How To Style High-Top Sneakers?

How To Style High-Top Sneakers?

How To Style High-Top Sneakers?

The high-top sneaker is among the most recognizable sneakers on the market. Whether you’re a Black-clad Indie rocker or Chuck Taylor fan, they’ve created a cool, effortless style that is perfect for every occasion.

They’re the go-to option for casual looks. They’re also flexible enough to substitute shoes for formal events. So how do you dress them?

What To Pair With High-Top Sneakers?

What To Pair With High-Top Sneakers?

  • Match Them With A Neon Tee

If you’re looking to test with neon but aren’t sure if you’re prepared to put on an all-in-one outfit, the best option to start is to pair your high tops with an edgy t-shirt. Then, whether you’re wearing your t-shirt with shorts or jeans, it will add a splash of color and add extra style.

If you’re seeking a more sophisticated look, go with the t-shirt that is an ethereal shade of blue or pink and wear it with your favorite pair of high-end sneakers. The sneakers’ White will compliment the shirt’s pink shade and make your outfit more elegant and stylish.

Another option to style your high-tops is to pair your belt or purse with the same hue. You can also purchase an accessory in a neon shade and wear the belt with a neutral t-shirt or dress for an original style.

In the above photo, Billie Eilish has shown her neon skills by sporting this style. She paired a vibrant green t-shirt, glasses, and sneakers to create an eye-catching style you’ll want to duplicate!

It’s a great style to enjoy a casual evening out with friends or run errands. It’s the perfect style for those who want to look fashionable without losing comfort.

The most appealing aspect of this shade is that it can be picked from various shades, including pink, green, yellow, and many other colors! There’s something to please everyone, and you’ll be able to discover a color that matches your design.

If you’re not looking to spend the entire day in the sun and opt for a neon-colored all-over t-shirt, you can test the trend by wearing a neon-colored camisole or bra. It’s also possible to wear the neon tee with jeans for a casual look sure to attract attention.

If you’re interested in taking the neon trend a step further, it is possible to choose an outfit of Lace pants in a neon green shade, as Zara Larsson in the photo above. When paired with its silver jewelry, her style is stunning.

  • Pair Them With Jeans

High tops are fashionable shoes to wear with many styles of clothes. Wear it with jeans improves the style and provides an elegant finishing touch to your clothes.

The pairing of jeans and sneakers is a fashion dominating social media and being used as a base for fashionable casual-style and streetwear clothes. The fusion trend is rapidly becoming a norm in the fashion industry and is a fashion that young girls adhere to.

One method to make the combination work is to put on jeans and high tops paired with a white T-shirt. The White of your shoes will provide an excellent accent to the light white shirt and will be an attractive finish to the outfit.

Another excellent way to wear denim high-tops is to wear them with black wash jeans. You can also wear them with a t-shirt that’s darker than your jeans for a stylish style that will be noticed.

If you’re looking to look more formal by pairing your jeans and high-tops, wear the pair with a silk blouse with a ruffle. The Ruffle is a feminine accent that will improve the overall style of your ensemble.

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To create a chic look, it is also possible to pair your high-waisted denim tops paired with dark skinny black pants. This look is great for a night out with friends or a casual date with colleagues.

If you pair high tops with jeans, it is important to ensure they don’t gather too tightly. This could make the whole ensemble look off. Therefore, you must be mindful of the way you dress the tops.

The ideal jeans will be slim fitting, and you should tie them over the tongue of your high tops. This will ensure they’re not overly padded and expose your high-tops to full effect.

If you’re worried about the hems showing, it is possible to roll them up to hide the eye. However, this is only suggested for those who want to make a bold style. If not, an unfinished cut hem is a great, comfy, stylish alternative.

  • Pair Them With Shorts

Pair Them With Shorts

High tops are an excellent way to add color to your outfit. They can be worn with any outfit and are extremely comfortable. However, they should be styled with care to appear at their best.

One trend that is popular among millennials is wearing shorts and high-top sneakers. This is not a surprise since it looks fantastic and is an extremely trendy style for both women and men.

