How To Style Shaggy Hair?

How To Style Shaggy Hair?

How To Style Shaggy Hair?

If you’re searching for a fast hairstyle that doesn’t consume all of your time, go for an angular cut. It’s stylish as well. It can also be styled to suit your mood or your outfit.

A shag cut can be ideal for those with medium or fine hair. Its distinct layers give the appearance of volume and texture.

Tips To style shaggy hair.

Use a Heat Protectant

A heat protectant is vital when blow-drying, straightening, or curling your hair. Without it, you’ll dry your hair out, which can cause breaks, split ends, and damage to your hair.

You may think that you don’t have the time to spray on a heat-protectant before styling your hair; however, it’s a simple process that can make a difference. It’s only a couple of additional seconds to spray some spritzes of this product on damp hair before you style it.

It could be applied over the whole hair or just a small section. Once you’ve misted the product on the hair, you can comb it through to spread the product evenly over the hair strands.

Many people are tempted not to use this product when traveling, and this can cause more harm to their hair. If you’re unsure of how you should use it, just a tiny amount to your roots and gradually work it into the end of the hair. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your hair strands absorb this formula to protect your hair.

If you are looking for a heat protector, choose one with moisturizing components such as dimethicone and Cyclomethicone. These water-soluble components are suitable for any hair type and work to hold in moisture. At the same time, you style your hair using different hair styling tools.

Other ingredients that are beneficial found in these products are conditioning agents and antioxidants. They can help repair damaged hair strands and help prevent further damage while protecting your color from loss.

You’ll also need to look for products that help shield your hair from damaging UV Rays. This is particularly important when you’re frequently outside, and you’re in danger of getting sunburn.

An excellent method to start is to start with a shampoo and conditioner with the ability to protect against heat. They come in many types, including sprays, creams, and serums. But first, you must choose the best option for your hair type and use it regularly.


A good blow-dry can keep your hair looking neat without looking sloppy or hard. It can also help gain lift at the hair’s roots, which can create more volume, especially when you have long hair.

For this effect, begin with hair that is damp and then uses a blow-dryer using a quality brush. Next, select a brush compatible with your hair type, like the paddle brush or round ceramic brush.

Apply an oil-based texturizing spray on your hair. This will give you the best results and ensure that your hair dries quickly.

Separate hair into sections then secures each section. This will allow you to control the volume of air that is absorbed into each section and allows you to make use of a better-focused blow-dryer.

After you’ve pin-up each section and pinned them up, you can take small, focused portions of each. Then apply a round-shaped brush to dry the hair. This will give it more volume and increase the overall dimension of your look.

Repeat this procedure to ensure that your head remains dry. Then, use a comb to loosen your hair.

Shag haircuts can be either long, short, or long, but they are attractive for women with both long and short faces. Short shag haircuts, such as shag bobs or pixie cuts, are suitable for round faces as they emphasize the cheekbones.

Similar to long face shapes, long faces can be a great match with curls from the curtain and soft waves. This adds a bit of class to your appearance and evens out sharp features.

A shag cut is versatile and suitable for nearly every kind of hair. For example, if you’ve got curly hair and you want to cut them, this haircut is a great choice because the layers of the cut give curls more shape and body.

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To prevent heat damage to avoid heat damage, ensure that you begin blow-drying your hair around 60-80 percent dry, according to DiFolco. This will speed up the drying time and stop the super-frizz you cannot rid yourself of.

When you’ve finished blow dry your hair, spray the hair with texturizing mist, then put it in place. You could also try using a diffuser to give your shag hairstyle additional dimension or texture.



Layers and curls are crucial for any hairstyle since they provide hair with volume, texture, and dimension. Additionally, they highlight the jawline.

This is why shaggy hairstyles are a favorite choice for women with natural curls. They have just enough texture and body to match every face shape. In addition, they are easily cut with curling irons, flat irons, and blow-dryers.

The best way to make the curls pop is to use an effective texturizing product and a heat-protectant before curling. Additionally, you should avoid curling your hair using an iron that is hot or a straightening tool to prevent breaks and damage.

For the perfect curls, make use of a curling wand to add a slight twist to your hair before styling. Then, follow up with flat irons to create waves that move away from your face and away from it.

Are you looking for ways to add definition to your curls? Consider adding highlights. You can also apply a diffuser or serum to soften the look of your curls and add more appearance.

In addition to being a great option for getting a beautiful haircut, an ombre is a different trend that will complement any cut. The honey-blonde hue reflects light, making it an excellent way to make your hair stand out from other styles.

