How To Style Men’s Curly Long Hair?

How To Style Men's Curly Long Hair

How To Style Men’s Curly Long Hair?

Make sure to use a conditioner three times per week, and apply conditioning products that are left on days that you don’t shampoo your hair; wash your hair in water before you shower. Use a wide-toothed comb when combing and styling curly hair. The combs and brushes with fine teeth could cause damage to the shape that helps curls shine.

How To Style Men’s Curly Hair: Cool And Easy Looks

How To Style Men's Curly Hair: Cool And Easy Looks

You might have amazing curly locks but don’t know how to style them. It’s happened to us all! Getting down to how to style curly hair for men is a difficult task. Perhaps you’ve tried mousse, gel, or wax. Perhaps you don’t know how each product could improve your hair. That’s understandable–working around a finicky hair type can be a process.

Curly hair is naturally a somewhat more difficult hair type to style. It’s our goal to help you understand this type of hair and provide insight into some of the challenges it faces when styling. Curly hair is characterized by a curly or wavy hairline and is prone to dryness. In addition, it’s frizz-prone and prone to humidity changes.

This hairstyle could reap astounding advantages when using the right hair care products. Find out the various methods to style men’s curly hair. Also, there are some ideas for hairstyles that you can explore:

Slicked-back Hair

The gel can give you hair that is slicked back but still has a well-controlled, modern-day, greaser look. The look is popular with business professionals due to its swift and polished appearance. This style ensures you don’t have to stress or manage your hair after a shower at the beginning of your day. We recommend Dove Men Care Control Gel, which gives hair a powerful and durable hold with a smooth look. Put the size of a dime on your hands for the perfect look after showering. Mix the two products and rake them through your hair. Then, use a brush or a fine-toothed comb to achieve a more smooth finished, more refined appearance.

Loose Waves

Loose Waves

If natural-looking hairstyles are your thing, you’ll prefer your curls to be more controlled and soft. You can achieve that look by using the help of Shea Moisture Men Argan Oil & Shea Butter Waves. Simply apply a quarter-sized quantity onto your hands before raking the product into your hair to achieve this look. We like this pomade as it can help you style your waves while giving them a soft hold.


For a unique twist on slicked-back hair, why don’t you opt for a flip on the ends? To create this look, you’ll require some pomade to create a slick, slick crown that has ends that have been flipped.

Long Center Part

If you’re a fan of that grungy look but don’t want the curls to be defined, it’s super impressive! Your curls can be worn in a long, central part to make the most of the retro vibes. Make sure to take good care of your hair every time washing it.

Curly hair is more likely to dry because the oils absorbed by your scalp cannot make it to the end of the hair. Therefore, you’ll need conditioner and shampoo that hydrates, such as Dove Men and Care Hydration Fuel 2 in-1 fortifying Shampoo and Conditioner.

Side-Parted Crop Cut

You can try this side-parting style when learning to style curly men’s hair. It’s just short enough that you don’t need to contend with your hair all day, yet long enough to give you some variation for your day-to-day.

We love to add an extra part to curly hair since it provides more definition. It also makes your curls appear larger, and that’s always a plus.

Short Crop Cut

Short Crop Cut

Opt for the short, part less crop for curly-haired men who want to go there. This cut is perfect for curls with a tighter structure (a.k.a. smaller curls) as they can provide this cut with shape. Suppose you’re suffering from frizzy curls or have a poufy appearance whenever humidity comes up. In that case, it is possible to control the ringlets using an amount of cream. Apply a little AXE Natural Look: Understated Cream to your fingers and work the cream into your curls.

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Half-Up Man Bun

There’s a better way to remove the curls of your face and keep them in the forefront than with a half-up style. This is the man bun; however, it’s only worn on the top part of your hair. For a step-by-step guide, read our article on how to make the half-up look.

Curly Ponytail

If you’d prefer the curls of your hair off your face or neck, consider making a ponytail. Should your hair be sufficient in length, you can let it show off and keep it away from view. This style is great for casual or formal occasions since it can be dressed either way. You must just pull the hair back and tie it back by tying it with a neutral tie.

Stylish Long Hairstyles For Curly-Haired Men

Stylish Long Hairstyles For Curly-Haired Men

Making your hair grow longer is a major decision for anyone. It’s a task that requires a lot of determination and commitment; however, the rewards are huge when you get to your ultimate target. For example, when curly hair is curly, its natural waviness can be a great way to enhance longer hairstyles, provided it is given the time to grow fully.

To begin this process start by cutting a grade-one across the sides and back and leave the top with some length. This cut will compliment your hair’s shape and natural hairstyle and allow you to create a transitional hairstyle. At the same time, you let the length grow overall.

