How To Style Pixie Cuts?

How To Style Pixie Cuts?

How To Style Pixie Cuts?

Pixie cuts are short and chic, and they have various styles. Pixie cuts are great for fine hair because they add tons of volume. They’re also pretty versatile, so they’ll go with any style.

The best thing about a pixie cut is that it’s easy to style – all you need are some styling products and a bit of effort! Here are some of our favorite pixie styles that will look amazing on you.


Asymmetrical pixie cuts are an easy way to add volume and dimension to your hair without using any products or time. They’re also great for achieving a sophisticated look that will complement your unique personality.

There are many different ways to style pixie cuts, so choosing one that is flattering to your face shape and hair texture is important. You can also play around with different lengths to create the desired effect.

Short pixie cuts can be very flattering on oval faces since they help balance the proportions and make your face look more symmetrical. It’s also a good choice for women with round faces because it helps to elongate the appearance of your face and soften it.

This haircut can be paired with long or micro bangs, depending on your preference. Bangs are an excellent choice for highlighting features like your mouth and cheekbones. In addition, they can accentuate the eyes to give them more definition.

The pixie cut can be flattering on all hair textures, but it looks best on hair that is smooth or has some texture. It can also work well for women with fine or thinning hair.

To create a sleeker appearance, comb the back of your asymmetrical pixie cut forward and brush it up at the hairline. This will keep the cut looking clean and polished and make it appear thicker than it is.

Another way to add volume to your pixie cut is to create layers with your hair. This will make it appear thicker and fuller, which is incredibly chic!

You can also try sweeping your bangs to one side. This will highlight your eyes and take the focus off a larger nose, making it a great option for oval faces!

A wavy pixie cut is a great way to add texture to your hair. It’s an incredibly low-maintenance and easy-to-style look that can be worn daily or dressed up for special occasions.

To create a more dramatic effect, you can try a faux hawk. This is a popular look for celebrities and fashionistas, but you can easily achieve it yourself. If you’re not confident with a hawk, you can create a similar effect by shaving the sides of your head and styling it in a layered manner.


Pixie cuts are a great option for curly hair because they allow you to show off your natural texture. They are also easy to style and don’t require a lot of product.

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Try adding a few light waves using a flat iron to keep your wavy pixie hairstyle looking textured. Then, after a few spritzes of hairspray, you’ll have a cute wavy look perfect for summer!

If you have a round face, you can wear your pixie cut slicked back to showcase your well-proportioned facial features. This can give you a more balanced appearance and make your eyes pop out in all the right ways!

Add longer bangs to your pixie cut to create a more youthful appearance. This can be a fun way to dress up your pixie haircut, especially if you have a more formal or professional look.

Another great way to style a pixie cut is to comb your hair backward and spray it with some hairspray. This will create a sophisticated appearance that looks stylish and modern.

Alternatively, you can comb your pixie haircut straight back and then brush it forward for a more edgy appearance. This can be a great choice if you attend a formal event, as it will add a sleek finish to your hairstyle.

In addition to enhancing your overall look, a pixie cut can be a good choice for women with short hair who want to reduce their maintenance time. It is a simple cut that is easy to wash and dry and doesn’t require too much styling or product.

You can even pair your pixie cut with a fade or undercut to add structure to your hairstyle. These styles can be a great way to make your pixie haircut look more sophisticated and perfect for any formal occasion.

If you’re interested in trying a pixie haircut but aren’t sure it’s the right style, you can always consult with your hairstylist. They can help you choose a fairy that will work with your skin tone, face shape, and personality. They can also advise you on the best products for your pixie cut and how to care for it.


If you have ever thought about how your hair can be transformed into something different and more eye-catching, consider pixie cuts as a perfect solution. They give women a whole new perspective on their hair texture and pattern while giving them styling freedom, too!

There are many ways to style a pixie cut, but the best thing about them is that they can adapt to all hair types. In addition, pixies can make you feel beautiful and confident.

To make the top of your fairy look more interesting, you can try cutting it a little longer and letting it flutter in the air. This will add tons of volume and a unique, fresh, and stylish look to your style.

Another great way to get a dramatic pixie is to shave off the sides completely. This will create a bold contrast between the short sides and the volumetric crown and enhance your facial features!

