How To Style Mom Jeans 2023?

How To Style Mom Jeans 2023?

How To Style Mom Jeans 2023?

How do you style your mom’s jeans? In our opinion, the best way to style the jeans is to pair them with an oversized white shirt, t-shirt, or a knit – always tucked into. A clean white shirt or a white t-shirt looks effortlessly cool with your mom’s jeans. It’s a simple combination that prepares you for anything the day throws at you.

What Are Mom’s Jeans?What Are Mom's Jeans?

They were the type of jeans that became popular in the 90s. They were usually worn by mothers of middle age and thought to be unfashionable and uncool by younger women. Traditionally, mom jeans had an ankle-length, high waist, and a wide and loose hip area, making the wearer’s lower part appear wide and untypical. The jeans were also only made available in blue instead of contemporary jeans.

Moms usually wear these at Walmart or while dropping off or picking up their children from school. But, these days, the look is getting a makeover. A growing number of young females in their 20s, 30s, and beyond are choosing this style because they are trendy and comfortable, and they are stylish by pairing them with cowboy shoes. Mom’s jeans have undergone minor cosmetic changes; however, the hips are wide, and the high waist and ankle length characteristics remain.

What Is The Difference Between Straight Jeans And Mom Jeans?

Straight-leg jeans and mom jeans share a single feature: the straight leg. The primary distinctions between these jeans are:

Both styles are comfortable; however, mom jeans are slouchy and looser. The mom jeans are also loose across the entire body: legs, waist, and hips.

Mommy jeans are smaller than straight jeans because they finish right above the ankles.

Straight jeans are slimmer in style than mom jeans and are available in low-rise, mid-rise, and high-rise, while mom jeans are high-rise only.

What Body Type Does Mom’s Jeans Look Nice On?

What Body Type Does Mom's Jeans Look Nice On?

Numerous celebrities are making mom jeans well-known, such as America’s sweethearts Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Supermodel Gigi Hadid.

Here are a few body types that you can look good in mom jeans:

1-Tall women

A loose and baggy fashion can be great for highlighting long legs. Supermodel Gig Hadid, who stands almost 5’10 inches or 1.78m tall, is a perfect example of this. We can check out Gigi’s chic look below. In addition, the loose and loose style allows for easy mobility.

2- Curvy women/hour-glass/pear-shaped

Women with an hour-glass figure can wear mom jeans. The high-waist design emphasizes the contours and highlights the waist’s natural shape. Additionally, its tapered leg lengthens it with the contoured silhouette.

3-For those who have belly fat

Mom jeans are great for concealing belly weight as well as love handles. They also reduce muffin tops, which are typical of other styles of jeans.

How To Style Mom Jeans In 2023 – 10 EASY Outfits

How To Style Mom Jeans In 2023 - 10 EASY Outfits

The mom jeans have become a standard item in most of our outfits, following a revival in popularity over the last few times. Still, are you thinking about how to fashion your mom’s jeans in 2023 to stay current with the latest trends in fashion?

The style of jeans is an instantly recognizable classic from the ’80s and the ’90s and continues to be popular even today. I’ve styled and shot many modern mom jeans below. Below are a few basic ideas for mom jeans to help you start.

How do you fashion mom jeans in 2023?

To make your silhouette appear more slender, choose your top in a tight fit and put on heeled boots to extend your legs. They also balance the loosely cut jeans.

To transition from daytime to night, wear a tailored bodysuit over a cropped jumper and your jeans from mom, and take off the jumper in the evening.

For the seasons of transition, dress your jeans from mom with a cropped coat that highlights the waistline of your jeans.

Wear the mom jeans with a basic white t-shirt and sneakers for an easy casual look.

Dress your mom’s jeans chic with a tucked-in graphic tee and a hefty belt for a simple and easy outfit.

Below are fifteen ways I have styled different mom jeans to provide you with as much inspiration as possible for dressing your own.

I firmly believe in using the items you already have in your closet. So I’ve simplified my wardrobe and kept it in tune with classic and contemporary trends, which means there’s something to suit all tastes!

