How To Style A Gray Suit?

How To Style A Gray Suit?

How To Style A Gray Suit?

Incredibly versatile, timeless, and elegant grey suits are rapidly becoming the norm in men’s wardrobes. They’re a classic alternative to the traditional navy blue or black suit.

Although a grey suit is typically best worn in neutral colors, however, it is possible to dress it up with a range of clothes and accessories. The best way to showcase the best from grey suits is to select the perfect tie and shirt.

What To Wear With A Gray Suit?

White Shirt

The grey dress is the traditional essential in any man’s wardrobe, and combining it with a white shirt is one the best ways to make an aesthetically pleasing appearance. The neutral and light color that a white shirt goes perfectly with any shade of grey suit and makes it an excellent option for a variety of occasions.

If you are styling an outfit in grey with white clothing, keep your accessories minimal. A basic watch or pocket square is enough to keep your outfit looking professional and well-put together.

If you want to add more interest to your gray suit, consider wearing a tie. There are many options available. However, the most appropriate ties complement the colors of your suit while adding some flair to your style.

Tie styles range from classic basic colors and patterns, and much depends on the event you’re attending. For example, a wedding or another celebration would be the ideal occasion to experiment with more vibrant tie colors like salmon pink or scarlet red.

For a balanced look with a bold tie, wear it with a neutral dress shirt to prevent your outfit from being excessive. A powder blue or blue shirt is an excellent alternative to pair with your grey suit, as it can add depth and dimension while keeping the overall style from becoming too excessive.

A dark navy or blue shirt can complement the grey dress. It can give a formal appearance while complimenting your grey suit. It can be worn with black shoes, too.

Another option to go with your white suit and grey shirt is to wear a purple one. It might seem like an unsettling combo, but the truth is that it works very well when it’s done right. It’s more adventurous than a typical blue or white shirt and is worth trying out to see what you think of it!

A dark-colored tie can subtly match dark grey suits and is a good alternative for those occasions when you’re looking for an edgier and more celebratory style. It’s crucial to keep in mind that heavier purple shirts could appear too loud when worn with dark grey suits. It is, therefore, essential to soften them with subtle accents in the small details like lapel pins or cufflinks.

Black Tie

The classic gray suit, white shirt, grey suit, and black tie style are timeless and can wear to a formal occasion. But, if you’re trying to make yourself stand out, There are a few things you can do to help make the style more vibrant.

In the beginning, it is possible to give a splash of color to your look by picking the color of your tie and shirt. You can choose something bold and bright, like sky blue or a soft violet; it’ll be a perfect match for gray suits.

Another option to jazz up your gray suit is to add pocket squares. It is possible to pick a unisex color or opt for patterns, but make sure not to go overboard and let your shoe center stage!

A pattern-printed shirt can complement your gray suit. A micro checkered or striped shirt can give your suit an elegant look and make it stand out from the rest of the crowd. You could also wear the tie in a pattern with your gray suit to add elegance to your look.

You could also play using different colors of ties; therefore, if you’re wearing a light or medium grey suit, go for a navy tie, and a red tie truly makes your outfit pop. A burgundy tie looks especially striking when worn with a grey charcoal suit. It will allow you to distinguish yourself from the rest of the crowd!

If you’re looking for a comfortable, more summery style, you could also consider a cream or pastel tie. This is an excellent option for events like beach weddings.

When it comes to your tie, you could pick a traditional silk tie or opt for a wool-patterned tie. A grenadine tie, in particular, is an excellent choice for this particular occasion because it features a fine appearance and a subtle texture that complements your gray suit perfectly!

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In terms of shoes, you can put on any type of shoe to match your gray suit, so long as they’re in a tan or black shade. Monk straps and brogues are excellent choices, such as derbies and Oxfords, for a more formal appearance.

Patterned ShirtPatterned Shirt

If you’re seeking to add some elegance to your attire this summer, the patterned shirt is an excellent option. They’re not just elegant but also simple to style. You can pair them with anything from pants to an elegant tailored dress.

If you’re searching for an abstract or floral print, There are plenty of choices. You can make your garment stand out by picking an image that features an original style.

Herringbone patterns are an elegant choice that works well for formal events. It’s called that because it’s similar to the herring’s skeleton, and that’s why it looks stunning on the shirt.

Herringbone clothes are more relaxed than the other styles and can be paired with jeans and jackets without being too formal. They’re also a great option for shirts that have French cuffs.

Another option for herringbone is one with an elegant paisley print. Paisley shirt designs are vibrant and typically feature rounded teardrop-like designs that appear like flowers at first glance. They’re also an excellent alternative for scarves, ties as well as pocket squares.

