How To Style Middle-Part Hair Guys?

How To Style Middle-Part Hair Guys?

How To Style Middle-Part Hair Guys?

Middle-part hair for guys is a classic look that has become increasingly popular recently. In a time when clean-cut celebrity heartthrobs and grunge rockers reign supreme, the middle part hairstyle has made a comeback.

This parting is a versatile option that suits all face shapes and is easily adaptable to different lengths and textures.

Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are an excellent choice if you’re a guy with middle-part hair who wants to switch up your look. This fringe style grazes the cheekbones and frames the face, enhancing the shape of your face and highlighting your best features.

Whether you have an oval, round, or heart-shaped face, curtain bangs can suit your face shape. It’s also a great way to frame your nose and draw focus away from your chin.

It’s easy to achieve curtain bangs, especially with straight hair. To create the look, brush your hair straight before applying a styling pomade to keep it in place all day.

You can also use sea salt spray to add a bouncy beachy finish or use hairspray to secure your style in place. It’s a low-maintenance yet super stylish look.

Men with wavy or curly hair can rock this look, as it will work with their natural texture. To make this style more unique, apply a small amount of curl or wavy hair styling products.

The eBoy style is a popular curtains haircut for men that combines emo fashion and modern hipster trends. The eBoy curtain haircut is usually longer on top with shorter sides. In addition, it is parted down the middle to create a unique fringe that flows loosely to frame the face.

Despite being a relatively simple haircut, the eBoy style is versatile and can be worn by almost anyone. This edgy, dark, and emo-inspired look is great for young boys and men who want to express their personalities with flair.

Asian guys have thick long straight hair that’s perfect for this cut, but any man can easily achieve a middle part with their hair if they have the patience and know-how. Alternatively, men with curly or wavy hair can rock this cut by applying a strong styling pomade to keep the look in place throughout the day.

Another cool and sexy curtain haircut for men is the undercut. This is an aggressive but sleek style that’s always a hit with most guys because it’s clean-cut and classy at the same time. It’s a good option for men with short, medium, or long hair because it will elevate any cut.


Twists are a cool hairstyle for any man. They are easy to maintain and look great with all hair types. Middle part hair guys especially benefit from this hairstyle because it allows them to manage their natural hair and keep it looking good.

The key to a successful twist is ensuring your strands are well separated. You must comb all your hair back first and then use a fine tooth comb to divide the strands into two parts.

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Once you’ve made a proper partition, use a rubber band to securely tie each part. This will help prevent your strands from falling out of the twist as you style them.

A few spritzes of a good leave-in conditioner will also help keep your twists soft and healthy. You can even add some gel to keep them sleek and shiny.

You can also try a scalp cleanser to ensure your twists aren’t clogged up with hair and product. Plenty of shampoos on the market can do this without leaving your strands tangled or itchy.

To keep your twists looking their best, you should regularly re-twist them and wash them every few weeks. This is because twists can be a bit hard on your hair roots, and if you want to see increased length after taking them down, it’s best to keep your scalp healthy.

Another good way to protect your strands is to avoid shampoos designed for dreadlocks or braids. This will help you prevent damage from the chemicals in shampoos.

If you’re not quite ready to let your hair grow out, a twist is a great choice because it’s low-maintenance and looks great when you don’t have time for dreads. In addition, keeping your hair moisturized and protected at night while you sleep will ensure that your strands retain their length.

Check out our step-by-step tutorials if you want to learn how to style your twists. These videos will show you how to twist your hair and give you tips for styling it differently.

Sleek And Straight

Try the sleek and straight look if you want a new hairstyle this summer. It is a sophisticated, elegant, and classy style that can be worn any occasion.

You can easily achieve this look at home by following simple steps and investing in great products. For instance, Garnier Fructis Sleek Shot In-Shower Styler spray will help you straighten your hair without a flatiron.

In addition to this treatment, you should also use a good shampoo and conditioner to nourish your tresses. This will help your hair look shiny and healthy.

Another great product to use is COLOR WOW’s Marula Hair Nourishing Serum. In minutes, this serum will give you silky, shiny, and hydrated locks. In addition, you can carry it with you in your handbag for quick touch-ups!

The middle part can be tricky to pull off, but it can look cool when paired with curtain bangs or worn sleek and straight. It can also complement certain face shapes.

