How To Style A Long Shirt?

 How To Style A Long Shirt?

 How To Style A Long Shirt?

Oversized t-shirts are a comfortable and stylish addition to any wardrobe. They can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion and how they are paired with other clothing items. For example, to style a long shirt, you can tuck it into pants or a skirt for a more polished look. 

Another option is to wear it as a dress by belting it at the waist to create a definition. You can also leave it untucked and pair it with leggings or skinny jeans to create a relaxed, casual look. Experiment with layering by wearing a jacket or cardigan over the long shirt.

How do you style a long oversized shirt with jeans?

The key to styling an oversized shirt is to find the right fit for you. You want to choose a style that will cling to your curves and hide any unflattering areas on your body.

You should also consider the proportions of the shirt compared to your overall outfit. This is especially important if you wear it with a skirt or dress. Depending on your event, you may want to tuck in the shirt or leave it loose and untucked.

Try pairing an oversized shirt with form-fitting blue jeans like straight-leg or skinny jeans for a casual day-to-day look. This will balance the shirt and create a chic, laid-back look with white sneakers.

Dress it down

With jeans

For a casual look, pair an oversized t-shirt with jeans. First, choose a t-shirt that is large enough to drape nicely over your body but not so large that it looks like a dress. Then, pair it with a pair of slim-fit or skinny jeans to balance out the proportions.

With shorts

Another casual option is to wear an oversized t-shirt with a pair of shorts. This look is perfect for warm weather and can be dressed up or down with different shorts. Pair with denim cut-off shorts for a casual look or tailored shorts for a dressier look.

Dress it upDress it up

With dress pants

Wear an oversized t-shirt with a pair of dress pants for a dressier look. Choose a t-shirt in a neutral color, such as black, white, or grey, and pair it with a pair of dress pants in a contrasting color. This look is perfect for a night out or a casual office setting.

With a skirt

For a more feminine look, pair an oversized t-shirt with a skirt. Choose a t-shirt that is long enough to cover your bottom and pair it with a skirt in a contrasting color. This look is perfect for a casual day out or a summer festival.



Accessorize your oversized t-shirt look with some jewelry. A statement necklace or a pair of earrings can add extra interest to your look.


Choose the right shoes to complete your look. For a casual look, pair it with sneakers or sandals. For a dressier look, wear heels or dress shoes.

An oversized shirt can be a great layering piece in colder weather, but you should never forget to layer it with a blazer and wear tights underneath. This will help keep you warm while still looking chic and ensure that your oversized shirt stays in place.

How do you style a long shirt for Men?How do you style a long shirt for Men?

The long and short of it is that there are many different types of shirts to choose from. However, a few stand out amongst the rest. Those looking to rework your sartorial arsenal might want to check out the latest offerings from designers such as Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein. 

For those looking for something a bit sexier, look at the menswear section of your local department store. The staff at any of these locations will be happy to help you find the shirt of your dreams.

Tuck it in

Shirts are a staple of our wardrobes, and tucking them in is often the first step we take when we want to dress up. We might do this for church pictures or just because we feel a little more formal. However, tucking in a long shirt can be tricky if you don’t know how to do it correctly. It can look messy, and it can ruin an outfit. That’s why learning how to tuck a long shirt properly is essential!

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There are several different ways to tuck a long shirt in, depending on the situation and level of formality or casualness that you want to give off. Below, we’ll share tips on how to do a proper shirt tuck that will leave you looking polished and put together.

  • The Front Tuck: Also known as the French tuck, this casual style was popularized by Tan France of Netflix’s Queer Eye. This truck is a great way to slender your waistline without adding extra weight. It looks great with skinny jeans or t-shirts; you can pair it with various belts for a stylish pop of color.
  • The Half Tuck: Another popular style among the street style set, this tuck exudes a carefree nonchalance. This look is best when wearing a button-down blouse or a louder printed top.
  • The Navel Tuck: This is one of the easiest tucks to do, and it works with just about any top or shirt that has a close fit. It’s also a good choice if you don’t have much time to spend on your outfit.
  • The Twisted Shirt Tuck: This style is perfect for longer tops like sweaters and t-shirts. Simply gather the fabric on each side of your shirt, and twist it into two cute tails. Once you’ve achieved a full tuck, you can tie the knot in the back of your shirt to create a cropped effect or leave it as is for an easy tucked-in look.
  • The Full Tuck: This is the ultimate shirt tuck for formal events, and it’s a staple for military uniforms. Adding some interest and flair to a button-up or transforming any oversized shirt from bulky to polished is also great.
  • The French Tuck: This is an easy, quick, and casual way to tuck in a long top. It’s also a fun option for creating an off-duty look with a t-shirt.
  • The Half Tuck: This is a great alternative to the full tuck, and it’s especially appropriate for business-casual occasions. It exudes a carefree nonchalance, and it’s a great way to add some interest and flare to a button-down or even a louder printed top.
  • The Twisted Shirt Tuck: This is a great option for longer tops. You can also use it for a t-shirt that’s too long or a sweater or a long top that needs to be cropped.

