How To Style A Rectangular Body Shape?

How To Style A Rectangular Body Shape?

How To Style A Rectangular Body Shape?

As the name implies, the body’s shape is a straight shape with nearly equally wide shoulders, waist, hips, and shoulders. This means that you have few or no curves. There is also an unflareless, straight shape.

The shape of the rectangular body is opposite to the hourglass form in which definition and curves are the most important aspects. Due to this, rectangular body shapes tend to ignore their classification.

It’s time to put aside thinking of the body kinds in terms of “good” or “bad” and be aware of the information they offer. For example, rectangle bodies are famous for their long legs and silhouettes, making them lengthy vertical lines. This can be used for our benefit when making clothes and selecting silhouettes.

The rectangular shape is also known to have a sloppy waistline and a slimmer bottom. However, your body is very well-balanced visually because it is a rectangle. This is a great benefit.

The rectangle body shape is one of the most simple designs to dress since it’s well-balanced and doesn’t pose numerous fitness issues.

The primary issue is that Rectangles face an undefined waistline. This means they have to choose clothing that helps to define the waistline. For this, search for clothes that emphasize your waistline and make it more noticeable with a belt or padded bra.

How To Dress In A Rectangle Body Shape?

If you’re a rectangle shape in your body, it’s essential to select clothes that emphasize your curves and highlight your waist. However, staying clear of things that create a boxy, straight look to your physique is also important.

There are plenty of options for clothing and outfits to help you style your rectangular body shape. It’s a matter of being able to dress them properly.

In the beginning, selecting the right clothes and tops is important to create curvaceous shapes across the entire upper part of your body. Ruffled sleeves, scoop neck blouses, and cowl neck blouses are excellent alternatives.

Suppose you want to wear these clothes with pants that create the illusion of a slimmer waist. Instead, choose a pair of mid-rise jeans with a cream-colored sweater and add an adorable hat, t-shirt, and platform shoes.

Another method to add a form to your body is by wearing longer jackets. The longer coats can help you define your waistline by securing your waist with the tie belt and drawing out your hips using the extra buttons.

It is also possible to wear wrap coats of neutral colors with big collars, wide lapels, and Epaulets. These are all pleasing on rectangular body shapes as they help make your shape more balanced and attractive.

Finally, you can put on skirts that give an illusion of curves in your hips. Skirts with flounce or bubble hemlines are excellent alternatives since they break all the lines straight on your rectangular body.

Tops For Rectangle Shape BodiesTops For Rectangle Shape Bodies

If you’re a person with a rectangular body type, it’s crucial to ensure you’ve got the correct tops within your wardrobe. They will allow you to create curves and highlight the most attractive features of your physique.

According to StyleCraze According to StyleCraze, some of the top choices for a rectangular body include A-line skirts, layered blouses, and dresses that highlight your legs and your top and necklines that are open. In addition, blazers and long jackets are a great way to define your upper body.

Another aspect that you should be aware of when selecting your tops is your sleeves. It is important to look for ones with bells, cuffs, or flutters. These sleeves move your upper body and emphasize your bust.

A basic purple dress with a more pronounced neckline and puffy sleeves is an excellent illustration of how you can use intriguing sleeves to soften straight lines. Puffed sleeves can make your eyes look more up and create a sculpted look on your shoulders. But, again, this is something the rectangle shape of your body can benefit from.

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Another option to wear with a rectangular shape is to select pants with a taller waistline. This makes your waist appear slimmer and will give you a more feminine appearance and a flattering hourglass. You can also pair the pants with the belt to highlight your waistline.

What Kind Of Jeans Is The Best Fit For A Rectangle-Shaped Body?What Kind Of Jeans Is The Best Fit For A Rectangle-Shaped Body?

If you’re in a rectangle form, you can choose from many jeans styles that will enhance your body. They include boyfriend, mom, and high-rise choices.

Mom jeans are an extremely popular choice for women of all shapes and sizes and are suitable for numerous occasions. The longer leg of this style can give the appearance of longer legs. In addition, they can help to lengthen the upper portion of your body.

Boyfriend jeans can also be ideal for those with a rectangular body shape due to their looser waistline, which can help slim your figure. You can style your jeans by wearing an oversized blouse and heels for a night out or wear them with a t-shirt to create a casual look.

High-rise jeans are an additional ideal option for a rectangle shape due to their high waist definition. In addition, they can draw attention toward your waistline, making your appearance more feminine.

