How To Style Hair Extensions?

How To Style Hair Extensions?

How To Style Hair Extensions?

To style your hair extensions, take these actions:

  1. Comb or brush the extensions well to eliminate any knots.
  2. Clean the extensions with shampoo that is sulphate-free and conditioner.
  3. Dry the extensions or apply a hair dryer in a low setting.
  4. Spray a heat protector before using hot tools such as straighteners or curling irons. The extensions can be styled in the way you want by using curling irons, straighteners, and hot rollers.
  5. Add a touch of hold with a light hairspray or a serum to add shine and maintain your hairstyle.

How Do You Style Hair Extensions?

How Do You Style Hair Extensions?

Tip 1 – Start By Using Good-Quality Extensions For Your Hair

Your hair extensions should have the perfect shade match and be discrete and comfortable. In addition, they should be cut in a way you like and easy to keep.

Tip 2: Always Blow-Dry Your Hair

When you blow dry your hair extensions, they’ll be a part of your hair and appear natural.

Tips 3: Invest In Top-Quality Tools

We suggest using GHD H Air straighteners for our customers for straightening, curling, and creating waves!

Tip 4: Be Patient

It’s worth taking the time when styling your hair because hair extensions can retain their style very well. So if you clean your hair every three days, for instance, and take your time styling it, the style will last very well up to the time of your next washing. It’s a great return on your investment time!

With quality hair extensions, you can make whatever hairstyle you like. We at Vixen & Blush want our customers to be happy with the new look and enjoy creating hairstyles in their homes! Soon, you’ll be teaching everyone how to style your Hair Extensions!

Top 10 Hair Extension Hairstyles

The most appealing aspect 4 for hair extensions lies in the way they can open up a new range of styling options you never thought could be achievable by using your hair. You will no longer need to think, “My hair is not long enough to do that,” or “my hair is too thin for this” Just put on your extensions. The world truly is yours.

If you have hair that is short or hair that is thin or simply want to add volume, extensions will provide you with all the hairstyles you want to create your favourite hairstyles. They can also be used to create different colours for your hair.

  • Mermaid Waves

Do you want to give your locks a magical Mermaid twist? The mermaid waves are sure to be sure to make Ariel jealous. They’re also easy to create! With volume-enhancing and lengthening hair extensions, Take your hair to new heights using the help of a texturizing spray to create the most unforgettable sun-kissed summer style.

We suggest purchasing a waver to make the perfect mermaid waves. Wavers will create smooth, bouncy, beachy, and boho elegant waves without rolling, pulling, or twisting delicate hair. Make sure to wear an item that protects your heat!

  • Low Ponytail

The low ponytail is popular lately – and we’ve got Kim K to blame for the trend! This elegant and simple hairstyle is a great choice for numerous occasions that you’ll be pleasantly surprised! The sleek, low pony seen on a variety of stars sporting a softly twirled feminine, curly ponytail, this hairstyle has evolved from being a “quarantine classic” to a stylish and versatile ‘do.

  • High Ponytail

In contrast to the low ponytail is the high ponytail elegant, stylish, and stylish classic. This style will instantly bring to life any outfit! A low ponytail’s sporting sister high ponytail gives us sexy 90s-style vibes. Another hairstyle extension that is versatile and requires minimal maintenance. Pair the look with braids or bangs to truly create that wow effect.

  • Dutch Braids

Dutch Braids have had an era since 2016 when they took to the internet alongside their cousins, French Braids. A double Dutch braid is the king of extensions hairstyles because of its complexity and the need to add volume. They are made with braids that cross under to create stunning 3D effects.

With more hair, it’s simpler to make stunning extravagant braids that make your day feel like a styled shoot. Learn more about How To Braid Hair Extensions to aid you in mastering this timeless look.

  • Clip-In Fringe

A stylish fringe might not be one of the things you consider when you think of extension hairstyles, but believe me when I say it’s a good idea! With a clip-in fringe, you can transform your appearance instantly without cutting off your hair. Ideal for changing your look now and again or playing around with your hair before achieving the hairstyle of your dreams.

  • Hollywood Waves

Have you ever dreamed of those romantic, flowing hairstyles as seen by the old Hollywood ladies? Then you’ll be glad to know that they are still being worn and are an extremely popular choice for modern Hollywood brides, divas, and formal events. If you’re looking to wow your guests with a classy, stunning hairstyle that doesn’t require you to work out for an updo (let’s admit it, that’s not for everybody!) Then let your hair fall and style them into classy Hollywood hairstyles.

