How To Style Cardigan Men’s?

How To Style Cardigan Men’s?

How To Style Cardigan Men’s?

Cardigans are knitted pieces with an open front and are one of the most versatile outerwear choices. It is a great choice to wear with anything from a stylish shirt, jeans, T-shirt, high-waisted jeans, or pencil skirts. The trick is to consider the proportions and experiment with different lengths.

What Is A Cardigan?

Although the word “cardigan” can cover many types, it primarily refers to a knitted sweater that can be opened at the front. Ideal as a simple jacket in the fall or as an essential layering piece in colder months. Cardigans were made to keep you warm while looking elegant. The classic design is available in various styles and makes this staple of the wardrobe suitable for every occasion. Although it isn’t considered trendy or intriguing, it’s well-equipped to add a refined and fashionable look to your outfits.

How Should A Cardigan Fit?

The right style for your cardigan will depend on the look you’re hoping to create. If you want a casual or relaxed look, go for a loose-fitting style. If you’re looking for a more professional look, think about slim-fitting cardigans that gently hug your body. Whatever style you’re after, You should always select an appropriate cardigan for your measurements; otherwise, the proportions might look odd.

4 Types Of Cardigans4 Types Of Cardigans

As mentioned earlier, a cardigan could refer to various unique designs. From loosely shaped longline silhouettes to large cable knits to dapper button-ups and sophisticated collars for shawls, a straightforward cardigan can be found in many styles. Although these designs may be classified similarly, each style is distinct and can add a distinctive design to your overall look. Therefore, the type of cardigan you pick is a crucial choice that will surely impact the overall look of your outfit.

1- Longline Cardigan

The longline style is the perfect choice for casual events. The long design of a longline sweater creates a casual look that is perfect for casual styles. Because the style is typically available in light knit fabrics, it’s also the perfect transitional piece to wear between autumn and spring. You can try it by wearing skinny black jeans and a comfortable T-shirt.

2- Shawl Collar Cardigan

The shawl collar is a turned-down collar, which is typically seen on cardigans. Most designs with a shawl collar are typically more substantial and bulkier than other styles, making it the perfect choice for cold days. Because of this extra weight and the collar’s shape, these styles tend to look polished and elegant. Consider pairing one with black denim or a casual button-up for a casual and stylish look.

3- Button-Up Cardigan

A button-up cardigan can be one of the most well-known available styles. If styled correctly, the button-up cardigan will look elegant and stylish. However, to keep it modern and masculine, go for a slim, well-fitted look with simple buttons. A cardigan, for instance, will look more formal, and you might want to wear it with an elegant suit.

4- Chunky Knit Cardigan

In addition to making you feel warm, A chunky knit cardigan can create an elegant casual style. You can simply put it on over things from your regular outfit for the weekend, and you’ll be able to create an attractive outfit. When choosing a big cardigan, don’t hesitate to select styles that create an impression. Cable knit patterns, longline designs, and distinctive fastenings are all things to look at.

How To Style A Cardigan – Style & Fashion Guide 2023How To Style A Cardigan - Style & Fashion Guide 2023

Earl of Cardigan Blah blah blah 19th-century sleep… It’s time to skip this history lesson and tell you we’re back with cardigans. Thanks to the huge silhouettes of fashion-forward Raf Simons, the A$AP Rocky in Gucci, and the ghosts of Kurt Cobain, whose grungy vintage style has come to the forefront of fashion.

Despite the endorsements from such fashion gurus, the most elegant cardigans can still be a frightener for some men, especially when compared with other snazzy jumper styles, such as cable knits or roll necks. Therefore, we’ve developed 21st-century style tips that ensure you don’t emit the impression of a granddad. For instance, take your empty Werther’s Originals wrappers out of your pockets.

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This isn’t your father’s advice on how to dress in cardigans. It certainly isn’t his father’s. So instead, use these suggestions to make your scent more like teenage spirit rather than Old Spice. Mothballs, or moths.

Grown-Up Grange

Without the help of Kurt Cobain, it would be extremely difficult to be rebellious wearing an oversized cardigan. But, of course, it wasn’t a deliberate choice by him – Kurt Cobain was not a fan of fashion, and his appearance was more a result of thrift shops that kept Seattle’s grunge youngsters warm.

Suppose you don’t want to appear like you’re in your drummer’s mom’s basement. In that case, this appearance (partly popularized by hip-hop’s finest males) is more tidy and clean. Keep Cobain’s longlined cardigan and search for a few other points of attraction – like mottled wool, a ribbed texture, or pared-back patterns. Wear it with an unadorned t-shirt or cotton shirt. Below, denim with a wider leg or a cropped pair of trousers can enhance the look. However, if you prefer denim, you can never go wrong.