To offset all the straightness in your body to balance the straightness of your body, pick an outfit that fits the hips and flares a bit at the lower part. Pleated or flared skirts are also great for highlighting your lower and hips to give the appearance of curves.

A basic top with a dark belt could also be an excellent outfit for a body with a rectangular shape. The large-size style of this shirt tightens her waistline, and the French Tuck style and the monochromatic style will add some volume to the vertical line of her body and make her frame appear more rounded.

Clothes That Look Good On A Rectangle Body Shape Female?Clothes That Look Good On A Rectangle Body Shape Female?

A rectangle-shaped body is a body that is equal in the waist, bust, and hips. The shape of this body is often referred to as an athletic shape. This figure looks amazing in any type of clothes and can be enhanced or concealed according to your preferences.

The most suitable clothes for a rectangular body shape female are a-line skirts, and layered tops dress that highlight the upper and lower sides and have wide necklines. In addition, wear overcoats, blazers, and long jackets with belts that can draw attention to the waistline and create an attractive look.

The shirt dress is an excellent option for a rectangular body shape, especially for those with an elongated waistline or side ruching. On the other hand, wrap clothes and jumpsuits could flatter an oval-shaped body if fitted and flare out towards the hips.

If you choose a top with a rectangular shape, it is recommended to avoid boatnecks with wide and square necklines since they are sharp lines that run across the body. They also bring attention to the shoulder and bust region.

The most appropriate clothes for a rectangular body include flowing tunics that look great when draped over shoulders. These styles give an overall slimmer appearance and are great to wear with pants to create a chic style. In addition, cardigans look fantastic with this kind of body so long as they’re fitted to an appropriate waistline.

What Needs To Be Avoided By A Rectangle Body Shape?What Needs To Be Avoided By A Rectangle Body Shape?

If you’re a body with a rectangular shape, it’s crucial not to wear clothes that give your frame a boxy, straight look. Instead, you should select clothing that creates curvatures.

The best method to achieve this is to choose pieces that highlight your waistline or wear belts. This will allow you to draw attention to your waistline and hide any tummy bulges that may appear when you wear an oversized top.

Another thing to consider when you dress for a rectangular body shape is clothes that give bulk to the shoulders or hip line. For example, shirts that have the waist nipped or belted drapes under the bust and ones that flare out towards the bottom are great instances of such.

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Dresses are also an excellent option for women with a body shape of a rectangle, as they are composed of a fabric that gives the appearance of volume. The puff sleeves of dresses are helpful in this scenario since the puffiness can help to draw attention to your shoulders and the bust region.

Finally, it is a must in the wardrobe of those with a rectangular body type because they are stylish and flattering on the hips. A-line skirts and layered tops are well-liked for this body shape since they draw attention to your upper body.

Best Necklines For The Rectangle Body ShapeBest Necklines For The Rectangle Body Shape

There are several choices if you’re looking for necklines that flatter the rectangular body. The more affluent necklines, like turtlenecks or mocks, flatter shorter and smaller necks, while necklines with more space, like v-necks and scoops, work best for larger busts and shorter necks.

Wrap styles are another well-liked option for a rectangular body because they emphasize the waist while enhancing the curvatures. They also cut down the shoulders’ bulk and improve the cleavage of the upper bust by making it more visible.

The puff sleeves can aid in defining your bust and shoulders. They’re usually paired with waist-length dresses that are smocked. They are suitable for the rectangular shape of the body, provided that they’re made of a fabric that is a bit stiff on puff sleeves.

Jackets can assist in cinching the waistline of a rectangle body type since you can style them using belts and tie. A more substantial belt can cinch the waist and give a slimmer appearance, and an adjustable belt can be adjusted to suit your style.

A single-breasted jacket will instantly add feminine flair to any look. In addition, it emphasizes the waist, an area that a straight-lined body does not have, and can be worn over a sweater for a quick slimming effect.

In addition, adding volume to the hips, hips, and shoulders is essential for a rectangular body. The nipped waist of shirts or shirts that drape beneath the bust or flare out towards the bottom all contributes to this type of effect.

