How To Style Shelves In Living Room?

How To Style Shelves In Living Room?

How To Style Shelves In Living Room?

How do you set up shelves in your living space? Start with the largest objects, like large vases, baskets, or artwork. Set them on the rear of your shelves. Then, you can gradually introduce smaller pieces by layering them on top of taller ones and varying their dimensions, shape, and color.

Ideas For Shelving In The Living Room – Stunning Ways To Display Trinkets, Books, And Precious Objects

Shelves for living rooms are an excellent method to create extra storage space in your room, plus it adds the wow factor.

A freestanding shelving unit can make a huge difference to a living space. It’s a great place to store your belongings and showcase your possessions. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for an eye-catching statement piece to create an eye-catching focal point or a minimalist design that seamlessly blends into the surroundings. There’s a shelving option that will fit your style and space. Below, we look at our top living room shelves – perfect to add intrigue and interest to your living room designs and blank walls.

When designing the living room, effective storage strategies are among the most important aspects to consider: your living space is tidy. A space where you can unwind and spend time with your loved family members,” claims Emma Deterding, founder, and founder creative director at Celling Designs.

The ‘Built-in’ joinery that comes in the form of shelving is great for making the most effective use of spaces with unusual shapes recesses, nooks, and alcoves as not only do they utilize spaces to their fullest potential but provide plenty of storage space for your everyday items and decorative components too.’

From alcove shelves to bookcase designs, We’ve compiled a collection of amazing ideas for living room shelving and asked our experts for their tips on decorating shelves that will work for your current space.

Pick The Best Materials – And Color Scheme

The material and color scheme you choose for your open shelving unit could affect the overall design. For example, think about combining dark and pale woods, the timber and painted finish combination, or other materials like wallpaper or fabrics, which can create interesting back panels.

Light Your Living Room Shelving

Light Your Living Room Shelving

The right lighting for living rooms is also essential to the longevity of shelving for living rooms. The rise of LEDs opens up new possibilities for subtle and subtle effects, especially because the fixtures are compact and do not risk becoming hot. In addition, a well-lit display shelf can add drama and dimension.

Go For An Open Shelving Display

Open shelving can make an impressive design statement within a modern living space and is practical and visually appealing. It’s also a more affordable alternative to closed storage space. It is especially suited for tiny recesses such as the opposite side of a chimney breast. It can also help visually correct uneven proportions.

Bathrooms and kitchens are both rooms in your home that can be used to create attractive displays. Be sure to be bold and mix humorous, fun pieces with useful objects that are used every day.

Create A Statement Display

Mix large pieces of statement with smaller pieces. When grouping, note the form the pieces create and experiment with form and color to keep things fresh. Glass-lidded containers will appear more appealing if filled with vibrant props, whether functional or ornamental.

Consider Size And Appearance

Take note of the size you would like every shelf in the living area to have. When working with wood, you should select a sturdy choice that gives a sturdy, sleek, confident look. You should also consider whether you’d prefer shelves with adjustable heights that allow flexibility.

Go For An Entirely Bespoke Option

“Commissioning your living room’s shelving or cabinet designs with built-in cabinets to family spaces from a furniture maker can ensure the best use of your space as per Richard Williams, Richard Williams Furniture.

A joiner can work on odd-shaped walls and hide service pipes or wall boxing. Large pieces are fitted and scribed according to the form of the wall and skirting, creating an extremely neat look. If shelves are adjusted, you should look for sleek and simple methods to adjust, like 5mm shelf pegs with a small number of holes per shelf.’

Use Living Room Shelving To Create ‘Zones’

Storage space for your living area is vital in an open living space as an airy, spacious feel is the key to the appearance. Wall-mounted shelves that appear floating are the most stylish contemporary option. You could also utilize the furniture to divide your space into different zones.

Balance and proportion are crucial factors to consider if you need to be sure not to feel hemmed into walls-to-wall shelves.

Invest In Shelving For Books

Notebooks and Kindles might be the norm for contemporary living spaces. However, they still contain large collections of classic books, too. Alcove shelving can be a great way to store your collection in a compact living space, where the narrow shelves that are just one book’s width deep – won’t impede the space. You can also consider arranging these shelves around the entranceway for extra interest.

Curate A Display That Dazzles

Floor-to-ceiling shelving creates a striking focal point, especially on a blank living space accent wall. It is a great way to create a sense of high ceilings and illusions of space. The color of the cabinets will create an impact, while off-black and white are great display backdrops.

Make a focal point for your space by placing an order for items with a high interest: color-coded novels; display large bookcases and records with a front view to catch the eye and arrange a collection of similar items like trinkets, glassware or ceramics to create a well-curated appearance.

