How To Style Wide Leg Jeans?

How To Style Wide Leg Jeans?

How To Style Wide Leg Jeans?

You can wear wide-leg jeans with a simple shirt or t-shirt to create an elegant and comfortable style. Wear a belt or an accessory to complete the entire style. There is a myriad way to style the pants for an elegant style. You can go for puff sleeves, off-shoulder tops, mesh tops, or some other type of top.

How To Style Wide Leg Jeans: 8 Stylist Ways

How To Style Wide Leg Jeans: 8 Stylist Ways

With A Cardigan

Everybody has a cardigan, but one of the most simple methods to dress them to pair it with is a pair of wide-leg jeans. Cardigans are always soft and comfortable and certainly something you need because they’re practical in cold weather. It can be shorter or longer and can be worn unbuttoned or buttoned.

Patricia (above) is wearing an unassuming cardigan and a pair of wide-leg blue jeans. She tucked her cardigan in, and if it is too long for you to tuck it in, wear it with a tank top or basic t-shirt, and don’t button it. Of course, the final thing you’d like to do is to appear with a tacky bulge.

With A Coat

With A Coat

The most simple way to look elegant on a cold day is to layer an outfit with a coat. A stylish coat will elevate the look of any outfit you put beneath the coat. They can be worn with a wide-leg pant outfit for a sophisticated and sophisticated finish. Allthingsmieza (above) put together an outfit of wide-leg pants with turtleneck tops in the same shade and completed the look with a stylish coat and black pair of white sneakers.

The casual chic outfit. In this case, a monochromatic look is perfect. You can also pick various colors as long as they can work together.

With An Outer Leather Jacket

You can put on your leather jacket many things, including wide-leg jeans.

The classic look of leather is timeless, and you can be assured that when you buy a piece of leather, you’ll carry it for a long time. Leather jackets are available in a variety of designs and lengths. However, whichever you pick, you can be assured that the jacket will give some edginess and class.

Beyonce (above) dressed naked color dress in wide-leg jeans. She completed her look with a Brown leather jacket. The leather jacket she wore is long; however, you can opt for shorter, slimmer choices, and they’ll be stylish with wide-leg pants.

With The Turtleneck

With The Turtleneck

A turtleneck can be a great choice, particularly on colder days, because it puts the highest of your body from top to bottom. They’re an excellent option to showcase your body without showing excessive skin. Because they are fitted and comfortable, it’s an excellent idea to wear them with broad-leg pants.

Carolina (above) was wearing her wide-leg jeans with a turtleneck. She chose the leopard print belt. It’s an easy outfit to pull off because the turtleneck fit works well with the broad leg.

A White Button.

One of the chicest yet easy ways to dress your wide-leg jeans is to put on your button-down shirt in white. This style can be worn with the most basic button-down shirt; however, you could search for some extra details in the shirt to add flair to the style.

Agnes (above) has paired her white button-down with wide-leg white jeans. It’s a simple but stylish monochromatic outfit. The model put on a leopard print belt to make the outfit more appealing, and a great idea to add some flair to the outfit when you’re wearing the same hue from head to the top. The belt can also be used to cinch the waistline and balances the volume of the slim shirt and wide-legged jeans.

Top With One Shoulder

Top With One Shoulder

The one-shoulder tops are fantastic when worn with wide-leg jeans to create casual wear, particularly when worn with a tucked-in. They are stylish fashion pieces that are certain to attract attention even with the most basic styles. Patricia (above) was wearing the white one-shoulder top paired with wide-leg jeans, an easy style for women of all sizes and ages.

Tying your shoulder in with your one-shoulder top allows you to create an elegant style. It will appear more casual if your top is white or black. However, should you truly love the color, feel free to select a different hue.

With The Help Of A Kimono

Wearing a kimono with your jeans with wide legs can give your outfit a feminine accent.

Kimonos, like dusters, are trendy pieces to consider when you’re looking to top your outfit by making the right statement. Kimonos have a more flowing style and are generally used during summer. However, wearing them over warmer clothes in the fall is also possible.

Shanghai (above) wore an outfit of blue jeans and a white shirt and topped it off with a printed kimono and white sneakers. But, of course, you could also opt for an unadorned kimono if prints don’t appeal to you.

With A Blouse

With A Blouse

A blouse is always a great way to make your appearance stylish. They can be plain or printed, depending on the style you wish your outfit to appear in. They also look amazing tied into wide-leg trousers.

