How To Style Clip In Hair Extensions

How To Style Clip In Hair Extensions

How To Style Clip In Hair Extensions

Hair extension experts generally recommend a shampoo that is free of sulfate. Don’t panic. Sulfate-free products may not produce much lather in the shower but will maintain the strength of the hair extension, which is the main aspect. Avoid oils, extracts of hydrolyzed silk, wheat protein, or silicone.

Hairstyles You Can Achieve With Hair Extensions

It’s easy to believe that the options for hairstyles using extensions for hair aren’t as extensive. It’s not my intention to be rude, But you’re not.

#Sorrynotsorry. Did you know you can get almost any hairstyle with Halo extensions? I’m serious.

Sure, you can create waves and curls on the beach and perhaps even ponytails, But did you know that you could style Halo hair extensions to create braids, topknots, high buns, braids, and much more?

If you’re using Halo hair extensions, there’s no limit to the hairstyles you can create using hair extensions. However, you’re likely to wonder why Halo extensions offer various styling options compared to their permanent and clip-in counterparts.

The answer is easy. In contrast to other extensions for hair Halo’s do not have large clips, nor do they need to be tied to particular hair sections. You can put them and adjust them however you want to achieve your desired look. In addition, the nylon wire that secures the Halo is insignificant and won’t be visible even when hair’s pulled in, in contrast to the clips or wefts found in other extensions.

The wire can also be cut off for a hair wrap, creating high ponytails, or adding the bulk of up-dos. A further reason Halo extensions have the upper hand in hairstyles using hair extensions is that you can pick the right thickness. Sitting Pretty offers Halo hair extensions with three degrees of thickness from fine to medium and even thick. This is a great option since it allows you to alter the thickness of your Halo to suit the style you’re seeking to achieve. Do you want to increase the volume of messy hair? Make use of the delicate Halo. Are you looking for more volume and length for that high pony? This Medium Halo could be the perfect choice for you. Do you want those gorgeous, long, massive mermaid waves that are all on Instagram? Look at this girl, the super thick Halo. The possibilities are endless when it comes to hairstyles using hair extensions due to Halos, which is why to help reduce the options, I’ve listed the top hairstyles that you can make using hair extensions.

1. Mermaid Waves (Back To Index)1. Mermaid Waves (Back To Index)

Are you looking to make your locks look like a Mermaid twist? The mermaid waves are sure to look Ariel jealous. But, they’re easy to create! With lengthening and volume-enhancing extensions, make your hair go up a notch using hair styling sprays that texturize for the most unforgettable sunshine-kissed summer appearance.

To make the perfect beachy mermaid, we recommend purchasing a waver. Wavers will create smooth, bouncy waves that are beachy boho chic, with no necessity of pulling, rolling, and twisting delicate hair. Be sure to apply the heat-protecting!

2. Low Ponytail (Back To Index)

The low ponytail is popular lately – and we’ve got Kim K to blame for this! This elegant and simple hairstyle can be worn for numerous occasions, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised! The elegant low pony, as is seen on many stars sporting a softly twirled, beautiful, romantic ponytail this hairstyle has changed from being your “quarantine classic” to a stylish and versatile ‘do.

3. High Ponytail (Back To Index)

In contrast to the low ponytail, we have the high ponytail stylish, classy, and stunning classic. This style will instantly bring to life any outfit! A low ponytail’s sporting sister high ponytail gives us sassy 90s-style vibes. Another hairstyle extension that is versatile and requires minimal maintenance. Pair the look with braids or bangs and truly create that wow effect.

4. Dutch Braids (Back To Index)

Dutch Braids have had an era since 2016 when they began to take on the Internet alongside their cousins, the French Braids. Due to its complexity and volume, a double Dutch braid is the king of hair extensions. They require crossing hair strands to create stunning 3D effects. With extra hair, it’s simpler to create stunning intricate braids that will make your every day appear like a fashion-shopping shoot. Learn more about our how To Braid Hair Extensions to assist you in mastering this timeless look.

5. Clip-In Fringe (Back To Index)

A sleek fringe might not be one thing that comes to mind when it comes to extensions hairstyles, but I promise you, it’s effective! With a clip-in hairstyle, you can transform your look without cutting off your hair. It’s perfect for changing your look each time you want to play around with your hair before achieving the haircut you’ve always wanted.

6. Hollywood Waves (Back To Index)

Have you ever thought of those romantic, flowing locks – like the classic Hollywood models? You’ll be pleased to know they’re still popular and are an extremely popular choice for modern Hollywood brides, celebrities, and formal events. If you’re hoping to impress your guests with an elegant beautiful hairstyle that does not require to work out for an updo (let’s admit it, it’s not for everybody!) Let your hair fall and style them into classy Hollywood hairstyles.

7. Half-Up, Half-Down (Back To Index)

A must of wedding hairstyles, the half-up hairstyle is a classic with infinite variations and endless beauty. As flexible as you can get hairstyles, the part snagged away from your face provides endless options, from ponytails and high knots to space buns and braided fantasies. A favorite of many brides worldwide, this style is a great choice for those without extensions. However, suppose you want to experiment with the look completely. In that case, we recommend increasing your length and volume to achieve the best impact and sophistication.

