How To Style A Navy Suit?

How To Style A Navy Suit?

How To Style A Navy Suit?

From business dinners to formal dinners and dinners, a navy suit is the ultimate piece of clothing that every gentleman should have. However, it can be difficult to determine the right color tie, Shirt, and shoes to pair to match your navy suit; therefore, we’ve put together this helpful guide.

A white shirt will be a great option if you want a sleek and clean appearance. In addition, a patterned shirt can be a fun aspect of your look.

Different Outfits With Navy Suits.

Business Casual

Business Casual

Whether in a formal office or an informal setting, there’s nothing more elegant than an elegant navy suit. It’s a suit that can be worn daily, so you must know how to dress it.

When you’re putting together your casual work attire, attempt to match the colors of your pants and tops to the colors of your navy dress, this will make your whole outfit appear more professional. You can also match an outfit with a shirt you’d like. It is, however, recommended to avoid wearing an abrasive shirt to a blue suit since it will make your look hectic.

Another crucial aspect to take into consideration is the fit. It is important to dress in clothes that are comfortable for you and that you feel comfortable in. This is the same for the casual attire you wear to work because you’ll want them to be stylish and comfortable.

It’s important to remember that your tie, Shirt, and pocket square must match the shade that you wear with your navy dress. For example, it’s not a good idea to pair the bright green or blue tie with a dark navy dress since this can make your entire outfit excessively hectic.

If you’re looking for a challenge, consider matching the navy dress with a tie that is another color or a tie with a pattern. This can make you appear more lively and fun yet still professional.

In the end, you can add visual interest to your outfit by putting on the belt. This can provide your outfit with an added structure and assist you in keeping your outfit in a good place.

The most important thing to remember when deciding on the appropriate attire is that dress codes are diverse and aren’t necessarily easy to comprehend. Therefore, it is essential to adhere to the guidelines laid out by your workplace and to lean towards formal whenever possible.

Casual Friday

An elegant navy dress is an enduring basic, essential to every man’s closet. It’s great for casual work, weddings, and everyday outfits for the weekend and is suitable for any age.

It’s tempting to wear casual attire when dressed in a navy dress; however, this does not mean that you must appear casual. With just a few easy techniques, you’ll be able to quickly change your casual outfit to one that is stylish and comfortable.

The first thing to do is pick the right Shirt – you do not want to appear casual, yet you don’t want to appear too formal too much. The classic white Shirt or light blue color is an excellent option.

Another option is to go for a shirt with a pattern, creating a more elegant look. A lighter chambray or tan Polo can also be a good choice.

If you’re unsure how to dress for your workplace, consult your manager to determine the casual dress code for the day. Certain companies are more relaxed regarding the kind of pants and shirts they will allow on casual Fridays, So don’t be scared to play around with different styles.

Chinos are the most popular option for Casual Friday. However, some options are appropriate for a formal, casual day if your workplace does not allow wearing chinos. Denim in dark washes is an excellent alternative but put on a button-up shirt to give a more formal, casual appearance.

For a final suggestion, wear leather shoes in tan to complete your casual outfit for Friday and ensure you’re well-groomed in the process. It’s a great method to achieve an elegant and professional appearance that makes you stand apart from the rest of the crowd.

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Just Because

Navy suits are considered one of the most adaptable types of formal wear for men’s wardrobes. It can be worn with virtually any tie and Shirt and, with the appropriate selection of accessories, handle various fashion-related issues.

If you’re trying to add some spice to your black suit, add some color to pockets, squares, or ties. Simple additions like these can give some flair but not overwhelm the look.

A striped or printed tie will make the overall appearance more intriguing. A patterned pocket square is an excellent way to keep the overall appearance fresh. Gingham or herringbone, plaid, and many more are possibilities for a tie with a pattern to match the navy suits you wear.

Another alternative for a formal look is to wear the navy dress with an unstructured navy or lighter-colored Shirt. This style is great for casual Fridays and other casual settings. In addition, it will look great with white sneakers.

