How To Style 80s Hair?

How To Style 80s Hair?

How To Style 80s Hair?

Whether you’re a lover of retro style or nostalgia, The ’80s are returning to the world of style. These hairstyles from the past will allow you to relive the past and feel youthful once more!

Hairstyles from the 1980s included a lot of volumes, and this full, bouncy style is back. You can run a good amount of mousse through your damp hair before using the blow-dryer and a huge round hairbrush to dry it from the root to the tip for maximum volume.

Tips On How To Style 80s Hair


Volume is the most important element of any hairstyle from the ’80s. It doesn’t matter if you’re going for a casual, tucked-in style or a formal, sleek appearance hair with lots of volumes is necessary.

The best method to style Hair in the 80s with volume is to use the correct tools and styling products. Ensure you run a volumizing mousse through your damp hair before blow drying for a hairstyle full of bounce and body.

When your Hair is dry and dry, use a big oval brush, which will blow the dry out of the roots and create volume. After that, use a tiny brush to slough off the back of your locks and create delicate face-framing pieces (try using Nexxus Comb Through Volume Finishing Spray).

If you do not have any bangs, you can create the look using the top part of your Hair and curling it in a backward direction or under, as per Miranda Miller, celebrity hairstylist at Atelier 21 in New York City. You can do this using either a curling iron or a wand for curling, and it’s an excellent method to add texture and depth to your style.

In the 1980s, Hair was a major element of music, fashion, and even film. From scrunchies and scrunched Hair to crimped locks up to Mullets and layers, the decade was about self-expression and the freedom to experiment.

A very sought-after style of the 1980s was the feathered hairstyle seen in the likes of Farrah Fawcett. To recreate this look in your home, you’ll require two barrel brushes to create the small and big barrels and a strong hairspray to hold everything in place.

Asymmetrical styles were a big fashion in the 1980s as well. This look is simple to recreate at home, especially if you have long or thick locks. You just need to comb your Hair down on one side and flip it back to create an asymmetrical look.


The 1980s were obsessed with big and long Hair. The trend of Hair was evident in all cuts length, from short to long. It was a representation of feathered hairstyles or loose curls. It was even Hair that was crimped.

It also opened the door for many extreme fashions. For example, the men often wore mohawks and side-shaved undercuts that were the foundation of the movement known as punk.

The hairstyles of the 80s are back and more stylish than ever. These hairstyles from the 1980s remain popular among celebrities.

One of the greatest hairstyles of the 80s is a high ponytail. This style is super chic and easy to do.

The key to this style is to use Senegalese twists and a bit of imagination. There are many different styles you can create with these twists. Also, use the hair rings and elastic band to give some flair.

Another fantastic method to style your Hair in the 80s was to tie your Hair into an elongated ponytail. This style is incredibly cool and is perfect for showcasing your creative twists.

This can be done by braiding half your Hair into a long ponytail and then letting the other portion fall towards the sides. It is also possible to do an oblique parting to add an element of interest to your style.

This hairstyle is an ideal way to showcase your gorgeous Senegalese twists. Add a scarf or a bandana to your ponytail to add design and color.

If you’re planning to look cool in this hairstyle from the ’80s, ensure you have quality Senegalese twists and a sufficient quantity of kinky hair extensions. These hair extensions come in various colors and materials, like Marley, Kanekalon, and Toyokalon.

Banana Clips

Banana Clips

If you’re searching for an accessory for your Hair that will provide you with a modern retro, fun, the ’80s look, The banana clips are the best way to take it. The curly clips look similar to two thin combs connected to one side, and you can use them to make many different hairstyles.

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They’re ideal for creating high ponytails or curly hairstyles. They can also be used on medium, short, and long Hair.

Banana clips come in various styles and colors, from glitzy bejeweled styles to cute animal prints. Therefore, selecting the style that complements the Hair’s color and texture is important.

Hairstylist Chloe Swigert of He+Loe Studio in Delray Beach, Florida, claims banana clips are a more comfortable alternative to elastics for all hair types. In addition, they’re not likely to break or damage your Hair and don’t cause weird scratches on your scalp.

For this style, make sure you backcomb your crown, then split the top part of your Hair and secure it using an apple clip. This will create an attractive, large ponytail and prevent the front hair strands from touching your face.

This is an excellent hairstyle for attending a formal event, or you’d like to experiment with something different than the typical ponytail. It’s an easy and quick style to master and will give your hair a pop.

For this, do this, backcomb your crown, then split the top part of your Hair. Then, tie it up with thin banana clips. This will create a neat curly ponytail that will make you look stylish.

Layered Bob

The 1980s were the decade hairstyles striking, and there’s a better way to channel the period than to style Hair with layers if you’re seeking an edgy punk rock look or simply need to add some extra dimension. These layered styles are guaranteed to make you look like a complete boss.

