How Do You Style Long Curly Hair?

How Do You Style Long Curly Hair?

How Do You Style Long Curly Hair?

Introduction To Long Curly Hair

Long curly hair is an attractive and distinctive style that can be difficult and enjoyable. With its lively and full curls, long curly hair can be an impressive feature in its own right; however, the correct hairstyle could take your appearance to higher levels. No matter if you’ve got natural curls or prefer using the heat styling tools to get the desired look, There are a variety of hairstyles you can modify to your particular hair type and facial shape.

If you’ve got long curls in your hair, then you know that it can be challenging to find a hairstyle that works with your particular hair texture. However, there are plenty of choices for curly hair with long curls that are low maintenance and won’t overwhelm your day-to-day routine.

If you want a low-maintenance, simple hairstyle that is easy to maintain and adorable, Try this style: Muddle up your curls to create a voluminous style and secure them using the ponytail’s high end.

A Messy Medium Cut with bangs

Long curly hair isn’t just beautiful; it can be styled in various ways. The most well-known style for long curly hair is a messy, medium cut trimmed with bangs. This style is highly versatile and flatters any face shape.

This style looks fantastic with straight or wavy hairstyles and can be worn to any event. It’s a fantastic option for women looking to instantly make an exciting and elegant look.

The layered curls in these cuts are soft, making it easy to control them. This cut is also an excellent choice for those with fine hair that must be managed appropriately.

Bangs are an excellent method to add a dash of intrigue to your appearance and stand out from the rest of the crowd. They’re particularly effective if you have a naturally curly hairstyle.

When choosing the right look for your curly hair, you must pick a style. Consider the shape of your face and hair texture before deciding on an appearance.

If, for instance, you have an oval or round face shape, the deep side-swept fringe could aid in elongating your face. Contrarily, having a prominent forehead and a full-length side-swept hairstyle can make your face appear taller.

Another option is to experiment with an asymmetrical cut with long side-swept bangs. This can enhance your face and make you appear more attractive.

If you’re looking to cut your hair with bangs, you need to find a stylist skilled at cutting bangs with curly hair. This will guarantee you the most effective results. In addition, it’s addition; it’s an excellent idea to trim your bangs regularly. They will look fantastic and help avoid split ends.

Long Side-Parted KinksLong Side-Parted Kinks

Hair that is long and curly is to be treated with a touch of manipulation and plenty of spritzing to create the perfect type of sparkle. It’s not just for those traveling. However, keeping your locks looking healthy and shining is an excellent option. It’s all about getting the best tools and a skilled stylist, and you’re ready to go. The hairstylist mentioned above will explain some easy steps to make the smoothest locks that shine as if they were the day you first got them. The most important thing is appropriate hair treatment, preferably an amino-rich protein shampoo, and conditioner.

Ombre Coloring

Ombre coloring is a fantastic option to give your curly hair some color without getting too much. The color will fade gradually as your hair grows, making it easy to maintain and maintain in good condition and clean.

If you’re considering the ombre look, talk to your hairstylist before. She can help you select the right shade for your complexion and fashion.

For light complexions, an ombre of light blonde is a good choice. This style can be created by fading your hair from dark brown to light blonde.

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You could even include a few highlights to lighten your hair. Balayage is another favorite for a balayage look since it creates the appearance of hair that has been sun-kissed.

The greatest thing about the ombre coloring style is that it can create any look. So if you’re searching for an updo, a short cut or a cut that is layered, There’s an ombre shade that will meet your requirements.

If you need help deciding what shade to pick, you can consider a mix of purple and pink. These colors can highlight your natural beauty and give you the appearance of a princess of the 21st century.

Alternatively, you can go for copper or a darker brown ombre highlighting your reddish roots and darker blonde tips. The result is gorgeous and captivating.

This style is a fantastic alternative for women with fair skin tones or who aren’t averse to trying the boldest shade. However, finding the perfect mix of shades for your hair is challenging. Be sure to discuss this with your stylist before selecting this shade.

