How To Style A Human Hair Wig?

How To Style A Human Hair Wig?

How To Style A Human Hair Wig?

If you’re looking for a method to add more depth and appearance to your hair, you should consider wearing a wig made of human hair. It’s much simpler to manage than synthetic ones and will last longer when you treat it well.

For preparing your hair to style, Johnson recommends detangling it thoroughly. After that, use a conditioner for leave-ins and a spray for heat protection. Then, based on the kind of wig you are using, you may either dry it with air or employ the diffuser and blow dryer.

Tips For Styling Your Human Hair Wig.

Blow Dry

Blowing dry wigs made of human hair is crucial to maintaining it. It ensures that your wig appears great, is in good shape, and lasts longer without damage.

Begin by washing the wig using the wig with lukewarm water. Avoid cold or hot water, as they may cause the hair to dry and can cause damage. It is recommended to wash your wig between 10 and 15 times, based on the frequency you style it and how many styling products you employ.

It is also possible to use conditioning sprays to keep your wig silky soft, and well-hydrated. Apply it on the mid-length and the ends of your hair. It is recommended to apply additional conditioner on the nape and tips since these are places where the wig typically isn’t as bounced.

Once your wig is dry, you can brush it using the wig brush made of wire or a comb with wide teeth. This will eliminate any knots that could have formed while blow-drying your hair.

When the wig is dry and dry, you can start styling it. If you’d like to curl or straighten it, you can use an iron with a flat surface and then work the hair from the roots until the ends. You can try using your fingers to style the hair if you want an unnatural look.

If you want to create volume or curls, choose an oval-headed or barrel-shaped brush. It is also possible to use a blow dryer with an attachment for nozzles.

For a perfect blow-out, it is important to dry your hair in small sections. Working in smaller sections will give you more control over drying and aid in removing any moisture in the hair strands.



A curly or wispy human hair wig can be an excellent choice for women who wish to have new styles without the hassle of growing their hair. This kind of wig will give a fresh look to your appearance and provide you a fresh look every when you put it on.

There are numerous methods of curling the human hair wig, and you can use many different tools to achieve the curls you’d like. However, one of the simplest and most secure methods is using rollers.

This technique lightly dampens the wig before rolling it about with a few bent rollers. This helps make a defined curl that won’t fall out. Allow the wig to dry for about two hours before taking off the rollers.

You could also attempt a hot iron; however, be cautious with this method because it could cause damage to the hair and cause damage to the wig in time. Instead, make sure to use hair-friendly irons, and choose a set suitable for your wig’s use.

Suppose you’re using a curling iron. Start with lower heat and gradually increase the temperature until you attain the desired result. This process can take 30 minutes to an hour, dependent on the length and thickness of your wig.

It is safe to use for synthetic and natural wigs. It is nevertheless important to study the label of the wig before attempting to curl it using iron curling. The label will inform you of the wig’s capacity to withstand temperatures and, if yes, how much heat must be used to protect it from injury.

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Straightening a wig is an excellent way to alter the look of your wig and give it a more natural appearance. It doesn’t matter if it’s a human or synthetic wig. It is possible to achieve a straight, smooth look by following the correct steps.

One of the first things you must consider is ensuring that the wig you purchase is made of top-quality fibers. If it’s not the case, it might become damaged from high heat, and you’ll be unable to straighten it.

The best way to shield your wig is by using a heat protector before you curl it. This can help hold in moisture and form an insulating layer that prevents hair’s integrity from being damaged through heat. It also helps to keep the form while you fashion it.

Another method to straighten your hairstyle is by using a hair dryer. This is the same method salons employ to achieve a sleek, straight appearance.

To straighten your wig using this method, begin by dividing the wig into sections and then detangling each. Then, you’ll need to clip the sections into separate clips to ensure they won’t be tangled as they are straightened.

After you’ve completed this, you’re able to begin straightening the sections using the help of a hair dryer. You could also employ a wig steamer to assist in speeding the process. Be sure to select the lowest setting of heat to avoid damaging your wig. It could damage the hair.

After you’ve finished straightening your hair, remove the hair from the clips and put it inside the hairbrush. Begin by brushing the bottom of the hair and work up to the top of the hair as you straighten each hair section. Repeat this procedure until you’ve constrained the entire wig’s hair.



Wigs are an excellent method to play around with different styles and protect your natural hair from damage caused by styling. But, like all hairstyles, they can only look attractive if treated with care.

Proper upkeep can mean keeping your wig clean and dry. It is essential to wash your wig when it’s dirty, or there’s an accumulation of substance on the strands of hair, says Johnson. You can accomplish this using the wide-toothed comb hair brush or your fingers to untangle the wig from the tips towards the root in an upward direction before you begin to wash it.

After removing the tangles from your wig, you can clean it using a mixture of water and a specially-designed wig shampoo for the recommended duration in the shampoo you use. Do not apply the shampoo to your wig. Instead, you should swish it slowly before letting it soak.

After the wig has been cleaned, You can design it to your heart’s satisfaction. It’s your choice, be imaginative!

A very well-known method of styling hair is to style it with waves. If you’re seeking the perfect polished look or less formal, waves make your wig look edgier. A style that is perfect for any event.

If you’re eager to try making waves with your wig, begin by dividing the wig into equal pieces and using a curling tool. Place the curling iron at moderate or low heat to shield the wig from damage and to avoid overheating it.

