How To Style Wide-Leg Trousers?

How To Style Wide-Leg Trousers?

How To Style Wide-Leg Trousers?

Wide-leg trousers are a classic wardrobe staple that can be dressed up or down for any occasion. Wide-leg pants are a flattering and elongating style that looks great on most body shapes. Whether high-waisted or slightly cropped (full hem), they narrow your waist and highlight your midsection.

Wide-leg trousers come in various fabrics and colors, so don’t be afraid to experiment. A pair of linen trousers in a light color can create a beachy, summery look, while a pair of velvet trousers can add a touch of glamor to your outfit. When wearing wide-leg pants, the trick is to choose a top that balances out the expanse of fabric on your legs. A classic white button-down shirt is a good starting point.

Wear Them With A Cropped Jacket.

Wide-leg trousers are a trendy option that can help elongate your legs and give you a slimming silhouette. They also can be paired with many different tops to help you look and feel great.

One of the best ways to style wide-leg pants is to pair them with a cropped jacket. A cropped jacket will make your pants appear longer and give you a more sophisticated look.

The key to wearing a cropped jacket with wide-leg pants is to find one that fits your body type and compliments the outfit. This can be done by choosing a flattering jacket to your waist or a longline blazer that hugs your hips.

Another way to dress up a pair of wide-leg pants is to wear them with a fitted shirt. The shirt will tuck into the bottom of the pants, giving you a sleek and chic look.

A simple t-shirt works well with wide-leg pants, but a tank top or button-down blouse is even better. The tank or t-shirt should be tucked in, and you should choose a color that goes well with the pants.

If you want a more professional and classy look, pair your wide-leg pants with a tailored black blazer. This will help you achieve a more sophisticated and elegant appearance, especially when going out in public.

You can also style your wide-leg pants with heels or sandals. The heel of the shoe will add height and balance out the length of your pant legs, so you can look taller and slimmer without sacrificing your feminine curves.

A faux fur coat is also a good choice for style wide-leg pants. It will make your outfit more stylish and help you instantly achieve that fashion week look.

Wear Them With A Tank Top.Wear Them With A Tank Top.

You can always layer a tank top if you want to keep your wide-leg pants wrinkle-free. This will give you a casual look that is easy to style and make your outfit appear more polished and chic.

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A tank top is perfect for wide-leg pants because it adds structure to your body. It will also tuck in your pants and make them look more fitted. It is also a great option for wearing wide-leg trousers on colder days, as they keep you warm without making you feel too bulky.

The best part about this look is that it looks fashionable and classy and will definitely turn heads. It is a look that you can wear on any occasion, from work to date night. You can even style it with a faux fur coat if you want to take it up a notch and look more dressed.

Another way to dress up your wide-leg pants is by tucking in a plaid shirt. This will create a very stylish and feminine look, and it will be flattering on every body type.

You can also pair your wide-leg pants with a blazer. A sleek, tailored blazer will make your whole outfit more professional. You can also try a cropped jacket for a more casual look that keeps you looking put together.

Whether going to the office or running errands, a pair of flatform sandals will go well with your wide-leg pants. They will add height and length to your legs, which will help them look longer and leaner.

If you’re feeling sassy, you can add a bucket hat to your outfit. This will look fabulous, and it will make you appear even taller than you are! You can even opt for a pair of mules to complete your look.

Wear Them With A Duster.

A duster is a perfect option if you’re looking for a versatile piece to pair with wide-leg pants. It’s easy to style and can easily be paired with almost any top you have in your closet.

Whether you have denim-style wide-leg pants or more breathable fabric, a duster can make your outfit look even more fashionable. You can also choose a neutral color, such as white, so your trousers stand out more.

Another way to style a duster is with a tank top. This is a great look, from a casual Friday at work to an evening out on the town, for any occasion. You can also pair wide-leg pants with a cropped jacket to dress it up.

You can also try a plaid shirt with your wide-leg pants. This is one of the most versatile pieces you can wear with wide-leg pants because it flatters everyone. It can be worn with wide-leg pants in any fabric and comes in long and short.

