How To Style Your Hair Like Steve Harrington?

How To Style Your Hair Like Steve Harrington?

How To Style Your Hair Like Steve Harrington?

In Stranger Things, Joe Kerry’s character Steve Harrington has an adorable bouffant hairstyle that he often jokes about with his friends. But how did he get his luscious locks?

He claims his coif is all thanks to his intense hair care routine. But that’s not how it is in real life, according to Sarah Hinds Gaul, the hair department head of Stranger Things.

What Kind Of Hairstyle Does Steve Harrington Have?

What Kind Of Hairstyle Does Steve Harrington Have?

Steve Harrington, a character from the popular Netflix series “Stranger Things,” is known for his iconic Hairstyle, a slicked-back “poof.” The Hairstyle involves backcombing the hair at the crown to create volume and then smoothing the hair down and back. This Hairstyle was popular in the 1980s, and the hairstyles of that era inspired Steve’s look.

While he started as the typical unlikable high school jock, Kerry’s character gradually became more caring and protective as the show grew and matured. And he was always ready to help out his friends, whether they were fighting Demogorgon’s or confronting Billy.

The character also showed a lot of compassion towards his younger friends, particularly Dustin Henderson (Gaten Matarazzo). He was willing to take the time to help Dustin, who had difficulty dealing with his parents.

Ultimately, he became Dustin’s mentor and role model because he genuinely cared for him. And that’s the kind of thing that helps a character grow and evolve into their best self.

Another thing that made Steve a great character was his friendships with Tommy Hagan and Carol Perkins, as well as Nancy Wheeler’s boyfriend, Jonathan Byers. While his friendship with Tommy is more casual, his relationship with Carol is more serious.

His relationships with the others were equally strong but in very different ways. And that is what makes his character arc so exciting and so touching.

When he first met his new friends, he wasn’t quite sure about their friendship. But he soon realized they were actually good people with different perspectives on life.

He also came to terms with his feelings for Nancy, even though he knew she wasn’t in love with him anymore. Rather than be jealous, he decided to forgive her and accept her for who she was.

The two ended up going on a date, and it was at this point that they had their first kiss. It was a very romantic moment, and it helped their friendship grow.

But it wasn’t just the kiss that helped their friendship grow; it was Steve’s hair. While the 1980s style is nothing short of iconic, it takes work to achieve. That’s where a little research can come in handy.

Joe Kerry Hairstyle Name

The Hairstyle of Joe Kerry, who plays the character of Steve Harrington in the Netflix series “Stranger Things,” is commonly referred to as a “bowl cut.”

The bowl cut has a long history, dating back to ancient times when it was used as a practical hairstyle for men and women. However, the style was popularized in the 1950s and 1960s when it was commonly seen in young boys. The Hairstyle consists of hair cut straight across the forehead and around the head, creating a bowl-like shape.

In the case of Joe Kerry’s character, the bowl cut has been updated with a modern twist. In addition, his hair is styled with more volume and texture, giving it a distinct and stylish appearance. The Hairstyle has become popular among fans of the show, who admire Kerry’s relaxed and effortless look.

This mullet-inspired updo is one that you can quickly achieve yourself at home. To get it, first, wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner. Then blow dry your hair from the root to the tip, using your hands for extra control.

Next, use a styling product that creates volume and separation, like Baxter of California Grooming Cream or Clay Pomade. These will help you create the slick updo that Kerry has been sporting lately.

Finally, finish off the look by teasing your bangs into a high-fashion updo that looks very much like Steve’s iconic ‘do on Stranger Things. This will help keep your ‘do from looking too harsh and make the look more natural-looking.

How to Grow Hair And Style Like Steve Harrington?

Stranger Things has become a runaway hit in the Netflix universe, and one of the biggest rumors circulating right now is whether or not Steve Harrington’s hair is natural. We’ve been spotting more and more of this mullet-shaped bouffant around the web, which has sparked much debate about its authenticity.

But it’s not just the look that’s drawing people to the show; it’s the character behind it. Steve Harrington is the kind of guy who loves strays, and his soft spot for them helps him find a way out of his dark and lonely place in Hawkins, Indiana.


The first step to getting Steve Harrington’s Hairstyle is to grow your hair to a length that allows you to create volume at the crown and the slick back look. Depending on your hair type and current length, this could take anywhere from a few months to a year.

Shampoo And Conditioning

Use a high-quality shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair healthy and in good condition. Avoid shampoos with harsh chemicals, as these can damage your hair and make it harder to style. Instead, opt for products specifically formulated for your hair type, whether dry, oily, or average.

Towel Drying

Towel Drying

After washing your hair, gently squeeze out the excess water with a towel. Do not rub your hair vigorously, as this can cause damage and make it harder to style.

Styling Products

You will need to use some styling products to achieve the perfect Steve Harrington hairstyle. A volumizing mousse or texturizing spray will help create volume at the crown. A light holds pomade or wax will help you control the slick back look.


