How To Style Paperbag Shorts?

How To Style Paperbag Shorts?

How To Style Paperbag Shorts?

Combine the paper bag trousers with an elegant blouse for a refined and refined style. Select a blouse that is an airy, light fabric like silk or chiffon to offset the bulk of your trousers. Choose a blouse with a print for a touch of interest, or keep it basic with a plain shade. Put the blouse on the waistband of your trousers and wear heels to create an elegant appearance.

If you want a casual style:

  1. Wear a pair of paper bag trousers and the appropriate sweater.
  2. Pick a slightly large knit for a comfortable look, or wear an oversized sweater for a more formal appearance.
  3. Put the sweater on the waistband of your trousers and pair it with flats or sneakers to create a stylish and comfortable outfit.

The denim jacket is a timeless piece to add to your outfit and looks great with paper bag trousers. Pick a denim jacket with a light wash to match the trousers for a casual and easy appearance. Take the sleeves off and let the jacket hang unbuttoned to create a casual look.

For a more formal appearance, dress in a more formal style, wear paper bag trousers with a jacket. Select a blazer with neutral colors like black, navy, or gray. You can keep the rest of your outfit basic. Put a basic blouse on the waistband of your trousers and dress it in heels for an elegant and professional look.

How To Style Paperbag Shorts In 5 Steps:

Paperbag shorts are a trendy and versatile staple for summer that can be worn casually or dressed up depending what the event. This comprehensive fashion guide on how to style shorts made of paper in five easy steps:

Step 1: Find the perfect style

When it comes to shorts made of paper, the proper fit is crucial. Find the right size that sits comfortably at the waist and is close to the knee. Don’t wear shorts that are too tight or loose because this can make the overall style look less appealing.

Step 2: Dress In A Blouse

Pair the shorts in a paper bag with a shirt for a refined and elegant appearance. Next, select a blouse made of lightweight, airy material like silk or chiffon to balance the volume of the shorts. You can choose a printed blouse for a touch of some interest or go basic with the same shade. The blouse can be tucked into the waistband of shorts and put on heels to give an elegant look.

Step 3: Dress Casually In A T-shirtDress Casually In A T-shirt

To create a more casual appearance:

  1. Wear a pair of paper bag shorts and simple t-shirts.
  2. Select a t-shirt with solid colors or with an abstract print.
  3. Tie it around the waist in the shorts.
  4. Wear sneakers or flats to create an elegant and comfortable outfit.

4: Layer With The Denim Jacket

Jeans jackets make a great timeless piece to add to your outfit and are great with shorts made of paper. Select a lighter-washed denim jacket to match your shorts to create a casual and casual style. The sleeves can be rolled up and unbuttoned in the jacket to create a casual look.

Step 5: Accessorize

Accessories are the final finish to an outfit and can transform the basic paper bag shorts and shirt look into something distinctive. Include a standout bag, eye-catching earrings, or a scarf to add dimension to your look.

Paper Bag Shorts Denim

Denim is among the most versatile materials in fashion. It can be used for any season or style and is perfect for shorts made of paper!


Shorts made of paper look fantastic in neutral hues; however, If you’re looking for something a bit more adventurous, you can pair them with vibrant hues. Lemon yellow shorts, for instance, are a great option to add color and design to your summer outfit.

  • Dressy Top And Shorts

If you’re looking to wear paper bag shorts to make it a formal occasion, A button-down shirt could be an ideal choice. It’s easy to create and will make your appearance more polished. For a complete style, add shoes as well as some basic jewelry.

Adding a blazer is an ideal option to dress up this outfit and make it look more professional. It is possible to wear this look to an interview for work or a business event and appear elegant and confident without spending lots of time.

It is also a great style for a relaxed summer event or on a beach trip. The shorts are extremely comfortable and ideal for your body shape.

An alternative is to put on the look of a denim jacket. Outfit. Denim is among the most versatile materials, which can be dipped into and out of various trends, and is a great choice for this particular look. You could also wear an embroidered blouse to add the perfect feminine flair.

A cropped top will aid in highlighting the shape of your shorts and waistline since it doesn’t compete with the higher line of your hemline. In addition, it will make the appearance more balanced and create an hourglass-like silhouette.

This is crucial when you have lots of curves. It is also possible to tuck the top of your pants into your pants to lengthen your legs. Try the full tuck, French tuck, or a looser-fitting top for the same result.

If you’re unsure about wearing your tops tucked in, you could go for a bodysuit or tank top that doesn’t feature any details at the waistline. The fabric’s moisture-wicking properties will help keep you comfortable and cool throughout the day.