8. Fishtail Braid (Back To Index)

I am aware, I am sure. Another braid? Let’s face it: braids are a simple method to change your appearance and get everyone’s attention. Although the braids aren’t as complex as they might seem, stylists new to styling may be a little confused after trying it the first couple of times.

Do you want to know how to create a perfect braided fishtail with hair extensions? Then, read our article, the step-by-step instructions for Fishtail Braid Tutorial, to create a chic double-braided style.

9. Space Buns (Back To Index)

Half-up or space-buns and space buns need sufficient hair to create glamorous flowing locks and two large messy hair buns… It sounds difficult, isn’t it? But, here’s where you can put in your clip-in hair extensions to ensure that this hairstyle will flow effortlessly and gorgeously.

Space buns walk the line between cute and cool and mix ’90s style with summertime fun and an e-girl slant. They’re ideal for events, day trips, and photography shoots. This outfit is a show-stopper.

10. Bubble Braid Ponytail (Back To Index)

Don’t be fooled by the title; this style isn’t a braid. The ideal, fun extension hairstyle The bubble braids are an easy variation on the classic ponytail. However, suppose you’re not lucky enough to have huge, long locks and hair extensions. In that case, you’ll need help with Hair Extensions to construct the perfect braid if you go back to the beginning of the 2000s when we were stunned by celebrities like Fergie who wore this baddie hairstyle.

11. Messy Bun (Back To Index)

Suppose you’ve ever thought of being “that girl”. In that case, the one who always appears stylishly cozy, arty, casually classy, and effortlessly classy – then the messy bun could be the perfect style for you. It is usually paired with a comfortable yet stylish outfit and simple makeup. Like Hailey Bieber did, the messy bun can also be styled to create wedding hairstyles. Hair with thinner strands can have a difficult time achieving the perfect volume and let the hair with enough tendrils. But with the help of extension hair, the issue can be solved within minutes.

12. Low Bun (Back To Index)

Another one for your brides-to-be. Low buns are a classic style that is worn on every formal occasion. Its versatility and class make it an ideal choice hairstyle for weddings. In addition, buns can be a great option to appear stylish while keeping hair from the back and face. Read our step-by-step guide on creating a low bun hairstyle for the perfect low bun extension hairstyle.

13. Big Bouncy Blowout (Back To Index)

This hairstyle emerged in the 90s with models and celebrities like Cindy Crawford, Madchen Amick, and Alicia Silverstone. Hairstyles from the 90s that are floppy are in fashion today. Famous people like Doja cat and Matilda Djerf have been rocking their versions, and the trend has exploded quickly.

14. Spiky Bun (Back To Index)

As we mentioned earlier, maybe it’s an ideal idea to give the spiky hairstyle (or hairstyle with feathers) its place. Stars wore the hairstyle like Gwen Stefani and Kirsten Dunst in the golden time of this hairstyle. It was recently seen crawling its way through the 90s and was and was revived by the eccentric model Bella Hadid. It took just a few minutes before people from across the globe, even celebrities, tried the hairstyle. If you’re interested, look at our website: How to Do A Spiky bun, The Retro Glamour Updo Of The Stars.

15. Half-Up, Half-Down Twist (Back To Index)

Don’t fall for the name; this style isn’t for the faint of heart! A twist on the traditional half-up, half-down hairstyle is a fun variation (no pun meant) to the hair’s back. It is a love child of the regular half-up, hair-do, and messy hairstyle. Boho chic, elegant, and classy This hairstyle will give the perfect amount of WOW-ness to your summer attire and lunch at work or your evening style.


How do I select the appropriate clip-in hair extensions in terms of color and length?

You should match the color of your natural hair to the color of the clip-in hair extensions you choose. A color chart can also be used to select a shade that is closest to your hair color. Consider the length of your natural hair and the look you want to achieve when selecting the length. Choose extensions that are close to your natural hair length for a more natural appearance.

Before applying clip-in hair extensions, how should I prepare my hair?

Clean and dry your hair before applying clip-in hair extensions. To get rid of any tangles or knots, brush your hair thoroughly. If you have fine or thin hair, you might want to slightly tease the roots to give the clips a better grip.

For a more natural appearance, how do I clip in my hair extensions?

To achieve a more natural appearance when clipping in hair extensions, first section your hair and remove the top section. Attach the clips to the roots of your hair using a weft of hair extensions, working your way up from the bottom. Make sure the clips are evenly spaced and the extensions blend in with your natural hair before repeating the process for each weft.

When styling clip-in hair extensions, what products and tools should I use?

You can use the same styling tools and products for clip-in hair extensions as you would for natural hair. Various styles can be achieved with the help of hot rollers, curling irons, or straighteners. To keep your style in place and shield your extensions from heat damage, spray them with a heat protectant.

How should I take care of my clip-in hair extensions?

Use a gentle shampoo and conditioner to clean your clip-in hair extensions, then let them air dry. To get rid of any tangles or knots, use a wide-tooth comb to gently brush them. They should be kept somewhere cool and dry, away from direct sunlight. The extensions could be damaged if too much heat or styling products were used.


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