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You can add texture to your short pixie by adding bangs or curls. This will give your hair the appearance of being fuller, and it will be easy to style in a few minutes without putting too much effort into it.

In this picture, actress Cailee Spaeny proves that short fairies can be made to look even more feminine and stylish. This short, feathered pixie looks stunning, giving her facial features a touch of elegance!

If you want to show off your personality, a pixie cut with long bangs is perfect. This will allow you to play around with your hair color and style and make you feel like a real boss!

This fairy is perfect for women with short or medium-length hair. It will suit any face shape and will surely be a statement-making look.


A pixie cut is an edgy, short haircut that looks cool on almost every face shape. It also works well for those with curly hair, as long as your stylist knows how to style it correctly.

Ask your stylist what products and styling techniques will work best for your hair during your consultation. The pixie cut is a commitment, so it’s important to understand how your stylist can help you maintain it.

One way to get a distressed look is by layering your hair into different sections and applying texture paste on top of the strands, allowing it to dry. According to Richman, this will add some dimension to your hair and create a more interesting layered look.

Another way to achieve a distressed pixie is by shaving the sides and back of your hair, creating an undercut. This edgy style is ideal for fashion-savvy women who want to keep their haircuts simple and easy to manage.

The undercut also gives this asymmetrical pixie cut some symmetry, which is always a plus in style. You can even try an asymmetrical pixie with bangs to make it more dramatic.

Finally, if you are uncomfortable with a full pixie cut, consider going for a shorter version incorporating some textured layers. This will create more volume and add texture to your hair, says Mazzocchi.

It’s also a great way to experiment with hair color. For example, this will allow you to go blonde or dark, which you may have been too scared to do.

Alternatively, you can opt for a pretty pastel that skews almost gray. This will give your asymmetrical pixie cut some personality and help you break out of your usual color monotony.

Regardless of your hair type, a pixie cut can be a good choice for those who want to try a new hair color. This will allow you to try something bold and express your style, whether it’s a colorful eyeliner or a fiery red hue.

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Five Tips For Styling Your Pixie Cut:

  • Add texture: Use a texturizing product such as a sea salt spray or a hair wax to add texture and definition to your hair. Apply the product to damp hair and use your fingers to scrunch your hair for a tousled, messy look.
  • Straighten your hair: Use a straightening iron to create a sleek and smooth look. This is a great style for a polished and sophisticated look.
  • Try a side part: Create a side part for a classic and feminine look. You can use a styling product to hold the part in place or simply comb your hair to the side.
  • Accessorize: Add a headband, hair clip, or hair scarf to your pixie cut to add a fun and playful touch to your style. This is a great way to add interest to a simple haircut.
  • Embrace your natural texture: If you have naturally curly or wavy hair, embrace your natural texture and let your hair air dry. This is a great style for a low-maintenance, effortless look.
  • Spike it up: Use a styling product such as hair gel or pomade to create a spiky and edgy look. Apply the product to damp hair and use your fingers to create spikes in different directions.

Remember, experimenting and finding what works best is the key to styling a pixie cut. Don’t be afraid to try different techniques and products to achieve the perfect look for your hair type and face shape.


How do you make a pixie cut look feminine?

Use a tiny round brush to blow-dry bangs to the side to feminise a boyish pixie cut like Robin Wright’s. According to Tim Rogers, a hairstylist at the Sally Hershberger salon in New York City, side-swept bangs can soften a square jaw and make a short cut appear less severe.

How do you style a messy pixie cut?

Straight to slightly wavy hair textures benefit most from a messy pixie trim. Use a diffuser to blow-dry the hair after applying a small quantity of styling cream or texturizing mousse to separate the hair. It should take 10 to 15 minutes to style.

What does a pixie cut say about a woman?

The pixie became popularised by the actresses Audrey Hepburn and Jean Seberg, who audaciously disapproved of the long waves and coifs of their on-screen counterparts.

Are pixie cuts hard to maintain?

Unsurprisingly, pixie cuts are quite low maintenance and remarkably versatile. Additionally, they appear in a variety of styles and have advanced significantly from the traditional 1960s Twiggy-style pixie.

Do pixie cuts make you look thinner?

As long as your hair has a tonne of texture and fullness, which makes your face appear smaller in comparison, short hair can also be slimming.