How To Style Collar Shirts?

How To Style Collar Shirts?

How To Style Collar Shirts?

Dress shirts are among the most versatile pieces of clothing and can be styled in various ways. The classic dress shirt is worn as part of a romantic outfit or as a basis for casual looks.

The collar is the most prominent element and should be picked with care so that it makes a statement. Numerous collar styles are available, including the spread and point collars.

  • You can either tuck it in or take it off: A collar tucked into a shirt can give it a sleek and polished look, whereas not tucking it in can give a more casual and casual appearance. Consider the occasion and individual style when deciding to tie it in or take it out.
  • Roll up the sleeves: Rolling the sleeves of a collared shirt can give it an informal and casual appearance. It’s an excellent option for a day in the sun or a casual weekend getaway.
  • Put it on or leave it unbuttoned: By buttoning up, a collared shirt may make a more professional appearance, and a relaxed, unbuttoned look will give a casual and casual look. Consider the event and your style when deciding to tie the shirt up or leave the shirt unbuttoned.
  • Add some flair: A collared shirt adds an extra style touch and provides a stylish appearance. To finish the look, you can add accessories, such as a scarf, jewelry, or a hat.
  • Layer it: The act of layering a collared shirt with a sweater or jacket can result in a fashionable and warm outfit to wear during the colder months. Select a neutral shirt like blue or white, and then put it on top of a pattern jacket or sweater to create an original and fashionable style.
  • Find the perfect style: The style of a collared shirt is essential for fashion and comfort. Select one that is comfortable and isn’t loose or tight. A properly fitted shirt will give you a flattering and elegant look.

How To Style An Oversized Collared Shirt?

How To Style An Oversized Collared Shirt?

A collared shirt in a large size is the best option when you want to feel stylish and comfortable. It’s a garment suitable for play, work, and everything. Make sure to keep it in the traditional style by selecting a neutral shade that can be mixed and matched with other pieces in your wardrobe, such as pale blue or white. It’s recommended to select an overly collared shirt made of a material that is simple to dress, like Flannel or cotton. Layer it over an outfit, buttoned up to give it the shape, or tie it around the waist for an appealing style you can wear the night.

How Do You Layer A Collared Shirt?

There are various ways to style collar shirts and sweaters, but among the easiest ways to style them is to stack the pieces. This is an excellent method to enhance your appearance and keep you comfortable without looking too sloppy. For example, you can wear an o-neck, crew, or henley-style shirt for your top layer. Then, pick a sweatshirt to fit perfectly over the collar and sit comfortably over it. It is possible to pair it with a range of bottoms, such as skirts and jeans. You could wear a statement necklace and heels to add a chic touch.

Another simple method to dress collar shirts is to mix patterns or colors. For instance, you can wear pink chambray dress shirts with an argyle V-neck sweater to create an unpretentious style.

How To Wear A Collared Shirt Under A Sweater?

A collared shirt under a sweater is among the easiest and chic ways to transform a basic look into something trendy. If you’re looking to experiment with this look, don’t own a shirt with a buttoned collar; a sleeveless dress shirt can be a good alternative that gives you the same result.

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If you choose a shirt under a sweater, choose an appropriate collar, particularly around the shoulders and the sleeves. This will stop the shirt from bunching and allow it to stand out from the neck without appearing lumpy or strange.

A crew neck sweater with an uncollared dress shirt can be a common option, but it is difficult to achieve. However, some things can be done to make this combo work. One of them is to tie in the tips of your shirt’s collar, stay clear of French cuffs, and make sure that the hems of the sweater are straight.

In the end, no matter if the polo is collared and an Oxford shirt to match your sweater, it’s important to put them together for an elegant and polished look that will make heads turn. If you need a new shirt for this style, look at Collar’s & Co and use coupon code RMRS during checkout for discounts!

Tips On How To Wear A Classic Button-Down Collar Shirt


When you’re looking for a classic button-down collar shirt, The fit is crucial. It is important to ensure that the shirt fits comfortably but not tight around your chest or waistline and with enough room to allow your arms to move comfortably. In addition, the sleeves should be positioned on the top of the wrist bones, and the shirt must have enough length to remain snug without bouncing up.


