How To Style A Middle Part?

How To Style A Middle Part?

How To Style A Middle Part?

Styling a middle part can create a sleek and sophisticated look. A middle part may seem a little extreme, but it can flatter certain hair types and lengths. Plus, it’s easy to style – you can pull it back into a ponytail or top knot or wear it down for a casual look.

“It’s a great choice for women with asymmetrical faces or those who want to accentuate their forehead,” says Sally Hershberger, a New York City hairstylist.

Part Your Hair In The Middle


Parting your hair in the middle is a simple way to create an effortlessly chic look. Whether you have long or short hair, the middle part can be styled in various ways and is suitable for any occasion.

It’s an easy and effective way to make your hair look fuller without sacrificing your natural texture or volume, and the style is flattering for just about anyone. A central part is especially a good choice for those with oval or round faces, but it can also work well on longer face shapes that are looking for some slimming and lengthening.

To achieve the look, you need to comb your hair in the middle. You can use a wide-toothed comb or a rat tail comb to do this.

Once you’ve combed your hair, blow-dry it. This will help the hair to dry more quickly, and it will also create a more voluminous look.

You should then take a flat iron or curling wand and gently curl your hair, keeping it cool. Once it’s cool, you can run your fingers through it to soften the look.

To complete the look, you can add some shine spray and pomade to your tresses. You can also tie your hair into a bun or braid it for a more dramatic look.

While a part like this might seem intimidating, it’s one of the easiest hairstyles to master, so don’t worry! All you need is a little practice and the right tools.

It’s also a great way to frame your face, so you can easily pair it with various hairstyles and accessories. For example, you can wear a messy middle-parted hairstyle with your favorite bohemian dresses, or you can rock it on a night out with a cocktail dress and bold earrings.

The key to styling a middle part is remembering that it will take some time for your hair to respond to the change, so be patient. You may even need to go back to your stylist if the part doesn’t look like it’s fitting your face shape or lying properly.

Blow-Dry Your Hair

Blow-Dry Your Hair

Parting your hair in the middle can be one of the most flattering ways to frame your face and add a touch of dynamic style. It also looks great on various face shapes and can be paired with various haircuts.

You can create this look slicked back, down in loose waves, or up in a ponytail or top knot. It works on long, short, or medium-length hair and is a great option for brides who want to keep their hair out of their face but still have an edgy look.

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Once your hair is wet, use a wide-tooth comb to part it in the middle. This will help to separate your hair without causing any breakage or frizz.

Next, blow-dry your hair using high heat. Start by blow-drying the bottom half of your hair first, and then work your way up to the top layer. It’s best to use a brush when blow-drying, as it helps to keep your locks in place while drying and adds volume to fine hair.

Make sure you’re not using too much heat, as this can lead to damage and dryness. To prevent any fizziness, hold the nozzle of your blow dryer at least 15 cm away from the hair and angle it down with the direction of the cuticle layer (the outside layer of the hair).

The key to a smooth, healthy-looking result is to ensure the hair dries as close to the roots as possible. This will help to seal the cuticle and prevent your hair from gaining too much volume.

Once your hair has dried to your desired level, use a flat iron to straighten the bottom layers. This will create a sleek and chic look, perfect for an evening out.

To finish off your style, spray your hair with a shine spray to boost the sheen and texture. This can be combined with a styling cream to protect your locks from heat damage and keep flyaways at bay.

Parting your hair in the middle is a simple and easy way to achieve a flattering look. Whether you’re looking to enhance your cheekbones or give your browbones some height, the middle part is a timeless look that can be easily adapted to suit any occasion.

Style Your Hair

The middle part is a classic hairstyle in vogue since the 1920s. It’s one of the most versatile parts because it looks good on all face shapes and hair types.

If you want to try out a middle part, the first thing you need to do is part your hair down the middle. This simple step will help you get the perfect part for any occasion.

Then, you need to blow-dry your hair, so it’s ready for styling. You can do this alone or ask your stylist for advice if you’re unsure how to style it.

You should also ensure your hair is completely tangle-free and dry before you part it. This is important because it will help your hair stay in place when you style it.

Once your hair is fully dry, part it down the middle and comb it in the right direction. You can also use a wide-tooth comb or a tail comb to ensure your part is pronounced and defined.

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Now, you’re ready to style your new part! Depending on how long you have, you can either style your hair as it is, or you can add some more volume by styling your hair in two low ponytails.

When styling your hair, the key is to keep your look fresh and on-trend. A middle part can help you do this because it will make your hair look voluminous and elegant, unlike a side part, which can look flat and boring.

A middle part can also give you a wider appearance, which will bring out your unique facial features. It is a great choice for women with a round face because it creates the illusion of length and symmetry.

While a middle part can work for many different face shapes, you should always choose a cut that complements your specific facial structure. You should also avoid extreme haircuts if you have a rounded face, as they will make it appear even more rounded.

Finish Off Your Look

Finish Off Your Look

In the hairstyling world, parting your locks in the middle is like putting the crown jewels on display. But the real secret is in how you style it.

The middle part is the perfect place to showcase your highlights and play up your natural texture. To get this look, you need a good brush and a little creativity.

You could use a curling iron to create this effect or opt for your blow dryer. To make it extra shiny, consider adding a little shine spray or pomade to your locks. This will also help you achieve a soft and feminine look without looking too plasticky. The trick to achieving the best middle part is to find a hairstylist that you trust and have a rapport with.

You may need to try out several different stylists before you settle on the one who can bring your vision to life. But the result is worth the effort, especially when you see how much more confident you are! The right hairstylist will also be able to show you what works for your face shape and what doesn’t. The best part is you can then go and have fun with your new look.

Ideas On How To Style A Middle Part:

  • Straight and Sleek: Use a flat iron to straighten your hair and create a sleek look. Apply a heat protectant spray before using heat tools to prevent damage. Use a comb to create a precise middle part, then apply a small amount of smoothing serum to tame any flyaway’s.
  • Loose Waves: Use a curling iron to create loose waves in your hair. Part your hair down the middle and curl your hair away from your face. Run your fingers through your hair to create a more natural look, then apply a light-hold hairspray to set the style.
  • Half-Up Half-Down: Use a comb to create a precise middle part, then gather the top section of your hair and tie it into a half-up, half-down hairstyle. Use a hair tie or clip to secure the section in place. You can also add a hair accessory like a hair clip or headband to add a little extra flair.
  • Braids: Create two French braids starting from your middle part and braiding down each side of your head. Secure the ends with a hair tie or bobby pins. You can also leave the braids loose or combine them into a braided bun for a more formal look.
  • Low Ponytail: Use a comb to create a precise middle part, then gather your hair into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck. Secure with a hair tie and wrap a small section of hair around the hair tie to conceal it. Apply a light-hold hairspray to set the style.
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Remember, styling a middle part can be a versatile and sophisticated look customized to fit your style. Experiment with different techniques and products to find what works best for you.