  • Half-Up, Half-Down

A standard of wedding hairstyles, half up, half down, is a classic with infinite variations and endless style. It’s as versatile as it gets; the part of the hair snipped off your face offers many options, from space buns to ponytails and top knots to braided fantasies.

A popular choice for brides across the globe, this style can be achieved using or without hair extensions. However, if you want to experiment with the look thoroughly, we suggest increasing your length and volume to achieve the most sophisticated and dramatic effect.

  • Fishtail BraidFishtail Braid

I am aware. I know. Another braid? We’ll be honest: braids are a simple method to change your appearance and get everyone’s attention. Although the braids aren’t as difficult as they might seem for newbies, they may be a bit confused during the first couple of times they try them.

  • Space Buns

Half-up and space buns, as well as space buns, require enough hair to make glamorous flowing locks and two large messy hair buns… Does this sound like a lot of work, you think? That’s why you should put in your clip-in hair extensions so that the hairstyle will flow effortlessly and elegantly.

Space buns blur the lines between cute and trendy, mixing ’90s-inspired vibes with summer fun and an e-girl twist. They’re ideal for day trips, festivals, and photography shoots. This outfit is a show-stopper.

  • Bubble Braid Ponytail

Don’t be fooled by the title, as this haircut isn’t a braid. Instead, a fun, playful hairstyle for extensions. The bubble braids are an easy variation of the traditional ponytail. If you’re not fortunate enough to have huge, long locks, You’ll require assistance from Hair Extensions to construct the perfect braid if you go back to the beginning of the 2000s when we were stunned by celebrities like Fergie and her sexy hairstyle.

  • Messy Bun

If you’ve ever thought of being “that girl” – the one who is always stylishly comfortable, artistic, and casually classy The messy bun could be your haircut. It is often paired with a comfy but stylish look and minimal makeup. But, of course, the messy bun could also be a wedding hairstyle, just like Hailey Bieber did.

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People with thin hair may have difficulty achieving the proper volume and letting hair with enough tendrils. But by using hair extensions, this issue is gone within minutes.

  • Low Bun

Another one for your brides-to-be. A low-bun is a classic style that is worn on every formal occasion. Its versatility and class make it a popular choice for wedding hair. Buns can be a great option to appear stylish while keeping hair from the back and face. For the perfect low bun extension hairstyle, look at our step-by-step guide on creating a low bun hairstyle.

Ten Must-Know Hair Extensions Hack

Ten Must-Know Hair Extensions Hack

There are many reasons to choose to put on hair extensions. From changing your hair’s length by transforming it from shorter to longer in a matter of minutes and adding volume to your hair or achieving more voluminous braids in a matter of minutes, hair extensions are an easy and efficient way to experiment with your style. If you’re brand new to the hair extensions world, There are plenty of sources to help you learn the basic techniques to wear and style your hair extensions. But what are the secrets nobody talks about? What can you do to hide those dreadful shorter hairs behind your neck? What’s the most effective way to curl your extensions? Do you think it can achieve a layered appearance without cutting the extensions?

The technique of wearing hair extensions can take time and effort, and practice; we’ve collected our top 10 hacks for hair extensions with the assistance of our dear friend Josie. However, if you follow these techniques, you’ll be able to transform from a hair extension novice to a pro in just a few minutes. See the video below, or follow us for our top hair extension tips. The video below shows Josie wearing hair extensions that are Seamless Dirty Blonde Luxy Hair extensions.

  • The Bottom Part Of The Hair Disguises Shorter Hairs

When you put in your hair extensions, you want them to blend seamlessly with your hair’s natural style. However, if you’re not fortunate enough to have long hair and apply your extensions for volume, the shorter hairs may peek out from at the end, which makes it more obvious that you’ve got hair extensions. To counter this, you should gather the top portion of your hair around just the neck’s nape and braid it. Then tie the braid flat on top of your head. Then, secure it with Bobby’s pins.

Put your bottom weft over the place you’ve pinched your hair. Then, continue making your hair extensions clipped in from the top. You can loosen your hair when you’ve put all the wefts in place. The results appear better and more natural, without any of the hair’s shorter hairs that are visible!

  • Make Use Of A Hair Extension Hanger For More Effortless Styling

Styling your extensions before clipping them in is much simpler than when they’re clipped in since the wefts may be lost in the process. The solution is your Luxy Hair Extensions Carrier. It includes an exclusive bamboo hanger to hold your hair extensions securely while you straighten or curl them. You’ll see the extensions precisely this way and be capable of styling them with both hands. Then, when you’re done, you can clip the extensions to your already-styled hair for the perfect mix.

