How To Style Cardigan Men?

How To Style Cardigan Men?

How To Style Cardigan Men?

Cardigans are a kind of knitted piece with an open front and are among the most versatile outerwear options. You can wear it with anything, including a smart shirt, jeans, T-shirt, high-waisted trousers or even pencil skirts. It is important to consider the proportions of your outfit and play around with different lengths.

What Is A Cardigan?

Although the word “cardigan” can cover many designs, it’s mainly referring to a knitted piece of clothing that opens in the front. It is a great jacket for autumn or as an essential layering piece during colder months. Cardigans were made to offer warmth while looking elegant. The classic design is available in various styles, making this essential wardrobe item perfect for any occasion. While the dress isn’t considered trendy or exciting, it can add a refined and elegant look to clothes.

How Should A Cardigan Fit?How Should A Cardigan Fit?

The best fit for your cardigan depends on the style you’re trying to create. If you want to create an informal or relaxed appearance, Try a loose look. If you’re looking for a more sophisticated look, you should consider tailored cardigans that loosely embrace your body. Whatever you’re after, You should always select a cardigan that is appropriate for your measurements; otherwise, the proportions might look odd.

Types Of Cardigans

A cardigan, as mentioned earlier, is a term that can be used to describe a range of distinctive designs. From loosely shaped longline silhouettes to thick cable knits to stylish button-ups and elegant shawl collars, The seemingly basic cardigan can be found in many styles. While these designs may belong to the same category, each one is distinctive and can add a distinctive design to your look. Therefore, the type of cardigan you wear is a crucial decision that will surely influence the rest of your appearance.

1- Longline Cardigan

Longline cards are a great alternative for casual occasions. The long shape of a longline cardigan offers a more relaxed look which is perfect for casual outfits. Since the look is often found in light knitted fabrics, it is a perfect piece to transition for autumn and spring. Consider it for yourself by wearing skinny black jeans and a comfortable T-shirt.

2- Shawl Collar Cardigan

A shawl collar is a down collar that typically appears on cardigans. Most designs with a shawl collar are typically more substantial and bulkier than other styles, making it the perfect choice for cold days. Because of this extra weight and the shape of the collars, these styles tend to look polished and elegant. Consider pairing one with black denim or a comfortable button-up to create a chic casual fashion.

3- Button-Up Cardigan

A button-up cardigan can be one of the most popular kinds offered. If styled correctly, the button-up cardigan will seem elegant and sophisticated. Instead, opt for an elegant, well-fitted design with simple buttons to keep it modern and masculine. A cardigan, for instance, will look more formal, and you might want to wear it with an elegant suit.

4- Chunky Knit Cardigan

In addition to providing warmth, The hefty knit sweater is also ideal for creating an elegantly casual look. Just throw it on with things from your regular outfit for the weekend, and you’ll have an attractive outfit. Don’t hesitate to pick styles that make an impression when choosing a big cardigan. Longline designs and distinctive fastenings are all things to look at.

How To Wear A Cardigan – Style & Fashion guide 2023How To Wear A Cardigan - Style & Fashion guide 2023

Earl of Cardigan Blah blah blah 19th-century sleep… Let’s skip over the history lesson and say the return of cardigans. We’re grateful for the massive silhouettes of fashion-forward Raf Simons, the A$AP Rocky in Gucci, and the ghosts of Kurt Cobain, whose grungy vintage style has come to the forefront of fashion.

Despite the endorsements from such fashion gurus, the most stylish cardigans are still frightening some men compared to fashions of jumpers that were once deemed a bit dated, like cable knits or roll necks. So we’ve put together a list of 21st-century fashion tips to ensure you don’t emit old-fashioned vibes. For instance, take your empty Werther’s Originals wrappers out of your pockets.

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This isn’t your father’s instructions on how to dress in cardigans. It certainly isn’t his father’s. So instead, try these tricks to make your smell more like a teenager spirit rather than Old Spice. Mothballs, or mothballs.

  • Grown-Up Grange

Without Kurt Cobain’s help, It would be extremely difficult to be rebellious wearing cardigans. Of course, this wasn’t an intentional choice on his part, but Kurt Cobain was not a fan of clothing, and his style was more of a product of thrift shops that kept Seattle’s grunge youngsters cozy.

