s ends and limit moisture loss. Other measures to protect yourself are wrapping curls in a wrap at night, sleeping in a bonnet, or using a satin or silk pillowcase. Be aware that your scalp and hair must be moisturized if you choose to wear an emollient style.

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3- Trim

Cutting your hair short is vital to help it get longer and stronger (if the new length is what you want). However, the damaged ends can also influence the definition of your curls. Therefore, a trim of 6-8 weeks is usually advised. Still, you can extend the interval between trims if you can reduce breakage by regularly moisturizing and making sure you do not make too much manipulating your curls.

4- Wash

A clean scalp and hair are essential for healthy, natural hair growth. Wash your hair regularly or every other week when needed, keeping in mind that the build-up of product can make hair difficult to cut and style. If your hair is shorter and you want to wash it every time you shower, Then washing it with co-wash (conditioner wash) is a great option.

Product Selection

The best advice here is to figure out what you like best. It will likely take lots of experimentation at the early stages of TWA to discover a great mix of what you love and find effective. Your most basic natural hair care products should include a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to clean your hair, a moisturizer (such as leave-in conditioner), sealing oil to seal all that lovely moisture in the hair, and a styling gel.

6- Style

A short hairstyle isn’t the same as boring hair. There are a variety of natural hairstyles that will go very well together with TWA. Twist-outs, Bantu knots, finger shingling coiling, or washing and going are only some. You can also opt for all-over color or simply highlights. The cut itself thinks about a taper or fade that has an extra side part (or more than one). Embrace and Enjoy.

You’ve got a fresh style and a variety of natural hairstyles that match it. You’re also blessed with healthy hair (or working towards getting it to where you want it). So, enjoy it, and yes, flaunt it.


In order to twist your hair, simply form a small spiral. And when you move back, continue grabbing more hair. So when I get to the end, I merely seal the twist with the elastic band.

Using gel to get a similar look. However, as you can see, it is possible to get the same results without using gel. Simply fluff out the back of your hair, and presto! You have a quick style.

Short hair looks excellent with sweetheart, strapless, and off the shoulder blouses and dresses. By going strapless, you may highlight your short hair, neck, and face while also flaunting your attire. The feminine touch and balance of statement necklaces, headbands, and large earrings can complete your ensemble.

First things first, I just used the natural styling moisturiser on my hair, and we’re going to create an illusion ponytail in the front right here, yes. I’m now removing your clothing.

It’s perfect for short hair if you simply keep your hair tucked in, don’t pull it out, and it’s in a lovely little bun. It might complement the scrunchie color pattern that you choose to utilize.