  • Make Sure You Clip Your Extensions Diagonally To Create A Layering StyleMake Sure You Clip Your Extensions Diagonally To Create A Layering Style

Do you have hair with layers? If you do, you’re going to be awed by this trick. Making your wefts clipped in an arc is an easy trick when you want to imitate the look of layers. This creates a natural high-low appearance that perfectly blends with the layered hair. Because Luxy Hair Extensions measure about 20 inches, it’s the best way to get the look of layered hair without having to cut them professionally.

  • Re-Comb Your Roots To Stop Wefts From Sliding

If you’re dealing with hair that’s thin or feel your hair extensions require some extra support to stay on their own, then this advice is ideal for you. First, make a separate section of hair for cutting your weft. After that, with a teasing brush, back comb your hair and apply a small amount of dry shampoo. This will give your roots more texture and help hold them in place, allowing the clips to secure without sliding.

  • Use Extensions In A Stack If You Have A Smaller Head

If you’re having trouble finding space to put the hair extension on the head, try stacking them to save space. You can stack two wefts together to make a huge weft and then put it in your hair to create a full-bodied appearance. Do not stack more than two at a time since the wefts might become too heavy or cause discomfort.

This small technique makes it easier to locate space on your head for all hair extensions, but it can also accelerate the process of applying them. If you’ve got layered hair and hair which thins in the lower part, stacked wefts by stacking them is an effective method of adding thickness to the bottom part of your hair.

  • Make Sure You Store Your Extensions Correctly So That They last longer

If you’d like to ensure that your hair extensions last for the longest time or are fed up with them becoming tangled between wearings, The Luxy Hair Extension Carrier is essential. It will help keep your extensions free of knots and stop any damage from happening.

The extensions are hung nicely on the bamboo hanger included and are covered with strong cloth made of cotton and polyester. A further benefit? The bag can roll up and fit when you’re out and about! Of course, hair extensions of the finest quality require the best care. Treat your investment with care, and they’ll last longer.

  • Hair Extensions Should Be Curled The Day Before If You Are Attending An Event To Attend

Hair extensions curled in the days before the day you plan to style them can be an excellent technique if you want perfect hair styled quickly. You simply roll them up and secure them with a bobby pin after you’re finished styling and then unwind your hair extensions when you’re at the point of wearing them.

This is a great method if you’ve got a big event and don’t have lots of time to prepare for it, as you can complete all the preparation work the day prior. Making sure you roll each curl before pinning is an excellent method of ensuring that your curls last longer. It doesn’t matter if you have an event coming up or a graduation celebration, or even plans for a large party. This trick will be useful regardless of the event.

  • Hair Extensions Can Be Clipped Upside Down When You’re Wearing Hair Extensions In A Ponytail

Hair extensions are fantastic for creating voluminous hairstyles and ponytails; however, we recommend clipping them upside down so that there are no bumps in the area where the wefts were clipped. Instead, you should clip the wefts upside down to ensure that they remain flat when you pull your hair to create a ponytail. They will remain unnoticeable. This technique will also enable you to create elegant, chic hairstyles.

  • Cover Your Hair With Elastic By Using One Clip Weft

Hair extensions are an absolute must if you want to create the perfect ponytail! But did you know that you can also use a single weft to conceal your hair elastic to create a sleeker appearance? Wrap a single weft around the hair elastic to conceal it. This trick is simple, yet it will dramatically improve the appearance of your hair. This polished ponytail is great for going to work, an evening out with friends, or running through the streets.

  • Make Sure To Use The Correct Hairbrush When Brushing Your Hair

Hair brushing with extensions clipped in is difficult. Traditional hairbrushes may tug at the roots, causing the wefts’ to move. This isn’t just uncomfortable; it also takes away the work put into it to secure them.

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Instead, consider the Luxy The Luxy Loop hair extensions brush instead of combing your hair with hair extensions that have been clipped into. The bristles made of nylon aren’t prone to pull, snagging, or harm your wefts and are designed to glide effortlessly through your hair and remove any knots and tangles while not shifting the wefts.

How To Make Hair Extension Look Natural?

How To Make Hair Extension Look Natural?

The hair extensions can be the most kept secret, as are eyelash extensions and microblading eyebrows. However, with any natural enhancement to your beauty, it is important to ensure that your extensions appear natural. Hair extensions should boost your appearance and be the most secretive thing you can keep.

