How To Style An Undercut?

How To Style An Undercut?

How To Style An Undercut?

An undercut is a bold and edgy hairstyle for both men and women that involves shaving or closely cutting the hair on one side or the back of the head. The undercut is a modern take on a classic men’s hairstyle, one of the most versatile styles. It has a timeless appeal and has been worn by celebrities from Brad Pitt to David Beckham.

A short undercut can work to great effect on wavy or curly strands. In addition, the shaved part can take away some of the weight, making your tresses look easier to style and manage.

1. Clean Fade Or Taper

If you want a clean and sophisticated look, a fade can be a good choice. This hairstyle complements all types of face shapes and hair textures. It also gives your hair structure and contrasts with the hair on top of the head.

A fade is a popular cut that changes the length of your hair around the head. It can also be combined with other haircuts to create a unique look.

Fade cuts can be low, mid, or high, and a barber can help you determine which is best for your face shape and the style you want. They’ll also consider your lifestyle and how much time you have to spend styling your hair.

To clean up the fade, grab a regular comb (preferably white or dark for light or dark hair) and angle it at a 45-degree angle to the line. Next, comb it upward toward the top of the head.

You can run the clippers over this comb to clean up the fade line and surrounding area. This will make the shaved hair look more even and smooth.

Another popular option is a slicked-back taper fade. This haircut blends the long hair on the top of the head with short hair on the sides. It’s a great option for men who want to look trendy but don’t have much free time to style their hair.

With the right grooming products and cuts, you can add texture and volume to your undercut. Keeping your hair healthy and well-groomed is important because it can make or break the style.

2. Side Part2. Side Part

One of the simplest yet most effective ways to make an undercut look even more sophisticated is by styling it with a side part. Aside from enhancing your facial features, the versatile style can work for any face shape.

It is a great choice for women with thin hair, allowing them to experiment with different looks. You can choose to shave the sides or let them grow out. It is perfect for chin-length to long hair and will be easy to manage when you want to switch up your style.

Another way to make a side part pop is by coloring the shorter hair on the side. Again, you can go with a light color or try something bolder. Darker colors are best for women with darker skin tones, while lighter colors look better against light complexions.

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You can also add a fade near the temples for depth and contrast. This will give your look a unique touch and can be paired with a slicked back or a pompadour.

To get this look, apply a volumizing spray throughout the hair and spritz it a few times on the sides to tame flyaways. Next, use a boar bristle brush to smooth the sides and create a soft part.

This edgy and sophisticated look would work well with a spiky beard. It is also a good choice for men with a receding hairline.

3. Slicked Back

An edgy and rebellious style, a slicked-back undercut is an understated yet stylish way to show off your masculinity. The style has a slick-and-sharp look that suits most hair types and can be worn in many different styles and lengths.

Slicked-back hairstyles are also easy to maintain and can be a great alternative to the usual blowout. To keep your slicked back look neat, use a wide-tooth comb when styling and ensure your hair is combed backward, away from the face, and close to the scalp.

Another great way to create a slicked-back undercut look is by experimenting with the shape of your part. For example, you can try a side part like this — it looks sharp and defined and flattering on most face shapes.

Add volume to your slicked-back undercut by adding sea salt spray and a flexible hold product to your locks. This will ensure you can reshape your part throughout the day without worrying about the hairstyle falling flat.

The best slicked-back hairstyles are easy to achieve and can be worn in various ways. They’re also an affordable and simple way to make a big style statement with a slick and sleek look that will complement most hair types.

The slicked-back undercut can be paired with many different haircuts and layered for a more dramatic look. It’s a great option for guys who want to keep their hair short but don’t want to look too clean-cut. A slicked-back undercut is also the perfect choice for men with a lot of textured or curly hair.

4. Pompadour

Pompadours are a classic men’s hairstyle that has re-emerged as an ultra-modern trend. They are also a great way to show off your personality and style.

Typically, pompadours are long and voluminous. However, you can easily style a shorter version that will still make a statement.

To achieve this look:

  1. Wash your hair to remove any dirt or product residue.
  2. Apply a strong-hold wet-finish hair product to the lengths of your hair near the part.
  3. Use your fingers to distribute the product evenly throughout the hair, and then comb it into place with a comb.

After styling your hair, use a brush to blow-dry it smoothly. Repeat this process until you have a shiny, sleek hairstyle.

Once you’ve achieved your desired results, you can add texture to your hair with a simple spray of a soft textured hair product. The spiky texture will create volume and draw attention to your style.

