How To Style A Wig With Bangs?

How To Style A Wig With Bangs?

How To Style A Wig With Bangs?

Styling a wig with bangs is similar to styling natural hair with bangs. When you’re wearing a wig, keeping your bangs in place is important. But how do you style them without looking too much like a comb-out?

To get the look you want, you can use a few tricks. But first, you must learn how to properly cut your wig’s bangs.

Side-Swept Bangs

If you’re a wig wearer looking to spice things up, side-swept bangs are an effortless way to add dimension to your look. These styles are great for women of all ages and can help to transform your look with minimal effort!

When styling your wig with side-swept bangs, it’s important to consider your face shape. Some face shapes require specific types of bangs to be worn to achieve a flattering look.

For example, if you have a square face, choppy bangs will make your features appear longer and softer. You can also angle your bangs to create a more optically angular face shape.

Another type of face shape that looks great with side-swept bangs is an oval face. Oval faces tend to have a long chin and forehead, which makes them ideal candidates for side-swept bangs.

One of the easiest ways to style a wig with side-swept bangs is to part your hair in the middle and sweep it to the side, then use a wig styling cream to hold it in place. You can even pull half of your wig into a ponytail holder, then let the rest hang loose to achieve an adorable half-up, half-down look!

Curtain bangs are a little more difficult to get right, but they can be achieved in a few simple steps. First, simply part your hair in the center, then sweep each section of bangs to a different side. This look is particularly versatile because you can add face-framing layers or simply leave it swept to the side like J.Lo did here!

You can also add texture to your wig by curling the ends of the bangs. This can be done by using a curling iron, or you can simply use dry texture spray to add movement.

Curls can be tricky with synthetic wigs, especially if you don’t have the correct tools or know what you’re doing! Of course, you can always use a heat protectant to help keep your wig from getting damaged by hot tools.

Curtain BangsCurtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are a hairstyle that has come back in style, and it’s no wonder: they offer an elegant look that makes your facial features pop. They’re also relatively easy to achieve and a great way to freshen your look quickly.

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To get the most out of your curtain bangs, you’ll want to choose a good quality wig designed to handle everyday life’s wear and tear. Find a brand that offers synthetic and human hair options for the best results. The synthetics are the most realistic. They can withstand the rigors of a busy lifestyle without sacrificing the quality you’d expect from a top-notch wig.

One of the easiest ways to style your wig with bangs is by creating a side-swept effect. You can do this by parting your bangs in the center or a little more evenly, then sweeping them to their respective sides.

This will give your wig a more polished look and help keep them in place. Another way to go is to try out a low-side braid. This is a great way to show off your bangs and is an easy way to dress up a casual outfit or a date night out.

There are several ways to style your curtain bangs, but the best way is to think about what you like and don’t like about your current look. This will help you find the right bangs for you and give you an idea of what styles will work well with your face shape.

Low Side Braid

Adding a side braid to your wig can make the hairstyle pop, especially when you have side-swept bangs. You can also mix things up by doing a different type of braid, like a French, Dutch, or 4-strand.

Before you begin, detangle your wig with a brush to remove any knots or tangles. This will make it easier to create a beautiful side braid, and you’ll also be able to see what you’re doing so that you don’t end up with a huge tangle.

Part your hair on one side deeply. This will keep your bangs out of the way and prevent them from slipping out of the braid throughout the day. You can also apply a texture spray to your hair before braiding it to give it some hold and help your hair stay in place throughout the day.

You can even use a small piece of hair that you clip back to keep it out of the way while braiding, which will be a perfect anchor point to pull your strands through. Once you’ve finished, you can pin the entire hairstyle down or leave it hanging for a more casual look.

If you’re feeling daring, try creating a side fishtail braid. This fun and unique look is perfect for medium bobs or longer locks.

To get this look, part your hair on the side and create a fishtail braid down the sides of your head. This look is best suited for medium-length or longer hair and looks great on ombre hair.

