How To Style Oversized Shirt Men?

How To Style Oversized Shirt Men?

How To Style Oversized Shirt Men?

The most classic way to dress an oversized shirt is to pair the top with slim blue jeans, such as skinny or straight leg, and this will balance the bulky top and create a relaxed look. Instead, wear a white long-sleeved shirt and white jeans for a minimalist look in monochrome.

What Are Oversized Shirts?

Oversized shirts are oversized tops with a loose fit tucked just below the waist and gave a more pronounced look to your attire. They are available in various styles, from classic button-downs to oversized tees.

3 Tips For Styling Oversized Shirts

The correct fitting is vital for an oversized shirt style.

  1. Pick pieces with a lot of details. It’s very easy for an oversized shirt to cover your body with extra fabric. Make sure your shirt isn’t taking over your body by picking detailed pieces; a pattern or pop of color, or a unique stitching design gives the shirt that extra size a place that draws attention to the design rather than the extra fabric.
  2. Take into consideration the occasion. Opt for a loose, oversized T-shirt to wear as a casual athleisure or loungewear look, but you can also try an oversized button-up top for an elegant or business-casual outfit.
  3. Take two sizes larger than the normal size. If you are shopping for oversized clothing, stylists recommend purchasing an item two sizes bigger than the size you normally wear. The shirt should be loosely around your waist and shoulders while taking a few inches longer than the typical shirt. For a large T-shirt, the sleeves of your shirt should be lower than the normal mid-bicep or as low as the elbow in oversized styles.

How To Wear Oversized T-Shirts For GuysHow To Wear Oversized T-Shirts For Guys

Some crucial elements to remember regarding how to dress in oversized t-shirts suitable for men. First, the fitting shirt for men’s oversized t-shirts must be big enough in the waist and torso to be worn tucked into trousers or put on with belts. Additionally, the length of an oversized shirt is equally important: similar to women’s clothes and should fit mid-thigh when you’re wearing slim trousers or jeans or even just above your knees when wearing shorts. Ultimately, we’ve provided a list of essentials all men should have in their wardrobes!


Some brands create men’s oversized clothing designed to make you look larger, but when they reach a certain size, they’re too large. The ideal oversized t-shirt to wear for men does not encircle your body completely but isn’t so loose that it appears as if you’re fighting against gravity. At the same time, you must be able to place your hands in your pockets or wrap your arms around them and not feel restricted.

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You’ll want a shirt that is a little lower than mid-thigh in slim-fitting pants or maybe a bit larger if you’re trying to achieve the look of a man. However, it’s crucial to remember that even if your shirt is large does not mean you have to wear it. A properly-fitted, oversized t-shirt for men will permit you to display what you have; however, it will not overpower your outfit.

Essentials In Your Wardrobe

In reality, there are numerous ways to dress in an oversized t-shirt, as you can imagine for t-shirts! However, here are some items every man must have in their wardrobe to match their favorite big t-shirt.

The essentials t-shirt can be an essential part of every male’s wardrobe. It can be worn as an oversized t-shirt based on how big you’d like the size to be. In addition, this classic shirt can be paired with any pair of bottoms ranging from jeans to shorts to joggers, and you instantly give a hint of casual chic.

Outfit Ideas

There are a variety of outfit suggestions to wear the oversized t-shirt for men. It can be paired with jeans, shorts, sweatpants, or even joggers, according to how much of a relaxed look you’re looking for!

07 Ways For Guys To Wear An Oversized T-shirt07 Ways For Guys To Wear An Oversized T-shirt

Streetwear has made a significant leap. In the last couple of decades, it has evolved from a dress only for a select few to fashionable fashion.

If we are talking about streetwear, the most basic item is the baggy and oversized T-shirt. Although it’s not going to hug your body as a normal slim T-shirt or be a neatly ironed one, it certainly conveys a chic style.

Many people also find an oversized style more flexible and comfortable. It is also more versatile. It may be difficult to wear a plain shirt, but once you get a grip on it, you’ll be able to wear it easily. Today, we present ten simple looks that will give you a trendy and stylish look with a big T-shirt.

T-shirt Over Another

Maintaining a simple but stylish look is the essence of streetwear fashion. For example, a simple, oversized T-shirt could be worn with a plain T-shirt beneath. This makes the whole look easy and chic with a pop of layering and color.