Consider pairing the navy dress with a unisex blue or pink stripe shirt if you want to. These shades will make your suit stand out and may even complement the white cuffs on your Shirt, creating an informal look.

Choose a red tie if you want to bring color to your outfit. This is a bolder option than a pink or blue tie; however, it’ll always look great and never disappoint you.

A crisp white shirt is another timeless outfit for wearing a navy suit. These two shades work well together and are simple to dress. Ensure that the other elements of the outfit are minimal and simple, so the ensemble doesn’t turn too busy or overwhelming.

Date Night

Date Night

A navy suit is appropriate for any occasion, from date nights to work. It’s an excellent choice since it’s timeless and versatile, and it can be paired with nearly anything, from white shirts to ties with a pattern.

A well-fitted suit can give an elegant and polished appearance that exudes elegance and sexiness, regardless of whether it’s the first time you’ve met your partner or celebrating your 50th. Furthermore, a quality suit will last a long time, and you’ll be able to wear it repeatedly.

You can also dress your navy suit to create a “blank canvas” for layering other patterns and colors. For example, a white shirt is a good choice. Paired with navy suits, white and blue stripes are also a great option.

Opt for a patterned or stripe tie if you want to add some edge to your attire. But be cautious not to overdo your colors. Choose hues that aren’t too extravagant, and stay away from bright colors such as red or orange, which might clash with the overall appearance of your dress.

A different option would be to wear a blazer to make your outfit more elegant and attractive. Make sure you match your outfit with a simple and delicately designed pocket square and footwear that’s not too bright or flashy.

You can wear the jacket with a long-sleeved shirt with jeans or an informal button-down. A blazer can elevate your outfit and give you an elegant look suitable for a date night, yet it will not detract from your comfort level.

You could also dress in a navy suit and brown shoes to create an informal style. However, be aware that brown and navy shoes could look too formal for some occasions, like a black tie optional party.



If you’re searching for the ideal outfit for a wedding, navy suits are the perfect option. It’s not just an iconic and timeless color but stylish when worn with other shades and accessories.

A great way to dress the navy dress is to pick white clothing that matches your suit and is well-fitting. Also, make sure that your footwear and accessories are basic. Consider carrying a pocket square or belt if you want to add a little style.

You could also match an outfit with navy with a patterned tie to give it a distinctive style. Tie choices include dots, stripes, and plaids. If you’re looking for something more adventurous, choose an emerald tie to match your outfit and add a bit of excitement.

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To finish your style, choose dark brown or black heels in leather. You can also match your socks to your attire to stay trendy and distinguish yourself from the rest of the crowd.

One of the most effective methods to make your wedding attire more unique is wearing a tie or pocket square that is another color than the navy suit. This lets you express your style in a manner unlike any other accessory.

For instance, a red tie is an attractive accent to an outfit in navy and is a great option when you’re unsure of the color tie to choose. Try an apricot or blue tie to showcase your individuality and add excitement to your outfit.

Another excellent idea to style your wedding dress is to wear an appropriate fabric for the wedding venue. Linen is an excellent choice, particularly for outdoor and beach weddings. It’s light, cool, and easy to tidy.

Twenty Ideas On What To Wear With A Navy Suit. JB56A

Crisp White Shirt 

The timeless pairing of a suit in navy and a white shirt will never go out of fashion. It’s a great choice for formal occasions and gives off an appearance of a professional, neat style.

Light Blue Shirt 

A light blue shirt is a great match to a suit in navy, providing a striking contrast that’s ideal for casual or business settings.

Striped T-Shirt 

A striped t-shirt with a white color base brings a touch of sophistication to the navy suit. It’s a great choice for a formal event and offers an elegant look.

Light Grey Shirt 

Combining an edgy grey top with a navy suit gives an updated look to your look. It’s great for business meetings and casual gatherings.