This look can be worn by wearing wedges to create a casual look. It is also possible to wear it with mules to create a formal style.

The great thing about wearing shorts is that they’re extremely adaptable and can be paired with virtually any type of top. In addition, to create a unique style, you can mix and match different textures, such as satin or chiffon.

  • Button-Down Shirt And ShortsButton-Down Shirt And Shorts

A button-down shirt is indispensable in any woman’s wardrobe and is among the most versatile outfits you could own. It is suitable for anything from the first night out with a friend to an informal outing and is a great match with jeans or a skirt.

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Suppose you’re not sure of the type of top you should wear with shorts made of paper, opt for an oversized Oxford style, which goes particularly well with a 70s-inspired style. It’s possible to pair it with the leather mini skirt to create the perfect groovy look or pair it with colorful flare jeans with strappy and minimal heels to create a multi-layered style.

You could also opt for a basic white button-down. It’ll give a professional appearance to your look and ensure you are confident.

When styling your big button-down, be sure to be aware that the waistline on shorts is more wasted, so you must choose a top to display the cinched details around the waist. Then, you can wear it with a skirt, high-waisted pants, or even over your favorite dress.

Another aspect to think about is the fabric of the shorts. If you’re wearing a linen-blend style, you could add an elastic belt that gives your pants a formal feel. You could also opt for faux leather for a more sophisticated style.

The button-down look is ideal for larger busts, as per fashion stylist Ansley Morgan. She is a fan of Universal Standard’s size-inclusive button-downs because “the fit is flattering, and they have hidden snaps between the buttons, which helps minimize the gapping that can happen with a fuller bust.”

If you’re seeking a classic style, Try a solid-colored button-down shirt. It’s a great match with slim-fit trousers and a pair of sneakers or a jacket. It is possible to include a bit of color by wearing a button-down with a pattern.

  • Plain Top And Shorts

A simple bottom and shorts outfit is a great alternative to a more formal look. It’s also a simple option to make your summer outfit more professional without spending lots of time and effort.

A button-down shirt is a popular choice for this outfit because it can be worn with various shorts. The longer linen or cotton shorts are particularly stylish with a casual button-down. Polo is a good alternative for those looking to wear a formal style.

The same is true for shorts with high-waisted legs that can be dressed up by adding an eye-catching button-down. This is a fantastic idea for a date dinner or a night out with friends. It also helps you stay cool while traveling toward the ocean or on an exotic vacation.

It’s always best to choose clothes that match the other pieces of the outfit. Also, if you’re wearing a basic shirt and shorts combo, It’s crucial to ensure that the proportions are correct to look well-balanced and fashionable.

The measurement of your shirt’s length is crucial. However, a button-down for your shorts is the most efficient way to make your shorts appear more stylish with no effort.

Regarding fabrics, wool is an ideal option for summer shorts for men due to its warm weather fabric that absorbs water and keeps you dry all day. However, it requires some attention, and you must take care of it to ensure it doesn’t wrinkle.

As with wool, linen also is a material that is breathable and ideal for hot climates. However, it is susceptible to wrinkles; it’s possible to reduce this by choosing a tight weave.

There are a variety of designs to pick from; one of our favorites is a drawstring-style short made of linen or twill, like those by Old Navy. They’re the ideal compromise of design and comfort for those who aren’t one to mess around with buttons.

  • Cardigan And ShortsCardigan And Shorts

Cardigans are a fantastic accessory to have in your wardrobe. Cardigans can be worn with tops, dresses, or even shorts! It is also a great option to wear as an additional layer to keep warm in the colder months.

The look of a cardigan and shorts from a paper bag is simple and stylish! However, you can make it more stylish by dressing up the look by adding your favorite dress or top. You can also add some shoes for an informal look.

You can also dress your style by wearing an oversized cardigan with the midi dress for an edgier appearance. This is a perfect outfit for brunch, date night, or for going out with your girlfriends!

Another method of styling your cardigan is to tie them around the waist. This can create an informal look and is a great opportunity to showcase the shorts you’ve tied with a belt!

One of the great things about shorts made from paper is that they are available in a wide range of styles and colors. Shorts with belts or waistbands, waist shorts made of paper, and even wide-leg ones. You can also find some which are woven or feature an edging that resembles chambray!

Wear a neutral shade like gray or black if you want to create an informal style. It is possible to add bright accessories to give it a splash of color!

A contrast cardigan is an excellent way to make floral dresses stand out. You can put the color of a purple or burgundy cardigan to your floral gown for the most trendy style!

