How To Style Butterfly Clips?


How To Style Butterfly Clips?

Butterfly clips are an enjoyable and simple way to add style to your locks! There are numerous ways to style your butterfly clips depending on your hair type and your preferences. For a classic, simple style, put one butterfly clip on the opposite part of the head and pull back a tiny section of hair. It is also possible to use several butterfly clips for an elaborate design, like the butterfly pattern or a balanced look across the two sides. Another alternative is using butterfly clips to secure an up-half-down, half-up hairstyle or add more sparkle to your updo. Don’t be afraid to play around and discover your ways to style butterfly clips!

Different Types Of Butterfly Clips

Butterfly clips are available in various styles and designs, making them an ideal accessory for every hair type or length. In terms of hair accessories, they are the best option to add some fun accents to your style. They’re also simple to put on and don’t require much effort. They’re available in a wide range of colors and materials, including resin, plastic, and metallic. Select a clip that is suitable for the hairstyle you prefer. Here are a few of the various types of butterfly clips that are available:

  • Plain Butterfly Clips Plain Butterfly Clips: These are the simplest type of butterfly clips, with an elegant and simple style with no extra decoration or ornamentation. They come in a wide range of sizes and colors and are a good option for wear every day.

The Butterfly Clips are Decorative Clips. The clips have an elaborate and intricate style and often incorporate extra embellishments, such as pearls, rhinestones, or beads. They’re a fantastic option for special occasions or formal occasions. They can provide a bit of extra shine and glamor in any haircut.

Oversized Butterfly Clips The clips are bigger than standard butterfly clips, which makes them an eye-catching and bold option for people who wish to stand out in their hairstyle. They’re typically available in bright or vivid colors and can be utilized to add dimension and texture to your hair.

  • Glitter Butterfly clips: They are adorned with sparkling or glittery material, making them a great choice for people who wish to add more shine and sparkle to their hair. They’re typically offered in various shades and can be used to create a range of styles and styles.

Patterned Butterfly Clips They feature patterned designs, typically featuring graphic or bold prints like polka dot stripes or flowers.

Hairstyles That Use Butterfly Clips

Butterfly clips are cute and versatile accessories for hair that can be utilized in many different hairstyles. One of the simplest ways to use butterfly clips is to cut off a portion of hair on the opposite face and leave the remainder of your hair in a down. This will give you a simple but elegant style suitable well for casual and formal occasions. To create a fun and playful style, it is possible to use several butterfly clips for an exciting and lively pattern on your hair. Butterfly clips can also be used to make braids, twists, or updos by securing them to parts of the hair or holding hair sections in places. Suppose you’re looking for a simple hairstyle or one more complex. In that case, butterfly clips are a fantastic accessory to have.


If you’re searching for an accessory for your hair, practical and stylish butterfly clips are to your liking. They come in various styles, from subtle neutrals to vibrant colors and sparkling metallics that match any style.

The most frequent application for these winged accessories is to provide an extra dimension to ponytails and twists. If you’ve got curly hair, this is an excellent option to make use of them since they usually sit higher over hair than other alternatives.

To achieve this style, it is best to remove part of your hair at the top and divide it horizontally. Then, twist the section, and secure it using a butterfly clip, placing the clip around one-quarter of an inch over the top of the twist. Repeat on the opposite side, and you’re all set to try a new twist!

This style is extremely simple and flatters anyone with a short hairstyle. Begin by gathering small hair pieces and securing your hair into ponytails using the claw clip. After securing your ponytail in a ponytail, twist one tiny portion of hair from the bottom and secure it with a butterfly clip.

You can also secure the twists with a tiny hair clip or mini clip according to your hair type. This is a simple and easy method to add some thickness and volume to your hair without spending all day during the day.

These trendy and cute accessories are ideal for every event, whether going to an event or just hanging out with friends. They’re an excellent option to add a dash of enjoyment to any hairstyle and work well with any hair texture.

Low BunsLow Buns

Butterfly clippers are a very popular hair accessory that can add an enchanting touch to any outfit. They’re also very easy to create. They can be a fun replacement for pins while creating low buns and other styles.

