How To Style Boots With Jeans?

How To Style Boots With Jeans?

How To Style Boots With Jeans?

Cuffing jeans is most effective with ankle boots because the cuff is placed on the upper part of the boots. It is possible to cuff straight-leg jeans or boot-cut jeans. Alternatively, you could wear cropped or ankle jeans with ankle boots. The jeans naturally fall to your ankles, so you do not require cuffing them.

There are a variety of women’s boots that you can wear with jeans. And the ankle boot is my favorite! So how can you wear ankle boots with jeans, you may ask? If you own ankle boots that you adore but don’t know what to wear them with, or you’re unsure of the right jeans to pair with, This post is ideal for you! In’s complete guide to styling the two items of clothing, I’ll teach you how to wear various ankle boots and every pair of jeans.

I’ll also give fashion tips and outfit suggestions. This includes but is not restricted to how to dress in various-length jeans with ankle boots, when to tie them up, and which socks work best.

How To Wear Ankle Boots With Jeans?

The idea of wearing ankle boots with jeans can be a challenge. This is because there are many styles of ankle boots. In addition, there are a variety of sizes, shapes, and heel designs that can make it difficult to decide. To complicate things further, what you wear with each style of boot will be contingent on the style of jeans, length, and width. Of course, particular ankle boots can enhance certain styles better than others. Start by reviewing the basic ankle boot designs!

Ankle Boot Shapes for Jeans

Before we get into the best jeans you can wear when paired with boots for ankles, let’s not forget about the boots themselves. There are many different styles of ankle boots with different designs and styles. Still, the shape of the boot and height of the boot and heel measurements can make a difference when paired with pants and jeans. Here are the five main designs of traditional ankle boots that look great with most jeans. These are the ones I’ll be using throughout this article.

Tall Ankle Boots:

A “tall” ankle boot is an ankle boot with a high shaft extending over your lower leg’s ankle. They may be tighter around the calf and the foot or looser.

They can be fitted with any heel and come in different sizes. So it is possible to wear short or longer jeans with them.

Low Ankle Boots:

Low ankle boots feature a narrow boot shaft is narrow. This means that the bottom of the boot sits on or below the ankle. In addition, they typically have lower-block heels, which makes them more casual. However, other styles can be constructed with cut-outs for the ankle or elasticized sides and western-style heels. These boots look fantastic when worn with cropped jeans but are also appropriate for longer lengths.

Medium Height Ankle Boots:

The ankle boots of these are traditional ankle heights. However, they are versatile and can be purchased with different sizes of shafts and heel styles. This is the simplest ankle boot since it can be worn with all kinds of outfits.

Wide Ankle Boots:Wide Ankle Boots:

The ankle boots are spacious around the ankles and with a larger shaft. They are generally more casual, with many with a laid-back or western style to their appearance. These wide-legged ankle shoes are perfect to put on over skinny straight-leg jeans or put on with cropped jeans to highlight your ankles.

Tight Ankle Boots:

They are comfortable around the ankles, usually ankle height or higher. An excellent illustration of this type of boot is a sock with the appearance of a sock with a flexible shaft. Tight ankle booties with stiletto-style heels are the most comfortable ankle boots to style, particularly metallic or black pairs.

If you’d like to know more about the different types of ankle boots, look out for my blog on the various boots for ankles. In the meantime, check out my blog post on various types of ankle boots available for women. Below, I’ll go over five main kinds of popular female jean styles, and I will recommend the best ankle boots for the length of your jeans:

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Styling Ankle Boots In Style With Different Jean Styles

Ankle Boots with Straight Leg Jeans

Straight-leg jeans could have a narrower or wider leg. However, all will be straight from ankles to thighs. As the name implies, they do not taper or flare around the knee. They’re just, well, straight! Like slim jeans, jeans with straight legs offer enough space around their base to fit over certain ankle boot designs. The greater the leg/hem width and the wider the leg, the better it will allow for taller and wider shafts of ankle boots. Straight-leg jeans are available in various lengths and even cut-off styles. They look fantastic with various ankle boots.

How To Wear Cropped Straight Leg Jeans And Booties:

Select straight-leg jeans with a crop that can be rolled over and cover wider, taller boots, like socks or booties. You can wear ankle boots lower in the shaft with cropped jeans. This way, the legs are exposed. Next, cuff the jeans to the ankle boots, exposing an additional 2-3 inches of leg. Could also crop straight-leg jeans by cuffing them to the point that they fall above the boot. Cropped Jeans- whether cuffed or uncuffed – can be an excellent opportunity to flaunt your stiletto or statement block heels!

