How To Style A Bob Messy?

How To Style A Bob Messy?

How To Style A Bob Messy?

Find a curling iron with small barrels and wrap the hair in it for about three to five seconds or until you have the curl you desire. Hair is curled by dividing it into sections and then adding hairspray to make your curls last.

What Is A Messy Bob?

A messy bob is a style distinguished by uneven, choppy, and textured layers made to frame the face. It is usually worn with a messy, smooth look that gives the hair a relaxed and carefree appearance. This “messy” aspect of the look is intentional and typically achieved through products and blow-drying techniques to give an aged-in appearance.

How To Style A Bob Messy?

Short hairstyles have become more fashionable in the past few decades, specifically bob haircuts. A lot of women wear a variant of a bob haircut that ranges from shoulder-length to chin-length. Particularly when you’re moving from long hair, you may feel uninspired about the best way to cut your bob. There are various easy and popular methods to style hair that work for all hair types.

1- Styling a Bob With a Round Brush

Dry Your Hair And Allow It To Dry After Having A Shower.

This is among the most popular methods for styling bobs, and it begins by soaking your hair. Spray or dampen your hair if dry, or keep it wet after showering before doing anything else with it.

Apply A Styling Product, Like Gel Or Mousse, To Your Locks.

Use a quarter-sized quantity of styling product in the palm of your fingers. First, massage your hands to spread them across both palms. After that, use your fingers to run them through your hair to rub them into your hair.

Clip Or Tie The Upper Two-thirds Of The Hair

The hair will be worked through in this look by layering it; therefore, make sure you have an accessory like a hair clip or tie to keep portions of your hair in place as working. Work. The part you hair vertically, just over your ears. Lay your thumbs down on the opposite sides of the head, just above your ears. Move them back and forth across your scalp, creating the portion. Take all your hair over your thumbs, and secure it away from your face. The remainder of the hair dangling straight down.

Place A Portion Of Your Loose Hair Over A Circular Brush.

Choose a 2-inch section of loose hair and place them on the oval brush. Feel free to drag the brush across all the way, twisting it slightly while you go to eliminate any knots.

The Blow Dryer Should Be Placed Near Your Roots, Above Where The Round Brush Rests, And Then Aim Toward Your Ends.

The blow dryer must always be pointed down along the length of the hair since moving it towards or up over your head can cause frizz. Blot Dry Your Hair Using The Round Brush. Then, Turn The Brush While Pulling It Into Your Locks, Creating A Beautiful Curl At The Ends That Curls Inward.

If you’re wearing hair, that is bob; bob is a sign that you don’t have a great length in your hair. It may not be necessary to move the brush all that much when it’s short enough. However, in most instances, you’ll need to push the brush down into your hair just a bit. Then, continuously rotate the round brush with care to train your hair into an inward curl.

It’s the quick movement of your wrist to push the round brush back to the roots until you are where it ends. Completely blow dry a section of hair before moving on to the next. Moving ahead before a hair section has dried can cause it to lose shape.

Repeat Blow-drying Hair Sections With The Round Brush Until You’ve Completed The Lower Section Of Loose Hair.

In 2-inch sections, you’ll likely have 3-4 sections to work through using circular brushes and the blow dryer. When you’re finished with the bottom section, your hair should show a smooth, round curvature that curves upwards towards the neck area and your chin. This will create an ideal foundation for the higher layers.

Part Your Hair To Clip Or Tie The Upper One-third.Part Your Hair To Clip Or Tie The Upper One-third.

The next step is to begin working on this middle section of hair, arranging it to align with the bottom layer you recently completed. Set your thumbs on your hairline at an angle upwards from the eyebrow arches. Move your thumbs back and forth along your hair until they are at the top of your hair. Tie or clip the upper 3rd of your hair over your head.

Divide Your Hair Into Two-inch Sections. Dry Each Section Using A Round Brush.

Like how you styled the lower layer, you now create a style for the middle hair layer on the round brush. As you did with the top layer, now you’ll fashion the hair’s middle section with a round brush.

Make sure to rotate the round brush slowly as you blow dry your hair continuously. The hair on top is longer than the lower layer, and you’ll be required to keep pulling the brush along to the long length and then begin again at the root.

Do The Entire Process Around Your Head While On The Middle Layer. Blowing The Entire Section Dry Before Moving On To The Next.

The inward curl at the ends should fall just over the soft curl of the lower layer. When styling hair along the side of your head, your hair should be curled to the side, slightly towards your chin.

Release The Hair’s Top Third, And Then Put Your Part.

You can split your hair either in the center or towards one side. Next, make your hair where you want it to be by combing. Finally, allow the loose hair to fall loosely.

Repeat The Process Of Blow-drying Two-inch Sections Of Hair Using This Round Brush.

Lift 2 inches of hair, put it on the brush in a round shape, get an adequate grip on it, and then blow it dry. Aim the blow-dryer down to the full length of the hair away from your roots to ensure you don’t cause your hair to frizz.

Keep turning the brush, which is round in your palm, underneath the hairline, so you get a slight curl on the end of the hair. This is the longest hair layer, and you’ll need to drag the brush through your hair before you return to the root until the hair is dry.

Dry The Entire High Layer Of Hair Along All Sides Of Your Head.B

From section to section and dry each section using an oval brush. This layer must rest on the top layer of the middle one, with the curl to the left and right at the ends, similar to that of the layers underneath.

End With Hairspray

If you’re worried that the styling mousse or gel you apply to your hair at the beginning of the process won’t keep your hair in its place, lightly mist your hair using hairspray to ensure it can hold the hairstyle.