  • How do you dress mom jeans in boots in 2023?

If you want to style mom jeans with boots, select a high-heeled boot higher than the ankle so that the mom’s jeans will not be able to slide into.

To create a seamless appearance, an ankle boot that is slightly higher and comfortable under jeans is ideal, and the heel provides an extra height while balancing the loosely-fitting denim.

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I’ve picked black boots with gold heels to illustrate this. I love the way that the heel brings the look of metallic to the ensemble. The mom jeans do not tuck in the boots. Instead, they sit comfortably on top of them, keeping their form.

The low-ankle boots may seem odd with mom jeans because the hems of the jeans could be too high over your boot, leaving a bit of the skin visible. Also, thigh-high boots can be difficult to wear with mom jeans as they look best with skinny jeans. That being said, there aren’t any fashion rules; therefore, if you are a fan of this style, take it!

I also paired my mom’s Jeans and Boots with a slender black floral wrap-around top, with the black strappy top I tucked into my jeans. The sheer black material goes well against the darker boots and the more delicate washed mother jeans. To finish the look, I chose a black leather and velvet bag with beaded floral embroidery and a gold chain to go with the gold-heeled boots.

The outfit could be a good match in conjunction with mom jeans that are acid washed and the indigo mom jeans and distressed mother jeans. It is also possible to swap the black boots with the tan heeled boots, a bag with a tan color, and a lighter-colored top.

  • Get mom jeans on with an oversized graphic t-shirt.

A graphic tee is a perfect option to pair with jeans from your mom for a casual and easy style.

Dressing in your mom’s jeans with graphic t-shirts is simple. I have found it most effective to put the graphic tee inside your mom’s jeans to highlight the silhouette that the pants have and make your waist stand out. Additionally, a belt can be an element of interest to the outfit and draws attention to the waist area, highlighting the design of the graphic shirt.

The same idea applies to dressing in jeans and a plain white t-shirt. Again, it’s a simple style in that you can easily add basic accessories. Just slip your white tee inside your denim, add the belt to bring the look together, and add boots or sneakers.

The mom jeans are straight-leg, with a high waist and loosely fitting around the bum and crotch area. However, I’ve gained a little bit of weight lately (yummy delicious pasta); therefore, the jeans don’t seem to fit as snugly as they would in this picture! The jeans should be gathered lightly around the upper part of the legs for inspiration when you style your personal.

  • Fashion mom jeans and a cropped topFashion mom jeans and a cropped top

The look of a mom’s jeans and the cropped look of a jumper is a simple way to get a fashionable style.

Put away your low-rise pants and opt for a pair of high-waisted mom jeans and an oversized cropped long-sleeved jumper to get that retro look. The 90s trend is everywhere today, with cropped sweaters and cropped tops appearing as the most common pieces in people’s wardrobes.

The cropped jumper looks fantastic when paired with loosely-fitting mom jeans since both pieces draw attention to the waistline, creating an “hour-glass” effect. I like cropped jumpers that have the slightest bit of length, which means they are a little higher than my waistline and are a good fit with the waistbands of my mom’s jeans. If too much skin peeking out, I’m prone to pulling at my jumper all day to cover any cold areas! However, if you’re living in a warmer climate, this might be the perfect way to change to your mother jeans from summer into fall and still look cool in the trendy cropped look.

I paired my mom’s jeans in a light wash and my red cropped sweater with frilled edges. I completed the look with an accompanying red bag with gold clips and a hefty belt with a gold buckle.

  • Wear mom jeans with a leather jacket.

The leather-look jacket can be an ideal option to style your mom’s jeans since it’s an essential piece of clothing that provides the right amount of toughness and a sense of edge for any look. A leather jacket with a crop can also match the high waistline of mom’s jeans.

I wore an all-black leather jacket and black boots with a black belt that drew attention. With all that black on the table, I would like the top. I chose to wear a lighter shade; however, it was neutral enough that it didn’t distract from the leather jacket. I opted for a simple light grey jumper and a high neck; however, any cream or camel jumper could look stunning too.