If you’re eager to begin your journey of the look of ombre hair, don’t hesitate to make an appointment with the salon near you. Find out the cost of your treatment and the length of time the process will last to get the shade you desire.

Deep Side Part

A deep side parting is an excellent method to add dimension and interest to curly hair. It is also great to emphasize specific characteristics, such as deep or sharp jawlines.

If you’ve got a short cut, pixie cut, or extended length of Rapunzel, A deep side part can make your hair appear more distinct and give an element of vintage Hollywood style to your style. To achieve this look, slick your hair with plenty of water-based gel for hair and then use your fingers or a wide-tooth combing tool to break hair from mid-shaft up to the ends.

Another option to create this stunning look is to style your hair into the shape of hair with sculptural waves. The result is beautiful and will attract photographers flocking over to your place.

If you have straight hair, consider using Velcro rollers on your locks to give them more volume. Alternately, blow dry your hair by focusing the heat on the area that needs to be volumized to give your curly locks an extra boost!

It is also possible to alter the form of your side part to get a more balanced look. For example, a center-centered face is flattering for almost any facial shape, but it is particularly beneficial on oval faces.

The side-parting bob style worn by Kerry Washington is a great model for a look that allows you to show off the most striking hair clips. Add a pair of Snap clips by Kitsch ($12) and put rhinestone-studded bobby pins in a stack for an elegant look.

If you’re a woman with fine hair or a delicate side part, a deeper side part can be an excellent method of gaining more volume without massive hairstyles. This is a great hairstyle for women who want to retain their youthful look with a fashionable and protective style that provides a complete look without sacrificing length or texture.

Messy Beach CurlsMessy Beach Curls

One of the simplest and fastest methods to make your hair look more stylish is to use the curling iron. However, this technique only works when your hair has enough volume and texture to keep the curl.

For this style, you’ll need an iron that has an extra-large barrel (ideally 1.25-1.5″). It will allow you to create loose beachy waves without creating an intimate look.

It is essential to ensure that you begin your curling iron towards the hair’s front and then reverse it. This will ensure you have more volume at the hair at the rear of your hair, and it will look more natural.

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After all of your hair is curled, apply a spray to help make the curls more secure. I like Sun Bum Beach Hair Spray because it adds a beautiful shine and gives your curls a lovely soft, smooth finish.

Another easy and quick way to cut your hair long is to do a pineapple-inspired updo. It’s perfect for women looking to add a little boho style to their hair.

When it comes time to style your hair, preparing it using an excellent hydrating product such as Suave Luscious Curls Define Spray is recommended, this can help reduce frizz and flyaways, which can result when you restyle your hairstyles at the beginning of the day.

Make sure to spray the hair using a heat protector spray to prevent damage caused by your curling iron. This helps protect your hair from heat when styling it and makes it appear more polished after you’ve finished slicing through the waves.

If you’re a hair fan and want to add more volume, there’s no better way to increase the length than to add an ombre shade. This will instantly add dimension to your appearance and makes it more interesting.

Hairstyles For Long Curly Hair.

Here are a few top hairstyles that work well with long curly hair. Each one has an individual level of difficulty and flexibility:


Braids are an incredibly versatile hairstyle that can be styled either way, which makes them an excellent alternative for curly hair with long lengths. Cornrows, French braids, and Dutch braids are well-known choices to wear as a stand-alone style or as a base for different hairstyles. Braids can also be an excellent method to ensure that your hair stays from your face and reduce frizz when you don’t wish to let your curls flutter.


Buns are a classic style that is an excellent alternative for curly hair with long curls. Whether you prefer a low or low one, this style is ideal for keeping your hair off your face while displaying gorgeous curls. In addition, you can incorporate braids or twists in your hairstyle to add some interest.


Ponytails are an easy and timeless hairstyle that can be an ideal choice for curly hair with long curls. If you like high and low ponytails, this style can be perfect for keeping your hair off your face while displaying gorgeous curls. In addition, you can incorporate twists or braids into your ponytail to add more interest.

