How To Style Curly Men’s Hair?

How To Style Curly Men's Hair?

How To Style Curly Men’s Hair?

Curly hair has a distinctive style that requires more care than other hair types. This includes avoiding excessive washing by using the correct hair products and routines for styling.

While it can be difficult to control curly hair, it can be among males’ most elegant hair textures. In this article, we’ve collected a selection of the top hairstyles we love for guys with curly hair.

Different Hairstyles For Curly Hair For Men


The Pompadour hairstyle is for men typically worn by men with medium or short hair. This style can be worn for an informal, relaxed look or as a formal, elegant appearance. No matter how it’s done, the pompadour is an iconic look guaranteed to remain in fashion.

There are various ways to style your pompadour, depending on your waves or curls. The most important thing is to select products suitable for your curl and keep it as natural-looking as possible.

The classic Pompadour hairstyle is a popular choice for males and is simple to attain. Simply blow dry your hair and then style it in a specific way to create the form your pompadour will take. It’s essential to apply the best quality product for men’s hair, such as the volume spray or pomade, to achieve the most effective results.

For an iconic pompadour for curly or wavy hair, employ a round-shaped brush to dry hair the same way you do for straight locks. This will allow you to make the form of your pompadour. It will also provide it with a polished, elegant appearance.

For those with coarse or thick hair types, it’s going to become difficult to get the classic style. However, you can still achieve a textured version of the pompadour classic. Simply blow-dry your hair in a different than to get the classic pompadour, and then sprinkle on some pomade or volume spray to make it appear as bold and big as possible.

Another option for guys with thick hair is to experiment with bubble ponytails. This classic look is easy to put on and is great for events and parties.

A textured pompadour is an excellent choice for men with shorter hair lengths, and it is easily accomplished with some simple tools. Make sure you use the best men’s styling product, and you’ll be sporting a perfect look in minutes!

Faux Hawk

Faux Hawk

A faux hawk can be the perfect option if you’re looking to add some flair or simply want an easy and quick look to wear when you aren’t in the mood for the full-on hairdo or a shave. This style can be worn to work and play and is perfect for those who want to mix the look.

The faux-hawk style is an innovative alternative to the Mohawk hairstyle that has been popular for many years and has even been described as “the warrior cut.” The primary distinction between this shorter hairstyle and the classic Mohawk is that the sides don’t get shaved. Instead, they’re shaved down and raised to create the appearance of a short hairstyle.

A faux hawk can be a fantastic alternative for men with curly hair since it gives an appearance and volume without taking much effort or time to style it. It doesn’t even require curling irons, meaning the hair can be styled in only a few minutes while waiting for your appointment.

For a faux hawk to look stylish, it is necessary to brush the hair in the front using your fingers, rubbing using a substantial amount of product. You could also employ brushes to create movement within the hair.

It is also possible to put the top section into a ponytail or make it into a double braid, according to your preferences. The lower portions can be braided into a large Dutch braid or divided into messy, twisted braids.

Another popular style can be that of the high fade. The hairstyles have shorter sides but longer at the top. This hairstyle is simpler to keep than an extravagant faux hawk. However, it will require some effort to maintain it.

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To achieve this look, it is important to ensure that your hair is dry and clean before applying hair styling tools. This will aid in keeping your faux hawk in its form and keep it looking clean and neat throughout the day.

You’ll also require an effective hair spray, particularly if you’re likely to wear your fake hair in a professional environment. A good hold spray will keep your hair in a constant position throughout the day and let you easily alter it whenever you need to.

Long Curls

Long curly hair is a fantastic option to add body and the appearance of your hair. They’re also extremely versatile, and there are a variety of varieties to pick from.

For styling your curls, apply a light pomade or styling cream, allowing you to control them without weighing them down. This gives you a natural look and will be simple to maintain your curly hair daily.

If you’re looking to add some flair to your curls, think about adding waves with the help of a curling brush or wand. We recommend SheaMoisture Men Argan Oil & Shea Butter Waves Pomade for this particular look since it softens curls and gives them a slight hold.

Another style that is popular with curly hair is the high bun. It’s a chic and elegant method of keeping your hair off your face. However, keeping this hairstyle can be difficult, so be sure you’re regularly using a hydrating shampoo and conditioner.