If you’ve curly hair or prefer to make a statement with your hairstyles, using butterfly clips is a great method to spice up your style. Add a few to your messy hair, grab several to strangle through braids, or equally space the clips throughout your hair for a simple and fun hairstyle that’s sure to be noticed!

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If you want to create an innovative and original take on this style, consider using large butterfly clips instead of smaller ones. These large-sized accessories are guaranteed to be noticed in curly and curly hair types.

Another excellent way to jazz up your hairstyle is cutting edges and baby hair. This look is great with minimal dresses and extravagantly embellished gowns since it will add a dash to your outfit and texture to your hairstyle.

Although this hairstyle isn’t for those, who aren’t confident, It’s still an attractive hairstyle that doesn’t require much time to make. This is the perfect hairstyle for a night out with classmates, prom, or an event!

The trick to this design is that it must be pinched very securely. U-pins are a good option since they’re more secure than bobby pins and won’t break as easily.

After securing the bun using U-pins, spray it with an easy-hold hair spray to hold it in the right place. This will keep it in place until the date arrives.

Baby Braids

Whether you’re attending an outdoor festival or just looking to get into the Y2K fashion and style, baby braids using butterfly clips is a quick and cute method to achieve this style. These small hair accessories, available in a range of shades — provide instant interest to any hairstyle, including messy buns and low ponytails.

To achieve this half-updo, split your hair from the middle and make two diagonal triangular sections measuring around one inch from your parting line towards your hairline. Then, twist these sections of hair and secure them using butterfly clips to make the perfect crown for any event.

Bella Hadid is all about the easy, quick-fix hairstyle. It’s an excellent model for making butterfly clips less childish and more sophisticated for those who want to wear the look for a formal event. Make you look more elegant by using a few butterfly clips made of metal, and pick a shade that complements the tone of your hair.

Zoe Kravitz is another Y2K model who has been wearing baby braids on her hair for the past few months and is doing it easily. The hairstyle she wore was crafted with a couple of face-frame pieces and added braid rings on the top of her head to add glamor.

If you’re seeking a safer style, your baby can rock; try braids for babies modeled after Olivia Rodrigo. These baby braids for Y2K aren’t as delicate as Zoe’s micro braids; however, they have lots of detail.

If you’re unsure how to fix these braids, Try using small elastics underneath the clips to provide more durability. They will stay in place, even when they break easily.

Messy UpdoMessy Updo

Suppose you’re looking for a basic low-maintenance style that makes you stylish and makes a fashion statement. In that case, you can try styling your hair with butterfly clips. These cute, oversized clips are available in a myriad of shades, which means you can pick one that complements your outfit or create a style that is a bit more polished.

While they’re not more secure than a standard ponytail, some well-placed butterfly clips can make your hairstyle stand out from the rest of the crowd. Ensure the clips are small enough that they don’t cover much of your head. You can also use a few elastics to give them a more secure feel.

Butterfly clip hairstyles are a haircut reminiscent of the ’90s and ’00s and are a great method to bring this style into your daily life. The style itself isn’t that difficult to make. Simply create half-up ponytails, twist them, and fix them with a big butterfly clip.

This style can be worn at work or for a night out. It’s easy to put together and will look attractive on anyone with straight, long hair.

The most important thing to remember with this look is to ensure you don’t go overboard. Utilizing a flat iron, smooth the front hair strands to ensure they don’t get too stiff.

Experimenting with this look to determine which suits you best is also possible. You’ll realize that you’re not satisfied with the outcome as you think. If you’re wearing jeans or a blazer and a t-shirt, this vibrant crown is sure to draw the attention of everyone!


The large butterfly clip is the 90s and 2000s timeless style that you can make look great in many ways. We love French Nawel’s vibrant crown, the best way to highlight your hair. However, you could also look elegant and minimalist, like Tyra Banks.

For this style, begin by separating your hair along the center. Next, pick a hair section approximately half an inch from your roots, and fix it using the butterfly clip. Then, follow with another section and repeat on the opposite side. You can use multiple clips to create an even more vibrant effect; however, choose the appropriate clips to match your hair.

