How To Style a Turtleneck Men?

How To Style a Turtleneck Men?

How To Style a Turtleneck Men?

Try pairing a black turtleneck with black pants for an effortless outfit that can be styled well. Include the big black derby shoes in the mix to show a more sophisticated side to your outfit. Finally, pick a black turtleneck paired with grey sweatpants for a casually elegant fashion.

What is the meaning of a turtleneck?

A turtleneck is a shirt fitted with a comfortable long collar that guards the neck. Many variations are available, and the smaller collar is called a mock neck. The collar of a turtleneck is typically folded inwards, giving the fabric a bit of volume and helping maintain its shape.

The turtleneck is usually an oversized shirt, making it a key part of any fall or winter outfit. I am a huge fan of wearing a turtleneck, and I wear it often. It’s an excellent base layer to add textures, keep warm or simply look fashionable. The turtleneck is a must-have item in any man’s wardrobe.

How to Wear Turtlenecks?

You might believe that turtlenecks are for casual wear, but the reality isn’t the case. They can be worn for formal occasions as long as you formally wear them. There is no circumstance in which the roll-neck doesn’t work for casual gatherings, college, work, and travel.

Another good thing about them is the cool retro style that helps you stand out. If you’re a lover of retro styles, they are an essential item to add to your closet. On the other hand, if you’re unfamiliar with turtlenecks and don’t want to be a risky beginner, you should start with a basic and neutral shade. Then, once you’ve mastered the art of it, you can buy more expensive turtlenecks and style them with various accessories to test.

4 Ways to Wear a Turtleneck4 Ways to Wear a Turtleneck

Look #1: Navy Turtleneck + Gray Suit

A turtleneck is an excellent option to wear beneath an outfit, making an appearance that is more relaxed and formal but still professional and well put together. The neck functions exactly as it would with formal shirts, covering that gap in the suit jacket’s lapels and framing the face so that it doesn’t give an unattractive appearance when wearing a t-shirt over your suit jacket. A navy turtleneck worn to gray suits makes the perfect combination. Also, a black turtleneck will work perfectly in this situation.

Look #2: Black Turtleneck + Gray Trousers

The black turtleneck is appealing in general, and although it’s not trendy as in the past, it’s still an avant-garde look. A black turtleneck alone is stunning when paired with gray wool trousers. It’s a chic and simple style that is ideal for formal occasions.

Look #3: Cream Turtleneck + Navy Sport Jacket/Blazer

Cream (instead of white, which can be too rough) is a fantastic turtleneck shade. A turtleneck with a slightly thick texture (but still able to be used as an underlayer) is an excellent option when paired with a navy sports dress or jacket. It’s got a fantastic nautical vibe to it. With darker pants and a heavier jacket, this style is ideal for winter. With trousers and an outfit that’s lighter in weight, it’s a look that you can wear during the mild spring days.

Look #4: Black Turtleneck + Denim Jacket

To eliminate the fuddy-duddy-ness that remains of your turtleneck, put on a black unisex turtleneck with jeans. This look showcases the roughness and coolness that’s been an essential elements of the design of the turtleneck from the very beginning.

Different Types of Turtlenecks

The Classic Turtleneck

If you’re not sure, go with the classic turtleneck. The style became famous worldwide when the iconic Hollywood actress Audrey Hepburn sported a chic black turtleneck and fashionable thin jeans while filming. After that, the look was featured in various fashion magazines, ramps, runways, and other fashion shows.

The majority of classic turtlenecks are an unfit thin neckline. They’re great with various outfits such as tights or jeans and skirts. Since its debut, this versatile sweater has been a key factor in developing the fashion industry. It is now possible to dress your favorite turtleneck and a classy dress. This is a great way to enjoy a relaxed night out in a cold winter. To avoid appearing bulky, it’s best to wear slim-fitting turtlenecks.

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The classic turtleneck is usually simple to wear.

For an edgy look, think about the ideal scarf accessory. Add a touch of class by tying the ideal silk scarf around an oversized turtleneck sweater. An oversized jacket with plaid or stripes is an excellent match for your turtleneck. This is a great style choice for any formal or semi-formal occasion. Do not be afraid to add layers to your look. A dress more formal than your turtleneck or a slim top layer beneath can boost your style. Keep in mind the rule that” the more options you have more you have, the more stylish!

Wear your turtleneck with a large pendant or colorful earrings to create an updated style. Opt for an elegant cashmere turtleneck with stylish sneakers and a bag for your belt to achieve a casual and youthful look.

The Cowl Neck

Contrary to the fitted turtleneck, this cowl-neck sweater has been designed with a loose, unstructured neckline. The neckline is typically large and bulky, creating an unpretentious, casual look. Some clothes are draped just below the collarbones. This kind of look is made by folding the material around the neck, creating a neckline that looks like an oversized scarf.

