How To Style Very Short Hair?

How To Style Very Short Hair

How To Style Very Short Hair?

Make sure you draw attention away from your hairstyle by making you’re facial look more striking. For example, create a striking look, smokey eye, or wear flashy lipstick. (Remember to remember: opt for either a bold lipstick or a bold eye – but doing both can be too for me). In addition, feminine makeup can help you look attractive and feminine when your hair changes.

Pros & Cons Of Short Hair?


Hair that is short and curly is attractive and has unique advantages as well. These are just a few reasons why girls prefer keeping their hair shorter.

  • It is easier to maintain and much easier to style. If you’ve got short hair, it can be reduced to less than a minute compared to long hair. Indeed, you cannot achieve the same amount of styling with short, long hair, but it’s a breeze to achieve the style you desire.
  • Short hair lets you play around with color more often. Short hair will grow to the length you’d like faster than long hair. This way, you can play around with the color without causing your hair to be dry and hard.
  • The short hair oozes confidence and strength of character.

Cons Of Short Hair

Although shorter hair is simpler to manage, it comes with some disadvantages to think about before making major cuts.

  • It is important to wash your hair more frequently
  • Regular salon appointments every 4 and 6 week to keep your cut in the right place
  • There isn’t much variety in hairstyles

The decision to have either short or long hair can be a very difficult decision for many people to make. However, after you’ve looked at two sides of the argument, it is clear why both lengths can work or perhaps not ideal for you. With this in mind, it is important to think about your hairstyle choices before dramatically altering your hairstyle.

How To Style Short Hair?

10 Looks With Our Hairstyle Tip Of The Week

Whether you’re looking down at the undercut or trying to style your pixie in a new way, here’s how you can make short hair look chic for women, as seen in our top hairstyles across all. Explore for more, and then feel free to take screenshots until you are satisfied.



We get this style everywhere else street-style celebrities we see these days. You may love the look and think it’s awesome; however, you’re worried that this style is only a single way.

It’s not! If you’re considering trying this cut on your super-long hair, choose an appearance that lets you wear your hair down and up. The cut should begin on your temples or near the top of your neck. Then, nobody will ever be able to tell when you put your hair down!

Ducktail Crop

Suppose you’re looking to let your hair fall off to the side now and then; choose a length that allows for this. For example, a curly cut close to the ear but slightly longer on the top can be achieved with this look. When you’ve mastered the art of doing short hair, this way, you can change it up by smoothing your hair in each direction, much like the classic 1950s vintage hairstyle, which appears to be enjoying a revival.

Slicked-Back Hair

Do you want a firmly-held method to keep your wavy locks in place? Then, you should try the chic wet-look style seen on street style stars, designer fashion runways, and a myriad of A-listers (To achieve this look at home, read our step-by-step tutorial). Best achieved on straight/straightened hair in pixie, bob, or lob lengths, this look has serious star power and adds instant polish, literally and otherwise, to any outfit.

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Mullet-Inspired Crop

Mullet-Inspired Crop

How can you do hairstyles for short hair with a strong retro vibe (in the case: of hairstyles of the 1980s) and then gracefully achieve them? Just ease into the style. For example, if you are a mullet fan, you must find the right balance. Have your stylist cut your hair so you can change this look without the back part (the tail) becoming too sharp.

Make sure the layers are less obvious since you want them to blend in seamlessly and look great, particularly when you’re ready to change the style. Try hairstyles in different ways, such as swooping to the side or slightly curled or spiked, similar to the previously mentioned ones.

Versatile Lob

Do you want a cut that isn’t too short or too long? Don’t bob it; lob it! For certain hairstyles suitable for shorter hair, the beauty lies on the inside; many women appreciate an attractive cut by itself, but it also provides various styles options in the event of a need. If this concerns you, a lob could be your ideal style.

Tousled Pixie

Unfinished and messy hair is a trend, and hair that is short isn’t a different trend. So begin by asking your stylist to create a nape-snapping hairstyle such as a pixie or bob. Next, the longest lengths are sufficient to be tucked behind your ears, or at the very least, place it on your forehead (no shorter, messy bangs, please! ).

It’s easy to style your hair as well: For a guide on how to style your hair in a feminine, tousled way, rub some Bed Head by TIGI Wax. The stick onto your palms then moves it around your hair. Next, dry it roughly using a blow-dryer. This wax can give an edgy, texturized look.

Short Blunt Bob

An asymmetrical bob can be yet another trend that we’ve seen on the streets and runways, and the latest fashion to wear this retro style is to cut it super-cropped, below the ear level–all at once. Yep, no bangs, no layers, nada.


Do you have a natural texture? There’s nothing wrong with keeping it simple by wearing a TWA, also known as a Teeny Weenie Afro. The style gives off effortless elegant vibes that are unlike any other and is also quite simple to keep.

Slick Pixie

If you’re sporting an old-fashioned pixie cut that typically has shorter hair in the back, sides, and sides, you’ll want the sleek look with some edgy style. For a trendy, stylish-in-punk version, opt for a slick-back style using hair gels, such as TRESemme Two Extra-Ferned Control Gel.