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Bridget (above) wears cropped wide-leg pants, an embroidered blouse, and sandals that match her top’s hue. To achieve this look, opt for the standard width of wide-leg jeans and not necessarily an asymmetrical pair.

With A Stylish Top

The trendy look of the top and wide-leg pants is a great method to wear this pair of jeans. Agnes (above) has sported a square neck, puffy white shoulder, and wide-leg jeans. It’s a monochromatic ensemble that is simple to put together and will never go out of fashion. This kind of shirt will go with anything in your clothes, and can also look attractive on any person as it’s minimal.

Your outfit doesn’t need to be a puffy shoulder; however, anything youthful or fashionable can make an otherwise simple outfit make a statement. This is an excellent look for a casual outing. Alternatively, you can make it more formal by wearing stiletto heels.

What Body Type Looks Good In Wide Leg Jeans?

What Body Type Looks Good In Wide Leg Jeans?

Our experience shows everyone looks stunning in a pair of skinny jeans. Wide legs lengthen your legs, emphasize your waistline, and showcase all your curves. It’s an amazing silhouette for body types of different sizes and shapes. If you have a slim figure, opt for all-length skinny jeans. This will enhance your figure’s shape and create long legs. Add a pair of heels to make your look more stylish and lengthen your legs more.

For taller women, you can pick the cropped wide-leg jeans. Choose a pair that sits just over the ankle. Wide-leg cropped jeans complement your height, but without making you appear taller. Add a pair of cropped jeans to an ankle boot, and you’ll be prepared to take on whatever the day will throw at you.

Best Tops To Wear With Wide Leg Jeans

Best Tops To Wear With Wide Leg Jeans

Our most popular tip for wearing any kind of wide-leg jeans is to make your denim the center of your look. Keeping your top half less obvious will let your jeans center the display.

1- Button-Down Blouses

A basic button-down blouse is one of our most-loved tops to wear with wide-leg jeans. Opt for a blouse that isn’t too slim but not overly, either. The blouse can be tucked in to show off your waist or leave it loose to create a casual “I just threw this on” style.” Whatever you choose, you’ll look elegant and stylish in your wide-leg jeans (case-in-point in the above image).

2- Fitted Tank Tops

Fitted Tank Tops

Are you looking for a way to wear wide-leg jeans during the summer and spring heat temperatures? We’ve got it covered. Combine your wide-leg jeans with an oversized tank top tucked into the waistline, for casual style. Are you looking to dress up your look for a night out or a drink? Put on a pair of wedges or block heels to lengthen your legs.

3-Cropped Jackets

As the summer months turn to autumn, you’ll likely be looking for ways to change how you dress your wide-leg jeans. Cropped jackets are a great option to keep warm during those cold winter evenings while showing off your waist and lengthening your legs.

The textured look of cropped jackets can add variety to your outfit and let you play around with the colors of denim. Choose a cut tailored to sit just above or below your waist when picking the perfect cropped jacket.

4-Chunky Sweaters

Chunky Sweaters

For winter and fall, dress your wide-leg Jeans in a chunky big knit sweater. Put the sweater on at the waist to highlight your waistline and increase the length of your legs. You can also keep the sweater untucked to create an informal, casual appearance.

How To Wear Wide-Leg Crop Jeans?

How To Wear Wide-Leg Crop Jeans?


These wide-leg crop pants are a fantastic option for the fall season for taller women. Wear your wide-leg crop with basic sweaters and coats to create a classic look of layers. To make the look more stylish, you can add heels that perfectly fit your ankles. Be sure to keep the appearance neat and neutral. The aim is to bring interest to the look by incorporating different styles and textures. A fitted sweater and thin ankle boots can offset the bulkiness of your crop and make you appear healthy yet curvy.

How To Style Wide-Leg Jeans For Work?

How To Style Wide-Leg Jeans For Work?

A blazer paired with jeans with a wide leg will make the outfit more business casual. Next, opt for a professional black blazer to keep it stylish and professional. Finally, opt for wide-leg black jeans and a neutral, cream-colored jacket to get a more business-like look. Put on a pair to complete the look, and you’ll be ready to go about your day in style and stun.

Should Curvy Girls Wear Wide-Leg Jeans?

Should Curvy Girls Wear Wide-Leg Jeans?

While wide-leg jeans are great for any body type, they’re great for highlighting curves. But curvy ladies should opt for full-length high-waisted, wide-leg jeans.

The silhouette will be at the tiniest part of your waist. It will increase the length of your legs and raise your butt. The things we love are jeans.