A cowl neck sweater can be the perfect choice for a dress that’s your image at a personal level. A dress with a cowl neck will make you look stunning with a slender, draped neckline that is an ideal fit for all types of bodies. If you can adjust it correctly, the cowl neckline could increase the size of a chest that is already slim.

To create a stunning look, wearing this type of turtleneck sweater or dress with care is essential. The first thing to do is to keep in mind that a neckline with big, which is why it may cause you to look overweight. To make your look more attractive, add a belt to your outfit.

It also highlights how slim your waist is. A black belt is always stylish; however, if you want to add color to your outfit, don’t be afraid to explore different colored or more textured belts. Avoid wearing necklaces with statement pieces with cowl necklines because they can make your appearance extravagant and make it difficult for the striking neckline that makes it the focal point of attention. Instead, consider adding hoops.

For a balanced look making sure you match the correct shoe to your outfit is crucial. The majority time, flats can make your outfit look heavy. It is recommended to select the most striking pair of shoes, such as boots or high heels.

The Funnel TurtleneckThe Funnel Turtleneck

The funnel-shaped turtleneck is an ideal choice if you’re not a huge fan of turtlenecks extending beyond your neck. Sometimes called “the mock turtleneck,” this type of turtleneck will be roughly halfway up your neck.

Contrary to the traditional turtleneck, they don’t extend past the neck’s top. In addition, they’re available in different fabrics. They come with the thick, chunky texture of Merino wool. Others are thinner and paper-like, like cashmere. Whatever type of texture you choose, the material of your sweater and the mock neck displays elegance.

There are a variety of methods to achieve this stunning funnel neck style. Start by wearing a simple mock neck sweater with an elegant black hue. Next, you can wear it with an elegant suede skirt in an elegant appearance. Finally, this look can be made sexier by wearing fashionable wedges or heels with a chunky design.

A casual-casual mock turtleneck worn with jeans from your boyfriend is the perfect combination. Dress the sweater in it and secure it with the leather belt to show off your fashion sense. Keep your look sleek and comfortable by wearing sneakers in white.

Knit Turtlenecks

The knitted turtleneck is a sweater made from wool. The style of turtleneck described above is typically used as a separate piece because of how heavy and large it usually is. Although you can find fashionable knit turtlenecks for women, most fashionable women prefer large knit turtlenecks with large sleeves.

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Knit sweaters are ideal for winter because they keep the wearer warm and comfy. There are plenty of stylish options for this cozy sweater. For example, put a turtleneck top with a large button-down tunic or a knee-length skirt.

Make sure you pick the appropriate colors that match the cold season. If it’s autumn and the temperatures aren’t freezing, it’s a good idea to think of the possibility of a loosely knit turtleneck and wear it with blue jeans. It’s also possible to match jeans with a pattern knit. Finally, tuck the sweater in for a fashionable look.

Turtlenecks made from yarn come in a variety of colors, sizes and. With your style in mind, select the right design. If, for instance, you prefer layers, then you must choose a lighter-knitted turtleneck in a striking shade and add the outer layers of a cardigan jacket or blazer. Then, to create a stylish style, you can pair it with slim-fitting pants, washed jeans, and dark or black leggings.

Printed Turtleneck

It’s real that a basic regular turtleneck sweater or t-shirt could be boring, especially for people who aren’t fond of simple clothing. Could there be an approach to make turtlenecks fun to wear? It is possible! If you’re interested in prints, cool designs, and printed turtlenecks are your thing, then printed turtlenecks may be a perfect choice.

It is typical to find turtlenecks with animal prints, such as leopard or zebra prints. The trick to pulling off this look is to keep the rest of your clothing simple. For example, if you’re wearing an animal-print turtleneck and bottoms are required, be sure to keep them simple and with the same shade that you are wearing, like orange-brown or black. However, if you want to add some flair to the style and make it look more attractive with a blazer, only one color is a good option.

Printing turtlenecks provide a variety of choices to mix and match. So, let your ideas become a reality by wearing an embroidering turtleneck. Everybody loves stripes, do they? So, it’s simple to include stripes in your turtleneck.

It’s possible to achieve this by wearing an oversized turtleneck with stripes or a printed t-shirt and wrapping the scarf with stripes around your neck. It is also possible to choose an adorable floral turtleneck and pair it with leather pants. It’s possible to quickly create a chic, feminine, flirty, and elegant look. If it’s cold, it’s recommended to wear a leather jacket. It is important to remember that you can alter your outfit according to your style preferences and conditions.