Consider Freestanding Shelving

Make instant shelving using shelves made of a lean-to or freestanding ideal to add storage to an empty wall in your living space. It’s a style better suited to modern homes with a relaxed, modern style. It’s a great solution for people who frequently alter their space’s style and layout and is easy to carry to move.

Create A Focal Point Behind A Sofa

The wall space behind the sofa is an ideal spot to showcase a huge piece of art in the living room, but instead of hanging an original painting, why not fill shelves with vessels that are shaped to make an attractive, different focus? Select a mixture of heights, shapes, and surface textures to get the best results.

When it comes time to style shelves, it is essential to consider the empty spaces in the same way as the space you fill with,’ says Simon Temporal, interior design manager at Neptune. Avoid a lot of small items and instead, look for objects with a presence and design.’

Mix Closed Storage With Open Storage

Suppose you’re thinking about shelving for your living space custom-made. In that case, bespoke joinery is typically the most efficient method to maximize your space. Also, consider the possibility of combining open and closed shelving since it can help you balance practical storage and the space to display decorative items.

Creating a space that feels comfortable and not stiff or unlivable is crucial. Make sure you have storage space for things that don’t have to be displayed; however, make sure you highlight and showcase the items that bring you joy”, says Camilla Clarke, Creative director at Albion Nord

. “We love mixing open shelving at a high level with hidden storage. The shelves can be used for displaying concealed photographs, books, artwork and storage to keep things that shouldn’t be shown off.’

If you have a huge shelving area, hanging artwork with graphics is an excellent method to hide eye sores, such as cables, while providing visually appealing breaks.

Decorate Shelving With Plants

Ask any stylist or interior designer for advice on designing shelves and plants. They will be on to the top. They not only provide multiple benefits for well-being and wellness, but the presence of plants and greenery can bring the interior to life and be beautiful and decorative.

The plants will add an element of freshness and softness to any display, particularly ones that are trailing, according to Simon Temporal. In addition, they have an architectural style. They require minimal attention, so they can be ideal for filling in gaps where objects are a little rigid.’

Naturally, when you’re choosing plants to put on shelves, it’s all based on their particular needs for light and preferences, but incorporating them into the walls of living space, even if they’re fake plants, is very useful in aiding in softening harsh angles, and add the room to life and keep the space light and spacious.

Choose Floating Shelves

If you’re trying to design a minimalist living space or have a tiny living space, think about floating shelves. Attached to the wall using hidden brackets floating shelves are ideal for giving your home an airy sleek, modern look, as seen in this home by Kites grove. They give illusions of space.

Opt For A Display Cabinet With Shelves

Fixed shelves limit the layout choices for living rooms. So if you’re searching for an alternative to a flexible storage solution, think about a cabinet with a glaze, not just because they are easy to move around. Still, they also can protect your collection and eliminate the need to keep dusting.

Glass-fronted cabinets are far more adaptable than storage built into it and can easily be relocated between rooms and then moved with you when you decide to move as well,’ says Dani Taylor, product and director of creative for Cox & Cox. A combination of solid and glass front doors is typically the most popular as it allows you to make the most of it.’

If your cabinet displays china, imagine painting a vivid idea for the inside to make the items shine.

Add Alcove Shelving

Installing floating shelves in alcoves is an excellent solution to add spaces for display or storage without taking the floor space. In addition, it is an excellent way to showcase an architectural element within an area.

In addition, recessed shelving could be installed retrospectively in the room. Although this will decrease the overall area, it will result in a slimmer, spacious, and airy area.

Made from solid wood Alcove shelves add texture and warmth to this living room with a white design by Kites grove along with the wall lighting fixtures made of metal and the marbled fireplace.

Where Should Shelving Be Placed In The Living Room?

If you’re planning to install open shelves, consider the totality of the living room to maximize impact. A floor-to-ceiling display with sturdy and adjustable shelves and no fixtures will give an attractive, strong look and can serve as an ideal storage and anchor.

In smaller spaces, such as living spaces, shelves can be useful for storing things without taking up all the space. Consider the style you select, whether traditional with detailed joinery or sleek and easy with a modern edge. Be aware of what you’re displaying. This will ensure that every shelf has enough depth and capacity to support the weight without warping.

How Do I Organize My Living Room Shelves?

Maintaining your living room shelves tidy is crucial, according to Anne Haimes, Anne Haimes Interiors. Items that are arranged in groups or lines that are threes, fours, or fives will stop the shelves from appearing messy. If you’re deciding on the overall design consider whether you would like the shelves made of a material that is an eye-catching piece or you would like them to play more of a purpose, allowing your display to do speaking.’

In addition, We’re seeing shelving being utilized as a focal point in the room,’ says Ian Weddell, USM Modular Furniture. In lofts shelving can serve as a method of dividing a room to create a zone in a big area; it can also be used to display not just books as well as vases of art, sculptures, or flowers.’




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