How To Style A High-Top Sneakers?

How To Style A High-Top Sneakers?

How To Style A High-Top Sneakers?

You can pair them in chinos, jeans, or maybe even shorts (if you opt for the shorter way, choose loose-fitting shirts and baggy pants). High tops with jeans are a typical weekend look, and it’s a breeze to dress them incorrectly. Simply wear some blue-washed denim and a crew neck t-shirt or a two-tone denim shirt.

How to Wear High Tops?

High-tops have seen an appearance. The trend was first noticed back in the 80s; the high-top sneaker has come back with a variety of styles, colors, and brands. The shoe has also become more upscale, with brands such as Isabel Marant, Viktor & Rolf, and Michael Kors making their high-tops. High tops can be challenging to pull off since they’re so dominating. But, when paired with the appropriate outfit, high tops can make a statement and make you appear unique, stylish, trendy, and fashionable.

1- Deciding on High Tops

Be aware of the design you’d like to adopt.

What kind of sneaker do you prefer to put on: either thick or thin? A thin high-top is similar to a pair of Converse sneakers, constructed of a thin fabric that, once put on and rests comfortably against the leg. An example of a high-quality version is the Nike Air Force 1 or Reebok Freestyle, which is wide at the ankle and has more bulk. The problem with high-quality sneakers made of thin material is that if laced tightly towards the top, they could make your ankles appear uncomfortable and small. With larger-sized sneakers, remember that the shoes may cause your foot to appear bigger than they are.

Consider what brands you are drawn to

What brand have you bought before? Which brand is not just good but is also comfortable for your feet? Converse? Nike? Reebok? Do you want to dress up and sport Raf Simons Michael Kors or Isabel Marant sneakers? The most important aspect to consider when purchasing high-tops is ensuring they fit well. It may sound like a trivial thing. However, it’s quite easy to make the wrong size or the fit wrong, particularly when buying online.

Consider carefully the shade you’d like to use.

Consider what suits your style and the items in your closet that match yours. As with many things, high-tops look the best when they are minimalist. Black is the ideal and most secure option for women and men, such as Reebok Classic Black High-tops. Keep in mind that black can be worn with anything. The best alternative is white or another block color such as navy, red, etc. Small injections of color can be enjoyable; you want your outfit to reflect your style.

Make sure to keep the injections of color limited to a single color. If you’re planning to go for a vibrant color, then the effect of the style is entirely on the surroundings of your outfit. If you’re gazing at the pair of shoes that appear to be Skittles, take a break for a moment. You may like the hue. However, you must be thinking about whether the color is suitable for you, matches your outfit, and can wear for a long time. Fun colors look fantastic; however, they can become boring.

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2- Wearing High Tops

Wear skinny jeans and high tops.

This look is stylish and modern and is suitable for both genders, as skinny jeans are a favorite for both! Pair your skinny jeans or other tights or skinny pants with sneakers. If, for instance, your jeans are black, you should wear colored high tops. If you’re wearing bright jeans, you might want to consider the more subdued choice. As an overall rule, do not wear Converse in the identical color to those jeans (unless you’re wearing black since the black color is a classic, basic shade). This design highlights your shoes and emphasizes the lower portion of your attire.

Wear pants with a wider leg when paired with thin high tops.

Dress in your Converse or a similar shoe in long pants at the bottom. Allow some skin to peek out between your shoes and pants to ensure that your body proportions are correct. This look is a great choice for women! For men, wearing tight pants with high tops is not recommended. Combining baggy paints with high tops creates an unflattering look that makes men appear sloppy and unclean instead of fashionable. Men should instead wear their high-tops with easy-going skinny or straight jeans, a stylish T-shirt, and an open cardigan (preferably in the same hue as the high-tops).

The bottoms of the jeans should be rolled to create a little volume to balance the shoes.

This is a lovely spring and summer look that can be worn by women and men, especially in light of the latest fashion trends that have seen a rise in the popularity of cropped pants. Make sure that you do not have visible socks visible out. Cropping and rolling the pants help concentrate attention on the shoes while showing off a bit of ankle. This style is best when you wear clean, stylish sneakers in a single color.

Wear your sneakers with a stylish look.Wear your sneakers with a stylish look.

For women, you can wear skirts or dresses with high-heeled sneakers. This is a fantastic woman’s style that will show off your legs and make them appear tall and slim. It’s ideal for pairing your shoes with clunkier dresses or skirts. Since the shoe is heavy, it stands on its own and typically will look best with tights that are too loose or baggy to compete with it. You should avoid skirts or dresses with slim high tops. Sometimes this style can look slightly outdated. Consider skater girls like Avril Lavigne circa 2003. Put on socks when you wear high tops. Men can elevate their high-tops but not necessarily with skirts in most instances. A well-fitted trench coat looks stylish and modern when paired with appropriate high tops. Ensure you don’t appear like you’re in the movie “The Breakfast Club”!

Wear shorts and high tops to create a summer-ready look.

This is a good choice for guys who might be uncomfortable wearing sandals and shorts during the summertime. For women, wearing shorts with high-top sneakers is trendy and, in turn, emphasizes their figure and legs!