In the present, assuming you don’t want to appear like you’re in your mother’s basement, this appearance (partly popularized by hip-hop’s finest-attired men) is neater and cleaner. Keep the longlined cardigan worn by Cobain and search for a few other points of attraction – mottled wool, a ribbed texture, or a pared-back pattern. Wear it with a simple t-shirt or a cotton shirt. In the lower part, a wider-leg pair of jeans or a cropped pair of trousers can enhance the style; however, If you’d rather keep the skinny denim, you can never go wrong.

  • Normcore Creative

A particular type of person displays their talent by wearing clothes that don’t look particularly creative. It’s quite meta. If you’re one of those who loves a basic merino cardigan, it can be the cornerstone of your outfit. The style in question is sleek, old-fashioned, slightly mid-century-y, without many textures and no patterns.

To add interest:

  1. Keep the tones muted or muted, and experiment with proportions.
  2. Dress your top in fitted, cropped trousers. The longer break at your waist will create the length of your cardigan and an attractive central area.
  3. Add some simple and normal core-friendly shoes.

A well-constructed pair of Derbies will do the trick.

  • Sprezzatura

If you’re looking to ditch the duds of the cardigan, take a look at the Italians who are true to tradition, and dress it up as a stylish and sophisticated layer. The sprezzatura style is all about wearing a tailored, smoky look, however, with a few unique details that make the ensemble one of a kind. A cardigan for men could be a great help.

Wear it over the blazer or underneath the blazer as the one layer that nobody else will think of. Use the tonal palette to show – subtly to show that you’re aware of how to wear it. Creams and browns from your grandpa’s wardrobe are the most flattering shades to wear with casual tailored clothing in mocha and grey. Don’t forget to wear a scarf collar. Buono.

  • The Great Outdoors (In The City)The Great Outdoors (In The City)

The cardigan for men is a bit of an unnoticed hero among layers, tucked in the middle and often hidden from view. However, it can be the top of the line in colder conditions, like you would with a cable-knit sweater and a fisherman’s knitting. When done right, it’s cozy, practical outdoor gear that is stylish for urban life.

Make sure to keep the cable-knit pattern and put it on over T-shirts and check shirts or even a slimmer thickness cardigan (every new layer should be thicker than the previous one, keep in mind). Then, add the down jacket or parka over it if the weather demands it.

It is possible to keep the back-to-nature style without appearing like an elk at a fancy dress event. Make sure to stick with earthy tones such as stone, green, brown, and stone – and complete the look by wearing strong but not full-on hiking boots. Put them away in the woodshed using the cutting.

  • Loungewear

One thing your dad was to say about sweaters was that: they’re the perfect attire for binge-watching. In the Netflix generation, that’s wearing the cardigan to lounge and combining it with joggers, lazy t-shirts, and another layering of knitwear; however, smarter models are all over the place. Nobody who is watching your Instagram post should notice any stains from cereal.

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The appearance you’re after here is well-groomed. The style of the cardigan should be clean; however, it could appear loose and lack structure. So instead, choose athleisure shades like gray and heather. And, when you have to go out to get supplies, opt for simple sneakers and a beanie.

  • Business Casual

The blame is on Mark Zuckerberg, blame dress-down Fridays, but the office dress isn’t boring or buttoned up anymore. Most likely, it will never happen again. Even if the HR department isn’t convinced that your beloved Stussy hoodie is suitable for work, it’s possible to meet them in the middle by wearing a perfect cardigan made of fine gauge.

Put one under the blazer to create a casual alternative to an oversized waistcoat when the AC is full of force. Take the jacket off and wear it over an untucked button-down with Chinos. If you don’t wear the tie in the tie box, the tie can be an excuse to dress up your shoes. Take those Oxfords to the side and change into simple loafers or sneakers.

What Is The Best Way To Wear Men’s Cardigans With Casual Shirts?What Is The Best Way To Wear Men's Cardigans With Casual Shirts?

The classic shirt and sweater combination. Although layering a cardigan on T-shirts is a straightforward decision, there are a few ways to enhance the style. If you’re interested in ways to dress men’s sweaters in formal shirts, you can read about this later. Let’s now focus on the casual clothes that could require a bit of a boost.

A polo shirt can be a clutch bag for golfing, playing on the green, or having a business dinner at the club. However, suppose an early tee time needs layers or a cardigan. In that case, it’s the best option to keep an elegantly casual look. For the sleekest look, choose a cardigan without any collar or lapel, so it can be tucked neatly beneath your Polo. When not wearing it, put the sleeves on your shoulders for a perfect fashion-forward look.