This outfit is an ideal choice for the winter and winter months as an alternative to dressing in the mom jeans you have. You can put an extra layer beneath the jumper and tie it inside your mom’s jeans to keep warm.

  • Fashion mom jeans for 2023 with an oversized cardigan that is cropped

Wear a mom’s jeans with the cropped look of a cardigan to create an elegant look that was recently popularized through TikTok celebrity users and Instagram influencers. It is trendy, leaving the upper buttons undone on your cropped, tight-fitting cardigan, creating an elongated shape.

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I decided to wear the pink cropped cardigan I wore and pink jeans to create an energetic and youthful style and fun accessories that add a fun element to the look.

I added pink converses with a different shade of my mother’s jeans and a cropped cardigan for three different shades of pink. For the final touch, I picked a leopard print pouch to add some print flair and the teddy bear purse to add cute details.

Colorful mom jeans are simple to style. Pair them with other colors for a more exciting look, or wear them with neutral shades for a more refined style.

  • How do you style mom jeans and an oversized jacket?

Wear your mom’s jeans stylishly with an oversized jacket on just the right waistline to create a flattering shape. The cropped jacket and the high waistline of your jeans draw the eyes toward the thinnest area of your body and create an “hour-glass” look. A cropped jacket is an excellent combination with your mom’s jeans in the fall season to create an adorable and cozy look.

I paired my mother’s jeans in pink with a vibrant yellow leather jacket for an exciting twist on this classic mom jeans outfit. This look is stunning in neutral shades, colors, or darker shades, depending on your wash for your mom’s jeans and the color of your coat.

Replace the yellow jacket with an all-black one and the mom jeans with darker hues and pair with a white tee, as shown in the picture above, to create a simple look. Or, you can choose a more basic staple piece that won’t interfere with the main point of the ensemble.

  • How to dress in black mom jeans for 2023?How to dress in black mom jeans for 2023?

You can pair your mom’s jeans in black with a bodysuit for an elegant look that is perfect for going out for a night out. Then, based on your evening out plans, add some heels to dress it to a higher level and some black heels to enjoy a more casual drink.

They are so adaptable that they can be casually worn or dressed up effortlessly. I prefer black high-waisted mom jeans that have a more fitted fit and are ideal for a day-to-night transition.

In the photo above, I paired my black mother jeans, a dark red dress, and an ethereal shimmer. Shoes with open toes work well with this look to a chic bar or restaurant, or even heeled shoes would look great in an informal drinking establishment or a pub.

I paired my black Mom jeans and a mustard-colored knitted sweater in the photo below for a casual style. I opted to keep the black boots to create a slimmer leg and added a gold and black belt and a chained bag.

If you’re looking to shift from day to night in this outfit, simply put on the bodysuit over the sweater, then swap on the heels for the boots at night.

  • Wear mom jeans in conjunction with a vest made of tweed.

Wear your jeans with a Tweed Jacket, and you’ll have an elegant and classy style. A tweed jacket is an element of sophistication because it’s a look that was popularized through Chanel and other high-end brands. It is possible to make a statement by dressing up your lightly washed jeans by pairing a boucle coat with a basic white t-shirt or turtleneck for a chic outfit for the day, or you can wear this jacket with black jeans for the nighttime attire. Suppose you’re not interested in the high price tag associated with high-end brands. In that case, you can find inexpensive boucle jackets or Tweed-style jackets online. Mine came on Amazon!

  • How do you style your mom’s colored jeans?

Wear colored mom jeans and brightly colored clothing to create a lively and unique style. You can also pair your mother’s jeans and neutral clothing to make the jeans the center of your outfit. For example, I paired my pink-colored mother jeans and a rainbow-colored jumper from lazy oaf because I was awed by how the vibrant primary colors contrasted with the dusty, pastel pink of the denim. I also threw an adorable teddy bear purse into the back pocket to create an interesting detail.