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Wide-leg, high-waisted jeans can be worn with a variety of tops. For the most flattering style, we suggest wearing a figure-hugging shirt or a more snug bodysuit. Wear heels to stretch your legs so your style will turn heads in any room you enter.

Best Shoes To Wear For Wide Leg Jeans To Create Stylish Outfits!

Best Shoes To Wear For Wide Leg Jeans To Create Stylish Outfits!

  • Ankle Boots with Wide Leg Jeans

Ankle boots with any kind of wide-leg jeans will work – but when you choose a cropped version of the jeans, you’ll have many choices. For example, you could opt for looser, chunky ankle boots if they are more than your ankles. The wide-leg jeans you are wearing will also let you show off any detailing or embroidery that your ankle boots could feature.

Ankle boots that are a must for anyone with large-legged jeans: square toe and almond, particularly for longer lengths. In terms of color, it’s all about the colors; however, it is worth noting that snake print, white, or metallic ankle boots are trending!

  • Lug Sole Combat BootsLug Sole Combat Boots

As chunky Chelsea boots combat boots are enjoying an era of their own, especially featuring the sole that is lug sole. They look great with a loose pair of large-leg, baggy jeans or peeking out of an uncut pair. So what are the most trendy combat boots of this season? White, black, and burgundy with matte leather and high-gloss patent.

The lug soles with elevated lugs are in fashion, and they make fantastic footwear to wear with wide-leg jeans during the winter months. They are especially waterproof combat boots! But should you want to stay traditional, a basic black combat boot can look stunning with your wide-leg jeans. Look through my style guide for how to style combat boots and jeans in different types! Keep your jackets and tops fashionable with the latest trends by choosing minimalist pieces with sleek lines.

Western Boots

The short western boot is fashionable these days. They’re great to pair with dresses, fashionable shoes to wear with skirts, and – you’re right, make a great pair with skinny jeans!

If your wide-leg jeans run floor long or even over your ankles or the ankle, western boots with a low heel will work well. Make sure to dress your outfit in a clean blouse, a cozy sweater, or even double your jeans with an edgy chambray shirt! Make sure you buckle up with the western belt if you like the look of a cowboy, and finish with the leather cross-body bag.

Knee High Boots

Knee High Boots

High-heeled knee boots with wide-leg jeans aren’t the norm, but they can look right, but there are instances when they can! The wide-leg, cropped jeans to be worn with the slimmer knee-high boots appear stunning.

With straight leg wide-leg jeans which aren’t as baggy, you can also cuff your boots once to achieve an identical appearance. Tight, sock-like knee boots with an oversized wide leg will appear more upscale, and a style similar to a battle/Chelsea knee is more rugged, whereas a platform knee boot looks more stylish.

So, do ankle or calf boots look more sense when you wear a larger leg of jeans? Yes, often. But, with jeans that are cropped, knee-high boots make a great impression. They’ll completely hide beneath your pants, leaving no unnatural gap between your legs. Ensure you have enough room under the boots to ensure they do not extend beyond your body.

White Classics & Retro Styles

Sneakers are, naturally, the same timeless style as jeans. It’s, therefore, natural to pair them with wide-leg jeans, too! White lace-ups in canvas or leather will look amazing with all kinds of wash. The white Nike Air Force 1 sneaker is the go-to shoe for Gen X and Millenials. It is possible to elevate your style by wearing more casual white sneakers from Veja and Golden Goose.

Consider a vibrant retro design or style for a fun way to play with your wide-leg jeans and sneakers look. Think of the bold combination of suedes and leathers or color-blocking such as the iconic New Balance 574s. They will look fantastic in your ankle-length wide-leg jeans!

Chunky Sneakers

Chunky Sneakers

Create a bold statement with big sneakers and wide-leg jeans for the ultimate laid-back style! Their distinctive design will add an impressive fashion design to any set of wide-leg pants.

You can choose a comfortable pair of dad’s sneakers or a trendy design, or a platform style that will allow you to go through the seasons with style. Whatever you choose to pick the best one, you’ll add a youthful look to your style regardless of age.

High Top Sneakers

High-top sneakers are an easy match with wide-leg jeans. You can wear longer-length jeans, but you want to cover them up or display the classic high-top Vans and Golden Goose in a cropped pair.

Complete your high-top jeans and wide-leg sneakers look by wearing a simple wool overcoat and hoodie in winter. You can also try the stretchy crop top during the summer. You can also add a jacket or moto in leather to spring.