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Laces should be tied.

This is one of the main facets of wearing high-tops as fashion statements. You’re trying to appear cool and not appear as a slob who cannot get the shoes.

How To Wear High-tops With Jeans?

The high-tops and jeans look are one of the classic casual outfits you can find. Fashionable without being ostentatious This is a great option for a cup of coffee or a stroll. Pick a classic high-top design like a white or black Chuck Taylor and pair them with timeless denim. For this look, it’s impossible to pass up an a-line pair of blue Levi 501s. Add a touch of class with a plain crew-neck t-shirt in black or white.

If you’re looking for something more creative than a simple shirt, jeans and a denim shirt are an ideal pairing, particularly when paired with brightly colored high tops or white. Consider wearing contrasting denim and shirts (black or indigo) and style the pair with a different shoe.

With the typically slim silhouette of high tops, you should offset them with looser-fitting jeans. Select slim or boot-cut styles to ensure your attire doesn’t look over-heavy, and also style by cuffing the ankle. A slender cut can bring back an era not so long ago, like the early 00s boy band Do not go there.

How To Wear High-tops With Chinos?

Chinos are usually regarded as the casual dress code. However, they can be considered streetwear as well. When paired with high tops, it creates a stylish style that is a bit more mainstream and elevates your typical jeans and tee combination.

When it comes to style, go to be more sophisticated urban. Choose navy or beige chinos paired with the polo shirt or stripe Oxford. Don’t tie the shirt, and tie the chinos in a cuff to showcase your high tops. This is the ideal outfit for brunch or any other casual weekend activity.

In terms of fit, the same guidelines apply to jeans for this. You should consider slim or classic fitting instead of a super-skinny look. It’s more appealing and will help you express that timeless but street-style look.

How To Wear High-tops With Shorts?

It’s easy to think I’m crazy for mentioning shorts and high tops together in one sentence. While it isn’t the easiest fashion to achieve, done right, this outfit looks stunning.

The main thing to remember is to experiment with proportion. Since high tops typically fit closer to the feet, they look best juxtaposed with loose shorts as well as a plethora of shirts and tees. Invoking the 90s skater look This outfit is a great way to freshen it up by selecting neutral colors and top-quality fabrics.

Check out stockists like Venroy as well as Bassike for a variety of easy-to-match styles that work well with traditional high-tops from companies like Converse as well as Springcourt.

How To Wear High-tops Formally?

Contrary to popular belief that high-tops are only for casual outfits. Since the early 2000s, designers have been creating premium options that go perfectly with jeans as they do with a suit.

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The trick is to find the appropriate ensemble for your event. For formal occasions (i.e., black tie), High-top sneakers could be the ideal opportunity to play around with high-low attire. Make sure you have a well-tailored shirt and a cropped pair of pants (there’s nothing worse than pants hanging around your ankles because they’re stuck on the rim of your sneakers). Wear high-end shoes with darker hues that include Christian Louboutin or Giuseppe Zanotti. Explore textures and features like studs or glitters to add some glam.

For casual occasions (think cocktail gatherings), it is possible to get even more striking in your high-top fashion. A black pair of jeans paired with a blazer or t-shirt is a great look when paired with statement high tops with a pattern from a place like Dior Homme.

How To Wear High-tops With Activewear?

It’s easy to overlook that high tops were initially created as athletic shoes. Nowadays, they are an ideal match for an updated take on sportswear, particularly in an athleisure outfit.

Great for leisurely weekend strolls (but not recommended for hard-core workouts), High-tops look stunning when worn with slim tracksuit pants, a black tee, and a quilted gilet. Opt for a chunky retro pair of shoes (think Nike Airforce Ones) or a more traditional canvas style to finish the style.

High tops and workout shorts can also create a powerful and bolder style, even if it’s a little bolder. Make sure your outfit is unicolor, pairing your shorts with a gray t-shirt and black high-tops made of canvas to maximize impact.


Are high-top sneakers in style 2023?

According to stylist Stephanie Valponi, “high-top sneakers are slipping right into 2023 as the perfect shoe to put together any look—no matter your style.” With a beautiful pair of high tops, you can rock any outfit, whether it’s romantic florals or an edgy moto jacket.

What color sneakers go with everything?

Because they go with everything, including all colours, patterns, and prints, neutral-colored shoes are great. In this situation, it’s better to stay with neutrals like black, white, cream, beige, brown, and grey or take a risk and go for blue, which is also regarded as neutral.

Are low tops or high tops better?

In particular, two of the most recent investigations discovered no differences between high- and low-tops in the ankle turn and the jumping and landing up-and-down action. The first study found that high-tops may even increase the risk of a sprain by delaying the muscle’s response to an ankle turn.

What shoes make you look rich?

High heels may give you a refined appearance while also providing elegance and style. This is what? Designer sneakers are the second class of nice footwear that frequently gives women an affluent appearance. Luxury labels like Gucci, Prada, and Louis Vuitton are included in this look.

What jeans go best with high tops?

Given that they are in the thin fit design, you can wear straight, ripped, or even cropped jeans with high tops. High tops don’t go well with baggy pants, especially ones with longer lengths.