You can also color your hair pink to create the most dramatic and edgy style. It’s not often used on women, but it’s gorgeous when paired with shaggy curly curls.

To complement this style, you can also style your hair in the pixie cut to create more of an edge. This cut combines short layers at the crown with loose bangs, which are ideal for festivals.

Shag hairstyles are the current trend in hair salons. This is a great look for those who are constantly on the go and don’t want to commit to spending all day slicing their hair day. This is why it’s a popular choice for salons across the country. It provides an ideal blend of ease of maintenance and versatility.


Suppose you’re seeking a way to make your hair an attractive shape or create a casual, edgy appearance. In that case, the shag haircut is among the most adaptable and flexible. This cut is simple to make, can be worn for any hair type, and is particularly attractive for long or thick locks.

If you’re keen to test the shag cut, Here are some suggestions to keep your hair looking good. First, make sure that your hair is dry and clean. After that, apply a heat protector to avoid damage caused by styling tools and products.

After spraying the hair with a hair protectant and a blow dryer, you can use it at moderate-high temperatures and the highest airflow to dry your locks. After that, brush it with a large paddle brush, moving it away from the direction your hair is naturally positioned while drying it.

Once you’re finished, flip your head upside down and lightly smudge your fingertips with a cream for styling that is shaped and can hold. You could also apply a bit of wax-based product for some grip.

Achieving a shaggy haircut requires patience but can be well worth the effort to achieve the outcome. Then, when your hair appears at its best, you can enjoy the satisfaction of getting a fresh, new style every day!

Based on Jesse Linares, a stylist working with Sam Villa ArTeam, a stylist with Sam Villa ArTeam Jesse Linares, a stylist with the Sam Villa ArTeam, this haircut is great for women of all ages and lengths. It’s a beautiful, soft version of the shag. It’s also more suited to hair lengths and textures than previous cut styles.

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It’s crucial to pick the appropriate haircut for your face and persona when trying the latest haircut. The different layers and bangs compliment different facial shapes, so it’s beneficial to know what the cut will do to frame your features.

Round faces can benefit from striking bangs that are positioned along the cheekbones. In addition, longer layers of hair can soften a square face. For a more modern and flattering style, add waves at high-ups of hair, which extend to the side and over your forehead. The softness and asymmetry of these waves frame your face and prevent the shag from appearing too rough.

Sixteen Ways How To Style A Shaggy Bob.Sixteen Ways How To Style A Shaggy Bob.

Beachy Waves:

The most well-known method to make a shaggy hairstyle is to use waves from the beach. You can use an iron to curl or sea salt spray to make loose and twirled waves.

Straight And Elegant:

Get your shaggy hair straightened with the flat iron for a chic and elegant style. Then, apply a spray of heat protection to protect your hair.

Textured And Messy:

To improve the natural look of your shaggy bob, apply a texturizing spray and salt spray. Then, use the fingers to create a messy, smooth style that appears effortless.

Half-Up, Half-Down:

Half-up, half-down is a fashionable and chic option to style shaggy hair. You simply pull the top part from your head back in a tiny ponytail or bun and then leave the remainder of your hair in a down.

Glam And Sleek:

To create a refined and classy appearance, apply a top-quality hair product for shiny and polished shaggy hair.


A shaggy bob could also be styled to look like an asymmetrical hawk, an edgy and trendy look. Use a little wax to curl your hair at the top, and then make a funky appearance.

Retro Waves:

For a vintage style, you can use curling irons to make straight, defined curls. Then, make them appear more defined by using boar bristle brushes to create a more natural appearance.

Braided Updo:

To create a stylish updo, braid the upper portion of your shaggy hair and secure it in the back. You can leave other hair loose to give it a more twirled style.

A Messy Bun:

This messy bun style is an iconic and simple way to create a shaggy bob. Simply make your hair lose a bun, and then take a few pieces to frame your face.

Half-Up Ponytail:

The half-up ponytail can be an easy and casual method to make a shaggy bob look more stylish. The top half from your ponytail back, and leave the other hair loose.

Textured Curls:Textured Curls:

You can employ a curling iron to make tight, defined curls for a romantic, feminine appearance. Use fingertips to break the curls and create a more textured appearance.

French Twist:

It is a classic and elegant twist. French hairstyle is a classic and elegant hairstyle that pairs well with shaggy hair. Make sure you twist your hair at the rear of your head and secure it with Bobby pins.