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The key to wearing a duster with wide-leg pants is to find the right piece that balances out the volume of your wide-leg pants. This can be done by pairing it with a fitted sweater or blouse and choosing slim but not too chunky shoes.

If you have a long torso and wide legs, you may want to consider wearing a cropped jacket with your wide-leg pants. This can help you look taller and more feminine. It also helps conceal the widest part of your body, hiding the bulge that wide-leg trousers can add to your waistline.

Wear Them With A Tunic.

Wide-leg pants are a great way to lengthen your legs and make you look taller. They also give you a well-defined waist and are flattering on most women. However, they can be tricky to style correctly. For starters, you must choose the right pair of wide-leg trousers and then pick a top that complements them without looking overly matchy-matchy.

For example, Geetika (above) styled a long tunic with slit details on the sides over a denim pair of wide-leg pants and finished the look off with a pair of mules. A floor-length duster is also a good idea.

In addition, a plaid shirt tucked into wide-leg pants is a fun and stylish look. A hooded sweatshirt with a pair of wide-leg pants and booties is also a look that works for fall.

You can even wear wide-leg pants in the winter. They come in many styles and colors, so you can find the perfect pair. The most important thing to remember is to get the right fit and hem length. The tallest wide-leg pants are the best, but you can go short if you like. The best way to decide is to try on a few pairs before deciding.

Here Are Some Tips On How To Style Them:

  • Choose the right top: Since wide-leg trousers have a loose, flowing silhouette, it’s important to balance them out with a more fitted top. A tucked-in blouse or a cropped top can help create a flattering and balanced look.
  • Play with proportions: Since wide-leg trousers have a billowing silhouette, you can experiment with different proportions to create a fashion-forward look. Try pairing them with a fitted blazer or jacket to create a sleek and sophisticated outfit.
  • Add heels: Wide-leg trousers can be long and require heels to avoid dragging on the ground. Pair them with your favorite heels to add height and create a flattering, elongated silhouette.
  • Accessorize: Wide-leg trousers are a blank canvas for accessorizing. Add a statement belt, chunky jewelry, or a colorful scarf to create interest and elevate your outfit.
  • Experiment with different fabrics and colors: Wide-leg trousers come in various fabrics and colors, so don’t be afraid to experiment. A pair of linen trousers in a light color can create a beachy, summery look, while a pair of velvet trousers can add a touch of glamour to your outfit.
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By following these styling tips, you can create a variety of outfits with your wide-leg trousers, from casual to formal, and always look fashionable and put-together.


What should you wear with wide leg trousers?

It all boils down to balance when styling wide-leg pants. The tops that will generate a contrasting shape work best with the trend’s flared bottoms and high-waisted design. To add structure, consider wearing crop tops, fitted long sleeve shirts, and tucked-in T-shirts.

What shirts go with wide leg trousers?

Tucking your tee in at the waist will help you recapture your curves, as will wearing a fitted garment like a cotton jersey to balance out a pair of wide-legged pants. Try a French or half-tuck for a more relaxed look; this reveals your waist and creates an hourglass shape, but it also helps to loosely skim a midriff.

Do wide leg trousers make you look slimmer?

Unambiguously, wide-leg pants do indeed help you look slimmer. Your legs will appear longer thanks to the high, fitting waist, which also gives the impression that your waist is smaller. Wide trouser legs make them incredibly figure-flattering, covering lumps, bumps, and any minor problem areas with ease.

Should wide leg pants be short or long?

Your wide leg pants’ hem should, as a general rule, be between 1/4″ and 1/2″ above the floor and between 3″ and the floor. Basically, you should always cover your ankles. Your wide-leg pants or jeans’ shape and silhouette can really make or break the way you look.

Can you wear flats with wide-leg pants?

Wide leg pants look excellent with a pair of simple flats like loafers or oxfords. A slightly raised sole improves posture and creates a smoother shape than a completely flat shoe without a sole, and the extended toe looks great against the larger leg. You may wear them with ankle boots, of course!