Here Are Some Styles Of Dresses That Flatter The Rectangle Body Shape:

  • Wrap dresses – Wrap dresses tie around the waist to give definition and give an hourglass shape. They also improve the shape of the bust and hips.
  • A-line dresses are sewn at the bust and are encircled around the waist to create the appearance of voluptuous curves. They’re an excellent choice to create the illusion of an hourglass shape.
  • Dresses with Belted – Belted gowns can also add definition to the waistline, creating the appearance of curves. The belt could be a contrast hue to emphasize the waist.
  • Empire waist dresses feature an elongated waistline just below the bust area, giving the appearance of a slim waistline and curves. They’re also a good option to enhance the bust.
  • Dresses with flares and fit The Fit and Flare dresses are fitted to the top and flare out at the waist, creating an appearance of curvaceous. They’re a great choice for women who wish to balance their proportions.
  • Ruched dress – Ruched clothes are made of fabric that has been pleated or gathered. This defines the hips and waist. They’re a great choice for women who wish to appear to have curvaceous lines.
  • Peplum dresses feature an unflare detail at the waistline that creates the illusion of curves and defines the waistline.

Best Coats for the Rectangle Body Type

  • Trench Coat
  • Wrap Coat
  • Straight Coat
  • A longer coat (mid-shin or just above the ankle)
  • Car Coat (has that straight shape, simple layering piece)

Avoid Clopped coats, excessively compact coats that can be flipped out or have lots of bottom volumes, and anything that features embellishments at the waist.

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Skirts That Suit On Rectangular Body 

If you’re looking for a skirt to flatter your figure and shape, the ideal choice has pleats or gathers around the hips. This will provide you with more volume and also create the illusion of curves.

You could also choose the diagonal lines of your skirts. This will aid in softening some of the straight edges. Full circles dresses (with huge pockets) are great for helping keep your hips in line.

The most comfortable skirts will be ones with an A-line, full circle, or trumpet-style silhouette, as they provide the greatest volume to your hips. However, it is crucial to choose soft fabrics that don’t give sharp angles ( that is why you should avoid rigid or rigid fabrics!)

Straight skirts are a great option for pencil skirts; however, you should be conscious of your waistline and balance your upper half when you choose to wear these styles.

Skirts are a great source of innovative ways to smooth the body’s straightness and create visually appealing curves. So don’t be afraid of these!

Prints, bright hues, and even lighter colors are good choices because they attract the eye and increase visual wide ( in a gentle manner).

Best Skirt Styles for Rectangle Body Shape

  • Circle skirt
  • A-line skirt
  • Layered skirt
  • Pencil skirt
  • Straight skirt (soft fabric)
  • Trumpet style skirt
  • Pleated skirt
  • A waist skirt with a gather
  • Bubble skirt
  • Paneled skirt
  • Diagonal hem skirt
  • Wrap skirt

Avoid: Avoid wearing skirts made of stiff fabric, which creates distinct lines across your body. The sheer volume of skirts will also make you appear thigh-heavy. The rigid A-line skirts need to be replaced by more feminine A-line silhouettes.


What should a rectangle body not wear?

Avoid wearing clothes that are too big or too wide because they don’t look good. You must get rid of straight cuts from your clothes. Wear oversized items that heighten the impression of squareness. overall looks (using only one colour takes away definition).

Which type of jeans is best for rectangle body shape?

Given that your physical shape and bone structure cannot be changed, achieving an hourglass figure is probably quite difficult if you fall into the rectangular category. You are about to learn a few strategies to achieve the desired hourglass body shape, but there is always something you can do about it.

Where do rectangles gain weight?

While the absence of hip definition may be an issue, people with rectangle body types generally value their tendency to maintain a healthy weight and their perception as having an athletic build. But when they do put on weight, the extra weight usually spreads from the shoulders to the knees.

What body shape is the least healthy?

The most hazardous type of obesity is probably abdominal obesity, and the apple body type is thought to have the highest risk of health problems when compared to other body types. Heart disease risk may be higher in people with larger waists. Increased risk of Type 2 diabetes may also be a result.

Can rectangle bodies be curvy?

A naturally defined waist is one of the most significant characteristics of the curved, hourglass form. Women with rectangle-shaped bodies can also have this; you simply need to make it with your attire. Find inventive methods to wear a belt slightly above your hips to accentuate your body curves and define your waist.

Which celebrities have rectangle body shape?

The rectangle body type looks athletic and lacks definition between the waist and hips. Celebrities with a Rectangular Body Shape Examples include Natalie Portman, Gigi Hadid, Kate Moss, Kendall Jenner, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Kate Hudson.

Can a rectangle body Have curves?

My rectangle has curves, as do many others. Our difficulty is balancing how we draw attention to them, which usually means emphasising our waistline. To help you visualise, I’ve included four pictures of famous people with rectangle-shaped bodies below.