How To Style Air Jordan 1?

How To Style Air Jordan 1?

How To Style Air Jordan 1?

We suggest pairing your Air Jordans 1s and cargo pants, a plain T-Shirt for layering, and a varsity jacket to get a college-style streetwear look. To create a different style, choose to wear the workwear style instead of streetwear.

What Are Jordans?

No pair of sneakers could hold fans in the same way that Jordans do. They’re not the longest-lasting shoes, but they are among the most durable pairs of sneakers that create a buzz.

For instance, When has the most recent time you were wearing a pair of basic Converse Chucks in the 1970s that stunned you with their generosity?

Look at other sneakers from Nike’s huge collection, and you’ll realize how unique the Air Jordans are. The Air Force1s look awesome (if slightly overdone), as is Cortez’s. Both have an amazing story to tell. However, neither has the street credibility of Air Jordans.

All of this is to affirm that the Air Jordans are among the most sought-after basketball shoes around the globe, which have also made it into the world of fashion and be among the most sought-after footwear by fashionistas and collectors.

There’s no need to be a streetwear queen, basketball player, or even physically fit to think about the best way to style your Jordans. Instead, their status makes them a perfect fit with most outfits and transforms into a work of art when you dress them appropriately.

History Of Jordans

Nike Jordan’s story could have been made into a film. Instead, it’s full of bold claims of corporate drama, the blazing individualism that will dominate the charts of Netflix.

The story is the best kind of advertising that any company could ever need, even though, in actuality, the ads cost Nike $55,000 per match. Michael Jordan debuted in the NBA in 1984 with the Chicago Bulls when Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics led the league.

He was yet to establish himself in court. In the same way, Nike was unproven in the basketball world since they were yet to collaborate in any way with one of the game’s most well-known players. Nike contacted Jordan with a 5-year contract offer worth $2.5 million. Jordan was not happy despite the huge amount.

He favored the trendy shoes that came from Adidas as well as Converse. In this way, Nike wowed him with the Air Jordan 1s available in red and black, colors that were a perfect match for those of the Chicago Bulls. The only issue with the Air Jordan 1s was that they violated the NBA’s strict rules on footwear, and If Jordan was to wear them, they’d be required to pay $5,000. This isn’t a one-time fee also; he’d be required to pay for it each time he used the shoes during a game that was a regulation.

But, Nike was confident in their shoes and athlete, so they refunded all expenses. A flawless storm of events brought Jordan 1s into the spotlight of fashion and the sports world.

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Michael Jordan went on a streak during his debut professional season. He eventually took home his first NBA Rookie of the Award of the Year. However, his play and aggression stirred the court, and the media could not be satisfied with Michael Jordan.

Afterword was spread that he violated the league rules when he wore Nike Air Jordans in the game, the sneakers skyrocketed in value and popularity.

You should consider this. When they first debuted in 1984, the first Nike Air Jordans sold for $ 60. The shoes that Jordan was wearing when he broke the backboard during his thrilling dunk at a 1985 tournament event held in Italy were auctioned for $615,000.

Since then, Nike has launched various versions of Jordan shoes for men and women. However, none of them have been as popular or enthralled as in the way as the Jordan 1s have. Jordan 1s.

So, you’ll have to learn to put on Jordans of all kinds. However, you’ll likely see original Jordans being seen a lot more often as they’re most often remarked on.

When To Wear Jordans?When To Wear Jordans?

The most obvious and somewhat impertinent time to wear Jordans is when you play basketball. But I’m sure that if you are interested in the best way to wear Jordans and are not on the court very often.

Jordans are not formal footwear; therefore, they’re inappropriate for wearing in a professional setting. However, this opens up numerous opportunities for wearing the shoes, i.e., in most casual places.

Jordans have a basketball-inspired design, and they’re made for hypermobility, ankle support, and ease of movement. These are attributes that many sneakers of designer brands ignore to focus on aesthetics.

They offer Jordans the unique advantage that they’re generally more suitable for long-term wear.

When compared with other sneakers of a higher quality.

Don’t think they’re not as comfortable as other trainers, but they’re typically more gentle to walk in and offer more support than the other shoes.

Therefore, you may wear Jordans for activities that involve plenty of movement, such as walking, drinking drinks, or even shopping.

How To Wear Jordans?

Jordans can be seen as dominating outfits. What to wear with Jordans begins by acknowledging that they’re larger shoes even if you buy low-tops. Additionally, their materials tend to attract attention.

So, thinking about the best way to wear Jordans will require patience.

You need to be able to control yourself regarding your clothes. Let the Jordans speak for themselves, and everything else is walking. Your clothing and accessories must complement each other to show off your shoes.

