How To Style Dr. Martens Men’s Shoes?

How To Style Dr. Martens Men's Shoes?

How To Style Dr. Martens Men’s Shoes?

The Dr. Martens shoes are versatile and can be styled in numerous ways to suit your fashion preferences. When styling Dr. Marten’s shoes, you should consider your occasion and what you wear. If you’re looking for a more casual day-to-day look, pair the shoes with a t-shirt, jeans, and a jacket made of denim. If you’re looking to dress up for an evening out, it’s possible to pair them with jeans and a dress shirt, and an oversized jacket.

Another option to style Dr. Martens is by mixing different patterns and colors. If you want to create a striking look, opt for a combination with an eye-catching design or bright hue. It is also possible to mix different styles and materials, for example, pairing them with leather jackets or corduroy pants.

The History Of Dr. Marten Shoes

The History Of Dr. Marten Shoes

Doc Martens are a British brand that is now a favorite worldwide. They are famous for their air-cushioned shoes, made of welted construction and distinctive yellow stitching.

Origins and Inspiration

Dr. Marten’s shoes were first designed in 1960. German doctor Klaus Martens first developed Dr. Marten’s shoes in April of 1960. After suffering an injury to his ankle on skiing and a visit to the doctor, Dr. Martens created a brand new type of sole that was cushioned with air to ease his recovery and reduce the pain around the foot that had been injured. 

The idea quickly gained popularity and soon became a cherished shoe brand by people of lower class living in the UK. The idea behind “Dr. Marten’s brand name “Dr. Martens” came from the doctor and his companion, who combined their names to create the name. In addition, the logo that features the wings that are double-toned “AirWair” heel loop was an inspiration for the popular Goodyear stitching used to create the shoes.

Adoption by Youth Culture

Dr. Martens quickly gained recognition in youth culture during the 1970s and the 1960s, particularly in the skinhead and punk subcultures. Style, durability, and comfort were hugely popular among young people looking for a way to express themselves. The brand was viewed as an expression of disdain towards the establishment. It was a favorite with famous musicians and artists such as The Who, The Rolling Stones, and Sid Vicious.

Expansion and Global Recognition

In the 1980s, Dr. Martens expanded its range of merchandise to include sandals, boots, and casual shoes. As a result, Dr. Martens gained more recognition and acclaim worldwide. They were a vital component in the closets of people from all backgrounds. 

This was an enormous hit and a huge success that Dr. Martens continued to evolve and expand, introducing new styles and designs to stay current with changing trends. The late 1990s saw the brand gaining popularity with the grunge and alternative scene. At the close of the decade, it was evident that Dr. Martens had become an iconic brand.

Chelsea Boots

Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots are among the most well-known  of shoes for men. This is because they are easy to dress in. They are suitable for all attire, from T-shirts and jeans to suits and chinos. They gained fame due to the rock stars of the 1960s. However, they’ve evolved into a universal style that is perfect for your wardrobe regardless of the dress you’re wearing.

Suppose you’re an avid Dr. Martens man looking to improve your style with more flexibility. In that case, you should consider adding a pair of Chelsea boots to your wardrobe. They’re an excellent addition to casual and formal outfits and can make any look more stylish. In addition, they are available in various colors and materials, so you can select the style that best suits your fashion.

The idea of Chelsea boot

Although initially designed as a “Paddock” mainly worn by horses, it soon became popular among socialites and artists who often stayed within the King’s Road area in London during the 1950s. Then, in the end, it became “Chelsea boots” by the media to reflect the new fashion.

It is paired with a colored shirt.

If you want to develop an appearance that will make your Chelsea boots look stylish, put them on with slim-fit slacks and a slick shirt. The ideal length of your trouser legs ought to be just above the height of the boots. This will show the elastic part, which is the part that makes up your Chelsea boot. It provides your outfit with a modern, stylish look.

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Wear a dress or a white T-shirt.

You could also style your Chelsea boots by wearing a double-breasted coat and a roll-neck garment. This adds elegance to your outfit and ensures you’re ready for any event. If you’re looking for a less casual look, wear your Chelsea boots with white t-shirts and jeans. Slide your t-shirt into the jeans and complete the look by wearing a belt made from leather and an elegant overcoat.


Brogues are a type of shoe that acts as an ideal blend of casual and elegant and has an elegant style with sophisticated perforations. They’re great to pair with tailored pants and a suit or jeans to create casual wear. There is a wide variety of brogue footwear for men, like Derby and Oxford brogues. They’re usually made of genuine leather and are constructed using a Goodyear welt design, making them sturdy enough to withstand the everyday wear and tear that comes with life.