The shirt’s fabric is also crucial because it can affect the way it drapes and the degree of comfort you’ll feel. The most popular fabric to make a button-down. It’s comfortable, breathable, and long-lasting. If you’re looking for something more luxurious, go for linen or silk.


Traditional button-down collar shirts are available in shades, from white to black, and everything in between. Select a shade that compliments the tone of your face and enhances your face. Light blue and white are versatile and can be worn with everything, and pastel shades are ideal for summer and spring.


The situation will determine the shirt style and the best way to wear it. If you want to dress more formally, pick a crisp white shirt that you can tuck into an elegant pair of pants or a skirt. Opt for a fitted shirt with a striking design or color for a casual appearance, and pair it with chinos or jeans.


Accessories can elevate your basic button-down to the next step. Wear a tie with a pattern or pocket square to add personality. Add an overcoat or sweater on top of the shirt to add warmth. If you’re planning to go for a casual style, consider pulling the sleeves back with a bottom couple of buttons unnoticed.


If you’re wearing a light-colored garment, putting on an undershirt is a great idea to stop any obvious sweating. Select a neutral hue like gray or white and ensure it’s snugly fitted to your body without being too snug.


Also, ensure that your shirt is not wrinkled and properly pressed. The process of ironing can help your shirt keep its shape and provide it with the polished, sharp look you want.

Ideas For Styling The Collar Of Shirts For Women?

Ideas For Styling The Collar Of Shirts For Women?

  • Classic Tuck: The shirt can be tucked into high-waisted trousers or jeans for a classic, timeless style.
  • Half Tuck: Tuck the front of the shirt inside the pants and leave the back untucked to create an effortless and relaxed look.
  • However, if you want to look more polished: Keep the shirt completely buttoned, and then pair it with a midi skirt or pair of tailored trousers to give a professional and chic style.
  • Open over a tank: Put the shirt on and open it with a tank to create a casual and easy style.
  • Tie it up: Knot the hem of your shirt with a knot to create a crop-top appearance, and pair it with high-waisted pants or a skirt.
  • Belted: Use belts to tie your shirt’s waist to create an elongated shape.
  • Layer over a dress: Layer the collared shirt over an oversized slip dress to create an elegant and structured style.
  • Denim on Denim: Combine the collar top with denim jeans to create the double denim style.
  • Then, tucked into a skirt: The shirt can be tucked into pencil skirts for the most elegant and feminine look.
  • In a Sweater: Put the collared shirt underneath a chunky knit sweater to create an elegant and cozy style.
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What Is The Best Way To Style The Collared Shirt For Men?

What Is The Best Way To Style The Collared Shirt For Men?

  • Tie the dress shirt into Pants: Dressing the dress shirt into dress pants gives you an elegant and formal look suitable for all kinds of occasions.
  • Rolling Sleeves With Jeans: Rolling the sleeves of the collared shirt and then wearing it with jeans gives an informal, relaxed style that is ideal for a casual outing on the weekend.
  • However, toned up with Chinos: A collared shirt fully buttoned with chinos makes for a stylish, elegant look that is ideal for many occasions.
  • Open over a T-shirt: A collared shirt with a shirt open gives a casual, relaxed style that is perfect to wear daily.
  • In shorts: The act of tucking a collared shirt into shorts gives a glam style that is ideal for a sunny day.
  • Layered underneath a cardigan: The combination of a collared shirt underneath a cardigan gives an inviting, comfy style that is perfect for colder days.
  • In a suit jacket: A collared shirt with a suit jacket provides an elegant, polished appearance that can be worn for formal events.
  • Rolled sleeves With Chinos: Rolling the sleeves on a collared shirt and putting it with chinos creates a relaxed, casual style that is perfect for a casual weekend get-together.
  • And paired with dress Pants: The collared shirt with a buttoned-up collar with dress pants is an elegant and formal look that can be worn for many occasions.
  • Open over a Henley: A collared shirt with a collar over a Henley makes for a comfortable and casual style ideal for everyday dress.

