How To Style Medium Long Hair Men?

How To Style Medium Long Hair Men?

How To Style Medium Long Hair Men?

Men can choose from various choices when they style medium-length hair. There’s something to suit anyone, from quiffs to windswept looks and pulled-back styles!

If you’re looking for an easy, no-fuss look, take a look at the comb-over. It’s a classic, refined look that’s simple to pull off daily without excessive effort or products.

Types Of Hairstyle Of Medium-Length Hair For Men.

The Pompadour

The pompadour is a classic male hairstyle that is guaranteed to never go out of fashion. Its medium-sized side, its long top, and the undeniably wavy look in its front make it an ideal option for guys who want a hairstyle that is easy to style and doesn’t need excessive care.

Although there are numerous styles of pompadours, it is important to determine which one is suitable for your hair type and facial shape. A professional barber can provide the perfect cut to suit your specific requirements and preferences.

To create a pompadour that lasts, look at the best hair accessories and hair products. A quality gel or wax can keep your appearance and provide the strength required by a pompadour.

If you have thin or fine hair, you can try styling clay to give more body and shine to your haircut. It can also keep your pompadour on throughout the day.

A second essential tool is combing to hold your hair in order and maintain it in trim. A comb can be used to divide hair into sections or to sweep your hair along the same way to give your hair the volume it needs.

A comb specially designed specifically for male hair is suggested to ensure you don’t end up with a knot that is large in your hair. It is also possible to use a comb to split your hair in different directions to create an angled look.

Try teasing your hair to give it some texture. The tousled hairstyle is popular among young men and can give a unique look to your look.

Although there are several choices for males who wish to style their hair a long way, The most well-known option is a brushed-back pompadour. This is an excellent hairstyle for men with coarse hair because it can be styled and sprayed back to increase height and volume.

This timeless style has been around for many years, and men of any type of hair can wear it. In addition, the hairstyle can be worn in various ways. Still, it’s particularly flattering for people with rectangular or square faces, as it emphasizes the features of their faces.

The Bro Flow

An Afro Flow hairstyle is among the most sought-after styles for males with medium-length hair. It’s a casual yet fashionable look that can be easily styled and is ideal for all occasions. It is a popular choice with celebrities and regular men too.

The Bro flow is simple and does not require particular styling products or tools. But, it is essential to cut your hair regularly and trim off the edges of your hair. Brushing your hair frequently and applying gel or pomade is also recommended to create a sleek appearance.

Keanu Reeves is renowned for his numerous iconic hairstyles. One of his most popular styles is known as the Bro Flow. With layers of long lengths and a frame for the face, it’s the ideal style for those who want to showcase their confidence.

Contrary to other styles with long hair, unlike other styles, the Bro Flow is set back from the face and allows it to show the man’s features to create a more attractive appearance. Hair that is long gives an impressive and natural effect that will get you, admirers everywhere you go.

While the Bro flow is fairly easy in its styling process, it may be challenging to maintain without regularly visiting your hairdresser. It is particularly important to trim your hair every two months to ensure that your ends are healthy and that the form of your hair remains constant.

Hair transplants shouldn’t prevent you from sporting the Bro Flow. Still, speaking with your physician before making any modifications is always recommended. It is also recommended to stay clear of a hair transplant that harvests hair grafts in the center of your head to avoid making your hairline’s front appear unnatural and harsh.

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One of the most crucial things you should keep in mind while trying to get this look is that it takes patience. It requires time for your locks to develop, and it is important to maintain regular haircuts over time.

The Bro Flow is an excellent hairstyle for weddings, tuxedos, or other formal occasions. It is also a great style to wear daily for those who want a more relaxed style.

The Comb-OverThe Comb-Over

Comb-Over hairstyles are an excellent alternative for men of medium length who wish to appear stylish, sleek, elegant, and timeless. Whether sporting curly or straight hair, this cut is appropriate for any face shape and is simple to cut and style.

The comb-over has been in fashion for some time but is now becoming the preferred hairstyle for many modern males. Inspired by the ’60s revival in the style of classic males and made popular by celebrities such as John Hamm, George Clooney, and Justin Timberlake, the comb-over is now reclaiming its spot as the most popular trend among fashionable hairstyles.

Although the comb-over was once thought to be an old-fashioned aid for men with thin or bald hair, this style is now more adaptable than ever. If you have the proper barber, a comb-over is also an elegant and stylish look for the average agent.