Normcore Creative

A certain type of person demonstrates their talent by wearing clothes that don’t appear to be very creative. It’s quite meta. If you’re one of those who loves a basic merino cardigan, it could become the foundation for your closet. The style is sleek, more grandad-like, a more mid-century, but not many textures and no patterns.

To make it more interesting:

  • Keep the tones muted or muted, and experiment with proportions.
  • Dress your top in fitted, cropped trousers. The more pronounced break around your waist will create the length of your cardigan an attractive focus area.
  • Finish with a pair of unflashy and normal core-friendly shoes.

A pair of sensible Derbies are a perfect choice.


If you want to remove the fuzzy-duddy from the cardigan, look no further than the Italians who faithfully dress it up as a stylish and sophisticated mid-layer. The style of sprezzatura is all about being elegant and well-dressed but with unique details that make the ensemble one of a kind. So, naturally, a cardigan for men will help.

Wear it over a blazer or under a blazer to create an outfit that few consider. Then use the tonal palette to convey that you are aware of how to dress. Creams and browns directly from your grandfather’s closet are the most appropriate shades to wear with casual clothing in mocha and grey. Don’t forget the Shawl collar. Buono.

The Great Outdoors (In The City)The Great Outdoors (In The City)

The men’s cardigan is one of the unnoticed heroes among clothes that are layered, tucked away in the middle, and often out of sight. Instead, make it your main piece in colder temperatures, just as you would with a cable-knit sweater or fisherman’s knit. If done correctly, It’s warm and functional outdoor gear designed to be stylish and suitable for city life.

Maintain the cable-knit look and wear it with T-shirts and check shirts or even a lighter-thickness cardigan (every new layer should be thicker than the previous one, keep in mind). Add an overcoat or a parka over it when the conditions call for it.

You can also maintain the back-to-nature look without looking like an old-fashioned lumberjack at a fancy-dress event. Keep it simple with earthy hues like stone, green, and brown. Then, you can finish the look with durable and not overly rugged boots. Put them away at the woodshed, using a cutting.


One thing your grandfather said about sweaters was that they’re the perfect attire for binge-watching. The Netflix generation is wearing the cardigan for loungewear and paired with joggers, lazy t-shirts, and layering of knitwear but with smart designs all over the place. Of course, nobody watching your Instagram post should notice any cereal-based stains.

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The style you’re looking for is well-groomed. The style of the cardigan should be clean, but it also can appear loose and lack structure. Keep it simple with casual tones such as grey and heather, and when you must go out to get supplies, opt for low-key sneakers and a beanie.

Business Casual

The blame is on Mark Zuckerberg; blame dress-down Fridays, but the office dress is no longer boring and boring. Likely, it will never happen again. However, suppose your HR department isn’t convinced that your beloved Stussy hoodie is suitable for work. In that case, it’s possible to meet them halfway with a perfect cardigan made of fine gauge.

Wear one over a blazer to make it a casual option to wear a waistcoat if the temperature is at its peak, or just leave the jacket at home and put it on over an untucked button-down tucked into jeans. Even if you wear a tie in the tie box, the cardigan gives you the perfect excuse to wear your footwear casually. Take those Oxfords to the side and put on some loafers or sneakers with a minimalist design instead.

The Best Cardigans For MenThe Best Cardigans For Men

Ralph Lauren

What’s a sweater without being the ultimate of preppy outfit essentials? So what exactly does it mean by Polo Ralph Lauren, if not the best Ivy League style outfitter on the planet green Earth?

Ralph Lauren, the New York mainstay, has spent the past 40-plus years securing an established position as the preferred brand for clothes you’ll need to wear to greet your new love’s parents and maintain your fashion qualifications throughout the process. So while cardigans might only be a tiny piece in the whole, they’re the ones Ralph Lauren places with surgical accuracy.


The most sought-after high street store for kids of normcore and Scandi minimalists. Cos has a lot of minimalist colors and boxy styles. The design is reflected in knitwear, with cardigans that tend to be slim cut, cropped, traditional, longline, and wooly. They are almost always grey or black.

John Smedley

We’ve already said it, and we’ll say it once more: If it’s good enough to be used in 007’s films, it’s good enough for the rest of us. The heritage British knitwear brand John Smedley is well known for spinning the best cashmere and merino yarns available in every country. When we say land, we’re talking about Scotland: the home of undisputed quality of everything woolly. Look for fine-gauge yarns, unmatched quality, and attention to detail. Standard of excellence that is backed by everybody, right from Bond and the Beatles. Do you think it’s possible to get superior to this? It’s hard to say.


When Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain was alive today and was alive today, where would he find his sweaters? It’s not our business to claim to know; however, should we have to guess an idea, we’d likely pick All Saints.

The East London favorite is famous for its grungy look and the countless vintage sewing machines that are a part of all the outposts that span from London up to New York City. So they’re not surprised that they’ve been relegated to window displays. The machines have been working hard to create the most luxurious slouchy sweaters. Did you think a knitted button-up wouldn’t represent the definition of rock and roll? Consider it again.


It’s probably where your dad shops, but don’t make the mistake of writing a popular British brand on your shopping list when looking for office-appropriate, high-end knitwear. There are slim-fitting, shape-flattering sweaters for sale at affordable costs. Although, if you’re seeking a bold piece that has prints and patterns, this might not be the right choice. If you’re looking for something subtle that could be worn under a button-down shirt or underneath a jacket, Next has certainly provided you with the right piece.


The Swedes are the top in low-key, high-end clothes, right? But, the Japanese are also adept at the best basics. The only difference is that Uniqlo’s selections give you enough money to buy some Ikea meatballs …or a bowl of ramen.

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The high-street chain from Nippon has spent the last couple of years unleashing a massive assault on the world’s high street, and knitwear is among its most potent weapons. From lambswool in fine gauge for less than the cost of a round of drinks to cashmere that will not let your pockets the store – Uniqlo has it all.

Fred Perry

The cardigan, a simple item, established its status as an iconic fashion piece of clothing. But did you know that it’s been a part of several fashion subcultures? Alongside Vespa scooters, tailored suits, tailored suits, or parka coats, essential knit is also an integral part of the modern era.

You don’t need become Paul Weller to know that Fred Perry is one of the most famous names in the business in this type of thing. So make sure you get your French crop brylcreemed to perfection, and then hop on your moped and put one of these beauties on for a complete look.


Rewind 10 years back. You’re walking down the mall wearing your indie drainpipes, high heels, and a waistcoat to purchase an oversized cardigan. What do you do? Were you ever really as a teenager if you didn’t answer anything other than “Topman”?

Perhaps not. However, the British fashion house is preferred for indie-inspired knitted button-throughs. Expect unbeatable variety, fair costs, and body-hugging cuts all the time.


We said that Scotland is the most sacred home of knitwear of the highest quality. If you don’t believe us, just look at the works of Inverallan to get all the proof you might require.

This iconic brand was founded as an outfitter of Scotland’s brave fishermen. Skillful locals have knitted its products over a long time. Suppose you’re committed to your clothes and believe in the “buy less, but better” principle. In that case, Inverallan is the only destination to visit.


It’s not surprising that the Spanish fast-fashion giant makes lots of cardigans. At the most affordable prices, you’ll find them anywhere. Look for sexy, chunky knits that are sprezzatura-friendly or grungy longline options you can wear with your black jeans.


What should men wear with a cardigan?

There are several possibilities when determining what to put underneath a men’s cardigan. They all make great fashion partners, whether it’s with chinos and jeans or T-shirts and button-ups. Cardigans can easily add warmth or improve your appearance whether worn as an outer or middle layer.

What shirts go with cardigans men?

Even while you can experiment with turtlenecks and other tops, it’s preferable to stick with T-shirts and button-up shirts. You’ll look your best in these looks and be prepared for any situation. (You could even wear a tie under your cardigan for an even more polished appearance.)

What kind of shirt to wear under a cardigan?

V-Necks, Scoop Necks, and Crewnecks. Under a cardigan, crewnecks, v-necks, and scoop necks look great. It is easy and fashionable to layer a cardigan over a plain long-sleeved shirt or a sweater.

What shoes to wear with a cardigan men?

You can put on any kind of footwear, including loafers, boots, and even sneakers. All of them will look fantastic in an OCBD and cardigan sweater.

Does a cardigan go with jeans?

For a contemporary style, choose monochrome and tuck a cardigan into your pants. With high-waisted jeans, a striking cardigan with puffy sleeves looks wonderfully stylish. With those timeless jeans, a cardigan worn as a top is always a winner. A vibrant cardigan is a surefire way to draw attention.

Do cardigans look professional?

Cardigans. Cardigans are informal sweaters, which may surprise you to see it here. They’re not appropriate for business situations, despite looking nice with dress shirts or dress slacks.