For your bottoms, wear jeans that are ripped, because you will never be wrong with them. A pair of blue-washed denim and a plain oversized tee underneath a white t-shirt can make you look stylish!

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To add a touch of class to your look, consider accessorizing by wearing a simple ballcap or bucket hat. It can help tie your whole outfit together. It can be paired with white sneakers, and you’ll have everything you need!

Layer over a checked shirt

Wear a large T-shirt with an oversized checkered shirt when the weather is cold!

This easy combination transforms the casual dress code into a more semi-formal one. It is suitable for schools, parties, or even outings with friends on weekends!

Wear this look with skinny jeans with high-top sneakers, sunglasses, and skinny jeans for a more sophisticated style.

Layer over a denim jacket

It is also possible to dress it up with an oversized denim jacket. A classic, denim-style jacket offers the look of a baggy T-shirt while keeping the fashionable hipster style. You could also put in a big white tee over an oversized denim jacket if you attend formal events. This will be the perfect white-over-denim shirt combo!

Go for Plain and Simple

Do you prefer an easy, clean style without any fancy? Choose a basic large t-shirt and wear it with jeans or slacks. Add caps or a beanie.

Go Stripy BottomsGo Stripy Bottoms

Simple doesn’t mean that you can’t rock bright colors and patterns. Explore various patterns and colors to create new looks! For example, in recent years, striped pants are getting more and more sought-after. It is possible to pair the black and white striped trousers with a graphic, oversized t-shirt. Also, you can pair the multi-colored trouser and a basic color T-shirt.

Typically the fit of the trouser must be loose for an elegant appearance. To give your overall outfit an elegant look, it is also possible to fold your pants at the hem.

Bucket hats are a great match for this look and a streetwear staple. It is also possible to accessorize the look with a chain necklace. To wear footwear, wear white sneakers and socks. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, take neon-colored footwear to boost your game.

Or go bold and edgy by layering your Striped Long Sleeve.

A long-sleeved striped top over an oversized T-shirt offers an edgy and cool appearance. Similar to all layering, this one provides an extra formality and structure to the ensemble.

Dark-colored striped shirts like black work well with this look. Wear the slim-fit black jeans you’ve ripped, slacks, or a pair of trousers. For a stylish accessory to your outfit, you can match your outfit with a cute fanny bag or sack. To create a bold look, opt for the bold or vivid tee.

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Pull out your sweater vest.

If you’re a 1990’s child and you were a fan of Friends (An American sitcom), You may be aware of Chandler’s sweater vests. So you’ll be happy to learn that they’re currently trending!

It is possible to wear your sweater vest with an extra-large T-shirt, loose pants, or baggy jeans. A long-sleeved T-shirt and V-neck sweater vest are good alternatives. One thing to keep in mind is to not wear an oversized t-shirt that has a V-neck with a sweater vest that has a v-neck.In terms of footwear, you can put on any type of shoe, and it will look great with it.


How can I style an oversized shirt?

Shirts that are too big are incredibly versatile. Wear them as a dress, a cover-up for the beach, or with loose-fitting clothing. Put a shirt over cycling shorts and a crop top, or half-tuck it into denim shorts. If you’re going out, pair it with heels and a handbag, or wear it with sneakers for an off-duty Hailey Bieber look.

What pants to wear with oversized t shirt?

Avoid thin jeans while tucking in your shirt and stick to relaxed-fit denim. Skintight pants with an oversized top throw your proportions off and give the impression that your upper half is boxier. Straight-leg jeans like Levi’s 501 or Wedgies are always a good choice.

Do oversized shirts make you look big?

Contrary to popular belief, being big does not make you appear overweight. In fact, the way the clothes hangs makes you appear more slim. And to top it off, it conceals extra weight. That implies it has a gorgeous appearance, but more importantly, it is practical!

Do oversized shirts look good on skinny guys?

In an effort to make themselves appear larger as well, skinny guys frequently try to cover up their figure by donning bulkier clothing. Wrong. Contrarily, this is real. You look like a skeletal scarecrow when you dress in clothing that is too big for you.

What is the most attractive physical feature on a guy?

In general, guys with a relatively thin waist, a V-shaped torso, and broad shoulders are more attractive to women. Additionally, taller men who exhibit high levels of face symmetry and generally masculine facial dimorphism tend to attract women more than shorter guys.