It is also possible to try an asymmetrical ponytail using your curls. It’s a very simple and easy-to-style hairdo that can be used for curly hair. Apply a substantial amount of hair styling product to your hair before fixing it with elastic bands.

To simplify the process, try using the blow dryer to dry your hair before wrapping it in a ponytail. This will allow you to style your hair in a new way and give it an even more defined style.

Alternatively, you can apply an emollient to control your curls and make them appear larger. This is a great alternative for men with naturally thicker hair. However, keeping your hair healthy and well-defined can be difficult when you typically use this style of hairstyle.

If you have coarse, curly hair that is thick and coarse, You can try a shaved cut which makes your hair less bulky. This makes them more manageable and keeps the curls from becoming frizzy or chaotic.

Short Curls

The curly hair of men can be difficult to control. It’s possible to make it chaotic and messy, and keeping them tidy and clean can be challenging. They’re also susceptible to breaking and damage, so keeping an appropriate hair-care routine is crucial to using the appropriate products.

There are numerous methods to dress curly hair; the most important thing is to find the right style for your facial shape and lifestyle. For example, if you have a round face, it’s recommended to go for shorter curls that don’t need to be tight and small.

If you’re a square-faced person, it is possible to use sweeping side bangs; that be a great option since they’re not as weighty or hard to the skin. They are also ideal for showcasing your facial structure and creating the most of any style.

Another fantastic method to style your curly hair is to wear a low ponytail. It is a simple hairstyle to wear for every occasion. It can also be styled in many different styles. It is also possible to keep a few curls in the air to highlight your facial features to create stunning silhouettes!

It is possible to tuck the curls into a tiny bun for a more casual style. It’s a straightforward style that takes little effort and is an excellent way to keep your curls off the floor when you’re busy.

If you’re styling your short curly hair, you must be careful not to use hot tools or excessive heat to your locks. Straighteners and blow-dryers may dry out your hair and cause damage. Therefore you should dry your hair in the air to ensure the health of your curly locks.

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You could also apply an easy-hold hairspray to hold your ringlets in position, and it is recommended to apply it after your hair has completely dried. This will stop split ends and will keep your hair shiny and smooth.

If you’re looking for the perfect haircut, you should always consult your stylist or barber for the ideal curly haircut. The stylist will inspect your head and determine which haircut is best for your face form and fashion preferences and will be able to recommend the most effective products for styling to keep your hair looking shiny and fresh.

17 Ways How To Style Tight Curly Hair, Guys

17 Ways How To Style Tight Curly Hair, Guys

Keep It Natural

One of the most simple methods to style curly tight hair is by embracing your natural texture. Just shampoo, condition it frequently and then allow it to air dry. You can also add products like curl-enhancing gel or cream to maintain your curls’ definition.

Add Some Volume

To give volume to your tight curls, apply a hair conditioner and shampoo that can volumize your locks. If you want to style, turn your hair upside-down and then scrunch your hair using an envelope or diffuser to give your hair more volume.

Create A Side Part

A side parting is an easy and timeless method of styling curls that are tight. Utilize a comb to create an area on one side of your hair, and then apply products to make your curls appear more defined.

Add Some Texture

To give texture to your curly hair, use the sea salt spray. First, spray the product on damp hair and then scrunch it into an ocean-inspired, textured style.

Try A Taper Fade

Taper fades are a very popular hairstyle for guys with tight curly hair. The sides and the back part of the hair are cut down or cut short, whereas the top of the head is left curly and longer.

Add Some Layers

Adding layers to your curly hair will give it more dimension and movement. Request your barber to put on some layers that mimic the natural curly pattern of your hair.

Create A Pompadour

A pompadour is an iconic hairstyle that can be worn with tight curly hair. Apply a product to smooth the sides and add the illusion of volume.

Add A Beard

A beard is a great complement to straight, curly hair and adds some sexiness to your appearance. Pick a hairstyle that fits your hair’s shape and facial shape.

Try A Man Bun

Man buns are a fashionable and practical method to style tight curly hair. The hair is pulled to form a knot on the side of your head. Leave a few curls that fall over your face.

Add A Hat

A hat is a basic accessory that will add elegance to curly hair. You can choose a beanie or a baseball cap to match your look and style.