After curling your hair, you can use a wig comb to change the position of the curls to make your desired look. It is also possible to add some curl enhancers to your wig. This can give it more volume and form.


When you wear a human hair wig, it can be styled in various ways. For example, if you’re looking for a casual and fun style, you can put the wig in a ponytail.

This is a simple and quick method to create a sleek, modern hairstyle that’s great for summertime. The important thing to remember is not to pull the wig too tightly and expose the hairline or the lace cap beneath.

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It is the first thing to clean the wig well to eliminate all frizz and knots. Doing this gently with a comb that has a wide tooth is recommended.

It is also possible to use flat irons to achieve an even more straight, elegant style. But be sure you don’t use too much heat on your wig because it could cause damage or breakage.

To ensure your wig lasts longer, wash it at least every week using a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. Adding some conditioning spray to your washing routine is possible for additional moisture and shine.

The next step is to detangle the hair using a wide-tooth comb to prevent breakage. Begin at the bottom of the wig, and move up toward the crown. Be sure you remove each section with care.

Then, spray your hair with a protective spray before styling it, suggests Johnson. This prevents the hair from being damaged by excessive heat and lasts longer.

You can curl your human hair wig if you’re seeking an edgier look. One trick to follow is to separate the hair into sections before curling it. This will allow you to keep track of every section and help you to achieve the look you want.

Twenty Ways How To Style A Curly Human Hair Wig.

Natural Curls

Enjoy your wig’s natural curls by faffing them and styling them using your fingertips.

Half-Up, Half-Down 

Take half of the wig up, and then leave the remainder in place for a casual, easy-going appearance.

High Ponytails

Hair should be gathered into a ponytail to create an elegant and classic look.

Messy Bun 

Retire the hair into a messy bun to achieve an effortless boho chic look.

Side Braid 

Make a side braid to create an elegant and fun style.

Top Knot 

Twist your hair into a high knot for a sleek, elegant look.

Loose Waves

Use a curling tool to create loose waves that give you a beachy look.

Curly Hairstyles Curly Updo

Create a curly hairstyle by pining the hair and letting some curls loose for a feminine, soft style.

Half-Up Bun 

Take half of the hair into a high knot, and leave the rest loose to create a chic and easy appearance.

Twist Out 

Use twist-outs for defined curls to create a fun and playful look.

Curly Bangs

Curly Bangs

Make curly bangs by letting some hair fall out towards the front of your hair and then using the curling iron to create an easy .

Low Bun 

The hair should be pulled back into a low bun to create an elegant and classic style.

Side-Swept Curls

Move the hair towards one side and make free, loose curls to create the most romantic and feminine style.

Braided Crown

Create a crown braided by two pieces of hair on either part of your wig before pinning them on the top of the head.

Curly Ponytail

Make ponytails, then employ a curling iron to make defined curls to create an exciting and fun look.

Curly Bob 

Make the wig into a bob. Use an iron for curling to create well-defined curls to create a chic and modern appearance.

Space Buns

Create two space buns on the top of the head to create an exciting and fun style.

Curly Curls That Are Tight curls

Use a small curling wand to make curly curls that give a dramatic and striking look.

Straight And Sleek 

Straighten your hair using a flat iron to create an elegant and stylish look.

Vintage Waves 

Use a curling iron to create vintage-inspired waves that give you an old-fashioned and timeless look.

How To Style A Human Hair Bob Wig?

Brush It Out

Before styling the bob hair:

  1. Ensure it’s been brushed clean and free of knots.
  2. Use a wide-tooth comb gently loosen hair, starting from the tip to the root.
  3. Be gentle to prevent any injury to the hair.
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Use Heat Protectant Spray

If you plan to employ heat styling tools like an iron flat or curling iron, apply heat protector spray first to your wig. This will protect your hair from damage caused by heat and help keep it looking healthy and shiny.

Straighten It

Straighten It


If you like straight lines, employ a flat iron to straighten your hair bob. First, divide the hair into smaller sections and then move the flat iron through each section, from the roots to the ends. Make sure you apply pressure evenly to avoid any wrinkles or creases that may occur in the hair.

Curl It

To achieve a curlier appearance, you can use an iron for curls to create loose curls. Separate hair into sections and then employ an iron for curling to curl every section from the root towards the ends. Be sure to apply a spray that protects against heat and use smaller sections to prevent harm to your hair.

Add Volume

To give volume to your hair wig bob, use a round brush to create a soft, bouncy appearance. Begin by separating hair, then use your round-shaped brush to move the hair backward to keep it towards your face. Next, use a blow dryer with an extremely low setting to dry hair. Make sure you hold the round brush until the hair is dry.

Side Part

A side parting is an elegant, sophisticated style for a bob wig. Use a comb to create an angled side part, and then style your hair accordingly. You can apply flat irons to achieve a straight appearance or a curling iron to create loose curls.

Add Bangs

If the bob wig you’re using doesn’t include bangs, it’s possible to add bangs yourself. First, utilize a pair to cut the hair into the length you prefer. Start by cutting tiny sections from hair at once and ensure that you cut in an even line.


Accessories are also an ideal option to style your Bob wig. You can use hair clips or a hairband to add a designer touch to your outfit. Be sure to select accessories that are in line with the color and style of your hair.