How To Style An Undercut Female?

How To Style An Undercut Female?

How To Style An Undercut Female?

An undercut is a bold and edgy hairstyle for women that involves shaving or closely cutting the hair on one side or the back of the head. If you’re looking for an edgy hairstyle that can be worn discreetly, consider getting an undercut. It’s easy to style and can be worn differently for various face shapes.

To help you find the perfect cut for your style, we’ve rounded up 30 of our favorite undercuts for women! From a classic pixie to an ultra-modern mid-fade, these will surely give you a head-turning look.

Style It Down

If you’re looking for a way to make a bold statement with your short hair, you might want to consider getting an undercut. This hairstyle is a great way to showcase a small section of your hair while still keeping the rest of your tresses voluminous and soft.

You can style your undercut in a few different ways to suit your personality and lifestyle. However, you’ll first need to choose a style that complements your face shape and natural features.

For instance, if you have a round face and a narrow jaw, you might want to stick to a shorter undercut that will help draw attention to your face. Or, if you have a long face and a large forehead, you might want to go for a longer undercut that will give you a more angular look.

Another option is to try a creative tattoo design that adds character to your undercut. You can also use glitter powder to accessorize your design and make it more eye-catching.

The final option is to dye your undercut boldly, making it a statement piece in your hairdo. In the summer, you can choose pink and green tones to make your undercut stand out; in winter, go with purple, blue, and black.

Regardless of what you choose, you can be sure that your undercut will look unique and bold! But, of course, you’ll also have plenty of opportunities to show off your new haircut in various updos.

Style It UpStyle It Up

If you’re looking for a way to style your undercut hair, there are plenty of options. Some are more casual than others, and all of them can help you show off your new short hair in a way that suits you best.

One of the simplest ways to style an undercut is by comb-covering your strands. The only product you need is a pea-sized amount of medium-hold hair gel, and the result will be a stylish updo that you can wear confidently.

Another simple way to style your undercut is by adding a touch of color. If you have a trendy shade that you love, try pairing it with a striking undercut for an edgy and modern look.

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If you’re more into a subtle change, try going for a symmetrical design on the sides and back of your head. The neat geometric lines and distinct partings will give off a strong, sassier vibe, especially when paired with the right colors.

You can also go for a hidden undercut that features a tattoo pattern. These designs are all the rage these days, and they’re perfect for those who want to break away from the classic image of a hidden undercut.

These patterns will spruce up your style in a big way. Plus, they’ll help you avoid looking too static or boring. If you’re not up for a shaved tattoo, consider a flower-like pattern, which can also be a nice option.

Style It Sideways

To get the most out of your undercut, it’s important to choose a stylist with a well-rounded portfolio. It also helps to ensure your hair is dry before slicing, dicing, and spitting your locks into oblivion. Luckily, this galaxy has plenty of undercut-slashing and spitting experts. So whether you’re looking for the best hair in the club or just trying to get your tresses into shape, these savvy hair stylists are ready to help you look your best no matter what you’re after. The best part? If you’re on the go, they have many mobile services at your disposal!

Style It In A Bun

A bun is a great way to showcase a stylish undercut and is an easy style for women with long hair. You can also add a few accessories to make it even more eye-catching.

The first way to do this is by coloring the undercut with a bold fashion color. Try something like a smoky purple or silvery gray. These colors are in vogue this year and will make your undercut pop!

Another way to spice up your undercut is to add a stripe or two on the sides. These stripes will add texture to your undercut and can even be customized to match your personality.

You can also add an intricate design that will show up in the mirror! This beauty’s mermaid locks feature a tattoo that can be hidden or put on display by sweeping her hair up into a bun.

The most exciting thing about undercuts is that they can be very personal. So you can use this opportunity to showcase your wild side and edgy personality!

Style It In A Ponytail.

A ponytail can be a good way to conceal your undercut and give it a feminine touch. You can try a spiky one for a more edgy look or a loose, textured one for a more relaxed look.