Styling your turtleneck examplesStyling your turtleneck examples

1. Sporty-casual

It’s a great way to style your turtleneck for an informal setting. The model wears trendy NewBalances and slim blue jeans, creating an informal and sporty look. The turtleneck is not tied and is worn over a long coat. The layering and texture are essential when you’re looking for casual wear. It’s an accessory to your style and not the main element. In this situation, it’s used as an additional layer and a color base for the ensemble, allowing the other pieces to shine and perform more efficiently.

2. Fisherman’s made of yarn with an overcoat

It’s one of my favorite methods to put on an extra-large turtleneck. In this instance, the model wears an oversized fisherman’s turtleneck. The knitting pattern gives the turtleneck and ensemble lots of texture and depth, even while it’s not particularly thick regarding layers. Because there are fewer layers and the turtleneck is the center of attention of the outfit. Dark-colored jeans and a dark coat are an excellent match for the white, brightly colored-turtleneck. Its design is a casual appearance. While you might not take this look to an office gathering or a formal event, it will be an excellent choice for an elegant restaurant, a Christmas dinner, or a romantic date.

3. Tucked turtle

I am a sucker for tucking my shirt into it. I do it on everything, even T-shirts. I like how it assists in keeping your style in order and ensuring everything is put together consistently. It’s not an issue to wear it, and it’s got an old-fashioned look. If your shirt is properly sized, it can make you appear slimmer. The turtleneck illustrates how a neatly-stitched top can create a significant contrast in casual or semi-formal outfits. What I love most about this particular dress is it wears pinstripes instead of jeans. This adds formality to the fashion and makes it look more timeless. Clark Gable would likely wear this look.

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4. Casual/Baggy turtleneck

Many think that the turtleneck must remain in the semi-formal and formal style has earned it a reputation for many years. However, this isn’t true. It’s simply a matter of fitting the garment.

Contrary to other models we’ve seen previously that are more slim and fitted, the model here has more of a loose style, not attached to his pant. Furthermore to that, he’s pulled up over his arms. The entire outfit is a casual Fall-themed outfit: ideal for a day trip at the nearby pumpkin farms on a sunny October day.

5. Mockneck

The mock neck can be an intriguing place to sit for turtles. The model wears a white mock neck with no tucks and dark, indigo-washed pants in this photo. It is a very monochromatic-seeming look, and the mock neck stands out heavily. It’s a sad choice, but it’s effective at doing what it is supposed to do. It’s more casual than the bigger turtleneck and more comfortable to wear. I have several mock necks, but I like the darker hues. I’d prefer a black mock neck to match this style.

6. Chunky knit

I love chunky knits. Although they’re warm, they’re also comfy and versatile pieces. It’s more of a winter dress and can be worn to the Apres-ski area or on the skate track. Its weight makes it look more elegant and can be a good fit for those who gained a little weight due to the process of being quarantined. Huge fan.

7. Athletic Turtleneck

The turtleneck doesn’t have to be limited to casual wear: the form of the turtleneck and the size make it an ideal cut for many sporting attires, as it comes with a great deal of protection as well as wicking capacity. In addition, it indicates the turtleneck’s ability to function as a perfect base layer, which can be utilized to dress up athletic and stylish outfits.


Do turtlenecks look good on guys?

The turtleneck is a stylish, useful, and adaptable piece of clothing. Wearing one can dress down a suit or dress up a pair of jeans. Turtlenecks are more comfortable than dress shirts and still make you seem put together because they are soft and stretchy.

Are turtlenecks for men in style 2023?

One of the more adaptable sweaters for layering for men is the turtleneck. Consider this Alfani choice for a retro appearance straight off the runways that you can wear below a chamois shirt or beneath an Oxford shirt.

What should you not wear with a turtleneck?

A gentle “don’t” when wearing a turtleneck is to avoid wearing a formal turtleneck with casual clothing or vice versa. Avoid wearing your nicest skirt or formal pants with that cotton turtleneck with the adorable pattern even though it could look wonderful with sweats or yoga trousers.

Should I scrunch or fold my turtleneck?

The most common error is to scrunch the turtleneck instead of folding it over. Contrary to popular belief, the fold lengthens the neck and adds additional volume (width). The scrunch enables a little higher neck. Nobody desires a short neck.

Are turtlenecks unprofessional?

Shirt – Shirts with collars, sweaters or vests worn over collared shirts, turtlenecks, and dress shirts without collars are all acceptable forms of clothing. In business casual, a tie is optional.

Why are turtlenecks so attractive?

“The most comfortable clothing you can wear is a turtleneck. They move with the body and are very attractive because they highlight the face and lengthen the physique, according to Halston. “They make life so simple; you can put on a jacket after wearing a turtleneck to work, and it instantly looks dressy.