How To Style Hair Extensions To Look Natural?

How To Style Hair Extensions To Look Natural?

How To Style Hair Extensions To Look Natural?

If you are wearing hair extensions, you want them to appear natural and blend seamlessly with your hair. Unfortunately, it’s not always simple. However, there are a few steps you can take to achieve this!

One of the most important tips you can take to blend your extensions is to select the correct color. So when you buy the clip-in extension or you weave it, be sure to select the correct color!

Tips On How To Style Hair Extensions To Look Natural.

Choose The Right Color

The right color for your extensions is vital to make them appear natural. A poor color match could cause an unnatural break between your hair and extensions. It can be evident when you wear shorter hair or have many layers.

To choose the best shade of hair you want, it is important to be aware of the color of your hair, skin tone, and undertones. This will let you select a shade that harmoniously blends with your natural hair and looks great on your face.

If, for instance, your hair’s natural color is platinum blonde, then you need to select the shade closest to the same shade. This will let the extension and your hair’s natural color blend seamlessly and make it easier to make them look stylish.

Also, be aware of any lowlights and highlights you already have on your head. This will assist you in choosing a shade that is an exact match and give the most natural effect of ombre.

If you’re unsure about the right shade, make an appointment with a professional in the salon to receive an opinion from a professional. They can determine the ideal shade that matches your hair and skin tone and suggest how to style it to make it appear natural.

Another aspect to consider when selecting a shade that suits your style is the high-end quality extensions. You shouldn’t pick cheap extensions, and isn’t durable and may harm your hair. It is also important not to select a heavy or dark color.

The color chart is the best way to determine the right color to work for your hairstyle. You can also purchase a color ring in the store and put it on your head in the natural light to observe what it looks like.

Choosing the right color can ruin or enhance your image if you’re an experienced professional or just beginning to get into business. Find out what celebrity extension expert Drea Jaclyn (@andreahenty) from Line One Hair says is her most costly mistake regarding matching shades.

Take Your Face Shape Into Consideration

Your face’s shape is important when styling hair extensions since certain styles are better suited to certain faces. For instance, if you have a round face, you must choose extensions that highlight the cheekbones, not making them appear oversized and large.

If you’re square in your face you may find it advisable to select hairstyles that make your jawline appear smooth instead of looking straight and flat. For example, a hairstyle that is dense on top and has thin tails in the back will aid in softening your jawline and giving it a more defined appearance.

As per the make-up designer and the owner of Leiah Scheibel, “The first thing that you want to do is eyeball your face. This is a quick and easy way to figure out your face shape.” After that, “use your forehead, cheekbones, and jawline to determine the most prominent features of your face. The more specific you can be, the easier it will be to find the perfect hairstyles for your face.”

An easy exercise you can perform is to place an image of yourself in front of your face and trace the lines around your face. You can then determine the shape of your face. For example, it could be oval or square, round or heart-shaped.

You can also find out your facial shape by comparing it with famous faces with similar facial features to what you do. For instance, if you notice Selena Gomez and Gabrielle Union in the same magazine, they likely have round faces.

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You can now see that these celebs are sporting the same facial shape as you, and that’s why it is important to think about the hairstyles of these celebrities when deciding on a new style. You could even take your hair off your face to determine whether it creates the same look!

Apart from taking your face’s shape into account when choosing the best hairstyle, it’s crucial to consider how long your hair is and its volume and thickness. The hairstyles with more volume flatter longer faces than those with smaller ones, and the same is true for the length of the hair.

Pin Up Your Underlayer

The lower layers of your hair can be the most noticeable when they showcase the best features of your natural hair. So if you’re looking to mix your extensions with your natural hair, it’s a good idea to consider this little fact.

One of the best methods of concealing your pants is applying a pin curl to create a stylish ring around the hairline, which will withstand wear and tear.

Using a comb or a clip to make the ring will require some practice, but it’s worthwhile!

The result is a more sophisticated and elegant appearance than you imagine.