One thing you should remember when styling your high-tops by wearing shorts is they must be properly fitted. The fitting of the shorts and sneakers influences the look of the legs. If your sneakers are too big for your shorts, they can make them appear uncomfortable and won’t match your outfit.

Another crucial thing to consider is that your shoes should match the color of your shorts. That means that even if you’re wearing light-colored shorts, you must wear dark-colored shoes to make them appear more stylish and interesting.

You can choose lighter-colored shoes to keep your outfit neat and neat if you are wearing medium-colored shorter lengths. This is a great general rule of thumb for all types of shoes. However, high tops are especially true because they can be extremely vibrant and striking.

This is an excellent idea for both women and men since it enhances their physiques, and the pairing of shorts and high tops is a trendy design that will draw attention from everyone around you.

A pair of good sneakers can be easily worn with virtually any kind of shorts and are stylish when put together well. Furthermore, you can mix and match the shades of your high tops and shorts to make a unique outfit. For instance, you could opt for a blue shirt and black high tops for a perfectly sophisticated, cool look.

  • Match Them With A Dress

A maxi dress and a pair of high tops are an ideal match. Using a dress as the base with matching high tops for the garnish is great for attracting attention without costing you a lot. When it comes to dresses, there’s an array of styles available, including midi, maxi to small, and up to sizes 18. The tops are fashionable, with white, navy, and black being the most well-known selections. The greatest part? They can be worn on an informal Friday night or for dinner and the occasional show.

Seventeen Ways How To Style High-Top Sneakers For Men

Wear It With Skinny Jeans.

Skinny jeans are an excellent choice to wear with high-end sneakers. They are a snug and comfortable fit. Jeans will highlight the sneakers, while the sleek design will offset the jeans’ strictness.

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Add A Graphic Tee

A graphic t-shirt could add an extra dimension to your outfit by wearing high-end sneakers. Select a t-shirt with bold designs or a striking print.

Wear Shorts With It

High-top sneakers are also a good choice to go perfectly with shorts, particularly in summer. Instead, opt for neutral-colored knee-length shorts to create a chic and comfortable appearance.

Go Monochromatic

A monochromatic look can be elegant and polished by wearing high-end sneakers. Pick a neutral shade, such as white, black, or gray, for your shoes and other elements of your attire.

Add A Denim Jacket

A denim jacket is a great way to add an informal and rough feel to sneakers with high-end designs. Instead, opt for an easy or medium-wash jacket to achieve a stylish look balanced with the sneakers.

Try A Bomber Jacket

An oversized jacket like a bomber is also an excellent option to wear with high-end sneakers. It creates a contemporary and trendy look that goes perfectly with the sneakers.

Layer Over A Hoodie

A hoodie is an excellent alternative to layer with sneakers that are high-top. Pick a solid color or an elegant pattern for an elegant and comfortable style.

Opt For A Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are timeless piece that works perfectly with high-end sneakers. Pick a brown or black leather jacket for an elegant and masculine style.

Try A Sporty Look

Try A Sporty Look

High-top sneakers are a fantastic option for a sporty style. They can be worn with athletic joggers and shorts for a comfy and sporty look.

Go For A Streetwear Style

High-top sneakers are the norm in the fashion world of streetwear. Wear them with baggy pants or distressed denim to create a trendy and modern style.

Add A Button-Down Shirt

A button-down shirt is a great way to create an informal look when paired with high-end sneakers. Pick the classic lighter blue or white shirt, and tie it up to give a refined and polished look.

Add A Cardigan

A cardigan is a great alternative to layer with high-top sneakers. Pick a solid color or a delicate design to create a fashionable and comfortable style.

Go For A Preppy Style

High-top sneakers also go well with a preppy style. Combine these with a dressy top and jeans for a classic, timeless style.

opt For A Checked Shirt

A checkered shirt can bring some appeal to an outfit paired by pairing it with high-end sneakers. Select a shirt with a neutral shade, such as gray or black, to create a more balanced appearance.

