How To Style A Pear-Shaped Body?

How To Style A Pear-Shaped Body?

How To Style A Pear-Shaped Body?

If you’re a pear-shaped woman must be aware of your curves to create a balanced appearance. This means that you should not emphasize your lower thighs and hips.

A pair of pants that glide over your thighs and hips will help you balance the body’s shape. A nice coat may help.

What To Wear With A Pear-Shaped Body?


Dresses are an excellent option for a pear-shaped body. They enhance your top portion while skimming over your broad bottoms and hips for a more balanced look.

The styles that emphasize your upper frame are wrap dresses, intriguing necklines, and well-defined shoulders. Puff sleeves are an option since they draw attention to the upper part of your body and even out the wide shoulders and hips of the pear-shaped body.

The shirts that finish at the waist can be a good alternative since they enhance your waistline without drawing excessive attention toward the lower portion of your body. Crop tops are a different option that is great on a pear-shaped body.

It is also possible to choose wide-leg trousers that aren’t too tight or skinny. They will lengthen the legs and make the upper body appear larger.

The longer hemlines are an excellent option for a pear-shaped body because they visually lengthen your frame and create an illusion of height in your look. Maxi dresses are a great option, particularly if seeking a casual style.

A belt can be a wonderful option to add to your outfit for dresses as it adds visual weight to the shoulder area and helps create the hourglass shape. The fitted waistlines and trench coats are great choices as they create a proportion between hips and shoulders which helps make a balanced pear-shaped body shape.

The most flattering skirts for a pear-shaped body are knee length or even slightly below your knees since this allows you to lengthen your legs and increase the appearance of your body. Skirts that are overly full or feature too many horizontal elements can make your hips and thighs appear more prominent than is necessary.


If you’re seeking a versatile item that you can wear easily, it’s time to take it. With a wide range of styles, they’re simple to dress and look good on any body type. They’re a great option for a romantic evening or even an informal gathering, So you’ll always be prepared to impress!

If your pear-shaped body is more full on your butt and hips than your shoulders and your bust and shoulders, you’ll need to wear tops that balance your lower body. A nipped, fitted top can highlight your waistline, while a striking design, color, or pattern can draw attention toward your hips towards your upper body.

It is also possible to choose tops with a wide sleeve to increase the volume of your shoulder area. Beware the tube tops and raglan sleeves since they are likely to narrow your upper body and are not attractive for the pear shape.

When selecting pants for the pear-shaped figure, opt for high or mid-rise pants which fit comfortably around the waist and are not too tight on the bottom. Try straight-leg trousers that rest at the hips just above your waist because they will slide across your lower thighs to give you a smoother and more flattering shape.

Another option for the pear-shaped physique includes the wrap skirt. It is a fantastic option as it will lengthen both your legs and your hips, which is crucial for this type of body.

If you are looking for footwear, you should avoid block-heel or low-heel shoes because they could create the appearance of your legs being tinier and larger than they are. It is also possible to think about flats, as they’re a great option for a pear-shaped body since they lengthen your legs and draw your eyes down to your feet.


If you’re an apple-shaped lady and know how important it is to be sure that you dress in a way that flatters your body. Selecting the appropriate clothes to fit your figure can help you feel confident and will give you the confidence to showcase your great features.

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If you’re looking for the ideal dress for a formal event or desire a comfy and fashionable top, you must ensure you’re in the right shape. Several designs are ideal on a pear-shaped body and will help you achieve an attractive style that lets you appear and feel the most confident.

When picking a sweater to match your pear-shaped body take into consideration the neckline. A wide neckline will help you to lengthen your upper body and bring attention to your bust line. Cowl necks are ideal for this type of shape.

Another excellent way to show off the shoulders and bust is to put on tops with high-waisted pants. An increased risk can make your waist appear more defined and make your shoulders and hips appear slimmer, says Collins.

A cut-off waist is also effective in making your outfits appear more tailored, according to her advice. She suggests avoiding long cardigans that make your frame appear awash in fabric and instead choosing styles with neck or shoulder particulars.

Shorts are a great way to increase the length of your legs and prevent your silhouette from being too narrow, suggests Collins. Select a pair that sits just above or below it (think middle shin). The length of the shoe will stretch your body and give you a more defined and hourglass-like form.

It’s an excellent idea to select pants that have a high waist and a longer leg so that your hips are covered, according to Collins. It’s an excellent idea to pick trousers with a dark shade to distract from the lower part of your body and concentrate the attention on your slim upper body.


