How To Style A Handlebar Mustache?


How To Style A Handlebar Mustache?

A classic style of handlebar mustache that both bearded and clean-shaven face types can wear. It’s particularly attractive with blowouts.

An unruly mustache growing over the handlebars could be problematic, but with perseverance and care, it can be trimmed. Unfortunately, it can take a whole quarter of the calendar year to develop completely.

Different Styles For Handlebar Mustaches.


A handlebar mustache is an excellent option for men who want to give a unique and stylish accent to their facial hair. It’s simple to put on and can be styled thick or thin or with or without a beard.

For the traditional handlebar mustache, you’ll need to grow the upper lip, then bend both ends to appear like a set’s arm. The trend has been quite popular recently, particularly with returning hipster beards.

Whatever your style, whether trendy with a handlebar mustache or a traditional-looking man, you’ll need to use the right products and take the appropriate maintenance to ensure that your mustache looks the most attractive. We recommend using premium mustache wax specially created to work with facial hair and is gentle on the hair and skin.

Also, you’ll require the oil for your mustache to help keep it in good health and well-hydrated. This oil is particularly helpful for beards that are full as it will help keep the hair from drying out.

If you’re trying to achieve the handlebar mustache, which is bent, start by creating a sleek beard. Keep the sides neat and keep the hair on your jawline long. This will make the curly shape of the mustache easy to style and will increase the jawline.

Slick Back

Hair with a slicked-back style is a common haircut for men and is appropriate for any face shape and hair type. However, it can be hard to style without frizz and get oily if you don’t employ the correct hair products.

The most effective method for slapping to the back of your hair is using pomades, which give the hair a natural, shiny appearance. This kind of product can be used for hair that is made of water or oil formulations.

You can also use clays, sprays, and waxes for some volume to the hair. These products for hair aren’t more than pomades and are perfect for everyday use.

Another hairstyle that has hair that has a slick back is called the quiff. It’s a basic cut that is shorter than pompadours. It is a great option for people who want to maintain their beard off the handlebar and avoid their back and sides.

This look is ideal for shorter hair. However, longer locks also are a good choice. You can choose a cut-off or faded look suited to your face’s shape and texture.

It’s also possible to smooth your hair with an upper portion to highlight the curly look and texture of the hair. For example, if you’re a male of black with curly hair, you might want to cut your hair on both sides and then smooth it using hair products to improve your hairstyle.

French Crop

French Crop

A French crop is one of the men’s most versatile haircuts in the fashion world. It is cut in many different ways. It’s also a hairstyle popular with men of different ages and hair types.

The cut is composed of hair that is short on the sides and back and sides but slightly longer on top. The shortest sections of hair are cut with the aid of a razor. The longer hairs are usually cut with scissors to give the right length for your facial contour.

Numerous hair products like pomade, gel, or wax can make a hairstyle French crop. You can also apply hair clay if you have hair that has texture to provide it with the look of hair and keep it in the proper position.

Another option to enhance the appearance of the French crop is to alter the fringe. Straight fringes are perfect for this style, but you can experiment with cutting fringe that is loose or a point to create various styles.

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There are numerous variations of hairstyles, also known as the French crop. You should choose one that fits your face shape and style. You can also talk to your barber about what kind of fringe will be the most pleasing for you.

If you’d like to keep your French crop neat and neat, It is possible to cut it often. You can also apply hair products, such as shampoo or salt, to decrease your hair in your hair.


A mustache attached to a handlebar is an iconic fashion favorite among males of all ages. It’s an excellent option to pair with a complete 5 O’clock shade. It is a fantastic way to spice up your look.

If you’re thinking of sporting the mustache you’re able to manage, there are a few things that you must keep in mind. First, you need to make sure that you are ensuring that your hair grows healthily.

The mustache should be placed in the direction that it extends halfway up your lip and some length on the mouth’s sides. You should also let hairs on your sides close to your corners grow longer too.

This will help you in achieving that perfect mustache on your handlebars. In addition, it will help you remove your mustache on the road.