Add A Baseball Cap

A baseball cap can give an informal and casual look by wearing high-top sneakers. Select a cap with simple designs and wear it with a graphic T-shirt and joggers to create a relaxed and fashionable style.

Try A Bold Pattern

A striking pattern such as plaid or stripes can make an impact with high-end sneakers. Pick a pattern that is in harmony with the color of the sneakers, and make sure to keep the rest outfit straightforward.

opt For A Long Coat

A long coat can bring style and drama to an outfit paired with high-end sneakers. Select a coat with neutral shades like gray or black to create a chic and timeless appearance.

Twenty Ways How To Wear High Tops With Leggings

Twenty Ways How To Wear High Tops With Leggings

Keep It Simple

Leggings and high tops make a statement already and should be kept the remainder of your ensemble minimal so that you don’t appear too busy.

Opt For A Monochromatic Look

A monochromatic look can make you appear thinner and more slender and is an ideal way to pair high tops with leggings.

Wear It With A Basic Tee

A basic t-shirt is ideal for pairing with leggings or high tops. It keeps the style casual.

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Dress It Up With A Blazer

To enhance your look, consider adding a blazer to your leggings or high tops for a more sophisticated appearance.

Layer Over An Oversized Cardigan

A long-sleeved cardigan can look and give you extra coverage in case you’re not confident showing too much of your leg.

Wear A Crop Top

If you’re feeling adventurous, pair your high-tops with a crop top to create an edgier style.

Add A Statement Necklace

The right necklace will add glamour to your tops and leggings.

Add A Denim Jacket

Add A Denim Jacket

Denim jackets easily bring extra glam to your high tops and leggings.

Try A Graphic Tee

A graphic t-shirt can bring character to your outfit and highlight your interests.

Mix And Match With Leather Leggings.

High tops and leather leggings give a trendy and stylish style.

Wear It With A Chambray Shirt.

A chambray shirt is a great way to provide some of the looks of texture to your high tops and leggings.

Add A Scarf

A scarf can add texture and color to your look and provides warmth during the cooler months.

Layer Over A vest

Vests can provide structure and layers to your outfit while maintaining a casual look.

Wear A Hoodie

A hoodie is a great way to add street fashion to your high-tops and leggings ensemble.

Add A Fitted Jacket

A tailored jacket will add some structure and elegance to your style.

Try A Statement Bag

An eye-catching bag could bring an extra touch to your high-tops or leggings outfit.

Wear It With A Tunic.

A tunic can provide length and coverage to your leggings while maintaining a casual look.

Add A Baseball Cap

A baseball cap can give an element of sport to your high-tops and leggings.

Try A Crop Sweatshirt

A cropped sweatshirt is a great way to create an attractive and trendy look when worn with high tops and leggings.

Wear The Longline Jacket With An Oversized Sweater.

A longline jacket will provide protection and elegance to your high tops and leggings.


Are high-top sneakers in style 2023?

According to stylist Stephanie Valponi, “high-top sneakers are slipping right into 2023 as the ultimate shoe to put together any look—no matter your style.” With a beautiful pair of high heels, you can rock any outfit, whether it’s romantic flowers or an edgy moto jacket.

Do high tops go with everything?

With any ensemble, these shoes go without a hitch. A striking pair of high-tops will complete any monochromatic ensemble. Tights and shoes will make you look more professional. Want something more elegant?

What are high-top sneakers good for?

Since they are laced up above the “ankle” bones, high top shoes are believed to provide significantly greater ankle support. The foot and ankle complex works as a single unit to support and move the body, and it must be able to move in all directions and at all speeds.

How do you wear high top sneakers with jeans?

Cuff your jeans or chinos high, over the tongue of your shoes, and stick to slim-fit styles. And, don’t be embarrassed to flash a little sock. For the proper body type, skinny jeans can look good, but often, slim-fit is the way to go.

What color sneakers go with everything?

What shade of neutral footwear works best? Because they go with everything, including all colours, patterns, and designs, neutral-colored shoes are great. In this situation, it’s better to stay with neutrals like black, white, cream, beige, brown, and grey or take a risk and go for blue, which is also regarded as neutral.