It’s also a good option to stop your brand-new hair extensions from hindering the other styles you’re trying to achieve, such as an updo or a bold style.

Utilizing a pin or comb to create the ring can also prevent the extensions from sliding around with your other hair, which could be very painful. The greatest benefit of using pins or combs for keeping your hair off the way is that you won’t need to be concerned about tangles, dreads, or other unattractive knots!

Blend Natural Hair And Your ExtensionsBlend Natural Hair And Your Extensions

If you’re wearing extensions, it’s difficult to get a smooth look that blends in with natural hair. The good thing is there are many methods to make your extensions appear as if they should be part of your hair.

Initially, you’ll prefer to keep your choice of color easy. It’s not a good idea for you to color your hair more than what you currently need to; however, if you do have to, you can mix and mix colors to create a unique, complimentary blend that conceals any rift between your extensions and your hair’s natural.

If you’re unsure what shade or color you should pick, ask your stylist or extension specialist in your salon. They’ll be able to recommend the appropriate shade and complement the texture and tone of your hair.

The next step is to ensure that your stylist uses quality extensions that are an ideal match to your hair. This is crucial in the case of an appearance that is more natural and doesn’t appear shiny or artificial.

Ensure you keep your hair well-groomed for them to last as long as possible. This means washing them often using a conditioner and shampoo that will not strip the color or cause damage to the hair.

When doing your hairstyle, you can apply a texturization product to smooth your hair and bring the hair’s natural texture and extensions. It will also conceal the roots of the extensions, so they appear smoother to your hair.

Another option to style one’s hair is to curl it. Curling your hair before clipping in your extensions can allow you to create an even more natural and seamless appearance.

You could also apply a smoothing cream or a serum to aid you in this. Apply these products to the extensions, gently massage your natural hair and extensions to blend them.

These tips should aid you in creating naturally-styled hair extensions which appear natural and blend into your shorter hair! For any queries, comment in the box below and tell us!

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How To Make Extensions Look Real In Short Hair?

Extensions are a good alternative if you’re short in hair and want to add volume or length. But it’s essential to understand how to make them appear natural and blend in with your shorter hair. Here are some suggestions to make extensions appear natural when you have short hair.

Choose The Correct Extension Type.

There are several choices when it comes down to picking extensions for your hair that short. Clip-in extensions are extremely popular because they’re easy to apply and easily taken off at night. Extensions with tape can be a different option. However, the installation requires a specialist and may be more costly. Whatever kind of extension you decide to use, ensure that they’re made of top-quality human hair that is in line with the color of your hair and texture.

Make Sure Your Extensions Are Cut To Lengthen Your Hair.Make Sure Your Extensions Are Cut To Lengthen Your Hair.

If you’re a woman with short hair, cutting your extensions to a length similar to your natural hair is crucial. They will blend in and appear more natural. If you’re not confident cutting your extensions, go to a stylist with expertise working with extensions.

Make Sure You Layer Your Hair.

Adding short layers to your hair will help blend in the extensions, making them appear more natural. Request your stylist to add layers around your face and behind your head. This will allow for seamless transitions between your hair’s natural hair and extensions.

Make Sure You Have The Proper Volume Of Hair.

You must choose the correct hair volume when adding extensions to your short hair. Too much hair could make the extensions appear heavy and not natural. Instead, use fewer wefts and arrange them to give the appearance of greater hair.

Tips To Style Extensions With Short Hair

After you’ve added extensions to your hair with a shorter length, It is important to ensure they appear the best they can. Here are some suggestions to style your extensions:

Use A Heat Protectant Spray.

If you use heat tools such as the flat iron or curling iron for your extensions, ensure that you use a spray that protects against heat to avoid damage. Spray the spray on your extensions before using heat tools, then let it completely dry.

Mix Extensions, And Your Hair’s Natural.

To make a seamless mix of the extensions and your natural hair, you can use the curling or flat iron to straighten or curl your hair. This will allow you to blend your extensions with your hair and give it an appearance more natural.

Use Hair Accessories.