Before you start making your handlebar mustache look professional, be sure that you have the best mustache wax included in your kit. It’s crucial since you’ll need it to help the mustache stick on your lips and stay well-maintained throughout the day.

A mustache wax can assist in training your mustache to point in the direction you prefer. It can be achieved by placing tiny amounts on your fingers or thumbs and pulling them upwards and towards the sides.

If your mustache is growing, it might take some time to achieve the ideal appearance and shape. If you’re patient and use the correct products, your mustache at the handlebar will grow to the handlebar mustache you’ve always wished for!

 Side Part

The side-parting trend is back as men adopt a chic hairstyle. It’s a simple but elegant hairstyle that’s easy to recreate at home or a barbershops.

The side part is a timeless style that flatters any hair in terms of length and texture. It’s also a great way to look fashionable for events and corporate gatherings.

It’s important to remember that the length of the side piece can be determined through the contour of your face, so it’s advised to consult an expert stylist to confirm that the piece fits properly.

When you style a section of the sides, it is a good idea to use an adhesive to hold the style in its desired location. Suave Cito Original Hold and Laurite Original are two of our top picks.

After you’ve combed your hair, place a small amount of the product on one side and then brush it back down. Then you spray the hairspray using the pomade to hold the hairstyle. You should be sure you’ve created an elegant hairstyle.

It’s not difficult to get bored with a certain side piece, but this classic design will always look stylish to anyone. It’s a fantastic way to add a bit of class to your look. It’s also simple to maintain and wear all year long. Be sure to choose the cut that matches your personality and style.



If you want to elevate your facial hair game to the top of the line, A handlebar mustache can be an excellent choice. This striking look is a stylish way to show your individuality and style. It is also fantastic to pair with a variety of hairstyles.

Handlebar mustaches could be long and thick or short and bulky, depending on what you prefer. They can have sharp edges or be curled to form upward curves. They can even be modeled on the look of bicycle handlebars.

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To get the handlebar mustache that you desire, it is essential to make an effort to build your mustache and then shape it properly. This is a lengthy and labor-intensive process that may take anywhere from several months to complete. However, it will pay off in the end.

While increasing the size of your handlebar mustache, you’ll also need to use beard oils and comb them daily to keep your appearance and overall health. This will help maintain the form and prevent your mustache from becoming dry and fragile.

If you’re not sure if the handlebar mustache is appropriate for you, think about making a walrus’s or chevron’s mustache first. They’re much cleaner than handles and look more natural.

Another option is to wear an angled beard that is swept to the side. It’s ideal for guys with long locks. It’s simple to maintain clean and tidy. It’s also multi-faceted and can be worn as undercut curly, slick back, or slick hair to create different hairstyles.

Fourteen Ideas For How To Style Your Handlebar Mustache With A Beard.

Before we begin, it is important to know that every person’s facial hair grows in a distinct method, and it may require some trial and error before you find the best style for you. However, these guidelines can provide foundational information and aid your journey.

Trim And Shape Your Beard

The first step is styling the handlebar mustache with the trimming of your mustache and styling it. This can help define the lines of your face and make it simpler to style a stylish mustache. It is essential to keep your mustache neat and well-maintained.

Use Beard Oil

Beard oils are crucial for keeping your facial hair healthy, soft, and shiny. Applying beard oils on your beard, it is easy to style and form your mustache with the help of the handlebar.

Brush Your Beard

Regular brushing of your beard can help spread beard oil evenly. It will also help untangle knots as well as straighten curls. Using boar bristles is recommended because they are gentle on your skin and can aid in cleansing your face.

Choose The Right Mustache Wax

You’ll require top-quality mustache wax to get the perfect handlebar mustache that will create a mustache on the handlebar. It’s important to pick one that’s hard enough to maintain your mustache but not too stiff that it is difficult to form and shape.

Warm Up The Wax

To aid you in applying it to your mustache, hold it or rub it between your fingers before applying it.

Apply Wax To The Mustache

Apply Wax To The Mustache

Apply the wax to your mustache, beginning in the middle and moving toward the sides. Use your fingers to shape the wax, creating the appearance of the handlebar.

