How To Style Bell Bottom Jeans?

How To Style Bell Bottom Jeans?

How To Style Bell Bottom Jeans?

Bell bottom jeans are styled differently to give a fashionable and contemporary style. Here are some tips for styling bell-bottom jeans:

  • Put your shirt in a tuck: Tucking your shirt in assists in balancing the proportions of your body and lengthening your legs.
  • Opt for a cropped shirt: Cropped tops will match bell bottoms, particularly in high-waisted styles. This outfit is ideal for casual outings.
  • Put on a sweater tucked in: If you want to dress up your style, put on your sweater. A chunky knit looks particularly elegant.
  • Pick the perfect shoes: Shoes, specifically wedge or platform heels, are great when paired with bell-bottom jeans. For a more casual appearance, it is possible to wear heels or sandals.

What Kind Of Body Are Bell Bottoms Great On?

Bell bottoms are a timeless look popular during the 1970s. They are fitted to the thigh and hips but flare out at the knees in an hourglass form. They’re great for voluptuous women and those with slim, curvier, or taller figures.

Hourglass Shape

Women with an hourglass shape are balanced with a defined waistline and curves in the appropriate places. Bell bottoms are a fantastic option for women with this body shape since they can help balance the proportions and give an elongated appearance. In addition, the broad legs assist in keeping the hips in balance, and the waistband that is high assists in highlighting the waist.

Apple Shape

Women with an apple-shaped body type have a more pronounced upper body with an extended bust and round midsection. Bell bottoms are an ideal flattering choice for those with this type of body as they bring the proportions in balance and focus your attention from the midsection. In addition, the high-waisted style is a good choice as they create the illusion of having a larger body and a slim waist.

Pear Shape

Women with pear-shaped bodies have slimmer upper bodies and larger hips and legs. Bell bottoms are ideal for this type of body as they make the proportions more balanced and give a more elongated appearance. In addition, the legs are wide to help bring the hips into balance, and the high waistband highlights the waist.

Straight ShapeStraight Shape

Women with straight bodies have the same measurements across their entire body but lack definition around the waist. Bell bottoms are an excellent option for those with this type of body because they create an illusion of curves and the appearance of a slim waist. Likewise, high-waisted designs are great as they give the appearance of a slimmer waist.


Petite women can also wear bell bottoms; however, selecting the style that compliments the shape of their body is crucial. Petite women should choose an upper-waisted design that doesn’t overpower their frame. In addition, they must avoid designs that are too narrow as well as too long. A properly-fitted pair of bell bottoms that sit at the top of your ankle could aid in elongating the legs and give a more balanced appearance.

How To Accessorize Bell Bottoms?

Bell bottoms are a staple item in the closet of any fashionista. They’re a flattering design that flatters various body types. In addition, they can be worn with many different styles of shoes.


Shoes can distinguish between a good and bad look for your bell-bottom ensemble. Make sure to choose your shoes carefully. Platform shoes, sandals, and ankle boots are excellent options to lengthen your legs and give you an equilibrating style. Avoid wearing too big or heavy shoes, as they can overwhelm the bell-bottom style.

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Bell bottoms go well with a range of tops, from crop tops to blouses. You can pair them with an oversized crop top or a basic T-shirt for a casual appearance. For a more formal look, wear the bell bottoms you have with blouses or sweaters. Do not be afraid to experiment with different styles of tops to discover the ideal combo for your style.

Jackets and Coats

Jackets and coats may aid in completing your bell-bottom look. However, leather jackets, denim jackets, and blazers are excellent alternatives. Be sure to pick an outfit that flatters your body shape and is in style with the bell bottoms you wear.


Adding jewelry to your wardrobe can help add some sparkle to your look. Statement necklaces with large bracelets and dangle earrings are all fantastic alternatives. You can also add more interest by wearing a statement ring or cute scarf.

A ruffled shirt is an additional option to think about when you pair your bell bottoms and an outfit. A ruffled top is perfect for showcasing your curves and making you appear slimmer. You can pair your ruffle shirt with bell bottoms to finish the style.

A blazer is an excellent accessory to pair with bell bottoms. However, it is possible to be more inventive and pair it with an elegant shell to make the appearance more attractive. The perfect blazer will make any pants appear more elegant; therefore, choosing one that suits your style is worth it.

5 Types Of Flared Jeans5 Types Of Flared Jeans

For many women, Flared jeans are a staple in their wardrobe. They look fantastic on any body type and shape and are also extremely easy to wear. However, it is important to ensure you choose the appropriate pair to suit your body shape and requirements.

A key piece of advice for wearing flared jeans is that they don’t give an unflattering look. This is especially important for those who are petite.

Classic Bell Bottoms

Bell bottoms from the classic style are the first flared jeans. They are famous for their striking flare that begins at the knee and then widens to the hem. They are ideal for those looking to make an impressive style statement. They’re perfect to wear with a basic top or crop top.

Bootcut Jeans

The bootcut jeans sport a subtle flare that begins at the knee and increases toward the edge. The style is more adaptable than traditional bell bottoms and can be paired with various styles of shoes and tops. Bootcut jeans can also be an ideal choice for those who aren’t used to flared jeans and want a more casual appearance.

Wide Leg Jeans

The wide-leg pants are a variant of the bootcut design and feature a flare that begins from the knees and extends up to the hem. This design is great for those looking more relaxed and snug fit. They are ideal for wearing with sandals or sneakers.

Flared Cropped Jeans

These flared jeans offer a slimmer version of the traditional bell bottom and are great for those who wish to showcase their shoes or prefer a more casual style. This style is perfect for pairing with sandals or sneakers and can be worn with an oversized crop top or basic T-shirt.