10 Stylish Ways To Wear A Collared Shirt

10 Stylish Ways To Wear A Collared Shirt

Opt for Oversized

If you’re typically a fan of button-down shirts with a slim fit, you might want to get one that is a dimension (or two) bigger. The benefit of oversized tops is that they (literally) gain more room to play in your outfits. Check out how these street-style celebrities below put together their looks: They wore it with loose pants that tapered towards the end. They finished their outfits with a belt that cinched the waist. Black pointed boots provide an additional edge.

Go Garcon

For those who aren’t aware of the meaning of garcon, it’s French for “boy. We’ve seen it in a variety of outfits worn by fashion-conscious people. There’s an inclination towards the French fashion-forward look. It’s casual pants or jeans, a clean white button-down shirt, and a sultry muted blazer to add flair.

Try It With Slim Shorts

If your style background is still in good order, you’ll remember how women wore button-downs with short sleeves and hot pants (shorts that cinched around the waist and slightly flared). What can we do to update the look for 2019? Go low-waisted; go slim.

Play With Prints, Please

We’ve searched the internet for some dazzling collared shirts, and here’s the skinny: The ’80s remain active. If you’re a fan of short-sleeved prints or long and large, a sassy printed blouse will give you a great amount of retro flair.

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Dare To Don A Low V.

In our country’s bipolar weather conditions, it’s great to have clothing that can change from hot to hot. In this instance, the button-down lets you expose your skin–as in the deep V-neckline, if you’re brave enough to leave the majority of buttons unfinished.

Lounge In Pique Polos

The sports collar isn’t just for tennis courts or golf courses. Incorporate the comfort and ease of pique polo shirts into your everyday outfits by mixing them with your typical casual outfits. The polo elevates your outfit with an old-fashioned look (the long-sleeved shirts, as shown below, were hugely popular in the ’00s) and also an androgynous look when paired alongside other masculine pieces.

Layer, Layer, Layer!

If there’s something that this era of democratic fashion can teach us, it’s this: It’s all about the clothes. From fashion bloggers to ordinary people, they remind us that clothing is meant to be fun and not restricted. So, if you want to put on your collared shirt with no buttons on a sunny day, you can wear a short-sleeved shirt with a turtleneck under it or perhaps an oversized camisole. You’ll look the same.

Denim Can Do No Wrong

Even the best style files aren’t perfect. Sometimes you’re just not able to find ideas. If that’s the case, go for old solid denim for a timeless style that won’t harm catching a fly.

Suit Up

Suit Up

Blazers may be one thing, but a pantsuit can be another. To get a striking outfit without much effort, dress in an eye-catching pantsuit in any shade you want or choose a Canadian Tux if jeans are your second skin, as shown in style below.

You Can Dress In Silk

Collared shirts are sleek and sharp or loose and flowing. What better way to achieve the former than to put on elegant silk blouses? They add a vintage style to your outfit while enhancing your outfit’s elegance.


How do you style a mens collared shirt?

Wear the shirt over a long-sleeved shirt with the sleeves folded up or under a fitted sweater. These shirts complement V-neck sweaters perfectly. Men’s button-down shirts tucked into trousers and worn under a jacket provide another polished style. Use complementary shoes and belts to complete the look.

Should you button or unbutton collar?

However, for the most part, you’re better off keeping the collar buttoned and the roll firmly in place. That kind of style can work if you’re wearing shorts or going to the beach. Additionally, you must never even think about leaving the collar buttons undone when wearing the shirt with a tie.

Can you wear collar shirt with jeans?

Let the trousers and open collar do the talking to maintain your stylish appearance. Once more, this is not a set rule. In fact, wearing a light dress shirt untucked enhances the casual and carefree appearance of lighter, more casual coats in those playful patterns and neutral tones.

Do you wear anything under a collared shirt?

A lot of chest hair can be prevented from showing through a shirt’s surface by wearing an undershirt. Your dress shirts will invariably become deodorant-stained if you don’t wear an undershirt. Even though Deo-Go can get rid of the stains, doing so isn’t as practical as using an undershirt.

What is the most formal collar style?

The wingtip collar, which is the most formal choice, is primarily designed to be worn with a bowtie and tuxedo. Its fold-out collar points, which resemble wings, gave rise to its name. A less popular option is the tab collar, which has a little button in between the collar points.