If you’re looking for an elegant alternative to a traditional herringbone shirt, then consider windowpane patterns. It’s a grid of uniformly spaced lines that appear like a series of squares across the shirt.

The dress shirt is formal. Dress shirts can be worn with navy or dark blue and lighter grey suits. It is also possible to pair the color of this dress shirt with different shades of grey to create a more striking and modern appearance.

The trend of wearing purple shirts is becoming well-liked with grey suits. They are an excellent choice for those who wish to dress up in a suit with a playful style. You can choose a solid dress shirt in purple or light lavender tones for the details that highlight any grey dress.

Based on your preferences, You can also go for a dip-dye or an abstract print. The shirts are secluded, with an appearance that is sometimes connected to the idea of an ombre. It’s two-tone faded finishes.


Although grey suits are a great choice for formal occasions, however, they can also be casually dressed and dressed up by adding accessories. If you’re planning a summer wedding or attending an informal event, adding a splash of color and pattern could make your outfit stand out from the rest of the crowd.

If you’re looking to wear your gray suit in a casual setting, wearing a polo or a t-shirt is the right way. Make sure to keep your other clothes neutral, as you don’t want to appear too loud.

Another fantastic accessory for your gray suit is an afghan square. It could be any color but look for something that compliments your tie and not conflicts with it. It is also possible to use an extra pocket square with the same pattern as your tie to provide an extra touch of sophistication.

A classic watch for a dress can be a great way to enhance your suit’s grey hue and give a finishing touch to your overall appearance. Cufflinks are an additional option that will also go well in a grey suit as they complement the hue of the tie.

Finally, a pair of trendy shoes are essential to finish off your appearance. Based on your plans, it is possible to opt for casual shoes, such as white sneakers or sandals, for summer.

For a formal and smart occasion, a black or blue tie would be the best option for your gray suit. Also, a navy or burgundy tie could be a great accessory to your outfit for the same reasons.

Tie dye is among the essential elements of an appropriate suit, and picking the appropriate tie will make a difference. A black tie will be your most elegant selection and can be worn with the majority of gray hues. However, you can also select an apex tie with a range of shades to add excitement to your outfit.

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A dress shirt with a pattern is also a great option for your grey suit as it’s not too big. It is possible to choose stripes or checks or even a more complex pattern. It is also possible to try the floral design that gives your gray suit a lively look and feel and to go a step further beyond a traditional grey or blue suit.

Some Ideas On How You Style A Charcoal Gray Suit?

A Classic White Shirt And Tie: 

A white dress shirt and tie combo is a classic choice that will never go out of fashion. This is a classic style that is perfect for formal events as well as job interviews.

Light Blue Shirt With A Tie With A Pattern: 

A light blue dress shirt with a tie with a pattern will add a touch of personality to your suit in charcoal gray. This style is great for meetings at work and social events.

Burgundy Tie And Shirt: 

A tie and a burgundy shirt will add color to your grey charcoal suit. This is a fantastic choice for winter and fall occasions.

The Black Turtleneck: 

A black turtleneck is a great option for a modern, sleek look when worn to a gray charcoal-colored suit. This is a great choice to wear for a night out or an informal event.

Gray Turtleneck: 

A turtleneck in grey can give a sophisticated monochromatic style that is elegant and stylish.

Dress Shirt In Light Blue And Tie In Brown: 

The light-blue dress shirt with a brown tie will make a chic and contemporary appearance. This can be used for formal and semi-formal occasions.

A White Dress Shirt And A Navy Tie:

 A white dress shirt, paired with a tie of navy, will give a classic but fashionable style. This is a great choice for corporate meetings or job interviews.

Dress Shirt With The Checked Pattern: 

Checked dress shirts can give an extra dimension and personality to your black and grey suits. This suits formal or casual occasions.

Boldly Patterned Tie: 

A boldly-patterned tie can add some character to your black and grey suits. This style is ideal for events that are social and for parties.

Dress Shirt In Dark Green: 

The dark-colored dress shirt can give you a unique and fashionable style when worn with a grey charcoal suit. This style is great for winter and fall events.

Dress Shoes In Brown: 

Dress shoes in the brown color provide a warm and welcoming appearance when worn with a charcoal grey suit. This style is suitable for formal and casual occasions.

Black Formal Shoes:

 Black gown shoes make a timeless choice that can be paired with a suit of charcoal grey. This is an excellent choice for formal occasions and job interviews.

Pocket Squares That Are Patterned: 

A pocket square with a pattern can give a different look to your black and grey suits. This is great for events that are social and formal.

A Bold Belt: 

A strong belt can give you a distinctive and elegant look when it is paired with a suit in charcoal gray. This style is appropriate for formal and casual gatherings.