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Another option is to tame your kinks and curls with a flat iron. This is a good option for guys with naturally wavy hair.

Hair dye is one of the most popular ways to rock a pompadour. This will add a vibrant pop of color to your hairstyle and will help to enhance the overall appearance.

In addition to coloring your hair, you can add a fade or taper to your undercut for added contrast. The fade will allow your swept-back hair to offset the large proportions of the pompadour, and it will help to soften its appearance.

Another variation of the swept-back pompadour is to comb your hair over the part instead of combing it up and back. Again, this is a creative way to create a modern look that can be stylish and easy to maintain.

5. Blowout

If you’re ready to try a new look, plenty of undercut styles will work with any type of hair. The key is to find one that complements your style and aesthetic.

If you have straight hair, consider opting for a modern slicked-back undercut that looks sleek and polished. Then, simply blow dry your hair and style it with pomade or gel for a sharp and dapper look that is easy to maintain.

You can try a mid-fade undercut for wavy or curly hair that emphasizes your natural texture. To do this, ask your stylist for a taper on the sides of your head and then follow the natural texture as you dry your hair.

You may even consider throwing in a few layered braids on top to create a contrasting effect, but make sure the braids are disconnected, so they don’t clash with your undercut.

This style is a great choice for women who want to make a statement without looking overly edgy. It also works well with a variety of facial shapes.

Undercuts can be a bit tricky to maintain, however. Generally, you’ll need to schedule a trip to the barber every three to four weeks to neaten up your short sides.

Use shampoo and conditioner specifically designed for this style to keep your undercut hairstyle from fading and becoming greasy. For example, L’Oreal Professionnel Absolut Repair 10 in 1 Oil is a lightweight serum that moisturizes strands while creating an enviable shine.

You can also try a leave-in styling spray designed for your undercut style. For a natural-looking finish, brush your hair after applying the product and then blow-dry it to set the style.

Six Ideas On How To Style An Undercut:

  1. Sleek and slicked-back: Use a strong-hold hair gel or pomade to slick the hair back for a classic and sophisticated look. You can also use a comb to create a sharp part on the side of the head with the undercut.
  2. Textured and messy: Use a texturizing spray or dry shampoo to create a messy and tousled look. You can use your fingers to style the hair and add some extra texture.
  3. Side-swept: Style the hair on top of your head in a side-swept manner using a hairdryer and a round brush. You can tuck the hair on the undercut behind your ear for a more dramatic look.
  4. Mohawk: Use a hair clipper to shave the sides of your head completely and leave the hair on top longer. Style the longer hair on top in a mohawk style for a punk-inspired look.
  5. Braided: Braid the hair on top of your head and pin it back for a more feminine and bohemian-inspired look. Add accessories like a headband or hair clips to complete the look.
  6. Faux hawk: Style the hair on top of your head in a faux hawk style by spiking it with strong-hold hair gel or wax. You can also use a comb to create a sharp part on the side of the head with the undercut.
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These are just a few ideas to get you started, but the possibilities are endless when styling an undercut. Experiment with different styles and have fun!


How can I tell if an undercut haircut is right for me?

Many different face shapes and hair types can be styled with an undercut haircut. However, if you want to know if the haircut is right for you, it’s best to talk to a hairstylist. They can help you figure out the best length for your top layer of hair and where to put your undercut to match your features.

Can my undercut hair be dyed?

Yes! You can dye your hair with an undercut, but the longer hair on top may show the color more clearly than the shorter hair in the undercut area. You can dye the entire head and use the undercut as a subtle detail, or you can use it to create a fun contrasting color.

How can I enhance the feminine appearance of my undercut?

You can accessorize with hair clips, headbands, or ribbons to make your undercut look more feminine. You can also add soft waves or curls to the top layer of your hair. To give your look more depth, you can also play around with different highlights or colors for your hair.

Before getting an undercut, what factors should I consider?

Consider the upkeep required to keep the cut looking its best before getting one. To maintain the length, you will need to touch up the undercut frequently, and the top layer of hair may require more styling than usual. Consider the dress code of your workplace as well, as undercuts might not be appropriate in every professional setting.

What are some popular female undercut hairstyles?

The classic slicked-back look, messy and textured styles, half-shaved designs, and asymmetrical cuts are all popular undercut hairstyles for women. For the undercut area, you can also play around with various lengths and shapes, such as a V-shape, a side undercut, or a nape undercut.