How To Style Bar Cart?

How To Style Bar Cart?

How To Style Bar Cart?

A bar cart that is styled is an enjoyable and innovative way to bring some flair to your interior decor. To design the bar cart, you must choose a few items, such as glasses or bottles and bar equipment you would like to showcase. Then, consider the overall design you’d like to achieve. For example, do you prefer a classic, sophisticated appearance or an eclectic and whimsical style?

Start arranging your objects onto the trolley when you’ve got a picture of the look you want. You might want to consider grouping things by category, for example, glasses in one category and bottles in another. It is also possible to use decorative plates or placemats to keep things in order and add texture.

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This West Elm bar cart is available in various designs and colors, such as stainless steel, brass, and white or black powder-coated metal. The carts have three or two tiers with ample storage space for glasses, bottles, and bar equipment. The wheels make it simple to transfer it from one room to another place, while the handles provide a touch of class.


This West Elm bar cart is the ideal complement to any bar set-up at home. Its ample shelves allow you to store drinks like spirits, wine, and mixers. The carts are also fitted with a rack for wine that can hold at least six wine bottles. In addition, the lower shelf offers plenty of space for bar and glass equipment, including strainers, shakers, and cocktail shakers.

Decorating Tips

Decorating Tips

This West Elm bar cart is not just practical; it’s also a fashionable piece of furniture. It can give a touch of sophistication to your interior design. Here are some tips for decorating:

  • Decorate the shelves with attractive trays or placemats to help organize your things.
  • Showcase your top wines on the upper shelf.
  • Utilize shelves lower to keep glasses and place them in a pleasing arrangement.
  • Bring a vase filled with fresh blooms or a pot of plants on the top shelf to add a bright color splash.


To keep the appearance of your West Elm bar cart looking its best, it’s crucial to maintain it properly. Here are some suggestions to help keep this bar cart in good condition:

  • Make sure to clean the cart frequently using soft cloths, water, and mild soap.
  • Do not use harsh chemicals or cleaners that are abrasive.
  • Clean up spills as soon as they occur to avoid staining.
  • Place the bar carts in an air-tight area to avoid corrosion and rust.

A bar cart can be an elegant accessory to any space, whether you’re searching for additional storage space or just wanting to showcase the best cocktails and accessories. However, no matter your design, you’ll need to remember a few essential things when designing your bar cart.

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Begin with the most sturdy cart that can stand up to the weight of the bottles and other objects to be added, then add ornamental elements that complement your style. It is possible to display beautiful bottles, glassware with incandescent lighting, and stylish cocktail napkins to make your cart the perfect aspect of your interior.

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Bar carts aren’t just used for drinking drinks; they can also be a fantastic option to showcase your decor and other accessories. If you’re looking for an elegant, minimalist design or a playful look, There are numerous options to choose from!

A properly-designed bar cart will make your space more warm and inviting. In addition, it should show off your taste and style, as per Interior designer Kate Flanigan. The key, she says, is that you “keep your bar cart looking clean, chic, and stylish.”

This can be done by putting different items in your cart. For example, if, for instance, you are using taller bottles, you can try placing them at the front of your cart, while smaller ones are towards the back. This will help to balance the overall appearance of the cart and keep everything in view.

Glassware is another essential element to consider when designing your cart. Glass decanters made of clear will assist you in creating a minimalist, sleek look. They are easily available in various locations, including West Elm, Crate, and Barrel.

Various bar tools will make a difference in your bar’s cart. This includes shakers, muddlers and jiggers, strainers, peelers, corkscrews, and many more. You can also select different colors for each piece to give your bar counter an elegant touch.

To add a look, A crystal-adorned bar set could be a fantastic option to add to your basket. They can be bought in various stores, including West Elm, Crate, and Barrel, or even in local antique shops and flea markets.

If you’re fond of minimalist style, a white cart with mirror shelves is a great option. It can be put anywhere in your house and add an elegant look to your home.

You could add an illuminated fixture to your bar cart for a more sophisticated appearance. This is particularly useful for those who want to move their cart outdoors during summertime.

A table lamp will make your bar cart appear more elegant and give you more lighting while making your drinks. These kinds of lamps come in different styles, from modern to bohemian.