I believe this puts an exciting twist on how to style mom jeans since they come in various colors – there’s no need to adhere to the wash of traditional jeans. Another way to wear these mother jeans would be to tone them down using gray-colored cropped tops with simple gold jewelry since I love the combination of pink and grey. Subtle gold jewelry can bring a feminine touch to the outfit and give it an elegant look.

  • The ’90s-inspired mom jeans look.

Creating a 90s-inspired mom jeans look is easy: Put a washed-out graphic t-shirt into an unflattering pair of balloon-legged high-waisted mom jeans and top it with a pair of converse. You can also incorporate 90s-inspired accessories like a choker or scrunchie.

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How To Care For Your Jeans The Responsible Way?

How To Care For Your Jeans The Responsible Way?

1- Dirt Does not Hurt

Let’s get straight: You’re likely washing your jeans more often than you need to. Imagine running your denim through the machine as a final resort during cleaning. If you’re struggling with spills or stains, Try spot treating using a gentle soap, cool water, and a little cold. Does it smell a bit stale?

Place your clothes in the refrigerator for a night or spray them with a natural freshener for your fabric to get rid of odors. Utilizing these solutions first will help prolong the lifespan of your clothes, protect their distinctive hue, and help save both energy and water. If your jeans are stained after a spot treatment, or you cannot eliminate that unpleasant smell, it’s time to go to the laundromat.

2- Do Your Laundry

When it’s finally time to clean your clothes, you’ll be pleased to know that even though there are some rules of thumb, you have various alternatives to accomplish the job. Hand wash them in the tub for a luxurious treatment, or make use of your washing machine for convenience. Regardless, be sure to wash them inside-out with cool water and a gentle detergent based on plants.

Suppose you’re looking to do more than just reduce your water use. In that case, it is possible to lessen your environmental impact by using an item for washing, such as Guppy Friend, to keep microplastic fibers (more often seen in stretchy clothes) from getting into our waterways. Wash less, clean better.

3- High & Dry

Putting your jeans through the dryer can create that new-to-you feeling we’ve all experienced and appreciated. Still, it can be detrimental to their structure, especially in the case of stretch denim. If you don’t want to dry your clothes with hot air, let them dry on the drying rack or hanger. If they are stiff after drying, you can throw them into a dryer using dryer balls that can be reused to loosen the fabric without damaging them.

4- On The Mend

Another crucial aspect of prolonging the lifespan of the jeans you own is doing repairs as needed. Accept the signs of distress in all forms, the appearance of whiskering on knees and thighs, faded knees, or frayed hems, but are likely to tear when they occur (if you live in L.A., MOTHER recommends using the Suay Sew Shop for repairs). Choose to patchwork or use the Japanese technique of sashiko to strengthen denim that is damaged before it’s beyond repair. As a result, your jeans will not only appear more durable, but they’ll also look and feel more distinctively yours.


What tops go best with mom jeans?

ways to wear mom jeans. Our opinion is that the best way to wear them is with an oversized white shirt, a t-shirt, or some knitwear, preferably tucked in. Mom jeans and a crisp white shirt or white t-shirt look effortlessly great together; this straightforward outfit will have you prepared for everything the day may bring.

Do you have to tuck your shirt in mom jeans?

Because of the design of mom jeans, especially if they are more baggy, wearing an untucked top will absolutely ruin your entire outfit. Tucking in your blouse can give it more form and draw attention to your waist.

Are mom jeans in style 2023?

You must check out this lovely ’90s trend that just made a chic reappearance and is adored by all the fashionistas out there if you are tired of always reaching for your skinny jeans. They are mom jeans, you are correct!

How do I look classy in jeans?

There is a method to make your favourite pair of jeans seem as put together as you want, no matter what style they are. These fashionable people can dress up any pair of jeans by employing straightforward techniques like adding a blazer and heels or mixing a graphic tee with a more formal jacket. Don’t be afraid to take a risk, try something different, or change things up.

Should mom jeans be loose or tight?

Imm advises not purchasing mom jeans that are overly constricted around the waist. Mom jeans have a lot of room and give, which is one of their best qualities; they are incredibly flattering. You might want to think about getting a size larger if you discover that they are a touch tight around the waist.