If you’re searching for ways to make the comb you use to be noticed from the rest, you can add a dramatic shade to the style. This will provide a distinct and modern appearance, particularly when used in conjunction with your side of yours.

Additionally, it is easy enough to style at home, which means you will reduce your weekly trips to a salon. Begin the process by drying it with a blow dryer, then apply a tiny amount of pomade starting from the root.

After your hair has dried, comb it on one side and create an angled part. This is a comb’s primary component, which is why it’s essential to be precise.

A comb can be styled using various hair products, and selecting the right product for your particular style is crucial. Take a look at the Product Selection Guide to learn more.

Another method you can use to make the comb look more attractive is to add shaving lines along the side of the hair. This gives a clean and elegant look that appears stylish from a distance; however, it is quite impressive when you get close.

The lines shaved off help make a striking contrast between the two sides of your hair, and this style is ideal for those looking to stand out without going overboard. You can combine this look by cutting your hair undercut to make this style more appealing.

The Half-Man Bun

It is a great way to style your hair. Half-Man Bun is a great method of styling your medium-length hair that complements your other medium and short-length hairstyles. For example, it looks great when worn with a beard that is full or cut short for the appearance of texture and to add contrast.

The most important thing to remember about this style is to keep your hair loosely pulled to the side of your scalp. This can prevent breaking and tangles when plaiting your hair as a half-man-bun.

It’s also crucial to ensure your hair is in good condition regularly. Hence, a wash is necessary to eliminate any grease or oils which may be present. If you’re unsure what to do to wash your hair, see an expert hair stylist who will assist you in determining the best method to keep your hair clean of oils and other impurities.

To make sure that your hair stays healthy, it is recommended to clean it every two or three weeks. Also, you should apply a conditioner specifically designed for your particular hair type to maintain moisture.

You can try dry shampoo if you’re trying to give your man hair a bit more volume. The powder-based shampoo sucks up the grease that has built up on your hair’s roots while leaving natural oils in place. This will help your hair maintain more volume and provides the best hold while styling your hair.

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Another option is a hair cream, gel, or mousse. Apply a tiny amount of product on your hair while it’s still damp, then gently comb into your hair to hold in moisture.

Finally, to make sure your hair remains neat, ensure that you clean it thoroughly. To get more control, you can brush it upwards and downwards to the direction of your hair.

While the half-man braid is among the simplest and most well-known styles, it requires some care and attention to detail. It is important to wash your hair to make the best use of it. You must also decide the best place to put it when tying your hair.

Utilizing a rubber band or elastic without metal connectors is also recommended to connect your hair tie. They will not cause any damage and blend with your hair more.

Sixteen Ideas On How To Style Medium Straight Hair Males.

The Classic Side Part:

An old-fashioned side parted is a timeless design perfect for anyone with medium-straight hair. Simply split your hair on one side and comb it with a little pomade or gel.


A slicked-back haircut is a favorite option for men with medium-length straight hair. Make use of a premium pomade or gel to smooth the hair and give it an elegant, polished appearance.

Textured And Messy:

To create a relaxed and casual style, add some texture to your hair using oil and salt spray. Then, utilize the fingers of your hands to make a messy, messy hairstyle that appears effortless.


The undercut is a fashionable, versatile style of hair that can work great with hair that is medium straight. The cut has shorter sides and a more elongated top that can be styled in many different ways.

Modern Quiff:

A modern quiff can be described as a variant of the quiff hairstyle, which is most popular with people with medium-length straight hair. Make use of a hairdryer and round brush to add an appearance of volume at an angle at the top of your hair, then comb it back.

French Crop:

This French crop can be described as a short, textured hairstyle that is great for guys with medium-straight hair. First, make use of pomade or hair wax for added some texture to your hair. Then, fashions it in a forward direction.

Tight And High:

The tight and high is an edgy hairstyle that is easy to keep and looks great on males with medium-length straight hair. Keep the sides shorter and the top longer to create a classic and clean style.


The comb-over is a well-loved hairstyle that can be used with medium-length straight hair. Simply comb your hair to one side, and then apply some pomade or gel to hold the style in the right place.

Faux Hawk:

This faux hairstyle is a fashionable look perfect for males with medium-straight hair. First, utilize a hairdryer and some hair wax to add volume to the front of your hair. Then style it in a slick way.

Textured Crop:

The textured crop is edgy and shortcut, ideal for males with medium-straight hair. Apply pomade or hair wax to give the texture of your hair and fashion it in a forward direction.

