How to Style SB Dunks Low?

How to Style SB Dunks Low?

How to Style SB Dunks Low?

These Nike SB Dunks are one of the most recognizable sneakers available. Their popularity has grown exponentially in the last two years due to the hottest collaborations and cool designs.

For the best performance from your Nike Dunks, pair them with the appropriate outfits to match the style and feel you’re aiming to. If you’re sporting the low, high, or SB, there are some fantastic outfits to dress the sneakers with.

What To Wear With SB Dunks Low?


The low-rise jeans, one of the most controversial fashions of the 2000s’ early days, are returning. With the help of designers and influencers such as Dua Lipa, Hailey Bieber and Bella Hadid and Bella Hadid, low-rise jeans are back with the utmost enthusiasm. However, before buying one, Here are some suggestions for styling them to ensure they look their best.

The first thing to do is find the perfect pair of Dunks that fit your body. For example, if you’re a woman with a larger abdomen, an outfit with a slim waistband can make you look the best of your figure and not look too tight and bulky. You could also opt for an outfit with a lower rise and higher percentage of cotton that will give you the most flattering shape.

It’s also possible to pick traditional skinny jeans or denim jeans that aren’t overly tight and feature a high waistband. This lets you wear them with your Dunks without the risk of being excessively tight. But, on the other hand, this may make them appear too tight to fit your physique.

Another alternative is to match your Dunks with an oversized, loose-fitting tee. These shirts allow you to breathe and are perfect for flying as they’re loose enough to stretch your stomach while maintaining a low waistband.

If you’re looking more refined and sophisticated, a blazer can be the perfect option to dress up your Dunks. If you’re heading to the bar or running around town, the blazer can add a touch of class to your outfit and make you stand out.

However, if you’re seeking a casual look, you can wear sweatpants. They’re a staple of any outfit and are especially appropriate during winter. They’re incredibly comfortable and can be worn with any Dunks and are specially designed for sneakers with a low rise.

It is also possible to choose cargo pants. They are essential for military uniforms and are incredibly comfortable. They can be worn in various styles and colors, making it easy to design an outfit that matches your style. You can also combine the look with a graphic t-shirt or a flannel t-shirt to finish the appearance.


The Nike Dunk is a great shoe to pair with a suit. However, styling them right is challenging due to the many styles and colors available in the SB Dunk.

There are several ways to approach it to ensure you get the best out of your sneakers collection. First, it is essential to keep your shoes as clean and neat as possible to ensure they won’t fold or stain your pants. Also, it’s recommended to wear only a few lacings. Instead, it would be best if you opted for only the eyelets. This allows your legs to breathe and keep you from appearing like a fashion snob.

It’s vital to purchase a pair of colored socks to match the color of your Dunks to tie the outfit with the other and give some color to your look. In addition, it’s possible to match the t-shirt you pick to your bottoms to provide an extra edge in style and make you appear more stylish than you have.

An excellent way to wear your dunks is by styling them with a t-shirt that complements the shoes and pants flawlessly. This can make your outfit appear more attractive, and you’ll feel relaxed and confident throughout the day.

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Another method to dress your dunks is to match them with cargo pants in the right color and style for your shoes. They are a great pair to wear with a t-shirt or a casual sweater. They could also be worn with a jacket with hoods, which can help provide warmth.


High-waisted skirts are now a major fashion trend and look great on almost every body type. The trick is knowing how to dress them according to your taste and style.

One of the most effective ways to dress a skirt with a high waist is to wear it with a shirt that emphasizes your waistline. A tailored shirt or top with a high neckline can provide a stylish feminine, and elegant style.

Another way to dress up your high-waisted skirt is by choosing the printed one. Pick skirts with horizontal stripes or prints that elongate your frame and make you appear taller.

It is also possible to wear maxi skirts for an hourglass or petite look. Maxi skirts are typically designed to go with various tops and accessories, including boots and belts.

Maxi skirts can be styled in various ways and are the perfect match for every summer outfit. It can be paired with a basic tank top or a tucked-in shirt for a casual style, or put on some sneakers and a hat to add some flair for an evening out with friends.