A popular and well-known hairstyle of the 1980s was an elongated bob with shorter locks at the back and longer locks that frames the face. It’s a flattering style for all facial shapes and can be transformed into chic and casual looks with just a few techniques.

This style is a fantastic option for thin and fine hair because it provides an appearance that resembles thicker Hair. To create a more natural-looking finish, you can apply an oil that sculpts your Hair to add a bit of bulk.

Another trend that was popular in the ’80s was the teased bangs. They’re ideal for people who wish to add length to their bangs. However, they can be used on all hair types. For this style, apply a hairspray with a strong hold to your bangs before pulling them out.

The fe-mullet is a different ’80s hairstyle getting renewed interest this year. In contrast to this hairstyle’s striking Backwater Podunk model, this latest version has softer and blended layers.

If you’re in love with a high ponytail, you’ll want to attempt this style yourself. It’s simple to achieve and can be an excellent choice for daily or special occasions.

A half-up and down ponytail is a timeless ’80s style that is always trendy. With a big scrunchie or hair tie, this hairstyle is simple to wear and is a great way to dress your Hair.


Scrunchies are a basic accessory for Hair that is perfect for keeping your locks in the right place. They are available in a range of colors, sizes, and designs. They also work well for styling your Hair and can assist you in creating different styles for different occasions.

They’re also an effective method to keep your Hair from getting caught up. They’re also more pleasant when used in comparison to a hair tie. They’re also more durable and won’t cause damage to your Hair. They can be used as a substitute for a ponytail, or a bun, which is why they are essential for your hair arsenal.

Another reason why scrunchies are more beneficial for Hair than hair ties is because they do not leave knots in your Hair. This is a concern with many hair ties made of plastic and could cause your Hair to appear unstyled and limp.

Utilizing a scrunchie to style your Hair is a quick method of achieving the iconic 80s Bob. Simply gather the top part of the Hair in a long ponytail and leave the bottom part free. Next, pull the top of your hair back on your head and secure it using a scrunchie. This is a great alternative for people who have long hair or when you’re looking to add bulk to your locks.

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The 80s were a time of creativity and self-expression, resulting in fashion being more diverse than ever. This is why the 80s was a cult decade for its distinctive looks.

The latest fashion for hair accessories is oversized scrunchies. They are constructed of a stronger material and often decorated or embellished with crystals or pearls. These scrunchies are an excellent method for your Hair to look more attractive and fun for any event. It is also possible to be created by you, so you can create one that complements your style or mood!

Twenty Ideas On How To Do 80s Hairstyles For Long Hair

Twenty Ideas On How To Do 80s Hairstyles For Long Hair

The High Ponytail That Was Teased

Tease the top of your Hair and then pull your Hair back in a long ponytail. Leave some hair hanging loosely around your face to create a complete and playful appearance.

The Half-Up, Crimped Half-Down

Make use of a crimping iron to create a texture in your Hair, and then pull the top half upwards into a half-up/half-down hairstyle, leaving the bottom section loose and wavey.

The Big Curly Hairstyle

Make your Hair curly with an iron that is large enough to curl it, and then pull it back into an opulent bun with hair curls spilling out.

The Ponytail That Is Slicked Back

Make use of gel to put your Hair in a neat ponytail. Then, add the scrunchie or a colorful hair accessory to give it an 80s-inspired look.

The Ponytail That Is Side

Hair should be pulled towards the side and tied back using a scrunchie or other accessories for an exciting and flirty style.

The Side-Swept Bangs With A High Volume

Hair is a must. Tease it and make massive side-swept bangs to create an imposing and striking look.

The High Ponytail With Crimped Ends

Make use of a crimping iron to give your hair a more textured look, and curl your Hair back in a ponytail. You can also add an accessory, such as a scrunchie, to give it an extra 80s-inspired look.

The Messy Knot

Hairstyles: Pull your hair into a long ponytail and make a messy knot to create an informal and easy style.

The Shag Is Layered

Make layers in your Hair and add texture to create a shaggy, fun style.

The Flip-Out Is Over

Use a curling iron to curl your Hair’s ends to create a fun and vintage look.

The Big And Powerful Waves

Utilize a barrel-length curling iron to make massive and dramatic waves to create a stunning and striking look.

Curls That Are Side Swept

Straighten your Hair and then sweep it over to the side for an elegant and romantic look.

Hair With Messy Curly Curls

Make use of a curling iron to form messy and messy curls to create an enjoyable and relaxed appearance.

The Teased Half-Up And Half-Down

Tease your Hair’s crown and pull it half up in a half-up hairstyle while leaving the lower section free and textured.

The Huge Bangs That Are Side-Swept

Make sure you tease your Hair to create side-swept bangs for an edgy and stylish style.

Crowns With Braids

Make sure you braid your Harihar’s top, then wrap them around the head to create an elegant and romantic style.