Comb The Mustache

Use a mustache comb to carefully comb through your mustache, eliminating knots and tangles and making the mustache into an ergonomic shape for your handlebar.

Curl The Ends Of Your Mustache

Make sure to curl the ends of your mustache upwards. Then, use your fingertips to bend them to form the hairs into a handlebar.

Add Volume To The Beard

For a thicker, more full-bodied beard, apply volumizing powder or balm for your beard. These products help give texture and volume to your beard, making it easier to style and create a style.

Trim The Beard Regularly

It is crucial to keep your beard neat. Use a beard trimmer to maintain your beard to your desired length.

Keep The Beard Clean

The maintenance of your beard’s hygiene is crucial to ensure your appearance as well as your health. Use conditioner or shampoo to keep your beard clean and healthy.

Experiment With Different Mustache Styles

There is a myriad of styles of mustaches to experiment with. The most well-known designs are the Chevron, the Horseshoe, and the Pencil.

Add A Fade to the Beard

The application of a faded beard can provide it with a modern, elegant look. Let your barber fade the beard from your sideburns to the jawline.

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Create A Shorter Mustache

If you are looking for a more dramatic mustache, consider cutting it down.

Ten Ideas On How To Shape A Handlebar Moustache.

Start By Shaving Your Face To Get It Clean.

If you’re creating the handlebar mustache, it is important to begin with, a clean, shaved face. This will allow you to see the contour that your facial mustache will take. Also, ensure that it’s completely symmetrical.

Apply The Wax To Your Moustache.

Mustache wax is essential to create a mustache on the handlebar. It’s a product for hair styling that can aid you in achieving the desired appearance and keep it. First, apply a small amount of wax onto your fingertips, and then massage the product into your beard. After that, you can begin to create your mustache.

Cut The Edges

Use a pair of scissors to cut around the edges of the beard. This will give your beard a neat and sharp look. It is crucial to ensure that you reduce both sides equally so that your mustache looks uniform.

Comb Your Moustache

Use an esthetic brush for your mustache to ensure that the hair is combed in the direction you would like it to go. This will give you an idea of how it’ll appear and make it easier to form.

Start Shaping From The Center.

When creating the handlebar mustache, it’s advised to start from the middle before moving toward the sides. This allows you to create a uniform and symmetrical design. Use both your hands and wax and draw an arc with a middle.

Curls Must Be Shaped.

The curls are an essential element of a mustache carried on the handlebar. To create them, twist the ends of the mustache using your fingers and then apply the wax. You can then shape them into a curvature or spiral.

Create A Gap

Some people like to make a gap in the middle of the bar’s handlebar’s beard. To do this, use your fingers and apply wax to take the middle away. This will create an opening between curls.

Cut The Length

Should you be sporting a mustache that’s too long, you may need to reduce it. Utilize scissors to cut it to the length you want. Make sure you cut both sides equally so you have various shapes.

Experiment With Various Shapes

There are many designs that you can make by using the handlebar mustache. You can experiment with different designs until you find the one that’s best for you. For example, you can make your mustache straight lines or curving lines, or even an arc.

Practice Makes Perfect

The art of creating the mustache of the handlebar takes some time. Do not fret. You don’t think the result comes out flawlessly at first. Experiment and practice until you find the perfect form that suits your face.


Therefore, I actually only want to slightly clip these down towards the Stache. Again, what this will accomplish is give you that separation by allowing these hairs to sort of sit on top.
If you choose, you can use an electric shaver; otherwise, you can use a razor.
I use a hairdryer in Rome to do this, but in a future post, I’ll demonstrate how to eye-style a handlebar moustache without one as well as how I style my beard.
A genuine handlebar moustache starts in the middle and is finished by sweeping all of the hairs towards the corners of your lips. Some moustache growers just trim the centre of their moustaches, leaving the sides long so they can be styled into handlebars.
Hulk Hogan, real name Terry Gene Bollea, is well-known for sporting a handlebar moustache. Hogan is a professional wrestler, actor, and television personality from the United States.