Curly Bob

Curly Bob

The classic and elegant one-length bob has become sought-after on red carpets. It’s the look of a sharp cut, with a hint of an old-fashioned Hollywood wave added into the middle.

With a curling wand, the first part of your hair will be placed in the middle of the section beginning at the rear; begin wrapping your hair in the direction of the barrel. To make your face appear more open:

  1. Wrap your hair around the curler and away from your face.
  2. Keep this technique in place throughout your hair.
  3. Keep that sheen in place using a shine spray such as the Bed Head by the TIGI Hairbrush Shine Hairspray.
  4. Side-Shave
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Not for those with weak legs Side-shaved undercuts are one of the most stylish looks that can give an enthralling (and strong) look that’s a peek-a-boo. You can wear it with your cut side exposed whenever you’re feeling adventurous and switch the longer lengths for a more relaxed look. Request your stylist to cut your hair according to your natural hairline to prevent lingering cowlicks.

5 Golden Rules To Take Care Of Short Hair

Short hair creates the impression of an easygoing attitude. With all the choices and styles available to show off hair cut short, more and increasing numbers of women are opting for this fashionable haircut and accepting the short hair, don’t worry ethos. Many women are cutting their hair short because of its easy maintenance.

But even if you’ve cut off your long locks isn’t a reason to have to alter your hair-care routine. Instead, to keep your hair cut short and appear like a million dollars every day, be sure to follow these five golden rules below:

1: Use Your Fingers

1: Use Your Fingers

It’s okay if you don’t have a hairbrush or comb anymore since you don’t have to keep it in your bag all the time. Because the hair will not become caught up, apply your fingers to style it however you’d like. Hair should be lifted to the roots to increase the volume.

2: Reducing Your Use Of Products For Styling

Select a hairstyle that doesn’t require heating; styling tools like curling tools and blow dryers can cause harm to hair shafts. One of the most simple ways to style short hair is to apply the spray with a texturizing agent on the hair after going to bed and then getting up with gorgeous waves.

3: Have A Trim Every 3 To 6 Weeks

Contrary to what many believe regarding haircuts, short hair needs regular trims to keep its form and appearance. This is because the hair grows around 1/2 inch every month. Therefore, trimming your hair every 3 to 6 weeks is best.

4: Make Use Of Lesser Shampoo Or Conditioner

It’s a given use less conditioner and shampoo when shampooing your hair. Short hair requires only a little conditioner, so make sure you don’t use the same conditioner as you did previously, or you’ll be weighing the hair. In the same way, applying excessive amounts of shampoo will cause hair to frizz and irritate your scalp.

5: Do Not Use Blow-Dryers

Make sure to allow your hair to air dry as long as possible. Use a blow dryer on the lowest setting if you have to use a blow dryer. Curly hair that is short may break quickly, so it is advised to stay clear of hair dryers. Instead, make use of the scrunching method to increase volume if you are required to.

What Can You Wear With Short Hair?

What Can You Wear With Short Hair?

Short-haired women tend not to dress properly. Your hair’s length must be in line with the outfit you’re wearing, and only then will you be able to complete your overall appearance. Do not just wear a shorter-length dress since you want to ensure that you look good. Short hair is trendy. They’re also effective because they are easy to maintain in summer. They can be styled quickly without a lot of effort. Simply run your fingers over your locks, and you’re ready for the day; however, that’s not enough. To look nice, you must concentrate on your outfit too. For example, if your fabric is rough and heavy, do not wear it with a short haircut. It can ruin the appearance.

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Popular hairstyles, like bobs with a shorter length, provide a trendy style. With that in mind, choose a dress that has a feminine appearance. It can help soften the masculine look. Clothing like peplum tops, clothes with skirts, and frock-style shirts and maxi are ideal for those with short hair. You can also opt for a high-neck shirt and tight-fitting jeans. You can also wear extravagant earrings to match and carry a bag.

Beware of clothes that are loose or baggy. This is not a good choice for those who have short hair. Mini skirts and mini-dresses are great for girls with short hair. Wear high-heeled heels and Timberland footwear with a fedora hat over the top for a chic look. Apart from that, a touch of makeup is a great idea. Smoky eyes and bold red lips are a winning combination.

Earrings are crucial as the short hairstyle can make the ears pop, so pick some cute earrings that match the shape of your face. Also, look at these 16 Short Hairstyles Simple for girls that you can make in just a few minutes.

Sparkly and embellished tops, as well as sparkling materials, are an extra touch. This can reduce the masculine look and create a feminine appearance. For short hair, you can also experiment with hairstyles such as French braids, twists, and chic ponytails. The first impression is made when you go out to a gathering. You could wear a long-length maxi dress or an oversized top with jeans for formal events.

You can look at these images to get inspiration and ideas from these pictures. I’m sure it’ll aid you in selecting the clothes that complement your hairstyle. Now, without much effort, take a trip to the mall. You’ll have plenty of options; you can finish the style from head to toe. Take a stroll and choose the most appropriate outfit for the most affordable price.