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You can accent your undercut with braids if you don’t want to go full-on with shaved designs. Braids can add a nice detail to any shaved design and are super easy to do.

Another way to show off your undercut is to color it trendy. For example, a dark red undercut is very flattering for many skin tones.

In addition, a shaved side can be adorned with lines that add extra character to your hairstyle. The best part is choosing a simple line or a customized design to match your style.

If you’re a woman who loves to experiment with hairstyles, an undercut is a great option. It saves time in the morning and gives you plenty of styling options. It also lets you try different hair colors and patterns without boredom.

Style It In A Braid.

Braids are a perfect way to accent a super short undercut or add an extra touch of interest. You can keep your hair shaved for the most striking effect or let your pixie cut fall to the side and braid it in.

You can even make your undercut look like a tattoo by shaving lines that look more complex than straight ones. Try creating zig zags or triangles with your shaved hair to make it stand out.

Another way to give your undercut a unique look is by coloring it in a bright hue, such as pink or green. It will catch the attention of everyone who sees you and remind them of your individuality.

If you’re bold, you can shave your hair completely off on one side and leave the other long. This asymmetrical undercut is a great look for women who don’t have much time to style their hair but still want a little attention.

You can also play with the shape of your undercut by adding a fade to certain angles or leaving a shaved fringe in the back. This hairstyle is a great choice for women with thicker hair who want to save themselves some of the maintenance that goes along with shaved styles.

Six Ideas On How To Style An Undercut Female:

  1. Sleek and side-swept: Style the hair on top of your head in a sleek and side-swept manner using a straightening iron and some hair gel or wax. You can tuck the hair on the undercut behind your ear for a more dramatic look.
  2. Braided: Braid the hair on top of your head and pin it back for a more feminine and bohemian-inspired look. Add accessories like a headband or hair clips to complete the look.
  3. Half-up, half-down: Pull the hair on top of your head back and secure it with a hair tie or clip for a cute and casual look. You can add braids or twists to the hair for extra texture and interest.
  4. Messy and textured: Use a texturizing spray or dry shampoo to create a messy and textured look on top of your head. You can use your fingers to style the hair and add some extra texture.
  5. Updo: Create an updo by pulling the hair on top of your head back and securing it with bobby pins. You can add some volume to the hair by teasing it with a comb or brush.
  6. Curly: Use a curling iron or hair wand to create loose and bouncy curls on top of your head. You can use a hair mousse or curl-defining cream to add some hold and definition to the curls.
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These are just a few ideas to get you started. Still, the possibilities for styling an undercut female are endless. So experiment with different styles and have fun!


What exactly is a female undercut hairstyle and how can I style it?

Shaving the hair underneath a section of hair leaves a shorter length underneath while keeping the top layer longer in an undercut hairstyle for women. You can wear this cut with a slicked-back style, add texture with beach waves, or wear it messy and undone.

If I have an undercut, can I still wear my hair up?

Yes! You can pull your hair into a ponytail or bun, depending on how long it is, and leave the undercut visible. To showcase your daring undercut, you can also experiment with half-up styles, braids, and top knots.

To style an undercut, what products should I use?

Texturizing spray or cream, pomade, gel, and hairspray are all essential styling products, but it all depends on the look you want. You can use these products to give your hair volume and texture or give it a sleek, polished look.

How frequently should I touch up my undercut?

The frequency of touch-ups is determined by how noticeable you want your undercut to be and how quickly your hair grows. To keep their undercuts looking sharp and edgy, most people need to touch them up every 4-6 weeks.

Can an undercut be effective for all types of hair and face shapes?

Yes! Although the style and length of the top layer of hair may vary depending on your texture, an undercut can work for all hair types. A round, square, oval, and heart-shaped face are just a few examples of face shapes that can be complemented by an undercut. Finding the right balance between the length of the top layer and the length of the undercut underneath is everything.