Are you one of those guys more attracted to the streetwear of men’s style, not the clothes featured in catalogs for collegiate wear? If you’re nodding in agreement, consider an oversized longline sweater the next time you wear your basic t-shirt. They typically stretch up to the ankles or mid-thigh for a bold, sweeping appearance. Next, pick a monochromatic color combination of black and grey to create a full-on effect. Finally, finish the outfit by wearing black boots to move in the correct (and stylish) direction.

Are You Able To Wear A Cardigan With A Sweater?

Have you had the pleasure of opening your closet on cold winter days and thought about wearing layers of sweaters? You’re not the only one. Suppose you’re trying to figure out how to dress in the perfect cardigan for men. In that case, the process of layering knitwear can be somewhat tricky. It is possible, however, that you could appear like a slender snowman if you make a mistake, and you’ll be in trouble, so pay close, careful attention. When pairing two sweaters, the sweater that is the base needs to be extremely light compared to one other. Start with a turtleneck pullover made out of modal or thin wool. Next, layer on your preferred cardigan, and leave it unbuttoned to create a more relaxed look. If unsure, put an unbuttoned cardigan underneath the jacket instead of the traditional method of stacking sweaters. If the furnace kicks up and you can shed a layer without difficulty, you’ll be happy you have done.

How Do You Wear Men’s Cardigans With Jeans?

Let’s go back to the basics. Are you interested in what to do with men’s sweaters with jeans? The answer is easy as it gets. A T-shirt and jeans are the perfect canvas to work with to style. If you’re wearing blue jeans, anything is possible in matching patterns and colors.

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The most important thing to be aware of is the proportions. If you’re in love with the 90s-inspired, baggy skater jeans, balance them with a well-fitted cardigan. Are you looking to dress up your pair of slim-fit dark-wash jeans instead? You can dress up that big shawl cardigan with a statement wood button. To tie an autumnal outfit together, put on the perfect footwear for men to give it an added touch.

How To Wear Men’s Cardigans In Summer?

We’re sure you’ll think we’re crazy for asking what to wear with men’s cardigans in the summer months but listen to us out. They are described as a tri-season piece best worn in autumn, winter, spring, and fall. But if you’re in an area with mild summers, with cold evenings, cardigans are a complete win. They’re also fantastic travel companions. Have you ever taken your summer getaway to a warmer destination only and ended up freezing during the flight? Prepare for this by putting a cardigan in your carry-on bag before embarking on your next journey. Still unsure of how to dress in an appropriate cardigan for males during the summer months? We’ve broken down summer cardigan style rules, so you don’t have to.

Are Cardigans A Way To Look Like A Gay Person?

No, seriously. Whenever you see someone wearing a sweater, you appear like a homo flaming. But I’ve noticed increasing numbers of guys sporting these lately (at most on television or online, not always in the flesh), and I’m wondering whether it’s possible to keep an impression of this. Let’s face it some male-specific fashions make you appear gay. Straight men don’t want to create this image unless they are at ease with their sexuality. So, opinions?


What type of cardigans are best for men?

Men’s cardigans come in a wide range of designs, such as chunky knit, cable knit, shawl collar, and button-front. The right kind of cardigan for a man will depend on the occasion, his personal style, and his body type. A cable knit cardigan is great for a more professional setting, but a chunky knit cardigan is perfect for a relaxed, casual style.

What colors should men choose for their cardigans?

Men can choose strong colours like green, red, or yellow or traditional hues like black, navy, and grey when it comes to colour. Additionally popular, neutral hues like beige and brown go well with a range of different hues. It’s crucial to pick hues that go well with the remainder of your ensemble.

How should men wear a cardigan?

A cardigan can be worn alone, over a shirt, or underneath a jacket. It’s crucial to pick a shirt that goes well with the colour and style of the cardigan while putting it over one. It’s ideal to get a jacket that fits well and isn’t too thick while wearing a cardigan underneath one. To achieve a more put-together appearance when wearing a cardigan alone, make sure to accessorise with a belt or a scarf.

What type of shoes should men wear with a cardigan?

Depending on the event and the cardigan’s style, men should choose a specific pair of shoes to go with it. While dress shoes or oxfords are preferable for a more professional setting, sneakers or loafers work well for a more relaxed appearance. When in doubt, it’s wise to select shoes that are the same shade as your slacks or trousers.

Can men wear a cardigan to the office?

The answer is yes, guys can dress casually at work, especially if the office has a laxer dress code. It’s crucial to select a cardigan in a neutral shade like black, navy, or grey and to wear it with dress slacks, a dress shirt, and dress shoes to give yourself a polished appearance.