To create the butterfly-clip crown, you’ll need Bobby pins and hair clips to keep your hair back. We suggest the Scunci No Slip Crown Clip, perfect for thick, dark hair. It also has big claws that hold the hair in its place. You can also use barrette hair accessories for a more sophisticated style. These trendy hair accessories can assist you in achieving the style you’ve always wanted this summer! For more suggestions for how to style these styles, look at the gallery to your right!

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The curly look can be styled in numerous ways. Butterfly clips are a great versatile item that could give a unique touch to your style. However, when styling curly hair with butterfly clips, you need to know some tips to remember to ensure your hair is healthy and beautiful.

It’s essential, to begin with, well-maintained and clean hair. Curly hair is dry and more prone to breakage than straight hair; therefore, using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner will aid in keeping your curls shiny and healthy. After washing and conditioning your hair, use a wide-tooth brush or fingertips to unravel any knots or hair snarls.

When your hair is untangled and tidied, you can begin sectioning it into sections to make room for styling. For example, if you have long or thick hair, you might want to use more butterfly clips to create smaller sections. Also, make sure that each strand is secured. Conversely, you could employ fewer butterfly clips and make larger sections if you have finer or shorter hair.

You can style curly curls with butterfly clips; begin by choosing a portion of hair, then twist it into a loose spiral. The butterfly clip should be placed at the center of the spiral and secure to the surface. Then, gently pull on the spiral to release it, and increase the volume or use your hands to place the curly curls into an orderly arrangement.

Repeat this procedure for each hairpiece using as many butterfly clips as necessary to achieve your desired style. Clips can create various designs, like half-up or half-down looks, a full-on updo, or a more casual and casual appearance. Suppose you’re looking to add some additional bulk or texture. In that case, you can also apply mousse or a texturizing spray before styling.

In the case of using butterfly clips for curly hair, be sure to be careful not to pull or tug at your curls too hard. This can result in breakage or injury, flatting your curls, or causing uneven texture. Instead, hold the clips loosely so your curls can bounce and move around freely.

Another thing to consider when styling curly hair with Butterfly clips lies in the shape and size of the clips. Bigger, heavier clips can make your curls heavier and cause them to become flat. Likewise, smaller, lighter clips might not secure your hair enough. Try various sizes and styles of butterfly clips until you find ones that best suit your hairstyle and appearance.

In the end, for hair that is curly, using butterfly clips is an enjoyable and innovative method to add dimension and volume to your hair. To get the most beautiful results, begin with clean, well-conditioned hair. Next, divide your hair into manageable pieces, and then use gentle pressure when you secure the clips into their place. Then, with some practice and experimentation, you can make various trendy looks using butterfly clips and natural curls.

Side Your Hair 

A popular method of styling hair using butterfly clips is to make an elegant hairstyle accentuated on the sides of your hair. This is an easy and efficient way to add appeal to your hairstyle regardless of length and/or short hair. Curly or straight.

Choose which side you wish to emphasize for a hairstyle that falls down the sides using butterfly clips. It could be the side with the most hair or the side you would like to attract attention to. Then, you can use a comb or fingertips to make a long side parting, moving your hair towards the opposite side of your head.

Then, choose a piece of hair near the side of the head, between or above your ears. The hair should be small enough to fit into the butterfly clip but sufficient to be visible and have an impact. Using a rat-tail combing tool to make a neat portion of this section or push it back using your fingers is possible.

After you’ve got the hair section you want to style, Choose an appropriate butterfly clip that matches your hair’s color and overall design. You can select one with a basic style or an elaborate design or design. The butterfly clip should be placed at the bottom of the section of hair and secured with a clip. Then, you can adjust the clip to ensure the hair you want to style is secured and looks its best.

Repeat this procedure with additional segments of your hair, moving them across the sides and back of the hair. Again, you can make the number of butterfly clips you’d like under the length and thickness of your hair and the overall style you are trying to achieve.

To achieve a uniform appearance, attempt to space the butterfly clips equally or use clips with the same design or color. Alternatively, you can make a more diverse style by using a variety of clips and putting them in various angles and at different heights.