If you’re considering adding brogues to your wardrobe, consider the one by the Italian footwear company Velasca. Vilaseca’s Oxford brogues are made from genuine leather. They have an elegant style and intricate designs which will stand out by enhancing the formality of your attire.

McPherson LW

One brand that mixes traditional British style with contemporary designs is Church’s, which has been making high-quality shoes for over one century. The McPherson LW brogue shoes have decorative longwing perforations and a substantial rubber sole. Put them on with trousers and thick socks for an effortlessly cool casual outfit.


If you’re looking for a way to save money, Swedish footwear label Myrqvist has revolutionized the market for men’s shoes by introducing direct-to-consumer models. As a result, you can buy brogues for less than the price, making them an excellent investment.

Studded Boots

If you’re looking to make an impact by wearing studded boots, it’s an absolute must. It’s a subtle way that adds class to your style and can be worn with a pair of black jeans or pants.


A high-quality Dr. Martens is made with the finest leather. They keep you looking polished and trendy even after many hours of walking. They can also shield from the elements with the protection of beeswax and Lanolin.

Size and color

The greatest feature is that it’s possible to get these in different sizes and colors that suit your needs. If you’re looking for casual clothes, opt for shades of brown or tan, which will perfectly go with your plaid shirt and flannel trousers.


It’s also possible to purchase stud-encrusted shoes to give a striking impression, but be aware that they’re more costly. However, they’re worth the cost to enjoy the additional sparkle and glamor they provide. You might not be able to purchase the most recent Dr. Martens with a wide range of colors; however, there’s a wide selection of choices at Far fetch, including the basic studded shoe. Remember that this business is a well-known brand in the area for its “Wonder Balsam,” which will keep your leather soft and smooth and maintain the look of your shoes for as long as it needs to.

Winter Boots

There is also informal winter footwear that is more modern and stylish. They’re more likely to give you more grip in icy and snowy conditions. They also give you enough warmth to make sure your feet are comfortable, and you wear a neutral outfit. If you’ve a small amount of money, you can invest in winter boots to keep your feet warm and dry. In addition, you can choose from insulation options like Thiosulfate and Prim aloft, shearling, or fleece.

Insulated Boot design

The models of insulated boots generally include the largest soles and ruffs on the high points of the boots to help hold snow before it falls onto your feet. In addition, they’re typically constructed from water-resistant materials. This means they can be worn even in humid environments without worrying about your feet getting cold.

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With a movable linear

Another vital aspect to think about is the possibility that the boots you’re considering are fitted with a liner that is easily removed. This is advantageous since it allows you to remove the felt liners that tend to leak before the outermost layer of leather or the vulcanized rubber can degrade.


If you’re planning to stay for a long time, you may want to invest in shoes with waterproof properties. This is especially important for people who live in areas that experience a lot of rain and snow. Likewise, if you reside in a more frigid climate, it is advised to opt for boots that have waterproof membranes. 

This is offered for Gore-Tex models and on the basic suede and rubber exteriors. The waterproof model is most suitable for those who spend a significant amount of time in moist or watery conditions. It is also suitable for people who don’t spend much time outdoors in winter.

How To Style Classic Doc Martens?

The most important thing to remember when dressing in the classic style of Doc Martens is that they match your overall attire. This will guarantee you’ll have a distinct and unique appearance suited to your style.

Classic Rock ‘n’ Roll Style

Dr. Martens has been an integral element of the rock ‘n music scene for quite some time, and their style is as well-liked as it was during the previous. For this style, it’s important to wear a traditional set that is Dr. Martens boots in black or cherry red. They are also available in Oxblood color. You can wear your boots in a slim pair of dark, slim jeans and a loose-fitting T-shirt with a band design and an oxblood leather jacket to complete the classic rock ‘n ‘roll fashion. Put on the latest jewelry made of silver and an eye-catching belt. The look can be finished with a messy cut and many attitudes.

Streetwear-Inspired Style

Dr. Martens is an essential item in your wardrobe if you’re a fan of urban fashion. To complete this look, pick one of the striking Dr. Martens in a vibrant print or a bold color. You can pair them with joggers, which are comfortable, or a large puffer jacket and a T-shirt with a streetwear vibe. Add an oversized beanie, a big necklace, and a purse to create a chic and contemporary appearance.

Smart Casual Look

It’s an excellent idea to dress in Dr. Martens, which can be worn casually or formally and are an ideal option for a casual chic look. For this style, opt for a sophisticated pair of Dr. Martens in a dark shade, such as black or brown. Pair them with dark wash jeans, white dress shirts, and a wool jacket. Finally, put on a chic leather strap watch and an elegant briefcase. This look is great for work or a night out with friends.