Jackets designed for a pear-shaped body increase the volume of the shoulder and bust regions while staying clear of the hips or avoiding them. Darker, longer coats will help slim the thighs and hips, while cropped designs make you look more upwards.

A great suitor for shirts is the one that works for this shape since they can be worn over the bodice, highlighting your upper part. Form-fitting shoulders, intriguing necklines, and puff sleeves all bring interest to the upper part of your body.

Sweaters are also a great feature for this type of body since they are wearable all the time and are available in a variety of styles, colors, and designs. They can be either short or long and made from a cashmere or knit material.

Trousers are another great option for pear-shaped figures as they fit the waist and thigh while still hugging the hips without adding weight. Bootleg pants appeal to this type of body since they sit higher on the hips and don’t attach to the thighs like skinny jeans.

If you’re looking for an office-ready style, A power blazer can help you shape your body. Select a longer style with only one button to make an hourglass-like silhouette. Then wear the look with a neutral shirt and scoop necks for an elegant and feminine style.

A trench coat with a belt is another timeless option that can effortlessly enhance your style and individual style. If you’re fond of traditional, well-crafted fashions, the designer trench coat from Burberry is well worth buying. The versatile piece is available in various styles and materials and can be paired with everything from jeans to dresses.


The most important thing to do when dressing a pear-shaped figure is to not emphasize the wide hips and thighs by focusing attention on the upper part of the body, in particular the shoulders and your bust. This gives the appearance of more bulk in the upper part of your body to make the hips appear smaller and the thighs.

There are plenty of tops, blouses, and t-shirts which flatter a pear-shaped body. They include wrap styles with interesting necklines, attractive shoulders, and puff sleeves designed to draw attention upwards.

A pear-shaped figure is difficult to style due to its large thighs and hips that are curving. However, the right outfit can transform it into a stunning look! The most important thing to consider when making a pleasing outfit for this type of body is to select clothes that don’t create bumps or lumps on the hips and ones that don’t get too big.

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For instance, a jacket that falls beneath your hips is a great option for work. A trench coat that has a belt that can be cinched at the natural waistline is a timeless look that is suitable for just about every occasion.

Dresses are another option for this body type because they can enhance your body and curves. Flared skirts are a fantastic method to make your legs appear longer as well as a dress that has the waist shaved will create an amazing hourglass shape.

To visually widen your shoulders and bust regions, look for larger and shorter necklines such as square and sweetheart necks and off-shoulder styles. The longer necklines bring more attention to your chest and collarbones and will make your look appear slimmer.

Some Ideas On How To Dress A Pear-Shaped Body?

Choose A-Line Dresses:

A-line dresses are fitted at the top that gradually flares to the waist and creates a flattering shape for a pear-shaped figure.

Wear High-Waisted Pants:

High-waisted pants are a great way to emphasize the waistline and provide an overall look that is more balanced by lengthening the legs.

Try Flared Or Bootcut Jeans:

Flared or bootcut jeans are great for keeping the hips in line and thighs by adding bulk to the lower part of the body.

The Skirt Should Be Just Above The Knee:

Skirts just above the knees can make the legs appear longer and create a more balanced silhouette.

Avoid Pencil Skirts:

Pencil skirts are a great way to highlight the thighs and hips and give a sloppy look.

Pick Tops That Have A More Wide Neckline:

Tops with a longer neckline, like a scoop neck or boat neck, can help bring the hips in line and give a more proportional style.

Wear Flowy Tops

: The flowing tops give an edgy and relaxed style that can help make a pear-shaped figure more balanced.

Try Wrapping Dresses:

Wrap dresses help make a more defined waistline and help balance the thighs and hips.

Select A Fitted Top:

Tops that are fitted can help create a sleek and balanced style.

Avoid Crop Tops:

Crop tops make you notice your hips and thighs, creating an unbalanced appearance.

Wear Dark-Colored Pants:

Dark pants can provide an appearance of slimming and draw the eye away from your lower portion, which is the most visible part.

Select Tops With Ruffles And Embellishments:

Ruffles or other embellishments on tops can make a more balanced and proportional style.

Put On Jackets That Are At The Waist:

Jackets positioned at the waistline can result in an elongated waistline and even the hips.

Don’t Wear Too Large Jackets:

The oversized jacket can give an unbalanced style and increase the bulk of the lower part of the body.

Wear Shoes With Pointed Toes:

Pointed-toe footwear can make the legs appear longer and provide a more proportional appearance.