Tuck it out

Tucking in your shirt can be a very effective way to add shape and definition to your waistline. So whether you’re wearing a long dress, or a shirt and skirt combination, this simple style hack can instantly elevate your look.

When tucking in your shirt, it’s essential to use the proper technique. You can’t make a sloppy tuck that looks like it’s been stuffed into your pants or skirt, and you shouldn’t let the tuck hang loosely. You also want to ensure that you keep the front of your shirt tucked in, which will help you create an effortless, polished look.

You can tuck in your shirt in several ways, each creating a different effect. The easiest and most popular method is the front tuck, which can be used with a wide variety of tops, including slim-fitting shirts.

Another easy method is the sleeve tuck, which can be used with almost any type of shirt or sweater. It’s a great way to define your waist while retaining some of the fabric and is especially useful when you have an oversized shirt that looks boxy without a tuck.

You can tuck your shirt in all the way or just to one side for a more casual look. To achieve a full tuck, start by buttoning your shirt and bringing it to the floor as you pull it over your chest. Once you’ve done this, raise your arms to untuck the rest of the shirt.

Tucking your shirt in all the way will give you a more professional appearance and keep the shirttails from looking too long or unkempt. This can be a good option for business wear, where you may not be able to get away with an untucked shirt.

This style works well with t-shirts and blouses with a high neckline or collar. It’s a great way to make a sleeveless top feel more fitted and can work with a wide range of bottoms, from skinny jeans to shorts or capris in the summer.

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However, it can also be slightly sloppy, and you should be careful about pulling out too much of the shirt’s hem. You can also add a belt to your look, drawing attention to your waistline and helping the tuck stay in place.

The French tuck can be tricky, but it’s also very versatile. It works with various shirts, but it’s beneficial when you have an oversized top that doesn’t have a tight neckline or collar. It’s best to pair this tuck with a pair of slim-fitting pants or a skirt so it doesn’t add too much visual bulk around the waistline.

If you’re new to this trend, you’ll want to do a few practices runs to ensure it’s working for you before you go out and commit to tucking in your shirt all the time. With practice, you’ll be able to tuck in any sleeveless top and know exactly when it’s the right moment for it.

How to wear oversized T-Shirts, Guys?How to wear oversized T-Shirts, Guys?

The oversized t-shirt is back in a big way, and many different styles and sizes are available. The right one depends on what you want to achieve with your outfit and your budget. Oversized shirts can make for some seriously chic looks and can be paired with everything from jeans to joggers, depending on your preferred look.

To help you get the most out of your oversized shirt, here are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind before making your purchase. First and foremost, you’ll want to be sure that your t-shirt is the correct length for you; a short t-shirt may look like you’re wearing a tent, which is a total no-no! 

Second, the t-shirt must be of the right quality to stand up to frequent washing and abrasions. Finally, you’ll want a clear vision of your goal before you start shopping. Whether you’re looking for a casual or formal outfit, these tips should get the job done. You’ll probably find yourself a new favorite shirt in no time!

How to wear oversized shirts without looking fat?

Oversized shirts are a big trend in fashion right now. However, they can make you look fat if you don’t know how to style them. This can be frustrating because they’re a great addition to any closet.

Here are some tips for wearing oversized shirts while maintaining a flattering appearance.

Balance the proportions

When wearing an oversized shirt, it’s essential to balance out the proportions to avoid looking too bulky. Pair your shirt with slim-fit or skinny bottoms like jeans or leggings. This will create a flattering silhouette and help to elongate your legs.