Create A Quiff

A quiff is a contemporary and trendy hairstyle that can work well with tight curly hair. Apply a hair product to create an illusion of volume and lift on top of the hair. You can also keep the back and sides shorter.

Add Some Color

Add Some Color

The addition of color to your curly hair of yours can give it a uniquely striking appearance. Pick a shade that matches your hair’s natural skin tone shade.

Try A Mohawk

Mohawks are a striking and stylish hairstyle that works well with tight curly hair. Cut or shave both sides of the hair shorter, leaving the top long and curly.

Create A Half-Up Half-Down Style

A half-up and half-down look is an easy and effective method to style curly tight hair. The top half of the hair is in a ponytail or bun, but leave the lower part loose.

Add Some Shine

Giving a little shine to your hair’s curly and tight can give you a sleek, polished appearance. Use a product that enhances shine, such as an oil for your hair or a serum to add shine to your curly locks.

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Try A French Crop

The French crop is an elegant, low-maintenance cut that works well with tight curly hair. The hair is cut shorter across the entire length, while the fringe is kept longer and styled in a forward direction.

Create a Side Sweep

Side sweeps are an elegant and timeless method to style curly, tight hair.

Sixteen Ideas On How To Style Medium-Length Curly Hair Guys

Sixteen Ideas On How To Style Medium-Length Curly Hair Guys

Embrace The Natural Texture

One of the most effective methods of styling curls is to take advantage of the natural texture. Use hydrating shampoos or conditioners to maintain your curls in good shape and well-defined.

Use A Styling Cream

A styling cream can define and shape curls while making them smooth and soft.

Try A Diffuser

A diffuser accessory for your hair dryer could aid in enhancing curly hair and cutting frizz.

Use A Wide-Tooth Comb

A wide-tooth comb will help loosen your curls without damaging them or creating frizz.

Keep It Short And Simple.

If you’re searching for the least maintenance, the simple and short cut is an excellent choice for medium-length curly hair.

Add Some Layers

Layers can bring the look of movement and depth to curly hair and make your hair appear more lively.

Try A Side Part

A side parting can provide the perfect polished and classic look for curly medium-length hair.

Create A Quiff

The quiff is created by styling your hair on the top of your head backward and upward to increase volume and height.

Go For A Messy Look

A messy fashion can result in an easy and casual style that is perfect for casual events.

Add A Hair Accessory

An earring, headband, or beanie could add individuality and flair to curly hair.

Use A Curl Enhancing Product

A product that enhances curls, like gel or mousse, will help to define and strengthen your curls.

Try A Half-Up, Half-Down Style

Half-up and half-down hairstyles can be a fantastic way to show off your curls without exposing your face.

Create A Slicked-Back Look

A slicked-back style can give a chic and elegant style for curly hair of medium length.

Go For A Faux Hawk

A fake hawk can give an eye-catching and striking style to curly hair.

Add Some Volume

The volume you create with your curls can give depth and elegance to your hair.

Use A Texturizing Spray

Texturizing sprays can add some texture and definition to curls.


How do men fix curly hair?

Use a mending hair mask once a week if your man has frizzy, fluffy hair or particularly dry hair. Use a hair mask that helps to restructure hair fibres to reduce persistent frizz. Hair should naturally dry. Use an anti-frizz serum to stave against humidity rather of blow-drying, then let the air do the job.

Is curly mens hair attractive?

Use a mending hair mask once a week if your man has frizzy, fluffy hair or particularly dry hair. Use a hair mask that helps to restructure hair fibres to reduce persistent frizz. Hair should naturally dry. Use an anti-frizz serum to stave against humidity rather of blow-drying, then let the air do the job.

Is curly hair better long or short?

According to hairdresser Garren of the Garren New York salon, curly hair looks best when it is shoulder length or longer and has a few layers added to prevent it from becoming bottom-heavy or boxy. Request layers all around your head that begin at your chin and go downward.

Is natural curly hair rare?

Natural hair curls are only present in 20% of persons. When you take into account the sheer number of males who do not accept their curls, the proportion becomes even fewer.

Why is my curly hair so frizzy?

Natural hair curls are only present in 20% of persons. When you take into account the sheer number of males who do not accept their curls, the proportion becomes even fewer.