With the correct pair of extensions, nobody can tell you’re wearing extensions, even if they touch your hair! This is because Glam Seamless Extensions are 100% seamless. Our invisible clip-ins are completely seamless and cannot be felt in your hair when someone runs their fingers across your hair! That’s the reason for extensions, to make them feel natural and appear natural. So how can you make extensions appear natural?

We’ve all seen people whose hair extensions didn’t look authentic. We don’t want to be confronted with hair extensions that don’t appear natural! Follow these five tips to ensure your extensions look authentic and natural! If you adhere to these guidelines, you’ll never need to be concerned if someone sees your extensions since they’ll look authentic. Follow these steps.

  • Have Enough Hair Extensions.

It is important to ensure that your hair extension supply is sufficient that corresponds to your hair’s density. If you have thick hair, you’ll require a large number of extensions to be able to match the thickness of your hair. If you have thin or fine hair, you’ll require less hair. If you have short hair, you’ll also require lots of extensions. There are many layers you need to cover your shorter layers.

The most obvious sign that the person wears extensions is if they don’t have enough extensions. This is crucial to ensure that your hair extensions appear authentic! Be sure to purchase extra hair so that it is sufficient and that you feel confident about it. The most important aspect has fine hair in your hair. If you’ve got enough hair, you’ll be good to go.

  • Select The Appropriate Extension For Your Hair

Traditional clip extensions might not be the best choice for you if you have fragile or thin hair. They’ll be heavy, add weight to your hair, and will probably not look great. However, if you wear only extensions for special occasions, then the Glam Seamless invest-clips would be the most suitable for you because they’re seamless fine clip wefts, which look similar to tape-ins.

But, if you’ve got fine hair and would like permanent hair extensions that last using invest-tapes, then something like this is the best choice. Selecting the correct type of hair extension is essential to blend your extensions and appear natural.

  • Get A Color Match

With hair extensions, you can make a difference of 2-3 shades lighter or darker than your natural hair colour. The extensions will blend and appear natural. But, if you’re an unusual colour or are buying extensions on the internet, you’ll want the perfect shade to match. The extensions aren’t matching your roots, but you’re making them match your ends. Most people choose 3-4 colours to achieve the perfect colour combination. If the extension’s color is not in harmony, it can indicate that you’re wearing extensions.

If you want your extensions to appear real, and you’re buying hair online, make sure you get a colour match free before making a purchase. At Glam Seamless, we color-match hundreds of colours of hair every day to ensure that every hair is in line. Therefore, it is important to choose the right colour(s) when you are wearing extensions.

Additionally, if you have a stunning distinct hair colouring not available through any extension business, choosing the lightest blonde shade, #60, and a tint that complements your hair is ideal. This is the most effective method of making your hair extensions appear authentic when you have a distinct shade. Finally, colouring your hair extensions can be simple; you just need to use a safe shampoo to lock the colour inside.

  • Use Several Different Hair Extension Lengths

People with short, shoulder-length hair can wear extensions, making them appear real with little effort. Why? Because they only require just one length and an amount of hair to add some volume to their hair.

If you’re wearing layers or long hair, you might need two different lengths. A longer length will give you a longer appearance, and a shorter length to blend in with your layers. Utilizing two lengths is best to make your extensions appear real and blend with your natural hair layers.

  • Use The Finest Human Hair

It is essential to do this for anyone who plans to wear hair extensions! Hair extensions that are cheap or fake may seem like a bargain until the first time you wash them when they get matted and frizz up, and you’re left with curly hair extensions which do not exactly match the texture of your hair even a bit! In the case of extensions, buy high-quality hair. This will save you tons of money in the future. How? You won’t need extensions replacement as often since they’re real human hair, which is washable and styled exactly like your hair.

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If you’d like your extensions to appear authentic, you must purchase the highest quality human hair extensions available on the market. Even if they’re somewhat more expensive, buying high-quality hair will help your extensions appear real, and you won’t be concerned about whether they become matted or frizzy after just a couple of washes! If you’re hoping your extensions appear authentic, choose the highest quality extensions available to ensure they’ll last!

  • Go To An Experienced Hairstylist

This is the most effective advice we can give you. When it is about getting your hair extensions to look genuine and authentic, go to a stylist. Extensions these days are quite DIY, isn’t it? It could be true; however, hairstylists can perfectly cut and blend these extensions! If you purchase the highest quality set of extensions, you may prefer to take them to a professional who can cut, color, and style them.

Hairstylists are experts in all things and can mix extensions to give them the appearance of being completely natural! Extensions of hair usually require cutting to match your hair. After you have received your extensions, contact your hair stylist to have her cut and apply for the extensions. The last thing you need is for your extensions to be mixed. This can have a huge impact!