High-Waisted Flared Jeans

High-waisted flared jeans feature more of a waistband and an edgy flare that begins at the knee and expands toward the edge. This design is ideal for those looking to emphasize their waist and create a more elongated appearance. It is perfect to wear with an oversized crop top or blouse.

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You could also choose a bootcut that is a more moderate flared Jean. It allows you to match your flared jeans with sneakers or heels while maintaining a fashionable and feminine style.

Wear high-rise flare jeans in black paired with a basic white shirt and strappy, nude heels for a more formal outfit. This is the perfect outfit for an evening out with friends.

You can also wear flared cropped jeans with sneakers and a tank to get a cool summer outfit. You can also style flared jeans by pairing them with a t-shirt with a leather jacket for an unpretentious style.

A scarf top looks stunning when worn with flared jeans as well! This combination is very versatile, if it’s a printed paisley design or a black one.

A few last notes: If your body is petite, pick an elegant pair of jeans that fall small. Also, consider having a hem done to ensure your jeans are insufficient length. Hemming will provide the ideal fit for your body shape and make the jeans a more fashionable alternative.

Tips For Wearing Flared JeansTips For Wearing Flared Jeans

If you’re in the market for a brand new style of flared denim, there are some guidelines you can follow to ensure they are comfortable and look great. This includes wearing them with various tops as well as outerwear and shoes.

Make sure you are in harmony with your proportions.

Flared jeans can increase the volume of your lower part; therefore, it is important to maintain a balance in your proportions by selecting clothes that fit or that can be tucked in your pants. This will create an even and balanced look.

Select the appropriate pair of shoes.

Shoes can distinguish between a good and bad look for your jeans. Make sure to choose carefully. Platform shoes or high heels can help you lengthen your legs, creating a more balanced appearance with flats or sneakers. Converse will provide a more casual appearance. Avoid wearing too bulky or heavy shoes, as they will overwhelm the flared jean style.

Opt for a high-waisted

The high-waisted flared jeans highlight your waistline and give you an elongated appearance. This type of style is more flattering for women with an extended torso. It is perfect for tucking in the tops of your clothes or for wearing crop tops.

Try different tops

Jeans with flares are great to wear with various tops, including crop tops and blouses. Do not be afraid to experiment with different types of tops to discover the ideal combination for your style. If you want to wear a casual style, wear those flares with a plain shirt or crop top. You can pair the flared pants with blouses or sweaters for a more formal style.


The addition of a statement necklace to your jeans can add more sparkle and add some excitement. A large statement necklace, dangle earrings, and bracelets are great choices. Also, you can add additional interest by adding an eye-catching ring or interesting scarf.

Choose the best for you.

When picking your flared jeans, you need to choose the appropriate size. Choose a comfortable pair between your hips and waist that allows enough space in the calf and thigh areas to accommodate the flare. Don’t wear skinny flared trousers that appear tight as they can make them uncomfortable and unflattering.

Confidence is key

Also, confidence is crucial when it comes to wearing flared jeans. So whatever style or cut you pick, dress your flared jeans confidently and appreciate the retro-chic style they give to your look.

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To create a refined look, go for an oversized button-down or cami. Both are simple to take off and put on and look great when worn with flared pants. They can also be dressed up by tucking your top into the pants and securing it with a belt.

Flared jeans can be worn with a range of tops and tops, but they can be especially flattering for women with hourglass or pear figures. They provide a slimming appearance to your body and help you balance your body shape.

The correct length could be the difference in picking the right flared jeans. The ideal length will be cuffed at the ankles so they don’t drag onto the ground. Additionally, they should not go above the knee.

If you wear skinny jeans with small flares, they won’t provide your legs with the extra length and lift they were designed to provide. If you also wear too big clothes, they’ll slide across the floor and make you appear sloppy.

Flared jeans are also a great option to wear in the winter if they’re styled appropriately. It is possible to do this by pairing the pair with sweaters and coats or layering an overcoat of denim. You could also put on an ankle-high boot to give you extra warmth.


What do you wear with bell bottoms jeans?

Put them on with a blousy tank or a graphic tee. Add a denim jacket or a long, lightweight cardigan for colour. White flared jeans look better on me than merely a pair of white skinny jeans or white shorts and are perfect for summer ensembles.

What body type do bell bottoms look good on?

Weight is typically carried on the hips, thighs, and rear of a pear-shaped lady. The finest pants for this body shape are wide flare pants or bell-bottoms. It’s best to wear styles that are well-suited to your pear shape at the butt, thighs, and all the way down to the middle of your knees.

Do bell bottom jeans look good on thick thighs?

Wider flares or bell-bottoms look great on women who are heavier in the hips, thighs, and back. In the butt, thighs, and all the way down to the middle of your knees, look for fits that are form-fitting. Aim for a bell that is larger, stretches out, and nearly covers your shoes.

What is the purpose of bell bottom jeans?

Cotton fibres that can hold air and swell when wet are used to make the material for the pants. The bell-bottomed trousers can be easily taken off in the water without taking off shoes in the event that a sailor falls overboard or needs to depart ship without a life jacket.

Are bell bottom jeans fashionable?

Yes, the 2020s have revived fashions from the 1970s, when bell bottoms and flare jeans were particularly popular among women. In general, pear-shaped and hourglass shapes look best in flared jeans because they balance the hips and thighs.

What is the difference flared jeans and bell bottoms?

Bell Bottoms have a bell form fitting from the knee down. Flares are tighter at the hem and loosen as they approach the mid-calf region. There are many different versions, but this distinction ought to be useful.