A middle part is perfect for people with oval faces, as it helps to highlight your eyes and cheekbones. However, this cut doesn’t work well on people with round or heart-shaped faces, so consider symmetry and features when choosing the part location.

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This cut is ideal for people who want to wear their hair in a sleek, neat style that will complement their natural facial structure. It also works for people concerned about how long it takes to style their hair.

If you have a straight hair type, try a middle part with long layers to add length and movement to your locks. It will also make you feel confident and ready for any event or party!

Whether wearing your hair down or in a ponytail, this style will give your locks extra volume. This can be achieved by dividing your hair into sections and brushing them back to create a smooth finish.

You can also use a blow dryer and a flat iron to get a sleek and straight look. This haircut will also look great if you have a short, medium, or long face shape, as it frames the features and accentuates your height.


A middle part is a trend that has made a huge comeback and is one of the men’s most popular hair looks. It can be worn with short and long hair and complements all hair textures.

The look can be very sexy and flattering and works best for certain face shapes, particularly those with strong features. It can also highlight and elongate the face.

Wavy or curly hair is an excellent option for a middle part because it can be styled to produce a deliberately undone appearance, making it easier to achieve volume and movement. It is also a great choice for men who want to break away from old ideas of masculinity and embrace their natural texture.

To get a middle part on wavy hair, you must comb all your hair back first and then use a fine tooth comb to divide it into two equal parts. After this, you can style it with a tad of hairstyling product.

Then, you can blow dry your hair with a round brush to give it body and add volume at the root. Finally, use hairspray to keep it in place throughout the day.

Another way to add a touch of contrast to your wavy hair is by going for a skin fade, giving it structure and producing a sharp contrast between the top and the sides. It will also help to make your wavy hair appear thicker and fuller.

This haircut would suit guys with thick wavy hair who want to break away from a traditional box cut and look more contrasting. It is a very classy and stylish look that can be worn with various clothes, especially if you have a sporty lifestyle.

Remember that a wavy haircut requires regular upkeep, so you should have it checked at the barbershop to keep it looking sharp and fresh.

Those who have long wavy hair can wear it with curtain bangs. These bangs create a face-framing effect and can be paired with various styles, depending on your preference. Younger men prefer this haircut, but it can work for anyone with a moderately thick head of hair.

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Here Are Some Tips For Styling The Middle Part Of Hair:

  • Start with clean, dry hair: Wash it with a mild shampoo and conditioner, then dry it thoroughly with a towel.
  • Use a comb to create the part: Use a fine-tooth comb to create a clean, straight part down the middle of your hair. You may need to use a bit of hair gel to keep the part in place.
  • Apply a styling product: Use a small amount of pomade or hair wax to add texture and hold to your hair. Rub the product between your palms and work it through your hair, starting at the roots and working your way up.
  • Use a blow dryer: If you want more volume, use a blow dryer on low heat to lift your hair at the roots. Use your fingers to direct the airflow and create the desired style.
  • Finish with a hairspray: Use a light-hold to keep your hair in place once you have the desired style. Hold the hairspray a few inches away from your head and spray lightly.

Remember, the key to a great middle part hairstyle is to keep it natural-looking and effortless. Avoid making the part too perfect or neat, and let your hair flow naturally. Experiment with different products and styling techniques to find what works best for you.


How can I style my middle part better?

“My favourite tip for identifying a middle part is to set a tail comb vertically on the nose and rock it back into the hairline,” he explains. “Next, to produce the precisely centred middle part, slide the comb back through the hair.”

Is a middle part good for men?

Middle partings are unquestionably less attractive, and the main reason for this is the form of your face.” Joe Mills of Joe & Co. Soho, GQ’s resident barber, concurs. “Middle partings will lengthen the face and emphasise your forehead.

How do you wear your hair in the middle parting?

After your hair is freshly washed and still damp, part it along the middle with a tail comb, then brush the remainder of it in the direction that it is falling. After that, blow-dry your hair to secure the part.

How do men fix their middle part?

Simple maintenance entails blow-drying your hair after washing it and making a middle part with a wide-tooth comb. To finish the look, spritz your hair with sea salt and distribute styling cream evenly. You may manage your long hair with either product.

Is a middle part more attractive?

Many people concur that middle parts are more fashionable than side parts, give you a younger, more fashionable appearance, and can look great on the right face. Facial symmetry is highlighted and emphasised in the middle portions. You should definitely go for a drive with your mirror-symmetrical countenance if you have one.