Ankles, straight or floor-length jeans are the most convenient to wear. This is because, regardless of which boot you choose to wear, is larger, thinner, slimmer, or with the shaft lower, they all function. Also, you can always adjust the cuffs to meet your preferences!

How To Wear Longer Straight Leg Jeans And Ankle Boots:

Allow the jeans to fall wherever they will, but make sure they fit comfortably over your boots. Don’t want them to bunch up beneath. Any heel height and shape are acceptable. Avoid high-end stilettos with jeans that reach the floor (tripping risk, beware! ).

The cuff can be placed on any straight-leg jeans to create an edgier look or to highlight an interesting detail on your boot. Cuff the jeans as often as you like. Do you not like wearing a cuff on your jeans?

Ankle Boots and Skinny JeansAnkle Boots and Skinny Jeans

Of all the boots you can wear with ankle boots, skinny jeans, and skinny jeans make a great (and simple!) combination. There is a myriad of great ankle boots to pair with skinny jeans. Skinnies are the easiest jeans to wear by wearing ankle booties! The way to style the ankle boot with skinny jeans is straightforward. Because they’re narrow on the legs, most are worn relaxed since there’s space for cuffing. Because of their slim silhouette, skinny jeans are best paired with slimmer, tighter-toe boots to balance the proportions. But, based on what you’re wearing, it’s dependent on the outfit you’re wearing.

How To Wear Ankle Boots With Skinny Jeans:

Tuck thin jeans inside slim boots to create the sleekest appearance. If the jeans are long, you can cuff them once over and ensure they don’t get caught within any narrow ankle boot. With tight-fitting sock boots or sock boots, drape your jeans over the boots. This creates a clean linear appearance, especially in the case of a boot that is the same as the color of the jeans. With slim-cut skinny jeans, consider wearing a lower shaft boot to open the lower leg to 2 inches if you want to make the longer skinny jeans a single cuff for the same cropped look.

Unevenly skinny jeans that are hemmed look amazing when paired with boots for ankles that are a little higher than the jean’s base or higher. If not, I like the hem completely covering the boots or just a few inches over it.

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Put on a pair of slouchy socks over the hem of your jeans for fashion-forward fall styling. This creates a more casual style with ankle boots that are brown or tan.

Ankle Boots With Wide Leg Jeans

Wide-leg jeans are trending now and are a great pair and ankle boots! Because of the sheer size of the jeans, you can effortlessly wear all sorts of boots, heel/toe designs, and sizes – so long they don’t drag across the floor!

How To Wear Ankle Boots With Wide-Leg Jeans:

If you have a longer-length wide-leg, don’t hesitate to wear them relaxed to have them not affixed to your boots. However, if the jeans are length-to-floor and you wear boots, ensure they feature sturdy heels. The heels of a fine heel will cut into your hem and, eventually, rip it (been there, been there, done that! ). For cropped skinny jeans, you should wear a higher shaft bootie so that it can disappear into the hem. Also, wear an ankle-length bootie that shows your ankles.

Ankle Boots With Bootcut & Flare JeansAnkle Boots With Bootcut & Flare Jeans

Ankle boots and jeans are a common pair. Particularly about flare or bootcut jeans. The name says it all the jeans flare out at the knee to make room for boots!

Because these jeans aren’t cuffed (I mean, you could attempt!) There’s nothing to change, and wear them in their current form. Of course, the boot type comes into play since you’ll need the appropriate ankle boots to match your length and flare your jeans leg.

How To Wear Ankle Boots with Flare Jeans:

If you’re not wearing huge flares, you should wear ankle boots that fit comfortably around the calves. Particularly with bootcut jeans that aren’t as flared to ensure that the boot does not interfere with your pant lines from knees to. If flared jeans are on the ground, avoid high heels with a fine edge that could cut through your jeans and cause your trip. Likewise, avoid cut-off jeans that slide across the flooring. Pick a platform or high-heeled ankle boots to prevent this. The shape of the toe is also crucial. Boots with pointed, square, or almond-shaped toes are fantastic shoes to pair with flare jeans or boot cuts. A toe with a rounded shape, such as an almond, can create more of a soft look as your boots pop out from beneath the hemline. Likewise, a pointed toe is more stylish.