Do Not Wear Shoes With Ankle Straps:

Ankle straps on shoes can be cut off from the legs and cause an unbalanced style.

Try Statement Jewelry:

Statement jewelry will focus on your upper portion of the body, creating an overall appearance.

Belts Should Be Worn At The Waist:

Belts on the waist aid in creating a defined waistline and help balance the hips.

Avoid Horizontal Stripes:

Horizontal stripes can highlight the hips, creating an unbalanced appearance.

Select Bags That Are Structured:

Bags with structured bags can help create a proportional and balanced appearance by adding volume to the upper portion of your body.

Ten Dresses For A Pear-Shaped BodyTen Dresses For A Pear-Shaped Body

A-Line Dress

The A-line style dress is a popular option for bodies with a pear shape. The style is flared away from your lower waistline, providing a slim form and drawing attention to your waistline. Choose A-line dresses that fit at the top and feature an elongated skirt so you don’t risk creating a bulky look for your thighs and hips.

Wrap Dress

Wrap dresses are an elegant style that flatters all types of bodies and is especially flattering for pear-shaped body types. The wrap dress is a great way to draw attention to your waist and emphasizes your curves. The V-neckline draws attention to your neck while balancing your hips.

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Empire Waist Dress

A dress with an empire waist is an excellent choice for women with pear shapes because it sits just below your bust and creates a flattering shape. The style emphasizes your waist, drawing attention away from your thighs and hips.

Fit and Flare Dress

A dress that is fitted and flared is a classic look that flatters pear-shaped body types. The style is fitted high and loosens at the waist, creating a harmonious shape. Choose slim-fitting dresses with an elongated bodice and flowing skirt, so you don’t add weight to your thighs and hips.

Off-the-Shoulder Dress

A dress that is off the shoulder is an excellent option to showcase your shoulders and even out your hips. This design draws attention upwards and produces an equilibrating appearance. Find off-the-shoulder dress styles with fitted bodices and flowing skirts to highlight your shape.

Maxi Dress

A maxi dress can be the perfect, stylish, and comfortable alternative for pear-shaped bodies. Choose maxi dresses with an elongated top and a flowing skirt for an equilibrating shape. A wrap or V-neckline is a great way to highlight your body.

Halter Neck Dress

A Halter neck dress is an excellent option to flaunt the shoulders of your body and attract attention to your upper part. The dress is slim to the top and extends from the waist, and creates a well-balanced silhouette. Find the halter neck dress with flowing skirts, so you don’t create a bulky look for your legs and hips.

Shift Dress

A shift dress is a timeless design that is flattering for all types of bodies; however, it’s particularly flattering for pear-shaped body types. The design is flowing and loose with a relaxed look. Find shift dresses that have V-necklines or other detail at the top to draw the eye upwards.

One-Shoulder Dress

One-shoulder dresses are the perfect option to showcase your shoulders and even out your hips. This design is a great way to draw attention upward and gives an overall shape that is more proportional. Choose one-shoulder dresses with an elongated bodice and flowing skirt to highlight your body.

Pencil Dress

An elegant pencil-style dress can be an excellent alternative for bodies with a pear shape, as it emphasizes your body’s curves and creates a well-balanced shape. Find pencil dresses that have a V-neckline or any other detail at the top to draw attention upwards. A fitted bodice and knee-length hemline are perfect for creating a well-balanced look.


Is pear shaped body attractive?

Naturally, pear shapes are beautiful body forms. All body types, whether healthy or slender, can be appealing. Being skinny doesn’t alter your natural shape as long as you aren’t underweight.

What is the best dress for a pear shaped body?

A dress with a deep v neckline, which makes room in your top half, is a terrific method to counteract the pear shape’s smaller top. This neckline’s broad opening draws attention to your face, which can successfully balance off the pear-shaped body’s narrow shoulders.

What is the prettiest body type?

A recent study found that women with a low waist-to-hip ratio (WHR), sometimes known as a “hourglass figure,” are perceived to have the most attractive bodies. The study was published in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior.

Can pear shape wear leggings?

Again, when it comes to leggings, the pear-shaped among us have a lot of options. As long as it makes you comfortable, you can wear nearly anything on your lower body, but there are a few considerations.

Can pear shape wear skinny jeans?

A pear-shaped person can certainly wear slim jeans, but if you find that they make your bottom feel heavy, consider a pair with a wider ankle opening. By choosing a style with a slightly wider ankle opening, such as this one, you can balance your hips a little bit more effectively than styles that tightly grip your ankle.