Pink Shirt 

Pink Shirt can add a splash of color to a dark suit making it an excellent choice for a casual or a more festive setting.

Checked Shirt 

Checked Shirt 

A checkered shirt with a navy-based color matches the navy suit flawlessly. This combo is ideal for any event that includes weddings the business event.

Black Shirt 

Black Shirt brings a sense of elegance to a navy suit, making it a perfect option for formal events.

Ivory Shirt 

An ivory shirt, paired with a suit in navy, gives an elegant style that’s great for formal events.

A Light Brown T-Shirt 

Combining an untidy brown shirt with navy pants makes a cozy, welcoming appearance perfect for any fall or winter celebration.

Printing Shirts 

A shirt that is printed and worn with a navy suit will bring some character to your look. However, be sure to keep the print simple and subtle.

Grey Tie

 The grey tie is a great match for navy suits for a chic and elegant look.

An elegant red tie 

 A tie in red gives a striking pop of color and style to an otherwise neutral outfit, making it an ideal option for a formal event.

The Black Tie

A tie in black is a classic choice which is great with navy suits. It’s a great choice for formal events.

Burgundy Tie 

A burgundy tie is a warm and welcoming look for winter or fall celebrations.

Patterned Tie

A patterned tie can add character and interest to an outfit in navy. However, be sure to keep the pattern simple and subtle.

Pocket Square 

A pocket square can add a touch of class to the navy suit. Wear a white pocket square with navy suits for a classic appearance, or opt for the more vibrant option to create a more striking look.

Brown Belt and Shoes

 Brown belts and shoes go with a navy suit flawlessly, giving an inviting and cozy appearance.

A black Belt and Shoes 

Black belts and shoes can add a dash of elegance to a blue suit, making it a perfect option for formal events.

Tan Shoes 

Tan Shoes 

Tan footwear provide an extra accent of warmth to a navy outfit, which makes them a perfect option for casual occasion.

Black Shoes 

Black Shoes Black Shoes are a timeless choice that can be paired with a suit in navy, making them an excellent option for formal events.

What Color Tie To Style With A Navy Suit For An Interview?

Consider The Industry And Company Culture

Before you pick a tie to wear with that navy-colored suit, you need to consider the industry you’re aiming for and your company’s culture. A traditional industry like law or finance might require a traditional tie; however, an industry that is more imaginative such as fashion or advertising, could allow for more experimentation. The company’s culture will also affect the tie you choose. If the business is more relaxed, a patterned or vibrant tie could be appropriate; however, a more formal company might require a subtle tie.

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Keep It Simple

If you’re unsure what you should wear for your tie, try to wear something simple. A solid tie with neutral colors like gray, black, and navy blue is a good option that can be worn with the navy suit. Avoid ties that feature striking patterns or vivid colors because they can distract and do not portray an image of professionalism.

Match The Tie To The Suit

When choosing the tie, you will wear with the navy suit; you must be sure that the tie to be matched the suit. A tie that’s too similar to the suit could appear dull and blend in and dull, while a striking tie can appear overpowering. One good general rule of thumb is to select a tie that is lighter or lighter than the outfit.

Consider The Fabric And Texture

The tie’s material and texture could affect how it will look in the navy suits you wear. A silk tie is a timeless option that can be worn for all occasions, but a wool or knit tie will add texture and intrigue to your attire. If you choose to wear a textured tie, be sure that it matches the texture of your outfit. For instance, a wool tie works perfectly with a tweed or Flannel suit, whereas a silk tie is more for a silky and lightweight suit.

Pay Attention To The Width

The size of your tie can be an additional important aspect to consider. A too-broad or narrow tie could alter what proportions you want in your attire. As a rule of thumb, it is recommended that the size of your tie must be the size of the lapels. For example, if you’re wearing a contemporary slim-fit dress with small lapels, a narrow tie is a good option; however, in the case of an older-style suit with wide lapels, a standard tie is better.