Tuck in the shirt

Tucking in your oversized shirt will help to create a more defined waistline, making you look slimmer. Instead, choose a high-waisted bottom, such as a skirt or pants, and tuck your shirt in front to create a flattering hourglass figure.

Choose a suitable fabric

Fabric choice can significantly affect how your shirt drapes on your body. Opt for lightweight, flowy fabrics, such as linen or rayon, as these will drape nicely over your curves and won’t add bulk. Avoid heavy, stiff fabrics like denim or canvas, as these can make you appear more prominent.

Choose the right fit

While oversized shirts are meant to be loose, choosing one that fits well is essential. Opt for a shirt that is not too tight around your neck or sleeves but not so large that it’s overwhelming. If you’re between sizes, choose the smaller size, as it will be easier to balance the proportions.

Show some skin

Showing some skin can help to balance out the proportions of an oversized shirt and make you look slimmer. Opt for a shirt with a lower neckline or shorter sleeves, or wear a crop top underneath.

Wear the right shoes

The right shoes can make a big difference in how your outfit looks. Opt for high heels to elongate your legs and make you appear slimmer. Avoid chunky shoes or sandals, as these can make your outfit appear unbalanced.

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Match the color of your top with your pants or skirts. This will create a seamless look and accentuate your curves in the right places.

If you want to dress up your oversized shirt, try wearing it with high-waisted jeans or a pencil skirt. Tucking it in will add an edgy touch and give your outfit a more polished feel. You can even try tying the waist of your shirt with a belt for a more put-together look.

You can also try tucking your shirt into a skirt and adding some heels to your outfit. Pairing heels with your oversized shirt will make you appear taller and elongate your legs.

Another way to wear an oversized shirt is to pair it with wide-leg jeans. This is a big trend in fashion right now, and it looks super cool! This look will make you stand out in a crowd!

Alternatively, you can try tucking your oversized shirt into your wide-leg pants and adding a denim jacket. A denim jacket gives your look a more casual and laid-back look, but it will still give you a trendy look.

Oversized shirts can be worn in formal and informal environments, but it is essential to follow the dress code of the event you’re attending. For example, if the event calls for a more business-like outfit, you should avoid oversized shirts, as they can be too informal and make you look unprofessional.

Oversized shirts are a trendy wardrobe staple that will be in fashion for a while, so it’s essential to make sure you pick the right one for your body type. To do this, try on the shirt in a dressing room and make sure it fits you correctly.

Despite being one of the essential clothing items, oversized shirts can be stylish when styled correctly. The key is to keep them simple and chic without compromising on comfort.

If you are looking for an effortless look that is easy to recreate, try pairing a long-sleeve white shirt with light or dark blue jeans and sneakers. It’s a classic outfit that always looks great and is perfect for running errands or hanging out with friends.


How do you make an oversized shirt look good?

An oversized T-shirt and blazer outfit conveys a stylish yet casual vibe. Wear a similar shade of the colour scheme to keep your appearance stylish, such as an oversized white T-shirt with a grey jacket. To make the shirt look more fashionable, tuck it in and add a tight belt around your waist.

How do you wear a shirt with a big stomach?

Let opposites attract if you enjoy the idea of belly camouflage but also want to display some shape. Any full-cut top, shirt, jacket, or tunic should be worn with a slim basis of straight or skinny slacks, leggings, or (even if you no longer adore them) jeans.

What does a French tuck look like?

Simply tucking a shirt in at the front while leaving the back loose and untucked at the sides is the French tuck. Here, it’s all about the drape! This easy tucking technique, according to France, instantly polishes any appearance and helps balance a silhouette.

How do you tuck in an oversized shirt?

Try doing a corner french tuck with a heavier garment like an oversized hoodie or sweater. Simply tuck your top into one side of your bottoms, close to the side seam, and allow the shirt hem to gradually fall across your front and back.

How do you rock an oversized shirt?

Shirts that are too big are incredibly versatile. Wear them as a dress, a cover-up for the beach, or with loose-fitting clothing. Put a shirt over cycling shorts and a crop top, or half-tuck it into denim shorts. If you’re going out, pair it with heels and a handbag, or wear it with sneakers for an off-duty Hailey Bieber look.

What is the long shirt style called?

Any type of top that is part of the casual, oversized trend that falls longer than the standard cut is referred to as longline.