Grunge-Inspired Outfit

Grunge style has been seen in recent years, too, and it’s not a reason to be surprised that it’s a good thing that Dr. Martens is the perfect option to complement this style. For this style, opt for one of the distressed Martens. Select a pair of distressed. Martens that are a soft shade, such as light brown or tan. Wear them with uncut dark denim, a plaid flannel shirt, and an oversized denim jacket. Put on a beanie and silver jewelry along with Vintage band T-shirts. Finish the look with messy hair that is a bit sexy.

Military-Inspired Look

It’s true; it is a fact that Dr. Martens has a rugged and sturdy design that makes them the perfect choice to wear a military-inspired look. For this style, choose Dr. Martens. They are the traditional Dr. Martens in a neutral shade like Khaki or black. Mix them with cargo trousers and plain T-shirts or an army-style jacket. You can also add aviator sunglasses and an authentic leather backpack or belt. This outfit is great for outdoor pursuits or walking around the city.

Legacy and Contemporary Appeal

Today it is true that Dr. Marten’s shoes are still popular and beloved by people of all different ages and backgrounds. The classic popularity of the company, with its strength and versatility, make them an integral part of every outfit worldwide. In recent years, Dr. Martens has continued expanding its product range and partnered with other brands and designers to create new and exciting designs. The company’s commitment to high-end quality and its long-standing heritage is the reason for its longevity and contemporary style.

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What Do You Wear To What To Wear With Dr. Marten With Jeans?

The perfect pair of Doc Martens can make a difference to the look of any outfit. They’re especially good with jeans. It’s great that they’re available in various colors and designs that you’re certain will find one that fits your style.

Casual Outfits

Dr. Marten’s classic boots are the perfect pair of shoes that can be casually worn or dressed for any event. You can wear them casually with jeans, a T-shirt or a sweater. This classic combination is fashionable and comfy and is ideal for wearing during the daytime. However, if you’re seeking to add more edge to your style, you could consider wearing the Docs you have with jeans or slim black jeans. This look is perfect for running errands or catching up with acquaintances.

Smart-Casual Outfits

It is a good idea to wear the Dr. Martens classic boots are also a great option to dress up for formal occasions. If you want a casual, sophisticated style, think about wearing your Dr. Martens boots with jeans and a coat. This look is trendy and comfortable and is great for a night out or a casual event. On the other hand, if you’re seeking to make your appearance more appealing to the upper echelons of fashion, it’s worth considering pairing your Docs, a tie, a shirt, and a suit jacket. This look is ideal for a wedding or a formal event and shows your class and elegance.

Formal Outfits

Formal Outfits

While it’s the case, classic boots are usually worn to match casual and casual outfits. However, they can also be worn with a suit for an elegant appearance. To get this look, dress your Dr. Martens boots in dark suits with a white shirt and tie. This sophisticated, elegant style shows you’re willing to play with your fashion. If you’re looking for something striking, wear your Docs to a printed suit like plaid or checkered designs. This is a great look for weddings and other celebrations and will demonstrate that you’re not afraid to make a statement with your attire.

Winter Outfits

Dr. Marten’s classic boots are great for winter as they provide warmth and style. Wear your boots with leggings, thick socks, and a huge sweater to create a chic winter look. This combination is comfortable and stylish and keeps you warm on cold winter mornings. If you’re looking for a way to bring your winter fashion to the next level, you might want to pair your Docs with an oversized coat and scarf. The outfit is stylish and practical, making it perfect for weather conditions fashionably.


Yes! Dr. Martens is for everyone, with all styles being unisex, as they are big believers in expression beyond gender. Their guiding principle is that their most recognizable styles are all unisex, so if you like them, wear them.

The next formal outfit is a hoodie, and Dr. Martins can be worn with any formal attire. And the reason for that is the black leather laces. Look for any occasion where you might don a formal or a Chelsea boot.

Jumpsuit. Mom jeans and a jacket. Shorts with a long flannel. Trousers, a cropped chunky sweater or coat, and boots or shoes. Ripped jeans, a chunky sweater, and many accessories. Sweats and a good coat. Skirt and a chunky sweater. Flowery dress, a hat, and sunglasses.

What jeans go with Dr Martens?

Without fail, Dr. Martens look great with a chambray shirt and blue jeans.

Dr. Martens are ideal for a casual outfit because shoes already exude that feel, according to Eriksson. It’s similar to wearing shoes in that it’s simple to seem casual but challenging to dress up. She like pairing them with both jeans and pants for an effortlessly stylish and laid-back appearance.