Navy Blazer: 

An edgy navy-colored blazer to a grey charcoal suit could make a chic and elegant appearance. This is a great option for meetings at work and interviews.

Socks With Color: 

Colored socks can bring style and personality to your black and grey suits. This is great for both formal and casual gatherings.

A Patterned Scarf: 

A patterned scarf can give you a distinctive and fashionable look when worn with a suit in charcoal gray. This style is perfect for winter and fall occasions.

Tie And Pocket Square In Coordinating Shades:

 A matching tie and pocket squares can give you a fashionable appearance. This is great for formal occasions and job interviews.

Statement Watches:

 A statement watch will give a touch of personality and class to your black and grey outfit. This is great for formal and casual gatherings.

A Bold Lapel Pin:

 A striking lapel pin can give you a distinctive and fashionable look when paired with a grey charcoal suit. This style is great for events that are social and for parties.

Some Ideas On What Color Dress To Go With A Gray Suit?summer


Black is an iconic and timeless hue that is great with gray suits. A simple black dress is an elegant and safe choice for formal occasions.


To create a modern and modern appearance, pair your gray suit with a white dress. This creates a strong contrast and an elegant and elegant look.


A bold and bold color, red could provide a splash of color to an otherwise dull suit. A red dress is ideal for wearing to a party or any special occasion.

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Navy is a color that can be used in a variety of ways that is a great match with various gray shades. Navy dresses are a timeless and elegant option that is suitable for formal as well as semi-formal occasions.


Blush is a feminine and soft shade that is perfect for pairing with grey suits. It creates a feminine and romantic look for weddings or any special event.


Soft pastel colors such as mint, lavender, and peach could bring a sense of fun to a gray suit. These shades are great for an outdoor event or for a spring wedding.


To create an extra festive and glamorous appearance, metallic shades like silver and gold could give a glimmer to a gray suit. These shades are ideal for a New Year’s Eve celebration or formal gathering.


Burgundy is a dark and sophisticated shade that works perfectly with gray suits. A dress made of burgundy is an excellent option for a wedding in the fall or a formal occasion.

Emerald Green

Emerald green is a striking and stylish color that can bring a touch of elegance to a gray suit. This shade is ideal for formal occasions or a night out.


Coral is an energetic and fun color that brings joy to a gray suit. It is a great color for summer weddings or any daytime celebration.


Yellow is a vibrant and cheerful shade that adds a hint of sunshine to a gray suit. It’s a great color for a casual event or for a spring wedding.


Purple is a beautiful and elegant shade that can add a dash of class to a gray suit. This shade is ideal for formal occasions or for a winter wedding.

Floral Prints

Floral prints can bring feminine flair and fun to a gray suit. They’re perfect for any daytime occasion or wedding in summer.


Stripes can bring a bit of fun and character to a gray suit. A striped dress is great for an event in the daytime or an informal wedding.

Polka Dots

Polka dots can bring an element of whimsy and amusement to a gray suit. A dress with polka dots is ideal for a casual occasion or a summer wedding.

Animal Prints

Animal prints can bring an element of boldness and intrigue to a gray suit. These prints are ideal for a night out or formal events.


Denim can bring a sense of coolness and casualness to an otherwise boring suit. Denim dresses are great for casual occasions or weddings on a sunny days.


Leather can bring a sense of sophistication and edginess to a gray suit. An elegant leather gown is ideal for a night out or a formal event.


What color goes best with a grey suit?

For formal and semi-formal occasions, a grey suit and navy shirt or a grey suit and blue shirt are excellent choices. One of the best options for a shirt to pair with a grey suit is unquestionably blue. Grey and blue work well together to provide a crisp, modern look.

How do you style a grey suit casual?

With a grey suit, especially one that is pastel grey or charcoal, a stark, white shirt and black tie appear extremely polished. Other than that, powder blue, lavender, strawberry milk pink, and light green are fantastic shirting colours that give some levity to the workplace.

What watches go with a grey suit?

Choose a brown leather or silver watch band because navy and black might easily appear out of place. No matter how dark the colour, grey suits are the most adaptable and go well with black, brown, and silver.

Is it OK to wear a grey suit to a wedding?

Grooms, groomsmen, and guests should be sure to select a style that is both comfortable and flattering because grey and charcoal suits are available in a range of styles and colours. Can you wear a grey and charcoal suit with any type of attire? Yes! Any wedding, in any season, can accommodate suits in shades of grey and charcoal.

Are grey suits professional?

The grey suit is one level less formal than the navy suit in terms of attire. That does not imply that it is not formal, though. Grey suits offer a classic appearance, much like the navy and black suits. Black, dark brown, or tan shoes are just a few examples of the many options for footwear that goes well with grey.