Once your hair is dry, apply the volumizing mousse or texturizing spray to the crown of your head. Then, using a comb or brush, backcomb your hair at the crown to create volume. Make sure to comb the hair in different directions to evenly distribute the volume.


Once you have created the volume at the crown, use a comb or brush to smooth the hair down and back. Start from the crown and work towards the back of your head, keeping the hair flat and smooth.

Finishing Touch

Finally, apply a small amount of light hold pomade or wax to your hands and work it into the hair to control any flyways and add shine. Use your comb or brush to make final adjustments and ensure that the hair is evenly styled.

He’s also shown love for cats, like when his mother abandoned his favorite black tabby cat in the woods near Hawkins. His connection with this feline helped him find a way out of the dark and lonely parts of his life, eventually leading to a relationship with Eddie Munson.

But how does he keep his iconic mullet looking so good? Joe Kerry, 29, recently revealed how he maintains his luscious locks. During a recent interview, the actor said that he uses hair products to define his curls and maintains them in perfect condition.

Who Has The Best Hair In Stranger Things?

There’s no doubt that the hit Netflix show Stranger Things has captivated the world. With its eerie setting, 80s aesthetic, and tween-friendly characters, it’s no wonder it’s taken over the streaming charts worldwide.

But the show has also garnered a lot of love for its hairstyles. From Eleven’s buzz cut to Will’s bowl cut, there are so many memorable looks throughout the series that fans are still obsessed with.

While some of the wigs used in the show are a bit too over the top, the ones that stand out are all incredibly well-crafted. From Nancy’s gravity-defying volume to Dustin Henderson’s glam-rock mane, the characters’ hairstyles are some of the best on TV right now, and it’s all thanks to the show’s hair department head Sarah Hinds Gaul.

Hinds Gaul is incredibly talented at creating hairstyles that are on-trend and reminiscent of a time when the show takes place in the 1980s. She told Mashable that the show’s wig department had to come up with about 250 different looks for the show’s fourth season.

One of the most complex parts about filming a wig is that it needs to look like it came off a natural person’s head. So while some characters are just lucky enough to be able to borrow someone’s wig, others have to recreate their look from scratch.

That’s why Hinds Gaul has been trying to bring realism to the show’s hairstyling. She’s worked with the Duffer Brothers for eight years to create unique looks on the show, including Eleven’s buzz cut, Will’s bowl cut, Steve’s glam-rock mane, and Dustin Henderson’s curls.

During her recent interview with Tudum, Hinds Gaul delved into what it took to create some of the looks on the show. She also talked about her favorite hair moment from the show and a new character’s coif that she thinks is one of her best works.

It’s no wonder that Steve Harrington is such a fan favorite. Despite being a jerk to his girlfriend Nancy Wheeler (Natalia Dyer), he reformed his bad behavior in the first season and eventually helped her fight off the Demogorgon monster. So, of course, we’re all a little bit biased regarding Steve’s Hairstyle and would love to see him keep his gorgeous locks in the future!

Styling Tips For Setting Hair Like Steve Harrington 

Blow Dry

Blow Dry

If you’re a fan of Stranger Things, then you know how much we love the larger-than-life character of Steve Harrington (Joe Kerry). He may have been an airhead in the first season, but he’s a charming character and is one of the most loyal people on the show. And that’s large because of his fantastic mullet hair.

He also happens to be a great friend to Dustin, his childhood friend and fellow telekinetic. Eventually, they work together to help stop a Demogorgon from destroying Hawkins, Indiana.

The best part about Steve’s hair is that it looks natural and effortless. Even though he has a long, mullet-style haircut, he still looks incredibly stylish.

But how does he get that look? Well, for starters, he uses the right products.

In the first season, Joe Kerry’s character used Faberge Organics shampoo and conditioner and Farrah Fawcett’s hairspray. The spray is reportedly a secret ingredient that helps to create the perfectly slick and voluminous Hairstyle.

It’s a formula that combines various nourishing ingredients, such as olive oil, coconut oil, and shea butter. It also contains keratin, which makes the hair soft and shiny.

Afterward, he used a styling gel to hold his style and add volume. Then, he sprayed it with a firm hold hairspray to ensure the look lasted all day.

Then he used a blow dryer to dry his hair. He used medium heat to ensure it didn’t damage his hair.

Once the hair was dehydrated, he added a pomade to smooth down any flyway’s and keep his style in place all day.

Before getting his hair done, Joe Kerry teamed up with Baxter of California partner Matthew Collins to get the perfect height and body in his character’s mullet. This look has always been popular and will be trendy again in future seasons.


Joe Kerry’s Steve Harrington has become one of the fan favorites on Stranger Things, and the actor is known for his luscious locks. But how exactly does he get his signature look?

It turns out that the actor isn’t just a hairspray aficionado — he uses Farrah Fawcett spray to style his mane. The show’s Season 2 finale revealed the secret ingredient to this classic look: four pumps of the ’80s haircare brand.