If you’re looking to add some flair to your outfit, You can wear a high-waisted dress with strappy heels. This is an excellent option for a night out because the swag will make an impression!

The easiest way to dress your Nike Dunk Lows in an appropriate skirt is to choose one that flatters and flatters your shape. Try several skirts and see which is the most flattering on you and complements your style.

In addition to deciding on the right size, you must also consider the fabric your skirt is constructed of. The material should be soft and flexible to allow for your curves. If it isn’t a good fit, it can pull on your hips and cause unflattering folds to your body.

You could also wear a sweater that is thin to add warmth. A slim belt helps make the fabric of your skirt and makes the appearance of a polished style.


A dress is a fantastic opportunity to display your physique. It makes you appear slimmer or taller and is suitable for events, work, and other occasions. However, if you’re looking to be sexually attractive and put on a gorgeous dress, it is essential to put it together correctly. Here are some guidelines to assist you in doing it!

Selecting the appropriate color for your outfit is crucial. It should look attractive and flattering to your figure. It is also possible to put a belt on your outfit, making it appear more elegant.

You may also add an eye-catching pendant or earrings. They will complement the dramatic style of the dress. It is also possible to pair the camisole in lace with your dress. This is a fantastic option for dressing your dress without adding additional layers.

Another option to let your dress shine is by creating the cut-off. This can be done by putting safety pins in the slit and sewing them into place using thread that matches the dress.

To add a splash of color, you can add the color of your waistband to match your attire. This can be particularly fun with a dark outfit. This will help the color stand apart from your outfit.

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If you’re not a fan of belts, put on socks to give your outfit a pop. You can opt for a pair of white, black, or even a color to create a unique style.

One of the most challenging elements of a high-low dress is finding the appropriate shoes for the dress. There are different designs of high-low dresses that can be worn with various footwear. In addition, some styles have shorter hemlines than others, so you’ll be able to pick the ideal one.

It is also possible to pair your outfit with a bag or tote. This will make it appear more professional and ensure you are comfortable traveling.

If you are shopping for a dress, ensure it’s made of high-quality fabric. This will ensure it will last for a long time and can endure many years of wear and wear and tear.

Some Ways How To Style SB Dunks Low Outfit For Males?Some Ways How To Style SB Dunks Low Outfit For Males?

Casual Style: Wear your SB Dunks with a plain white t-shirt, ripped jeans, and a denim jacket to create an elegant casual style.

Casual Look

Athleisure Style: Put on the SB Dunks With a pair of hoodies and joggers for a casual and chic athleisure style.

Athleisure Style

Monochrome Outfit: Make a monochrome look by combining your SB Dunks Low with black jeans, and black T-shirt, and a black bomber jacket.

Monochrome Outfit

Streetwear Style: Pair the SB Dunks skimpy outfit with cargo pants, a graphic t-shirt, and a camo-colored jacket to create an elegant streetwear style.

Streetwear Style

Formal Dress: Get dressed up in your SB Dunks skimpy outfit with a clean blouse, dress pants, with a blazer for an elegant formal look.

Formal Attire

Summer Outfit: Dress in Your SB Dunks Low with shorts and a light button-down shirt to create an easy and relaxed summer look.

Summer Look

Winter Wear: Wear those SB Dunks low with slim jeans, a sweater, and a coat to create an elegant and warm winter outfit.

Winter Wear

Grunge Style: Dress Your SB Dunks low in worn-down pants, a plaid top, and a leather jacket to create the grunge style.

Grunge Style

Retro Style: Pair the SB Dunks Low with high-waisted trousers and a vintage tee with a denim coat to create a retro-inspired look.

Retro Look

The Hip-Hop Style: Dress Your SB Dunks low with baggy pants, a sweatshirt, and a gold chain for the classic hip-hop look.

Hip Hop Style

A Sporty Look: Combine your SB Dunks Lows with track pants, a tank top, and a baseball cap to create an athletic look.

Sporty Look

Edgy style: You can wear the SB Dunks low with worn-down black jeans, a black t-shirt, and a biker jacket made of leather to get an edgy appearance.

