How To Style Open Shelves Living Room?

How to Style Open Shelves in Living Room

How To Style Open Shelves Living Room?

Suppose you can put items on shelves close to where you’ll need them, for example, the plates by the dishwasher or sink and spice racks near the stove. Items that aren’t used frequently can be placed on the higher shelves, while often used items should be on lower shelves.

Shelf Styling 101: 11 Tips That’ll Elevate Your Space

We know that shelving design can be difficult, regardless of whether you own just a handful of accessories and books or are the proud owner’s many boxes full of trinkets. To simplify the process, we’ve put together eleven key points to remember when you’re trying to improve the appearance of your bookcases, and built-ins appear better than before.

In addition, we’re pleased to say that styling this space of your home doesn’t need to be expensive; we’ve also included some tips to save money throughout the process.

Cut the Junk

A well-built shelfie comes with many accessories, but the main thing is that objects are artistic and well-organized. You might want to consider this approach if you’re buying items with no significance just for display. Furthermore, some objects may not be worth keeping out in the open. That’s why closed cabinets put that mediocre vase behind the doors and put it away for the day.

Buy Items Slowly But Surely

Home decor stores that are one-stop shops are great sources to set up your home, but they’re not the solution to your shelf issues with styling. Choose to organize your accessories over time instead of purchasing a large amount and then calling it a day. You’ll be grateful afterward when you’ve additional treasures to showcase! So what’s the best method to go about it?

Keep an eye on your surroundings on your travels or at antique or vintage shops, for instance, to find items that truly resonate with you. In addition to making a more intelligent purchases (which could ultimately help you save money), you’ll be able to tell a story about every item you showcase. The items you select aren’t necessarily expensive either. Markets and thrift stores are filled with gems of all types.

Think Outside The Box When Shopping

Candle holders, ceramics, weaving baskets, busts, cloches, and figurines are all beautiful in built-ins. However, suppose you are a fan of chinoiserie such as the one above. In that case, it is possible to look for objects which complement that style, such as Staffordshire foo dogs, dogs, and ginger jars in white and blue.

Incorporate Some Books

Your bookcases and built-ins are to just be used as accessories. However, many of us have piles of books that require an appropriate home. So why not put your most loved books on your bookshelf? They are also great conversation starters and offer visitors to the house a glance into your interests and interests. In addition, books for the coffee table aren’t cheap for new ones. They therefore don’t be scared to look through used booksellers or library auctions to locate books that are affordable and appealing to you.

Vary Book Positioning

Place stacks of books on your coffee table or novels on your shelf. You can keep things interesting by creating various arrangements. It’s tempting to arrange books horizontally, in 3 groups on every shelf, since this layout can be very attractive visually, but be careful not to be a slave to the same layout. Try stacks of four, two, or even five, depending on the height of your shelves permits. Next, place some books on a vertical shelf. You can finish them with artistic bookends that give style and functionality.

Spread Out Colors

Similarly, You’ll need to arrange your accessories and books in the same hue to appeal to the eyes. For instance, if you’ve got some blue trinket containers, put a few on one shelf then place the rest on a shelf parallel to it. The same principle applies to all materials: spread around your glasses, metals, and porcelains. Your shelving should appear as a thoughtfully planned display, not like a part of a shop organized by color or kind.

Have Fun With Paint

If you’re unsatisfied with the solid white built-ins, you should paint them! If you opt for keeping the trim on the shelving white, it’s possible to get modern and moody by painting your back walls black. You can also opt for a retro style with either turquoise or tangerine.

Incorporate Art

Incorporate Art

The artwork looks great on built-ins. Layer some pieces with the books in a pile, and you’ll be set. There’s no reason to limit yourself to a specific style or style, either. Frame a black and white photograph on one wall and hang a colorful abstract on the other. You can’t be wrong if you decide to make your Art or support local artisans,! You shouldn’t put artwork on all shelves, as your space may appear too cluttered. However, the addition of prints to about 1/3 of your shelves isn’t an ideal idea.

Skip the Excessive Family Photos

Displaying a couple of your favorite photos is fine; however, in general, it’s best to keep the family pictures in a different place in your home rather than having them sit on the bookshelves. The shelves you have set up with frames of personal photographs may appear messy and outdated. While we’re all for conserving special moments, We suggest putting frames on a small table in your formal living space or hanging a collection of photos on the stairs instead.

Consider Item Weight

The heavier items look best displayed on lower shelves. This is why you should save your pile of heavy coffee table books for the lower section of your bookcase and place the weaved baskets higher in the air. Small trinket boxes look beautiful anyplace, but if installing larger storage bins on your shelves, you’ll want to place them at the bottom.

Rearrange as You Wish

The benefit of the built-in shelving is that they can change their appearance at any time. The style you choose will change as time passes, and you’ll be bringing to the home pieces you want to display and might need to move things about accordingly. The process of styling is ongoing,. If it’s something you like, you’ll be amazed at the ease of giving your home an entirely new look at any time, simply by moving your bookshelf.

Living Room Shelving Ideas

When it comes to planning your living space, effective storage strategies are among the most crucial aspects to think about for you to maintain your living space tidy and a space where you can relax and spend time with your loved family members,” states Emma Deterding, founder, and creative director of celling Designs.

“Built-in” joinery in the shape of shelving is great to make the most efficient use of spaces with unusual shapes recesses, nooks, and recesses because it not only utilizes your space’s maximum potential but offers plenty of storage space for your everyday objects, as well as decorative features too.’

From alcove shelves to bookcase designs, We’ve compiled a list of amazing ideas for living room shelving and asked our experts for their tips for decorating shelves that work with the present.

Pick The Best Materials – And Color Scheme

The material and color scheme you choose for your open shelving unit will affect the overall look. You can think about mixing dark and pale timbers or using an oiled finish and timber combination, or perhaps incorporating other materials, such as wallpaper or fabrics, which can create interesting back panels.

Light Your Living Room Shelving

The right lighting for living rooms is essential to the longevity of shelving for living rooms. The rise of LEDs opens up many possibilities for discrete and subtle effects, especially since the fittings themselves are not large and don’t have the risk of burning. A stunningly lit display shelf can create an element of drama and grandeur.

Go For An Open Shelving Display

The open shelving design can be an impressive design statement for a living area and is practical and visually appealing. It’s also an affordable alternative to closed storage space. It is especially suited for tiny spaces such as the opposite side of a chimney breast. This can help to visually correct uneven proportions.

Bathrooms and kitchens are rooms in your home where open shelving can make an attractive display. Be confident and bold and mix amusing, humorous pieces with practical objects that are used every day.

Create A Statement Display

Try mixing big statement pieces with smaller pieces. When you group them, note the form the pieces create and experiment with form and color to keep things fresh. For example, glass-lidded containers will appear more attractive if they’re filled with bright props, whether decorative or functional.

Consider Size And Appearance

Take note of the dimensions you would like every shelving unit in your living area to have. When working with wood, you should select a sturdy option with a solid, sleek, confident look. You should also consider whether you’d like shelves that have adjustable heights the flexibility.

Go For An Entirely Bespoke Option

The idea of putting up shelving in your living space or cabinet designs with built-in cabinets to family spaces from a furniture maker can ensure the best use of your space, according to Richard Williams, Richard Williams Furniture.

The joiner works on odd-shaped walls and hides service pipes and wall-boxing. Large pieces can be attached and scribed to match the wall’s design and the skirting, giving an elegant finish. If the shelves are adjusted, you should look for sleek and simple methods to adjust, like 5mm shelf pegs with a limit of holes per shelf.’




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