Hair accessories such as scarves, headbands, or barrettes are a great way to disguise the gap between your hair’s natural hair and extensions. For example, you can use a headband to cover the upper part of your hair where the extensions are or a scarf for a boho-inspired style.

Clean The Extensions Thoroughly And Then Condition Them.

The hair you have extensions must be washed and treated regularly to ensure they look the best. Use a shampoo without sulfate or conditioner, and use a gentle touch when cleaning and detangling your extensions. Allow them to air dry, or use a low-heat setting of your blow dryer to avoid damage.

How Do You Style Tape Hair Extensions To Look Natural?

Pick the right color.

The first step to achieving an authentic look using tape extensions for hair is selecting the correct shade. First, select a shade that matches your hair’s natural shade as closely as possible. If you cannot locate a match exactly, opt for a slightly lighter instead of a darker one since this will blend more seamlessly with the natural hair.

Blend and cut the extensions.

After applying for the hair extensions with tape, be sure to have them cut and blended by professional hair stylists. They’ll be able to trim the hair extensions to just the proper length and blend them with your hair to create an elegant look. This can also help eliminate any lines that appear that the extensions create between their beginning and stop.

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Make sure to use the right products.

To ensure that your tape hair extensions blend with your natural hair, it is essential to choose the correct products. Do not use excessively oily or heavy-duty products that could make the extensions heavier and cause them to appear unnatural. Instead, choose light natural hair products that increase the appearance of your hair, making it easier to manage.

Utilize the tools to style your hair with heat.

Utilizing heat styling tools will help blend the hair extensions on tape with your hair’s natural. Straighten or curl your extensions and hair for a smooth mix. Be sure to apply an oil that protects against heat to protect your extensions from damage.

Blend and braids

Braids can be a great option to mix hair extensions made of tape with the hair you have. You can incorporate the extensions in a fishtail French or Dutch braid to create an effortless and natural look.

Create loose waves

Creating loose waves is a wonderful method to blend tape hair extensions into your hair’s natural. Use a curling iron or a wand to create loose waves using your natural hair and extensions. This will create a seamless look and increase the volume of your hair.

Increase volume by using the half-up style.

Half-up hairstyles are an ideal option to add volume to your hair and give it an organic look using extensions made of tape. You simply pull your top portion of the hair in a bun or ponytail while freeing the bottom part. This will give volume to the crown and helps to blend the extensions into your hair’s natural texture.

Incorporate layers

Layering your hair with layers can aid in blending your hair extensions made of tape with your hair’s natural. Request your stylist to add layers to your hair and extensions for an effortless blend.

Style and brush together

Use your natural hair as a brush and extensions to create unison. This will eliminate any lines that appear in the area where the extensions begin and stop.

Explore various styles

Try various styles to determine the one that works for you. For example, try buns, braids straight, and waves to determine what looks the more natural and attractive using hair extensions taped to your head.


How can I hide my extensions when I put my hair up?

Take a 2 cm strip of the ends of the hair extensions and wrap it around the base of your ponytail to hide the seam where the extensions meet your natural hair. Ensure with a bobby pin and use hairspray to tame any flyaways.

How do you make extensions less obvious?

To hide your extensions around your face, simply clip your wefts in a diagonal direction. With this technique, your hair will naturally fall in a high to low effect that will frame your face.

What is the most natural looking extensions?

Because they are less noticeable than other types, clip-in hair extensions are the kind of hair extensions that look the most natural. When you want to change your appearance on the spur of the moment, they are perfect because they can be swiftly applied and removed.

Do extensions ever look real?

Compared to synthetic hair extensions, human hair extensions typically look more natural. In every way, including colour and texture, they resemble human hair. In order to create a natural look, you may also use heat styling on human hair extensions in the same way that you would on your own hair.

Can you wear a ponytail with extensions?

Yes! Exercise, wearing your hair up or down, and the majority of other activities you would typically perform won’t harm the hair extensions. If used correctly, weft, tape, and micro bead hair extensions can also be styled into a ponytail without any application visible!