Inevitably, the volumes associated with curly hair with longer lengths can occasionally become too much and a willpower challenge. Still, with the right direction and the correct items (moisturizing conditioner is the king of fighting dryness, and a brush that prevents tangling will aid in avoiding breakage), long curlier hair will flourish.

To help you stay on your aim, here’s a collection of great long styles that make the most of natural curls. These can convince even the most faithful skin faders looking to get rid of the clippers.

1-Dev Patel’s Long-Wavy Hair

Dev Patel works with the bulkiness of his curly, long locks by keeping his overall style big and loose. He also adds an elegant flair with the swept fringe on one side. The back and sides, as long, if not longer than the texture of the top, help give plenty of volumes.

2- Hair Extra Long Curly Beach

This long, beachy style will likely take some time to master and will be incredibly satisfying after months of consistent growth. Include plenty of texturizing products to define the sideways-parted hairstyle while ensuring the long ends lock in plenty of moisture and don’t get too dry.

3-Messy Curly Long Hair

A shorter length could be a fantastic way of getting a long-length hairstyle, particularly when natural curls bring so much fun volume and texture such as this.

You’ll create this squarer silhouette by keeping the length higher than the shoulder and equally spread across the back, top, and sides. When the form is perfect, you can add lots of texture by gently ruffling a soft mousse or styling cream using your hands.

4-Long Length Naturally Curly Hair

Returning to a more extreme length that extends over shoulders, this style is all about the natural weight longer curls may bring instead of enhancing the volume and texture. The side-swept parting is the most distinctive feature of this particular style. It’s a fantastic option when you have less flexible and slightly dense hair and the layers don’t wish to flow effortlessly along the sides.

5-Long, Natural Hairstyle With An Afro

This long curly style is ideal for those with thick hair that can’t be controlled. While still requiring plenty of length throughout the hair, the tangled and static texture creates a wilder, more boxy appearance with a lot of height that can offset the weighty sides. It’s a style that is a great fit for men with square faces.

6-Hair With Long Curly Curls With Natural Texture

The shape of this curly and long hairstyle is what makes the biggest difference. Its sides have been cut to rest above and above the ears. As a result, the curly hair on the back falls perfectly above the shoulders – creating a beautiful and elegant silhouette that defines the more natural and wild look over the top. Its shorter length is a great feature that keeps your hair hanging out too much from the face and lets the curls above do the talking.

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7- Long Hair, Swept Back Curly Hair

This more slick take on the curly and long hairstyle can be accomplished by using flexible finishing products which can slide through effortlessly and easily mold the straighter hair strokes to be repositioned. First, apply a volumizing primer on damp hair for a height-building effect. Then, add the lift by brushing it in with an additional heat source from the blow dryer. Sides can also be swept back with care to frame and highlight those defining waves.

8-Neat Naturally Curly Hair

This unique style is about showcasing the natural shape and hair texture. Cut with care to leave the ears and face unveiled. As a result, the length of this hairstyle doesn’t seem excessively overwhelming. At the same time, the loose-flowing form helps create an easy-to-maintain style that can work with curly hair instead of against it.

What Product Should Men With Hair Use?

If you’re searching for wavy products for men’s hair, avoid the mousse that adds volume and instead use one. Wavy, thick hair can benefit from styling products that give hold without adding stickiness or volume. So Winkler recommends stocking up on hair clays and pastes.

Based on Paul Morgan, a master barber at Jacks of London, an excellent moisturizing shampoo is vital, along with an effective conditioner. “They’ll stop hair drying out and keep it in good condition, which is important because if the hair is dry, the cuticles [the outermost layer of your hair] will remain open, and it will seem even thicker and straw-like.”

Conditioners can also keep the hair’s thick, wavy texture manageable and give a more sleek and less volume appearance. “Moroccan Oil is excellent for thick hair as it moisturizes and, with prolonged use, can change the texture and soften the hair,” Morgan says. Morgan.

How To Style Wavy Hair?

How To Style Wavy Hair?

“Rather than a bad thing, in many respects, wavy hair is the holy grail of hair types,” Winkler says. Winkler. “Almost all styles are effective, but anything pushed back will show off the waves. When your hair’s long and curly, your barber can cut some of the bulk by using razor or thin scissors without putting frizz in the way.”

The most effective wavy hairstyles for males include an undercut (where the back and sides are kept short, with the hair sported long over the top) as well as the modern and classic public school side section (where the fringe slides to the side) or loose and well-tumbled (think Jon Snow or Harry Styles). Remember, the longer hair, the more prominent the wave. So if you want to control your hairstyle, make sure you keep your wavy hairstyles suitable for men that are less than three inches or so.