3 Ways To Get Boho Waves Without Heat3 Ways To Get Boho Waves Without Heat

I don’t know what you think, but during the summer months, the thing I’d like to do most is style my hair using hot temperatures. It’s simply too hot to be able to have even more heat radiating from my head and melting my makeup. Additionally, the process of straightening my hair using the help of a blow dryer or flat iron can be a bit useless when the humidity is high. So instead of fighting humidity, I’ve found that it’s better to deal with them by promoting my natural curl.

Fortunately, hair with texture, such as loose waves to gorgeous, tousled curls, is in fashion. The style perfectly matches the current trend of hippie chic and the jolly vibe of summer. It’s simple to curl your hair and not use heating, thus protecting your locks from damage from heat while keeping cool.

3 Ways To Curl Your Hair Without Heat

If you’ve already got waves in your hair, you may be able to apply a product to your hair and let your hair dry on its own. To further enhance your waves or loosen tight curls, I’ve listed three methods to create boho curls without using heat.

These methods are quick and simple. However, you’ll need time for your hair’s set. For example, I like to style my hair with dampness in the morning and then let it dry out, but you can also put on your hair at night and awake to beautiful waves.

Technique 1: Soft, Loose Curls

When it comes to setting wet hair, it is sensible to study the techniques used before modern hair styling was made possible by heat. Pin curls traditionally create an elongated curl; however, this straightforward arrangement creates an unstructured, looser curl that takes just a few minutes to create.

Step 1

Apply the product to damp hair, and then create an upward section on the front, above the ear. It does not have to be perfectly sectioned. It’s best to have a straight line to prevent dividing lines.

Step 2

You can wrap the strand between your fingers and away from your face, creating a loop. Then, wind the curl by dragging your fingers to reach your scalp.

Step 3

Then slide an elongated pin curl clip duckbill clip up from the bottom to hold the strand. The bottom prong should be placed against your scalp, while the top prong should go at the center part of the curl.

Step 4

Continue to take vertical sections from the crown up to the nape. Then, wrap them from your face and secure them until you get to the center of the back. Do not stress about getting these pin curls perfectly. It’s simple and quick. Simply make the curl wrap, pin it, and move forward.

Step 5

Repeat on the opposite face of the head, securing it in the opposite direction (still far away from the face.)

Step 6

Let your hair dry before removing the clips.

Step 7

Use your fingers to run them through your hair to break locks and form soft beachy waves.

Technique 2: Beachy Braid WavesTechnique 2: Beachy Braid Waves

Braids are a great method of curling your hair without using heat since they’re something everyone can do. To modernize this method, I began my braids a bit further down, then extended them to the point that my hair would appear looser.

Step 1

Apply the product to your damp hair, then split it in the middle, and take one side to the side.

Step 2

First, you must take the largest section around one inch above your ear up to the middle. Split this into three equal smaller pieces.

Step 3

Dutch braid (reverse French) the entire side, incorporating hair while working towards the neck’s nape, then folding the hair under. Check out this blog for more in-depth instructions on making the Dutch braid. Once you have reached the nape, braid three strands up to the end and tie them off using small hair bands. Repeat with the other side.

Step 4

Gently pull both braids to loosen and expand their braids.

Step 5

Once your hair is dry, remove the elastic bands, and move your fingers through it, allowing it to twirl the waves.

Technique 3: Twisted TextureTechnique 3: Twisted Texture

Twisting your hair can be an excellent method of creating the natural waves that are popular nowadays. There are various methods to curl your hair in twists, but this is the one I prefer.

Step 1

Apply the product to your damp hair. First, divide the hair down to the middle of the back. Then, divide each side by cutting from the top of your head to behind your ear. This creates four equal sections.

Step 2

Pick up the second and third pieces and twist them inwards towards each other, all the way to the ends.

Step 3

Join the ends with a hair band of a small size.

Step 4

Let the two front pieces loose, twist them inwards towards one another (away from you), and then connect the ends using an incredibly small hair band. You’ll notice that the lower twists are beginning to loosen and fall off, which is fine.

Step 5

Let your hair dry for a few hours or overnight while being twisted, and then take off your elastic band and shake your hair’s waves. Voila! The perfect beachy style without the scorching heat.


How do I make my bob look choppy?

Choose a tiny barrel curling iron, then wrap a segment of hair around it for three to five seconds, or until you get the desired curl. One portion of hair at a time, curl it, and use hairspray to set it so that the curls last. A curly, choppy bob can dress up your regular appearance.

Does a messy bob have layers?

Any length and any type of hair can wear a messy bob; the only requirement is that it have a messy texture. Choppy layers, jagged ends, razored strands, and/or texture-enhancing products like sea salt spray, texturizing mousse, etc. can all be used to achieve it.

What is a shattered bob?

To achieve this cutting-edge appearance, you “shatter” the ends of your hair to give it a choppy, textured finish.

What is a mom bob haircut?

Anything that is shorter than your shoulder counts. The pixie, the Kate Gosselin, the long bob (lob), and several other hairstyles are available. However, the prevailing assumption is that mom haircuts are short, low-maintenance styles that women embrace when they grow tired of wearing their hair in a sloppy bun all the time.

Does everyone look good in a bob?

As long as it’s styled to suit your mane, stylists concur that the short bob looks fantastic on everyone. According to Los Angeles-based groomer Julia Papworth, “If you have thinner hair, make sure to have a few layers put to the crown to provide the illusion of volume and lift.”

How do I make my hair look messy and bit?

You may achieve that stylish, sloppy style with the help of products like mousse, hairspray, sea salt spray, putties, and clays. Stick with light products like mousses and sprays that will assist give you more volume without weighing down your hair if you have long or fine hair.



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