Simple Mules

Ballerina flats are no longer the norm – your new shoes of choice are here! Mules are great for summer, spring, or cool fall. With square heels, delicate kitten heels, or orthopedic style, there’s no shortage of mules you can wear with wide-leg jeans. With wide-leg jeans that are cropped with a pointed toe, a low-heeled look makes your outfit look chic, particularly coupled with a bodysuit or stylish blouse.

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The slender mules can elevate an informal look effortlessly, and informal Birkenstock-style styles are ideal for relaxed outings. On the other hand, if you’re looking to run casually around, put on an oversized pair of jeans and your favorite mules. Make sure the wide-leg jeans aren’t overly long and bulky, or you could fall on your oversized jeans (and drop a pair or two as you walk)!

Leather Sandals

Leather Sandals

Simple leather sandals with or without a few straps are an ideal choice with wide-leg jeans during summer. From classic Greek sandals to simple designs in leather, these are great to wear with ankle or cropped wide-leg jeans. However, they can look good with long, wide-leg pants too! This style of jeans is back with a vengeance, and the fully sturdy leather sandal will be the perfect option.

A simple t-shirt or tank, topped by a casual cardigan, works with the wide-leg jeans look! Complete the look with gorgeous minimalist gold jewelry.

Sporty Sandals

If you’ve got places you want to travel to, your wide-leg jeans, sporty sandals, and slides are the ones you’ll want to wear. They usually have an ergonomic footbed that is contoured that provides comfort and cushioning with each step you make.

Also, earthy yet sporty Birkenstock sandals are trendy, whether furry or otherwise. In addition, the cork footbed is a delight for an easy walk! Read my article about how to dress in Birkenstocks to learn more. I like the timeless Adidas or Nike athletic slide. Platforms or vibrant Tevas are pretty cool too. When you wear these sneakers, you could make do with a sportier pair of jeans, like cropped skinny jeans. You can pair them with a rocker shirt and a casual cross-body bag.

Sleek Slides

Simple slides and the corresponding sandals to the sportier styles are your ultimate choice during the summer months. With just a strap on the upper part of your foot, it’s easy to slip on and off.

Slides offer the comfort of sandals but remain at a casual level. Select a block heel for extra height. For a casual outing, Try loose-leg oversized jeans and an elegant pair of slides made of leather with a feminine white blouse.

Will A Blazer Work With Wide-Leg Pants?

Will A Blazer Work With Wide-Leg Pants?

Absolutely! We like the way a blazer is styled with wide-leg trousers. It’s a great method to create a professional style for work or a night out. Make sure the fit is right so you don’t look like you’re in a pool of material.

How To Wear Wide-Leg Pants With a Long, Open Cardigan?

How To Wear Wide-Leg Pants With a Long, Open Cardigan?

One of our favorite ways to wear wide-leg trousers is by wearing an open, long cardigan. It’s a great way to showcase the waistline without being exposed. It’s also a great method to change your look from daytime to nighttime. Add a pair of heels and accessories, and you’re ready to go!

How Do You Style Wide-Leg Plus-Size Jeans?

How Do You Style Wide-Leg Plus-Size Jeans?

A pair of wide-leg jeans paired with a tucked-in shirt or a tank can be a great option. It’s an ideal opportunity to showcase your waist while creating a more well-balanced appearance. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can try wearing the print of a t-shirt or an outfit with a pattern. Be sure your overall outfit is relatively basic, so you don’t appear excessively chaotic.


Can wide leg jeans be worn to work?

Yes, if you dress them up with the appropriate outfits, shoes, and accessories, you may wear wide-leg jeans to work. For a polished appearance, go with a dark wash and team with a blazer, heels, and a tailored blouse.

What accessories can I wear with wide leg jeans?

Any dress can be improved by accessories, which can add personality. Consider accessorising your wide leg jeans with bold jewellery, a scarf, a hat, or a belt.

How do I style wide leg jeans for different seasons?

In the warmer months, team wide-leg jeans with a light shirt and espadrilles or a crop top and sandals. Wear with ankle boots or sneakers during the cooler months and layer with a sweater or jacket.

Can wide leg jeans be worn by petite women?

Wide leg jeans are OK for tiny women to wear, but it’s crucial to pick a design that accentuates your best features. Wearing heels can assist balance out the volume of the pant leg, and high waisted designs can give the appearance of longer legs.

How do I choose the right shoes to wear with wide leg jeans?

Shoes that balance out the volume of the pant leg are the ideal to pair with wide-leg jeans. Heels can lengthen the leg and give the wearer a more attractive appearance, especially strappy sandals or stilettos. A more informal and laid-back vibe can be achieved with sneakers or flats.