Storage is among the essential elements that a bar cart should have. It gives you the comfort of having a space to store everything from liquor bottles to your booze accessories. It is also a great place to display other things, such as books or paintings.

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Bar carts are available in various styles, designs, and sizes, so you must be aware of these elements when choosing which is best for your requirements. It is also important to select an aesthetic that matches the overall style of your house.

To ensure that your home is organized, Try to arrange your items in a grouping. So, you can quickly access your collection of alcohol anytime you require it. It’s an excellent idea to create a separate space for your alcohol so that you don’t combine them with other beverages.

Another important thing to remember while styling a bar cart is to ensure that it matches the overall decor. This will allow you to make the right impression and bring interest to the whole area.

There are plenty of styles to dress this bar cart, including a rattan look or wooden cabinets. Bar carts also come with a glass top or metal frame for a more attractive look.

A complete set of decanters, alcohol bottles, shakers, glasses, and other things conveniently displayed at the bar counter will create a significant difference in the look of your room. However, a simple, clean display that is merely the essentials can be a great alternative if you’re seeking a minimalist design.

Consider displaying flowers or other plants if you want to bring more color to your bar. This can soften the bar cart’s appearance and add some color to your living space.

Also, you should take into consideration a variety of bar tools while designing your cart. They include cocktail shakers, strainers, jiggers, and many others. These tools will add a touch of class to your bar and assist in creating the perfect drink every time.

When choosing the ideal bar cart, keep these things in your mind: It should be strong and durable. This will enable you to avoid purchasing an entirely new cart shortly. It must also be able to endure the continual use of strong drinks.


Bar carts are an important piece of furniture for every home and serve a variety of reasons. They are great for storage of the bar’s tools and serving ware. They also provide plenty of storage space for bottles of alcohol and other beverages.

The trick to styling the bar cart properly is to find a balance between the two and ensure that you incorporate your aesthetic into all aspects of the bar cart. You can choose a modern, sleek style or one that perfectly matches your traditional glam décor. There’s an available bar cart that can be a perfect fit for your decor and style.

If you’re looking for an elegant, stylish look, Try this two-tiered table from Walker Edison Furniture Company. It has mesh doors made of metal as well as a wood laminate display top. It also comes with glassware racks and four locking casters making it portable and useful.

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According to the designer Emilie Munroe, the most effective method to dress your cart for bar use is to incorporate the natural element and other accessories. For example, a flower arrangement, citrus plant, or even small plants can bring life and color to your bar cart while improving its sleek, minimalist style.

It’s important to remember that the bar cart will be used to serve and make cocktails, so it is essential to keep your shelves filled with the ingredients to complete the task. Apart from hard liquors, buy garnishes and mixers that you frequently use.

Consider buying decanters in a set or a set of stunning bottles to display your most loved spirits. These choices not only improve the cohesiveness of your cart but help you save money and provide a fashionable option to display your collection.

Another important aspect of ensuring that your shelves are well-stocked is not to go overboard in the number of bottles you have on display. The excess options could create a mess for customers and create a bar that appears messy and messy.

To prevent the bar area from becoming overcrowded, you should put similar items and then put the items away in trays when they are when not in use. It is also possible to divide your cart according to the theme by placing a hard drink or mixer near the top of your cart and garnishes and other ingredients in the back.


How do you style a bar cart with alcohol?

Alcohol whose bottles and packaging don’t match the design of your cart can be displayed better using decanters and decanter sets, which can integrate cohesiveness. Local bottles in the front of a bar cart may also give it a more unique feel, leaving behind the standard bottles seen on any liquor shop shelf.

What should I look for in a bar cart?

A bar cart should be substantial and sturdy enough to accommodate numerous bottles of wine and liquor in addition to the stemware and bar glasses required for entertaining. It should also complement a room’s aesthetics properly.

Are bar carts practical?

A bar cart is a useful piece of furniture that may be used for many different purposes. Consider areas of your house that require organizing besides the dining room.

How many glasses are in a bar cart?

Generally speaking, you shouldn’t need to have more than eight glasses on your bar cart at any given moment. When entertaining, extras can be stored in kitchen cupboards and brought out.

What is a good height for bar cart?

The height of a typical bar stool should be between 29 and 32 inches. These stools should be combined with bar heights of 41 to 43 inches in order to provide roughly 10 inches of legroom.