Morgan suggests you tie them loosely overnight to manage long waves that tend to be a little unruly. “Taken in the morning, it will have a natural, messy, wavy look, low maintenance, and effortlessly cool.”

What Products Should Men With Wavy Hair Use?

There’s a wide array of products designed for curly hair guys… But it’s all about choosing the best one that works for your natural curls. “I recommend a sea salt or volumizing spray to give a bit of oomph before styling with either a glossy pomade or a styling paste,” Says Winkler. It is possible to maximize (and take care of) your curls and waves with products for hair that create and define the curls and waves. You can also reduce the appearance of a mad scientist by using an anti-frizz product.

If you’re looking to let go, you could briefly remove them using a set of ceramic straighteners. On the other hand, if you’re a fan of thin wavy hair, go for a model with smaller plates since they offer more precision, making the difference in burns that look smoldering and second-degree burns.

How To Style Curly Hair?

Many men with naturally curly hair find caring for curly hair challenging and neglect it until it becomes a comical 1980s Scouser (“it’s not the easiest hair type to manage,” says Parsons).

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There are three choices: combat it by keeping the hair cut (which is the method Justin Timberlake tackles with his notoriously curly mop-top) or get rid of the curls with an easy treatment, or the most straightforward and most genuine option, you can simply take advantage of the hair the natural world has to offer you. It’s not as if there are not many poster girls with curly hair: Think James Franco, Adrian Grenier, or Carlos Valderrama. Okay, maybe not Carlos Valderrama, but you get the picture.

“To maintain and define curly hair, ask your barber for a flat, layered cut to create a full, curly finish,” suggests Morgan. “You don’t want too much thinning or texturizing to occur.” A curly undercut (short on the sides and the back with curly, long hair on top) is always a good look, as do curly curls and hair that has grown to jaw-length, like Aiden Turner in Poldark.

Whatever style you choose, ensure that your hair is cut or shaped after it is dry. Curly hair tends to be more relaxed after being wet and springs back slightly after drying, so having cuts cut that way ensures the length and style you desire.

What Products Should Men With Curly Hair Use?

What Products Should Men With Curly Hair Use?

“Product choice is crucial for curly hair,” says Morgan, who recommends an oil-rich shampoo to keep naturally curly hair from getting dry and frizzy. This is in conjunction with styling products like the Moroccan Oil Hair Molding Cream. “This hair cream can be applied to wet hair and, as it’s incredibly moisturizing, is perfect for curly hair,” Morgan states. “It will help to define the curls and give a good hold.”

You must also pick the correct tool if you’re caught stuck in a knot. Your hair will remain free of knots by using a hairbrush designed specifically for curly and thick hair. They are made of flexible teeth that remove knots and smooth hair’s cuticles while limiting damage. Drying hair In addition, drying air dryer with a diffuser will protect hair’s curls and define them without creating frizzy hair.

“For a more relaxed curly look, just towel dry the hair and use a standard hair dryer nozzle or funnel to help straighten the hair for a more relaxed curl,” Morgan says. Morgan. “Or if you want to get rid of them, straighteners could give you a new look for the day.”

Be aware that using the heat to curls, along with alcohol-based mousses and sprays, could cause hair that is already dry to become dry, so be sure to treat the problem by using a moisturizing, non-volumizing shampoo, nourishing styling products (try the most effective hair mousse made from Moroccan Oil) and occasionally deep conditioner.


  • Invest in products that define curls.
  • Less shampooing
  • Utilize a remedy once each week.
  • Use an old t-shirt or a microfiber towel to dry your hair.
  • When you blow dry, use a diffuser.
  • Grab a comb with large teeth.

If you want to let it air dry into form, that is the finest thing to do. because you don’t want to disturb the curl. As soon as you’ve secured it, Then. You can let it dry naturally.

  • Don’t wash your hair every day. Your natural oils are removed when you shampoo your hair, which can cause dryness.
  • Prevent heat.
  • While swimming, cover your hair.
  • Regularly condition your hair.
  • Maintain a regular haircut.
  • Avoid anything containing alcohol.
  • Consume a healthy diet.

How do you manage long curly hair?

  • Wash your hair only as necessary.
  • Keep the moisture in your hair.
  • Look after your scalp.
  • Straighten your hair.
  • Sun protection for your curls.
  • While you sleep, take care of your hair.
  • Use a shampoo and conditioner made for curly hair.
  • Before you perform, use a conditioning mask.
  • In the shower, apply your styling products.
  • Use a T-shirt and allow it air dry.
  • Curl & Twist All You Want.
  • Employ coconut oil.
  • Combine and Contrast to Create Your Own Products.
  • Employ a diffuser.