According to Sarah Hinds Gaul, the co-founder of Fawcett Organics (which was owned by Fawcett, a legendary Hollywood actress who passed away in the mid ’80s), the product was still being made in the 1980s. That’s a big deal because the hairspray used in the Netflix series is actual.

But it’s not just that: The Farrah Fawcett line also produced several other haircare products, including shampoos and conditioners with the name and likeness of the actress. And while those are no longer being made, they were a big part of how the actors on the show achieved their iconic coifs.

In the show, Dustin and Steve become unlikely best friends after Steve helps him tame Dart, a Demogorgon terrorizing the Byers’ house. While their friendship is initially seen as antagonistic, it develops into a sweet and endearing bond once Dustin becomes ill.

Their unlikely friendship even extends to a dangerous situation when Steve helps Dustin escape from the Russians in Hawkins by crawling through air ducts with Erica Sinclair’s help. However, once they’re rescued, the duo remains close.

When Dustin asks Steve for advice on attracting girls, he explains that the key is to pretend you don’t care about them. He also tells Dustin that his famous coif is a classic Farrah Fawcett afro, so you should use four puffs of hairspray to achieve the same look.

Despite his evil guy-turned-good persona, it’s clear that Kerry’s character is a kind and compassionate man. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have a close relationship with his parents, which causes tension in the show. For example, he throws a party at his home without their knowledge and drinks beer, causing Nancy to worry that her father will find out.



Steve Harrington’s voluminous 1980s Hairstyle has become a staple of the Netflix show Stranger Things. As a fan, you’ve probably wondered how he gets his perfect locks.

Start with damp hair and work a strong hold gel through it using a comb to get the look. Once your hair is dry, use a round brush to blow it out. Then, apply a small amount of pomade to smooth any flyway’s, and finish with a strong-hold hairspray.

After Steve’s hair is dry, he often styles it into a quiff. This is a classic ’80s hairstyle that looks great on the character and will help you get a similar look.

The key to getting a similar look is ensuring you have a good set of curlers. These will ensure that you have plenty of texture and a well-defined curl pattern.

If you are new to the curling world, practicing and finding out how to do it correctly is essential. This will help you get a more professional look and make your hair last longer.

You can find a wide variety of curly hairstyles on YouTube or use an online tool like the Curl App to create your style. These will allow you to control how much curling you want and help you achieve the shape of Steve’s curls.

Once you’ve found a style that works for your hair, try it out on a friend or family member. You’ll be amazed at how your curls will turn out.

Another character with incredible curls on the show is Dustin Henderson (Gaten Matarazzo). He often wears his hair tucked behind his ears, but he’s also known for wearing it in a sprayed pixie cut.

He’s one of the main characters in the show, and he has a lot to say about fashion and hair. He’s a goofy kid with a huge smile, and he even has a thread on Reddit dedicated to his amazing hair.

You can’t go wrong with a mullet if you’re looking for a style that combines fashion and function. It will instantly transform your look and give you a relaxed vibe that everyone will notice.


One of the most popular characters on Netflix’s hit show Stranger Things is Steve Harrington, who has a voluminous 1980s bouffant that steals every scene. But what is it that makes his hair look so perfect?

First, she revealed that she kept 50 wigs on hand for the show’s large cast and used them to create different looks for every character. This included mom Karen Wheeler, bully Angela, and even Steve’s date in Season 4’s first episode.

She then went into more detail on how she created specific looks, like Eleven’s buzzcut and Eddie Munson’s iconic mullet. She also shared her favorite Stranger Things hair moment of all time.

Her wigs are all made from a synthetic fiber called “Micro-Fiber,” which is lightweight and flexible. As a result, she explains, “they feel very natural, and they’re not stiff at all.”

When asked how she gets her wigs to fit, she told Mashable that she always starts with a clean base and then applies the wig. She says this helps the wigs stay in place during filming and prevents them from slipping.

Another critical step in creating a wig is the application of hair spray. She says it can help hold a style in place or add volume to the hair. It’s essential to use a good quality hairspray when styling your hair, as it will be more durable and last longer.

It’s a good idea to make sure you choose a hair spray that matches the style of your hair so it looks natural and healthy. She recommends Herbal Essences Flexible Hairspray as an ideal choice.

She also suggests you consider investing in a comb, as it’s a vital tool for styling your hair. It’s a great way to achieve a voluminous look and can be used on any type of hair.


Collins advises directing the airflow directly across the hairline to obtain the no-part effect at home. Blow-dry the hair back and forth rather than in one direction for no particular reason so that it defies any natural orientation and goes in the direction you want.

This hairstyle is a variation on the layered mullet.

As a finishing touch. Product. Today I’ve got a guy’s interpretation of Steve Harrington’s look from Stranger Things.

The key to the game, according to Steve’s guidance, is the hair. Harrington grudgingly explains, “It’s Fabergé Organics.” “Use the shampoo and conditioner, and make sure that your hair is damp, not wet. You should apply four puffs of the Farrah Fawcett spray when it’s damp.




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