Ankle Boots With Baggy Jeans

Ankle boots, baggy jeans, and an extended, straight leg complement each other. The relaxed style in baggy pants makes it simple to wear with all kinds of boots for ankles, no matter how loose or higher around the ankle.

How To Wear Ankle Boots With Baggy Jeans:

Let loose jeans hang over your boots, regardless of length! You should wear sturdy boots to ensure you don’t fall upon them. It is also possible to cuff your jeans once or twice! If your jeans are slim and long enough to allow it. To increase volume, tie the bottom of your jeans into the upper part of the boots, as the woman to the left did.

5 Socks That Are The Best To Pair With Ankle Boots And Jeans:

  1. No-Show Socks: These are great for low-shaft boots and cut-off jean styles when you don’t want socks to be visible. I suggest a more thick, cushioned sock to provide more comfort.
  2. Hiking Socks: Put a sock that is dotted with hiking patterns over skinny jeans for an edgy look, paired with ankle boots
  3. Slouch Socks: They are great for relaxed looks, over slimmer pants, or under wide Jean styles.
  4. Sheer ankle socks: Perfect to stand out when you are looking over ankle boots that are classic or underneath cut-off jeans
  5. Crew Socks: If you want simple or stripey, these are your most popular socks to wear with everything now. They look amazing when paired with straight or wide-leg cropped jeans to show your sporting side. I like the contrast between simple white and dark gray or black jeans.
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4 Tips For Styling Booties With Skinny Jeans4 Tips For Styling Booties With Skinny Jeans

Tuck It In:

To keep any excess material over the ankle, recommend tucking your jeans at the top of your booties to give an extra lengthening effect to your legs because skinny jeans are already well-fitted to the legs and are extremely flattering to flatter different body types!

The jeans’ hem inside the boot’s upper is a great way to keep the flattering line and gives an extremely sleek style. I love doing this when I’m wearing black with black because I’m petite, giving me the appearance of larger legs.

OPT For Cropped:

Of course, the length and fit of your jeans depending on your style, but the choice of a cropped length is a great choice to pair with boots since the edge of your jeans is on the high point of the boot instead of having to tie into it.

Be Mindful Of Colors:

If you are styling your booties with skinny jeans, make sure to pay attention to the hues you’re wearing. The combination of colors for your jeans and boots can be a great way to distinguish day outfits from nighttime looks that you wear and also fit the mood.

For example, I would wear lighter-colored jeans and bare booties for casual outfits for the day and a sophisticated nighttime look. I would also choose dark black or blue jeans and elegant black boots for an elegant style.

Cuff It:

Whether you prefer a uni- or a double-cuffed style, making sure you roll up the bottom in your pair of jeans can be an excellent option to reduce the amount the jeans smack across your legs. It is a great method to completely alter the appearance of your jeans. In addition, it is the most effective way to wear boots since you can choose where your jeans will fall according to the width of your bootie. This is a great trick to apply to bootcut jeans too.


Can I wear booties with jeans?

There are a few possibilities. The first option is to place the jeans directly on top of the booties. To avoid the jeans catching on the boot, you must make sure the length of the jeans matches the shaft height of the booties exactly.

Do jeans go over or under booties?

Over thin jeans, wear higher boots. Wear the boots below your jeans with booties that are tailored to the calf. The straight, tapered, and wide-leg jeans look great with these booties. Always wear over-the-knee or knee-high boots with thin pants.

How should I wear my jeans with ankle boots?

With ankle boots, cuffing jeans looks ideal because the cuff will sit directly on top of your boots. Straight-leg and boot-cut jeans can both be cuffed. Alternately, you can wear cropped or ankle-length jeans with ankle boots. Since the jeans will already end at your ankles, you won’t need to cuff them.

Do jeans go inside ankle boots?

Legging jeans that have a small ankle opening and a snug fit to the leg work best for this. They shouldn’t have a bunchy appearance. You should cuff them if they’re likely to bunch.

Do you tuck jeans into ankle boots?

So it makes sense to slip your skinny jeans into your ankle boots. This outfit looks terrific when worn with longer, more fitted jeans that will firmly stay in place when paired with a shorter boot.

Is it OK to wear jeans above ankle?

Jeans can look nice cuffed above the ankle or terrific with a little extra length piled on your shoes. Compared to more formal pants like chinos and trousers, they are far more flexible to your unique style preferences.