Side-Swept Fringe:

Side-swept fringes are a simple, easy-to-maintain style that looks fantastic on guys with medium-straight hair. Make use of a small amount of hair wax to give it an illusion of texture. You can also see the fringe is swept in one direction.

Classic Taper:

Classic taper hairstyles are a timeless and classic style that is great for medium-straight hair. Keep the sides short, and taper the hair to the top for a sleek and polished appearance.


The hairstyle with spiky ends is a favorite choice for males with medium-length straight hair. Use pomade or gel to give your hair a spiky look and create a stylish, smooth style.

The Fringe Is A Mess:

A messy hairdo is an informal and comfortable look that is perfect for males with medium-straight hair. Make use of a little hair wax to add an illusion of texture. You can also mess up your fringe for a fun style.

Textured Slick-Back:

The textured slick-back style is an updated version of the traditional slicked-back look. Apply a little hair wax to give some texture to your hair and an edgy and tousled style.

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A Classic Cut For Crews:

Crew cuts are a shorter and low-maintenance hairstyle that can be worn for medium-straight hair. Keep the sides trimmed and the top a little longer to achieve an elegant look.

Ten Ideas On How To Style Medium-Length, Wavy Hair MalesTen Ideas On How To Style Medium-Length, Wavy Hair Males.

A Classic Side Piece: 

The classic part on the side is a timeless design that looks fantastic on guys who have medium-length curly hair. Simply divide your hair on one side and apply a small amount of pomade or gel to hold the hair in the right place.

Loose And Long:

 Wear loose and long hair to create a relaxed and easy look. Use a small amount of Sea salt to increase your hair’s natural look and texture.


This hairstyle is extremely popular for males with medium-length curly hair. Make use of a premium hair gel or pomade for smoothing the hair and giving it the perfect, sleek look.

The Modern Quiff:

 The modern quiff is a well-liked hairstyle suitable for medium-length curly hair. Use a hairdryer and a round brush to add an elongated front part of your hair, then brush it back.

The Undercut:

 Undercuts are a fashionable, versatile style that goes well with medium-length curly hair. Keep the sides trimmed and the top a little longer for an elegant and timeless look.

Beachy Waves: 

These waves can be a favored and easy style that looks fantastic on guys with medium-length waves. Apply a little Sea salt spray to improve the natural texture of your hair and create the look of a relaxed, beachy vibe.

Textured And Messy: 

If you want a more casual and relaxed style, add the texture of your hair using a texturizing spray and salt spray. Then, with your fingers, you can get a messy, tangled hairstyle that appears effortless.

Top Knot Half-Up: 

A half-up-top knot is an elegant and fashionable hairstyle that works well with wavy medium-length hair. You tie up the upper portion of your hair in an elongated knot, then let your rest loose.

French Crop: 

The French crop is a short, textured hairstyle ideal for guys with medium-length curly hair. Make use of pomade or hair wax for texture and texture. Hair and style it in a forward direction.

The Low Ponytail: 

The low ponytail is an easy and timeless hairstyle worn with medium-length curly hair. Simply wrap your hair into a ponytail, with the hair dangling naturally.


Is it attractive to have long hair?

According to experts, long hair is more appealing for evolutionary reasons. In essence, it is thought that a woman’s hair length indicates whether or not her body is capable of bearing children. Thus, one of the indicators of human beauty is female fecundity.

Is long hair attractive to guys?

Men are most likely to favour women with long hair past the shoulders, according to study that was recently reported by CNN. Men were asked to rank the same women’s faces according to how long, medium, and short their hair was. Men found longer-haired women to be more attractive.

Why is long hair attractive to men?

Similar to how they enjoy wearing dresses and high heels, men appreciate long hair because it looks feminine. The wearer has much more choice with long hair than with shorter styles. There are countless ways to style your hair, including straight and smooth, curly and wavy, half up, half down, pinned, and braided styles.

What is an eBoy haircut?

The curtain hairstyle, also known as the eBoy haircut, features longer hair that typically falls about the ear. The hairstyle features a centre part and curtain bangs that frame each side of the face. All male hair types, from straight to curly, can sport the eBoy cut.

Is it OK to wet hair daily?

Absolutely, you can wet your natural hair every day, and doing so is actually encouraged to keep the moisture in. So let’s be clear: wetting your hair does not entail washing it. We merely refer to spraying water on your hair or rinsing your natural hair in the shower.