Edgy Style

Preppy Outfit: Pair your SB Dunks Low outfit with Chinos, a polo top, and a cardigan to create a preppy outfit.

Preppy Outfit

All-White Style: Make an all-white look with your SB Dunks low and white trousers, a white T-shirt, and an all-white denim jacket.

All-White Look

Business Casual Dress: Wear these SB Dunks low with a dress shirt, button-down shirt, and a blazer for an elegant casual business outfit.

Business Casual Attire

Skater Style: You can wear the SB Dunks Slim with skinny denim, a graphic t-shirt, and a beanie to create an edgy skater look.

Skater Style

A Colorful Outfit: Combine the color of your SB Dunks Low with bright pants, a t-shirt with a print, and a jacket to create an eye-catching and vibrant look.

Colorful Outfit

Vintage Style: The SB Dunks with wide-leg jeans and a vintage t-shirt with a denim jacket for a vintage-inspired outfit.

How Do Lace SB Dunk Low?

How To Lace SB Dunks Low

Lacing SB Dunks low is a personal preference, and there are numerous ways to go about it. However, here are some of the most popular ways:

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Straight Bar Lacing

Straight bar lacing is a quick and easy method of lacing your SB Dunks. Here’s how:

  • Begin by lacing the shoelace through the eyelets on the bottom of the shoe, leaving the same length on either side.
  • Make sure you take the shoelace on the left and run it through the eyelet on the other side.
  • Make sure you use the right shoelace and put it through an eyelet on the right side.
  • Continue lacing the shoe in this manner until you get to the top of the sole.
  • Make a knot on top.

Criss-Cross Lacing

Criss-cross lacing is a traditional technique that can add style to your SB Dunks’ looks. Here’s how you can accomplish it:

  • Begin by lacing the shoelace into the eyelets at the bottom of the shoe, leaving equal lengths for each side.
  • Make sure you take the shoelace on the left and run it through the eyelet on your shoe’s left side.
  • Make sure you use the right shoelace and put it through another eyelet on your shoe’s left.
  • The left shoelace should be crossed onto the 3rd eyelet located on the left of the shoe.
  • The right shoelace should be crossed over into the 3rd eyelet located on the left side.
  • Continue the lacing until you get to the upper of the sole.
  • The shoelaces should be tied in an over-the-top knot.

Loose Lacing

Lacing loosely is a fashionable method to dress the look of your SB Dunks, giving you an easy and casual appearance. Here’s how:

  • Begin by lacing the shoelace through the eyelets at the bottom of the shoe, leaving equal lengths of shoelaces on either side.
  • Make sure you take the left shoelace and run it through the eyelet on the left edge of your shoe. It would be best if you left some slack in the shoelace.
  • Use the right shoelace to run it through the eyelet located on the left of the shoe. Also, leaving a bit of slack in the shoelace.
  • Continue lacing the shoe in this manner and leave a bit of slack between each loop until you get to the top of the shoe.
  • The shoelaces should be tied in an over-the-top knot.


How do you style panda dunk lows?

Panda Dunks will completely complete your look if you closely follow the most recent fashion trends and like to dress as though you just stepped off the catwalk. Try to keep things casual by wearing hoodies and logo t-shirts with straight-leg jeans or loose cargo trousers. Skinny and slim fits are a big NO.

Are Nike Dunks still in style?

Look nowhere else. We have a concise list of every Nike Dunk release scheduled for 2023. The Nike Dunk is the most popular shoe right now. This long-forgotten silhouette has staged the greatest comeback ever.

Do dunks go with skinny jeans?

Never wear the Dunk with slim jeans, regardless of whether they are high-waisted or low-waisted. The leg must be straight and the volumes gentle.

How do you not crease sb dunks?

To assist shoes maintain their shape, stuff them with newspaper, tissue paper, a shoe tree, or another type of shoe form before storing them in a durable shoe box or storage bag.

Should I buy low or high Dunks?

The height of the ankles is the primary distinction between the kicks, to start. It is also kind of clear that the highs are a little heavier than the lows. The Nike Dunk High is the shoe for you if you want some ankle support and protection. But the lows should be your first choice if you’re searching for movement flexibility.