The way you go about achieving this goal is entirely dependent on you. It can be achieved through wearing monochromatic outfits or rolling your pants to let your Jordans breathe better or by utilizing intelligent blocking of colors.

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But, you don’t want to appear like a kid matched to every color they like. Do not wear the entire neon green outfit if you own neon green Jordans.

You’ll not appear as coordinated, so as much as you appear to be neurotic, as if you’re worried that someone will believe that you didn’t think about the outfit you wore.

4 Outfit Ideas With Jordans4 Outfit Ideas With Jordans

This outfit proves Jordans designed for females look the same as Jordans for males. However, this isn’t a straightforward case of gender-swapping because this style uses the rugged shoe appeal and adapts the same appeal to the feminine style.

It’s got the right approach regarding how to wear Jordan 1s in jeans. The black and white Jordans give this outfit an earthy, urban look accentuated by flared pants across the footwear.

You can always include more color while deciding the best way to wear Jordans. The outfit is brimming with vibrant colors. However, the key is to hold them all in one place.

The relaxed-fit white tee with grey pants is basic enough to be as imaginative as you want using your Jordans.

Pick blue, red, green, red, or even pink Jordans in a look like this. In the photo, the model’s outfit, she’s wearing two completely different colors of identical Jordan shoes, proving there’s no limitation to how much you can personalize your Jordans.

If you’re thinking of how to wear Jordan 1s and shorts, you should look no further than this look. It’s different from the typical basketball look of shorts and hoodies to create something completely different. It’s the same as casual, but it’s much more thrilling.

There’s plenty of collaboration among the different colors of the shorts, shirts, socks, and hats. The pieces and accessories complement or contrast one another to create a strikingly uniform look. This provides the Jordans ample space to shine.

If you love this look, I would suggest that you don’t wear too bright Jordans. It’s difficult to integrate a pair of Jordan 1s with the royal blue colorway in an outfit of this kind since the entire outfit is neutral. This means that white and black Jordans make a stunning pair.

I’m sure I’ve advised you to be gentle with the color of your attire. This look shows ways to mix more colors when you don’t want to have to go for a monochromatic style.

The most important aspect of this style is that all shades are subdued. Green is darker, but it doesn’t overpower itself.

In addition, the hoodie is a gentle shade of pink so that it won’t conflict with any other item. This provides your Jordans the perfect backdrop to advertise themselves.

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This isn’t Jordans for men or exclusively for male clothing. Girls can take advantage of this idea by utilizing the same guidelines when considering how to dress in Jordans.

What Type Of Jordans Can You Get?

There are plenty of mainline Jordan versions. You could wear a new pair each week throughout the year and not have every pair.

Yes, there are more than 35 different models of Air Jordans, and that’s just not including collaborations with other brands and designers.

Take into consideration the fact that a lot of these models come in a variety of colors. For instance, The Air Jordan 1s come in more than 20 colors – and you’ll be experiencing one of the largest shoe lines ever.

We’d like to showcase some of our most-loved collaboration sneakers; however, when you’re thinking about what to wear with Jordans, it’s crucial to consider how an exclusive item will transform your outfit.


What are some of the most common ways to wear Air Jordan 1s?

Wearing Air Jordan 1s with skinny jeans or joggers and a basic t-shirt or hoodie is a popular look, as is dressing them up with a jacket and pants. For a more casual yet trendy style, wear them with shorts, a crop shirt, and a denim jacket.

What Nike Jordan 1 hues are the most versatile?

The basic black and white hue is the most versatile, since it goes with practically every outfit. Moreover, neutral hues such as grey, beige, and blue complement a wide range of designs.

How can I make my Air Jordan 1s the centre of attention in my outfit?

Pair your Air Jordan 1s with modest and subtle attire to make them the centre point of your look. Avoid wearing patterns or colours that will clash with your sneakers. To bring attention to the sneakers, select a hue that contrasts with the rest of your clothing.

Is it appropriate to wear Air Jordan 1s to a formal event?

While Air Jordan 1s are not generally considered formal footwear, with the correct attire, they may be dressed up. For a fashionable and modern style, wear them with a suit or dress pants and a jacket. For a more formal look, stick to neutral colour schemes.

How should I wear my Air Jordan 1s this summer?

Summer outfits for Air Jordan 1s include shorts, a t-shirt, and a lightweight jacket or cardigan. To add a splash of colour to your ensemble, choose a bright or pastel hue.

Can I wear my Air Jordan 1s while wearing socks?

Absolutely, Air Jordan 1s may be worn with socks. Yet, the style of socks you pick might have an impact on the entire appearance of your clothing. Pair your shoes with ankle socks or no-show socks for a more relaxed vibe. Choose crew socks or statement socks that suit your clothing for a more fashionable look.