Half-Up Half-Down

The half-up half-down style is ideal for showing your curls and length. To make this style, take the top part of your hair and tie it using pins or hair ties. The lower half of your hair may be left curly and loose, or you can use twists or braids to create a more detailed look.


Updos are a classic, elegant hairstyle that’s an excellent choice to wear at special events. Whether you prefer messy buns or chic chignon, updos can be a great option to show off your curls and keep your hair away from your face. In addition, you can incorporate braids, twists, or even flowers in your style to add some interest.

Tips For Styling Long Curly Hair

Here are some helpful tips to help you get the best results from styling your long curly hair:

Use The Right Products

When you’re trying to style the long curls of curly hair, it’s crucial to choose the correct products. First, select products specifically designed for curls, like a curl-defining mousse or cream. Please beware of products made with alcohol because they may dry your hair and create frizz.

Protect Your Hair

When you style your long curly hair, it’s essential to safeguard your hair from damage caused by heat. Use heat-protectant sprays, and avoid using high-heat styling tools, like curling irons and straighteners, every day.

Embrace Your Natural Texture

The ability to embrace natural hair texture is essential when styling long curly hair. Do not attempt the straightening process or alter the curls’ texture to result in damage to your hair and deprive it of the natural bounce and shine.

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How To Style Your Hair For Long Curly Hair For A Wedding?


Hairstyles that are classic and elegant hairstyle are ideal for weddings. Whether you prefer an elegant chignon, a messy bun, or a braided updo, this is a fantastic way to show off your curls and keep your hair from your face. Add braids, flowers, or twists to your hairstyle to attract attraction.

Half-Up Half-Down

Half-up and half-down hairstyles are elegant and fun styles perfect for weddings. For this look, pull up the top portion of your hair, and secure it with a hair tie or pins while leaving the lower half of your hair free and curly. For extra intrigue, you can incorporate braids, twists, or even flowers in your half-up, half-down look.


Braids are a hairstyle that can be used in various ways that are perfect for weddings. You can choose simple braids, French braids, Dutch braids, or fishtail braids. It is an excellent option to hold your hair off your face while adding additional interest to your appearance. Braids can be put into hairstyles such as an updo, half-up, half-down look, or a basic ponytail.


Ponytails are a classic and timeless hairstyle that is ideal for weddings. If you’re looking for high and low ponytails, this look can be a fantastic method to get your hair from your face and show off your gorgeous curls. You can incorporate braids, twists, or even flowers into your ponytail to add some interest.


Making accessories for your long curly hair during the wedding ceremony can also make a difference in your overall appearance. You can choose from an elegant hairpin or a spark.


Is curly hair better with layers?

How Do Layers Affect Curls? Your curls, coils, waves, and ringlets will be more defined by layers. Curls can move more freely and keep their bounce when their hair is layered. If you have naturally curly hair, adding layers will help define, add texture, and shape your hair.

Which cut is best for frizzy curly hair?

What to Request: A wavy bob makes the most of frizzy hair’s natural curly nature, which is why it works so well with it. Ask for a deconstructed bob with loose layers to let your stylist know you want a dishevelled appearance, advises Dave Stanwell.

How can I spice up my long curly hair?

Try combing your part to a different side for a pretty simple approach to alter your appearance. While a side part would highlight your cheeks, a centre part will draw attention to your forehead. It will look that anything has changed even if you only move your portion to the opposite side of your head.

What is the bowl method for curly hair?

Rinsing off your conditioner with a bowl of water is the easiest and most efficient way. Re-dipping your hair several times into the bowl of water and conditioner helps to produce gorgeous curl clusters and forces more water into the hair for more hydration.

What is a curly hair routine?

Once every week, use a hair mask or oil. After utilising products and styling equipment for a week, this replenishes the moisture in your curls. To increase blood flow to your scalp, we advise utilising hair oils. To hydrate the roots and encourage wholesome hair development, massage the oil onto your scalp.

Does curly hair look better wet or dry?

Wet styling might be more effective for you if you admire the appearance of your frizz-free curls in the mirror after a hot shower. It’s generally a better idea to style your curls moist if you prefer how they look after they have had time to dry.