You could also wear a white top or tee and a cardigan to create an informal look. For example, Jessika (above) has a unisex white t-shirt with her brown cardigan and completed the look with a pair of Suede ankle booties.

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If you’re attending a more formal setting, it is possible to wear your cardigan with a midi skirt or dress. This will make you appear more elegant and stylish! Also, try adding heels for a more feminine appearance.

It is also possible to pair the shorts made of paper by wearing heels or flats for an elegant look. This look is suitable for a night out on the town or at the office.

These shorts are great for any body type because they highlight the waist and hips. Tall women can give the appearance of larger hips. For smaller girls, they are a great way to showcase their gorgeous legs.

These shorts’ pleated or gathered waistline makes them easy to integrate into many style options. To get the most from the pants, check out these easy ideas for outfits and tricks for incorporating paper bag shorts in your summer and spring outfit.

For a chic casual look, wear a pair of shorts made of paper with a button-down t-shirt and high-heeled sandals. This is the perfect alternative for a lazy day on the beach or brunch with your friends. The shirt tucked in will add feminine touches to your outfit, and the heels will add a bit of height.

What Are The Best Ways To Dress Your Paper Bag Pants?


The paper bag trousers are high-waisted tight-fitting pants that are attractive on pear or hourglass forms. They are a great pair to wear with sandals or sneakers and look amazing with a tucked-in shirt or tank top for casual and formal outfits.

If you’re looking to dress pants made of paper for formal occasions, you can pair them with a tailored skirt or dress. Alternatively, pair them with a well-fitted button-down shirt and heels for a professional style.

You could also combine your paper bag pants with slim-fitting sweaters to create a casual style. Put a turtleneck sweater or a fitted cardigan inside your pants to create a stylish outfit that keeps you warm.

For a formal appearance, dress with a white button-down top under an oversized blazer. Then, complete your look with an apron with wide legs and heels to create a classy evening outfit.

If you are choosing the shoes to wear with your pants from the paper bag, Selecting shoes that are tall and have a longer length for your legs is essential. This will keep the slim shape of your pants and make your clothes look more professional.

If you’re petite and slim, a full-length pair of paper bag pants could look large for frames; therefore, choose smaller-sized options. Also, try straight-leg trousers to give you a more youthful appearance.

A jacket can provide warmth to your bag pants and improve the waistline. Select a form-fitting jacket that complements the pleats on your trousers to prevent a messy style.

A lace-up sandal is an excellent option for spring if you’re wearing ankle-length or cropped pants made of paper. The strappy heels help balance the width of your pants and add extra height to your outfit.

What Can You Wear When You Wear Paperbag Shorts?

What Can You Wear When You Wear Paperbag Shorts?

Shorts made of paper aren’t just for the weekends; you can even dress them to create a professional look. For example, they can be paired with a cardigan and elegant blouse or camisole for a professional look for your office event. They can also be worn by adding heels for some more height to your look to make it more elegant for night events.

Another option to make your pants from the paper bag is to wear a belt with a tie in the front. This lovely and stylish belt can give a dazzling appearance, particularly if you wear white clothing.

If you’re looking to take your fashion a more sophisticated approach, you can choose a top that has elegant necklines, such as cowl necks and high necks. This type of shirt will stand out against the fabric details on the shorts of your paper bag and will provide you with an effortless, chic look that makes you feel comfortable and elegant.

Try pairing your pants from the paper bag with a cut white top. It will enhance your body; however, it can keep you cool on hot summer days!

This is an excellent dress to wear while doing errands, to a restaurant for lunch, or just strolling around the city you’ve never been to. Make sure you’re dressed properly and ready to take on any challenge!

If you’re looking for something new, Don’t be afraid to experiment with vibrant colors when you wear your shorts from a paper bag. This is the perfect outfit for summer and can bring some color back to your outfit!

Which Kind Of Shirt Would You Put On With Your Paper Bag Shorts?

Which Kind Of Shirt Would You Put On With Your Paper Bag Shorts?

The paper bag shorts can be among the comfiest designs you can put on this summer. With their high waist that is cinched and pleated, They’re a fantastic option for every body type. Combine them with the perfect top, and you’re good to go!

With A Blouse

Combine the paper bag shorts with the right blouse to create a classy and elegant appearance. Select a blouse made of lightweight, airy fabrics like linen or cotton to offset the bulk of the briefs. You can choose a printed blouse to make it more interesting or go for a more basic look by choosing a solid color. Put the blouse on the waistband of your shorts and wear heels to give it a perfect look.