Braided Crown:

To create a bohemian and fun look, braid two pieces of hair on the sides of your head. Then put them on top to form a braided head.


The top knot is a trendy method of styling a shaggy hairstyle. Just pull the hair into a high bun to the top of your head.

Side-Swept Bangs:

Shaggy bobs usually have side-swept bangs that can be designed so that they frame your face. Then, apply a small amount of pomade or hair wax to add texture and keep your bangs on the right track.

Twisted Updo:

For a distinctive and chic hairstyle, simply twist your hair to the sides of your head. Then secure it with a pin on the back.

17 Ways How To Style Shaggy Hair With Bangs

Beachy Waves:

Spray a spray of sea salt on damp hair, then the hair with your fingers. Dry your hair with low heat. Use curling irons for loose curls. Blow-dry the hair for a shaggy beachy style.

Braided Bangs:

French braid your bangs, then tie the ends with a hair clip. Put the braid behind your ear, and allow the remainder of your hair to fall.

A Half-Up Knot In The Top:

Take the top portion of your hair to create a messy ponytail, and allow the remainder to fall. Next, use your fingers to twirl your hair to create an edgy look.

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Side-Swept Bangs:

Part your hair to one side. Let them fall. Use a curling iron to give some waves to your hair to create an unruly boho-inspired, shaggy look.

Hair With Loose Curls:

Make use of a curling iron to create loose curls on your hair. Then, use a brush to get a hairy effortless style.

A Messy Bun:

Hair is gathered into a messy bun, and let bits of hair fall. Use your fingers to smooth your hair to create the appearance of shaggy hair.

The Top Knot With Bangs:

All your hair should be gathered into an up-swept bun, and let your bangs fall. Then, use your fingers to twirl your hair to get an edgy look.

Dutch Braid:

Dutch braid a small section of hair at just the edge of your hair. Then allow the remainder of your hair to fall. Next, apply a texturizing spray to add to your hair’s texture.

Half-Up Ponytail:

Leave the top portion of your hair in a ponytail, and the remaining hair fall. Make use of a spray that can texturize your hair for added texturing to the hair.

Twisted Bangs:

Twist your bangs around and put them back on using Bobby pins. Allow your other hair to slide down. Use the spray for texturizing to add to the appearance of your hair.

French Twist:

French twist a piece of hair near the top of your head. Leave the hair to fall. Then, apply a spray that helps texturize your hair to give it the texture of your hair.

Fishtail Braid:

Fishtail braid a small section of hair on the top of your head. Let other hairs fall. Apply a texturizing spray for an added definition to the hair.

Straight And Sleek:

Straighten your hair using the flat iron. You can also use the spray for texturizing to add some texture looks. Finally, utilize a razor to make some shaggy layers within your hair.

Textured Waves:

Apply a texturizing spray on damp hair, then apply a curling iron to form loose waves. The waves can be brushed out to give a textured shaggy hairstyle.

French Hairstyles With Braids:

French weave your hair, then allow the remainder of your hair to fall. Make use of a texturizing spray to look at the texture.

Pinned To The Back:

You can pin back a small section of your hair in front of your ear while letting the remainder slide down. Then, apply a texturizing spray to add some definition to the hair.

Double Buns:

Separate the hair in two parts and then create the two buns that look messy. Let a few hair pieces fall and be used.


Does shaggy hair need styling?

According to DiFolco, the shag is all about embracing your natural texture and being able to roll out of bed, thus there should be little to no styling required.

Is shaggy hair high maintenance?

Fortunately, the shag is a reasonably low-maintenance hairstyle for people with little time or tolerance for their hair. It has a more effortless, “I woke up like this” appearance and just requires minimum styling.

Is shaggy good for thin hair?

The shag hairstyle suits all densities. However a lot of people frequently confuse thin hair with fine hair. As a shag has so many layers, Rachel advises against using it on thin hair since it would make the wearer’s face look mullet-like.

What is shaggy hair called?

A shag cut is a hairdo with layers of varying lengths. Paul McGregor, a barber, invented it. At the top and sides, the layers are frequently feathered. The layers give the hair volume at the crown and cause it to thinning out into fringes at the edges.

What is the lowest maintenance hair?

Very short hairstyles like pixies and cuts with extensive layers that make styling simple and don’t necessitate a lot of salon care are the most low-maintenance styles. To maintain your cut at its best, you’ll still need to visit your stylist every few months, but you can wait longer in between visits.