The Extravagant Top Knot

Hair is pulled into a high ponytail and makes a dramatic top knot to create an impressive and bold look.

The Messy Bun

Retir your Hair into a messy bun. Let’s lose a few strands for an easy and casual appearance.

The Side-Swept Hairstyle

Pull your Hair curly and curl it to the other side, then pin it in a romantic and stylish hairstyle.

The Colorful Highlights

You can add some vibrant highlights or streaks of Hair to create a fun and bold look inspired by the 80s.

Fifteen Ways On How Do I Get 80s Fluffy Hair

Fifteen Ways On How Do I Get 80s Fluffy Hair

Make Use Of Volumizing Shampoo And Conditioner

Begin by applying a volume-enhancing shampoo or conditioner that adds to the body of your Hair. This will give your hair the volume required to get an incredibly fluffy and full-bodied look.

Apply A Leave-In Conditioner

After shampooing your Hair After washing your Hair, apply leave-in conditioning for your Hair to ensure it stays silky smooth and well-hydrated. This can help reduce frizz and keep your Hair looking fresh and healthy.

Make An Ice Cream

Apply a mousse on Hair that is damp, and focus on the root. This can increase your Hair’s volume and hold, making it easier to manage.

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Blow-Dry Your Hair Upside Down

If you want to add more bounce to your Hair of yours, consider blow-drying your Hair with it upside-down. This will lift your Hair’s roots to give it more bounce and body.

Make Use Of A Round Brush

When you blow-dry your Hair, employ a round-shaped brush to create the appearance of volume and shape. Begin at the root and move down to the ends. You can use the brush to shape and lift your Hair.

Make Sure You Tease Your Hair

Teasing Hair can be an excellent method to add volume and texture. Make use of a teasing comb to backcomb your Hair from the root and work in smaller sections. This can help you give your Hair the fluffy, dense style you’re looking for.

Make Use Of An Attachment To A Diffuser

If you have curly hair, use an attachment for a diffuser when blow drying to improve your curls and add volume. This can give your hair a bouncy, fluffy appearance.

Make Use Of Hot Rollers.

Hot rollers are a fantastic option to give volume and curl your Hair. Make use of them to create large curly curls that make your Hair look 80s-inspired. The style you’re looking for.

Use A Curling Iron

You could employ a curling iron to create large soft curls for those who don’t own hot rollers. Use a large-barrel curling iron to create loose, voluminous curls.

Apply A Spray Of Texturizing

A texturizing spray can create volume and texture in your Hair. Make use of it to create a messy, unfinished look that gives your Hair the 80s style.

Make Use Of A Powder That Is Volumizing

Make Use Of A Powder That Is Volumizing

A powder that volumizes is an excellent option to add lift and appearance to your Hair. Apply it to your Hair’s roots, then use your fingers to rub it into it to a soft, full appearance.

Try Various Hair Accessories

Hair accessories like scrunchies, hairbands, and barrettes were fashionable in the 1980s to add a fun and playful accent to your Hair. Try various styles to determine the one that works for you.

Apply A Hair Mask

A hair mask is a great way to keep your Hair hydrated and healthy and hydrated, which is crucial for getting that 80s-style fluffy hairstyle. Apply a deep conditioning treatment every week to ensure your Hair is healthy and in great condition.

Try Perm

If you’re seeking to make a lasting alteration to your Hair look, think about applying a perm. It will give your Hair that soft, curly look that was fashionable in the 1980s.

Enjoy The Frizz

In the 1980s, big frizzy Hair meant enjoying the natural hair texture and frizz. So don’t be afraid of letting your Hair get messy and untidy to get that classic 80s style.


How did people style their hair in the 80s?

The mullet, towering mohawks, jheri curls, flattops, and hi-top fades were among the hairstyles that gained popularity in the 1980s. The decade was characterised by big hairstyles, puffy styles, permanent waves, and softer cuts for women.

What was the most popular hairstyle in the 80’s?

Curly bangs were among the most popular haircuts of the 1980s. This hairstyle, which is popular among those with natural or curly hair, puts volume front and centre and allows for easy movement.

How do you get tight 80s curls?

Wet your hair down, obtain a pair of clean socks, wrap your hair in a circle, and tie it off tightly so that it will keep the curl form. After that, either go to bed or keep the socks in your hair for around 8 to 9 hours before removing them.

How can I make 80s hair at home?

Increasing volume is necessary to get amazing 80s curls, and you can accomplish this by tease-drying your hair and blow-drying your roots with a diffuser. Best results are achieved with hair that is at least shoulder length. Start with clean hair and give the curls time to completely set if you want them to be bouncy and last.

What was the main style in the 80s?

The 1980s were a magnificent time of extravagant shapes, teased perms, and vivid hues, and they may have been the most daring decade in the history of modern fashion. Those were the years of power suits, puffed shoulders, colourful skirts, legwarmers, velour, and enormous parachute trousers.