With A T-shirtWith A T-shirt

Wear a pair of paper bag shorts and simple t-shirts for an easy and casual style. Select a t-shirt with a solid color or a minimalist design and tie it around the waistband of your shorts. Put on sandals or sneakers to create an informal and chic look.

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With The Tank Top

To create a casual style, pair the pants made of paper with tank tops. Pick a tank top that is an attractive color or design to bring a sense of excitement to the look. The tank top can be tucked into the waistband of shorts and pair it with sandals for an easy and chic style.

A Button-Down Shirt

Wear a pair of paper bag shorts and an oversized button-down shirt for a more formal appearance. Select a shirt that is neutral shades like blue, white, or light pink, and tie it around the waistband of your shorts. Put on wedges or heels to create an elegant and chic style.

With The Crop TopWith The Crop Top

Wear a pair of paper bag shorts and an oversized crop top to create an elegant and trendy style. Pick a crop top that is an eye-catching color or an eye-catching print to bring interest to the outfit. Put the crop top on the waistband of shorts, and pair it with shoes or sandals to create an elegant and chic appearance.

Another option is a loose V-neck top, which adds an airy accent to your outfit and still highlights the shape of the shorts made from paper. If you want a more elegant and refined office look, Try pairing your shorts from the paper bag with a tailored button-down and adding a loose cardigan or blazer on the top. An espadrilles pair, low-heeled shoes, or Mary Janes are the perfect way to complete the look.

The top you choose is the essential component of any ensemble; therefore, it is essential to choose an outfit that is appropriate for your needs and matches your style. A dress with a cutout on the back or the front is also an excellent option.

You can also experiment with colors and patterns to make an elegant outfit suitable for any event. For example, gingham print shorts are trending this season and are the perfect outfit for barbecues and picnics outdoors.

The best top can make your shorts’ paper bags stick out in the rest and give you a chic appearance guaranteed to attract attention! The shirt you pick is a well-tailored, fitted, and cinched-in style that flatters your figure. The top should also be of high-quality fabric that will last a long time. Also, you should choose the most trendy neckline, such as a high neck or cowl neck, to make your body look more attractive.

Do Paperbag Pants Have To Be Loose?

Do Paperbag Pants Have To Be Loose?

Paper bag pants are an excellent option to add to your closet; they can be difficult to wear. Because they are ruffled at the waistline, they may be difficult to style for certain women.

So, the best method to be sure that your pants made of paper are comfortable is to try the pants on at home or in the shop before purchasing. Be sure they’re comfy, comfortably fit your body, and do not feel too tight.

If you’re concerned about the ruffled waistline, you should consider wearing shorts made of paper with tapered legs or a Capri cut. This will help keep your legs looking more like yours and will also be flattering on you.

Beware of pants made from paper that are made from fragile fabrics or any shiny style. They can create large bulges and make your legs appear larger than they are.

Fashioned up: If you’re looking to make the shorts of your paper bag, they can be paired with a cami or blouse. It is also possible to add cardigans or a blazer to create more of an hourglass-like silhouette and add some definition to your waist.

You can also make your paper bag look more stylish by dressing it up with shorts to go out for a night with your pals by adding heels and jewels. This is a sophisticated yet casual style that you could wear to work at church, for a date night or date night.

When styling paper shorts from a bag, the trick is to balance the loose fitting on the bottom by wearing a well-fitting top. Bodysuits, crop tops, and tank tops go well when paired with this kind of look.


What kind of top do you wear with paperbag shorts?

Paperbag shorts look great with a fitted top because of their looser fit. To balance things out, choose shirts that are a little bit tighter. My preferred clothing item is a bodysuit.

How do you style paperbag trousers?

With your paperbag waist jeans, a fitting tee shirt or tank top looks the most relaxed. Wear the pants with a fitted button-down top for an elegant style that is ideal for the office. Depending on the design of the pants, a fitting sweater can be worn for a casual or professional image.

Are Paperbag shorts flattering?

These shorts are insanely adaptable in terms of how they may be worn in addition to being inherently attractive. The fact that they are available in a variety of materials makes it simple to dress them up or down.

Are Paperbag pants supposed to be loose?

Either wear a crop top or something really fitting, she advises. The most flattering option would be that because paperbag trousers are often loose and baggy, no matter what your size or shape, you would need to balance them out with a fitted top. 27-Jan-2015.

Is paper bag waist flattering?

Paperbag pants are fashionable, high-waisted trousers with loose legs and ruffled waistlines. They’re renowned for fitting hourglass or pear curves so well! The lengthy lines of the pant legs and the tightened waist are the ideal counterpoints.