If you are styling your hair on the sides using butterfly clips, you need not use excessive products or apply too much pressure on your hair. This could cause breakage or damage and make your hair appear oily or flat. Instead, you should aim for an easy and natural appearance and let your hair bounce and move easily.

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In the end, styling your hair on the side using butterfly clips is an enjoyable and easy method to add a touch of design and flair to your haircut. For the best results, you must first select the hair section you want to emphasize and then choose butterfly clips complimenting your hair’s color and style. Be gentle and natural when you secure the clips. With much practice and experimentation, you can make various distinctive and fashionable looks with butterfly clips and your natural beauty.

Half Up Pigtail

Half-up pigtails with butterfly clips can be a fun and fun hairstyle that can be accomplished in just a few easy steps. This hairstyle is great with a range of hair lengths and types and is ideal for those looking to add character and flair to their appearance.

For styling your hair into half-up pigtails, using butterfly clips, begin by splitting the hair into two equal parts with the comb or fingers to create a neat portion centered on your hair. Then, you can apply elastic bands or ties to tie each section of hair into a pigtail while leaving the lower part of your hair free and flowing.

Choose two butterfly clips that match your hair’s color and design. You can pick clips with a simple style, more elaborate patterns, or a design. Attach one clip to each ponytail, and secure it to the bottom. The clips can be adjusted depending on your preference to ensure your hair is securely secured and appears at its best.

To add dimension and texture, gently pull each pigtail to create loose curls or waves. Using an iron for curling or hot rollers also possible to make more defined curls. You can also use a texturizing spray or mousse to give additional bounce and hold.

When styling half-up pigtails using butterfly clips, you must be careful not to use excessive amounts of product or apply too much pressure on your hair. This could cause damage or breakage and cause your hair to appear greasy or flat. Instead, you should aim for natural and easy-to-wear by letting your hair bounce and move freely.

If you want to add some flair to your half-up hairdos using butterfly clips, try playing with different patterns, colors, and styles of clips. You could also experiment with different shapes and sizes in that clips can be used to make an interesting and distinctive style.

Another alternative is to add other accessories or accessories to your hair. This could include hair jewelry, ribbons, or even flowers. They can be clipped to your pigtails or weaved in your hair for the most dramatic appearance.

Suppose you’re looking to wear half-up pigtails that have butterfly clips. In that case, you can choose from various ways to style them based on the occasion and personal style preferences. They’re great for casual outings, a music event, or even a more formal affair with the right accessories and style.

In the end, half-up pigtails using butterfly clips can be a delightful and playful hairstyle that could give a little extra touch to your style. To get the most beautiful result, begin by splitting sections of your hair. Then, divide them into equal parts to secure each section with an oblique pigtail, then add butterfly clips to add more fashion and texture. With a lot of practice and experimentation, creating many unique and fashionable looks with butterfly clips and your natural beauty is possible.


How do you do a y2k ponytail?

“To achieve the style, start by creating a clean ponytail with an elastic on the top of the head and parting your hair firmly down the middle from your hairline to your nape. Then, use a spoolie or brush coated with clear gel or hairspray to smooth flyaways and make the sides sleek.

How do you make butterfly clips look cute?

How to make it yourself: Make a middle part in your hair. Grab a one-inch chunk of hair near the hairline starting on one side of your head. Add more hair to the twist as you twist it back towards your ear. Stop just before your ear and fasten with one or more butterfly clips.

Are butterfly clips cool again?

In better shape than ever, butterfly clips are back. The greatest celebrities and influencers are reviving the old craze, along with teens and tweens on TikTok. There is no incorrect way to wear the clips, just like in the earlier version. You can style them in a Rapunzel-like braid or a bob.

How do you do G Eazy haircut?

Request a hard side parting with a 0% taper fade on the back and sides from your barber. With a zero taper kept very low and faded up, G Eazy keeps this cut very clean around the ears and neck. The parting is shaved in to make it simpler to style, hence the “hard part”!

What is a jellyfish haircut?

The disconnected layers of the jellyfish hairstyle give it the appearance of a short bob with longer layers underneath. If the name is any indication, it actually resembles a jellyfish, with its spherical body and longer, billowy tentacles.