The Process Of Getting Hair Extensions That Appear Natural Is A BreezeThe Process Of Getting Hair Extensions That Appear Natural Is A Breeze

Always have enough hair, the correct shade, and then have them cut and mended by an expert! If you buy good quality hair extensions, you can keep them for over a year. You won’t have to purchase more extensions for an entire year. They will appear natural if taken proper care of them!

3 Hairstyles With Halo(r) Extensions That Take Less Than 5 Minutes

Halo Extensions are a quick, simple way to alter your appearance. Halo Extensions instantly increase volume and length without needing to clip several pieces or commit to permanent extensions you can find in salons. Halo Extensions a Halo Extension is a single strip of hair wrapped around the hair’s top (like an angel’s Halo) and is securely held in place using invisible wiring. The greatest benefit? They’re not damaging to your natural hair and are great for people with thinner, more fragile hair.

How Long Does It Take To Apply Halo Hair Extensions?

One of the advantages of Halo Extensions is the speed at which and effortlessly it is applied. It can enhance your appearance in just 60 seconds and give length and thickness in addition to volume. The short time to apply it makes it possible to incorporate it into your daily routine or if you’re headed directly from the office for an evening out with your friends and don’t have much time to prepare. Halo Extensions are ideal for those who like to experiment with different styles without spending hours in the mirror.

Halo’s “low skill level” allows you to do it yourself even when you don’t have the skill of hair stylists who are professionals. You can pick among a range of sizes of nylon wire from XXS through XXL to ensure that the Halo will fit perfectly on the top of your scalp. In addition, each Halo is equipped with two 2-clip wefts that allow for further blend and are suitable for sensitive and delicate scalps. Even though Halo comes as only one piece, it is still possible to try half-up hairstyles, ponytails, side braids, and more. Halo is quick and easy to use, and the following hairstyles can be made within less than five minutes!

How Do You Dress For Halo Extensions?How Do You Dress For Halo Extensions?


Begin by gently brushing your hair as the Halo weave itself. We suggest using the Loop Hair Extensions Brush, an apex brush, or wide-toothed combs to avoid breaking or breaking.

Separate hair on the top of your head into the form of a circle with a rattail hair comb. Make sure you leave a couple of pieces of hair moving around your face’s frame. This will make for an edgier appearance after the Halo is in place and also help hide the wire. Keep the hair that has been cut off in your hairline clipped.


The Halo weft should be placed over the crown of your head, just where the circular portion is between your bun and just over your ears. Make sure the wire isn’t loose and also not too tight. If you’re unsure, then give your head a shake. The wire must be safe. If it’s moving, decrease the size. If you feel it will explode, then go up in size.


Use the clips to attach the Halo extension to the hairline about a few inches above your ear. After that, pull the hair down and blend your hair’s natural color to the weft. Next, use an extension brush loop to smooth the hair into position. A standard paddle brush or comb can be used to accomplish this process, but make certain to use a gentle touch while combing your hair to ensure you don’t damage your Halo cable or shift the Halo off its place. Finally, it’s now time to cut your hair!


How can I hide my extensions when I put my hair up?

Take a 2 cm strip of the ends of the hair extensions and wrap it around the base of your ponytail to hide the seam where the extensions meet your natural hair. Ensure with a bobby pin and use hairspray to tame any flyway’s.

Do hair extensions help hair grow?

Whether you prefer the Hand-tied, Tape-in, Clip-in, or Micro-Link technique, properly installed hair extensions can actually encourage the growth of your natural hair. You may style your hair in a variety of ways and protect it from harm by using hair extensions.

Do extensions damage hair growth?

While a weave or extensions may be a terrific way to mix up your hairdo, if adequate measures and maintenance are not done, they can harm your natural hair and even cause hair loss.

How long do extensions last in your hair?

Glue and tape extensions last between four to eight weeks, sew-in extensions should be changed out every six to eight weeks, and micro-link extensions last up to four months, but will need adjustment every two to three months as your hair grows out, she recommends.

Is it normal to wear hair extensions everyday?

Is it OK to wear my hair extensions daily? As long as you take care of them and fit your clip-in hair extensions properly, you can wear them as frequently as you like. The convenience of using and taking out clip-in hair extensions is one of its best features.

Do you shower with hair extensions?

With tape-in hair extensions, you can shower, but you’ll need to wash your hair less frequently. Buy a lovely shower hat for yourself, then use it! Over washing will weaken your connections and hasten the deterioration of your hair’s quality.