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A low-side braid is a fun alternative to a bun or ponytail, and it can look great on any occasion. You can even wear this look to the gym!

This simple braid is easy to do, and it looks super cute when you have side-swept bangs. You must part your hair on the side and create strands underneath your ear to do this. Start by Dutch-braiding (which means that you cross the strands under rather than over) your strands toward your face and then continue adding sections to the braid as you move along your nape.

Top Knot

Wigs with bangs are popular for women who want to change their hairstyle. These wigs come in many styles, so you can find the perfect one to match your personality and outfit.

The key to styling a wig with bangs is understanding your face’s shape. For example, if you have a broad forehead, you might be better off with a longer fringe.

But if you have a square or angular face, you might want to look for a wig with short, swoopy bangs. This will help frame your face and make you look more appealing.

You can style your wig with bangs in several ways, including straight, side-swept, and curtain bangs. However, you should know that these wig styles require extra care to maintain a nice appearance.

First, you’ll need to prep the wig for styling. This is similar to prepping your hair and can help you avoid damage to your wig.

A good way to prepare your wig is to detangle it before styling it. Then, you can use a brush or a wide-tooth comb to help break up knots and tangles.

Afterward, apply your favorite hair products to the wig and start styling it with your preferred tools. You can even choose to blow-dry it for a more natural look.

Once your wig is ready, try the following bang styles to see what works best for your face shape and personality. You can also experiment with other wig styles, such as a layered cut, feathered-out hairstyles, or bob cuts.

For an ultra-classy look, you can go for a top knot. This style will instantly add a glam look to your wig.

You’ll need a high-quality wig with lots of body to create this look. It should also be thick enough to hold its shape.

Before you get started, be sure to measure your wig head so that you can ensure the bangs fit perfectly. This is important because a few millimeters can greatly affect how natural they look.

Here Are Some Tips On How To Style A Wig With Bangs:

  • Start with a clean and dry wig: Before styling your wig with bangs, ensure it’s clean and dry. Use a wig brush to remove any tangles and knots.
  • Heat tools: Heat tools like a flat iron or curling iron can be used to style your wig with bangs. Use a low-heat setting to avoid damaging the hair fibers if your wig is made from synthetic hair.
  • Trim the bangs: If they are too long, you can trim them to the desired length. Use sharp scissors and be careful not to cut too much hair.
  • Add volume: Use a round brush and blow dryer to add volume to your bangs. Blow dry your bangs while brushing them up and away from your face.
  • Use hair products: Hair products like hair spray, mousse, or styling gel can help keep your wig’s bangs in place. Apply a small amount of product to your hands and run it through your bangs.
  • Experiment with different styles: Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles for your wig’s bangs. Try side-swept, blunt, or choppy bangs to find the look that works best for you.
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Remember, when styling a wig with bangs, it’s important to be gentle and use heat tools on a low setting to avoid damaging the hair fibers. These tips allow you to create various styles to suit your mood and occasion.


Can I wear a wig with bangs?

In conclusion, certainly, wigs with bangs can appear more natural than wigs without! Because the fringe bangs conceal the wig’s hairline, many wigs with bangs appear more natural.

Do wigs with bangs look more realistic?

In comparison to wigs without bangs, wigs with bangs appear more natural. This is due to the hairline being hidden by bangs.

How do you make a wig look real in the front?

Just dust the wig with talcum powder or dry shampoo. 2. Carefully rub it in until there is no trace of the product left. Make sure not to use too much product; this rapidly reduces the shine while keeping your wig from looking too drab.

Do bangs look unprofessional?

Fringes: Are they unprofessional? There isn’t a universal rule that would prohibit fringes. But, before beginning work at any particular organisation, you should inquire about its dress code standards.

What’s the most natural looking wig?

A lace front wig is your best choice if you want a wig that looks the most authentic. The explanation: A lace front cap is secured with hand-tied hair, giving the hairline a very natural appearance. The lace front is hardly noticeable (see photo below) and mimics your natural hair the most.