How Do You Style Long Cardigans?

How Do You Style Long Cardigans?

How Do You Style Long Cardigans?

Taking an oversized, heavier cardigan and pairing it with skinny jeans and a slim shirt can be a chic look. You can dress it down by wearing flats to complete your weekend look or make it more formal with boots, booties, or heels for a romantic evening or Sunday brunch. Cashmere, wool blends, cotton, and cotton blends are all excellent options.

How Many Long Cardigans Do You Need?

How Many Long Cardigans Do You Need?

As long cardigans are an integral element of every capsule wardrobe, I have two choices: either a different style for every season (meaning four) or two or three and wear them year-round. Naturally, if, like me, you will replace them every couple of years or when needed.

If I’m sincere, I don’t think you need four. You’ll likely be content with just one or two. This is, of course, contingent on the location you live in and what you are looking for in a lifestyle. It also depends on your style and the amount you love, long cardigans overall.

I love long-length cardigans! I’ve owned a few through the years and have four in my wardrobe. I’ve owned them for a few years, and they’re in good shape, which is why I’ve never had the urge to replace or sell them. Particularly when working at home, I find long cardigans extremely comfortable to put on over any outfit. Even in summer, when the AC makes me freeze, I wear a long cardigan to keep warm inside.

Which Color Long Cardigan Is Best?

If I had to choose just one color, it would be a camel. It’s neutral and easily worn down or dressed up, depending on your style. The color is great when paired with jeans, pants, black leggings, and so much more! It took me some time to understand how important neutral hues are within my closet. When you choose neutral colors like camels, you’ll see the maximum wear of your clothing and discover that you are shopping less (i.e., you’ll save money! ).

10 Long Cardigan Outfit Ideas

A long cardigan is among the most under-appreciated all-year-round wardrobe staples. But if you adore the look, you’re in great company. There are numerous ways to dress in a long cardigan that makes you appear elegant and polished while still feeling warm and cozy. Today, I’m sharing ten ideas for outfits with long cardigans to give you a new look at this beautiful piece, whether you’re looking to wear it to the office, wear it to your office at home or dress it casually to enjoy a casual weekend. Take note: I’ve styled some of my top long dusters below. A few are coati gans, but most of these suggestions can be worn with mid-to-large cardigans, regardless of their weight and color.

  • With Booties and a Tee

Beginning with the most simple choice: A long cardigan, jeans, the perfect crewneck t-shirt, or White button down. There’s not much you can do wrong with this style, and it’s my go-to style when I want to look at ease, but my style isn’t flowing. The perfect way to finish this casual outfit is with comfy ankle boots and regular jewelry. Next, I suggest slim-leg, straight jeans that are ankle length. This is great for different shaft heights of boots.

  • In a Monochrome Look

Monochrome clothes are a great option to look stylish, whatever the season. Layer a beige, cream, and white sweater over white jeans, a sweater, and heels to create an easy-to-wear outfit that is office and date-night ready. For a casual look, you can add loafers, sneakers and flats, slingbacks or slingbacks, or booties that match in color.

  • Layer Black on Black

Black and black styles often are branded as edgy; however, that needn’t be the situation. You can wear a black cardigan with sneakers, faux leather leggings, and a long-sleeve white t-shirt or white hoodie. I love this casual outfit for school dropoffs, morning coffee walks, or errands. An important note about those leggings: I like Commando fake leather leggings over Spanx because they have a subtle shine that closely resembles genuine leather.

  • Mixing Neutrals

Mixing Neutrals

Try using color blocking using neutral shades by pairing a tan-colored cardigan with a black tee and white jeans. If this combination seems boring, spice it up by incorporating a pattern into your scarf or bag. The houndstooth, check, or plaid design will make the entire look sparkle in the winter and fall seasons.

  • With a Dress

Consider putting an oversized cardigan with a maxi or midi dress. Bodycon or sleeves-less dresses make the most sense to minimize any excess bulk in the armpits. I suggest choosing slim-fit, long-line cards rather than an extravagant cardigan since the latter will take up your entire body. Explore different dresses or cardigan widths till you come up with a look that you feel is well-balanced. Wear a belt if you feel like you’re losing your waistline.

  • With a Blouse

One of the major reasons a long cardigan is necessary to keep in your bag is that it can elevate casual outfits and dress up formal ones. If, for instance, your outfit is a satin top with a pair of heels and trousers, A long cardigan can make the outfit look more casual. Change the blouse to a lace camisole, and you’ll be sporting an elegant look for date night.

  • Break Up a Mini Skirt

You can wear both if you’re looking to enjoy the casual look of a long cardigan and the fun in a mini-skirt. First, consider pairing a mini skirt with the bodysuit and boots that go over your knees. Then, add a large cardigan to make the outfit more interesting. The cardi adds length and drape to the whole ensemble while also toning down the extra sexiness in the short skirt.

  • Out For Date Night

For a chic look with a long cardigan for a date night, Try pairing it with a v-neck shirt or lacy cami, with ankle-length thin jeans with strappy heels and clutch. I love this style for the fall season and spring since the cardigan doubles as an outer layer that can be taken off once you’re inside or reveal a little more skin.

  • Over a Jumpsuit

Consider putting it with a white, tan, or beige cardigan on top of an un-sleeved black jumpsuit to create spring and summer jumpsuits winter-friendly. It is possible to try the black-on-black long cardigan here; however, I prefer to put it with a lighter-colored cardigan to break the look. Try the opposite to reverse the formula if you wear a tan or white jumpsuit. If you are looking for shoes, consider tall shaft ankle boots (the edge of the dress must be over at least the upper part of your shaft), as well as slingbacks or heels from d’Orsay.

  • With Wide Leg Pants

And lastly, make sure you are leaning into the length of your cardigan by wearing slim-leg trousers, a fitted top or bodysuit, and an appropriate belt. Belts are essential to define your waistline, which could be lost between your black shirt and trousers. This is a stunning style for a formal appointment at work. Still, wearing a fitted v-neck top and even an a-line camisole can be a great dinner party look.

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How To Wear A Long Cardigan: 4 Styling Tips

How To Wear A Long Cardigan: 4 Styling Tips

These suggestions can assist you in creating long cardigan outfits that can be worn for various occasions.

Opt To Wear A Skirt.

You can make casual or professional-looking cardigans by wearing a skirt, based on how you dress your knitwear. Dress in a mini skirt with tights and a black cardigan for a casual evening look. Dress your cardigan in an oversized V-neck top, and let the sweater hang over your shoulders. For a business casual look, change your blazer into an oversized knit cardigan, put a button-down underneath the sweater, and combine it with a pencil skirt with ankle boots.

Pair Your Cardigan With An Elegant Dress.

The look of a long cardigan paired with the dress is an excellent option to wear your cardigan for all seasons. Put it on over an easy-going cotton dress in the summer months, or put the cardigan in a cable knit design over a long-sleeved sweater dress to create a cozy winter ensemble.

Look Stylish With Leggings And A Crop Top

Aim for a loose and loose cardigan with slim-fit leggings and the crop top. On the other hand, you can wear a long cardigan, a pair of leggings, and white sneakers for a comfortable lounge-wear look. Or wear this look by wearing high-heeled boots and stylish accessories for a romantic night out. Although black leggings are a staple in various styles and colors, You can play around with the texture by putting on fake leather leggings.

Put On An Oversized Cardi With Jeans And A White Shirt.

For a casual, classic look, put on your long cardigan on top of a T-shirt in white straight-leg or skinny jeans. Next, choose a white shirt with gray jeans and a black cardigan, or go for a monochromatic ensemble with jeans and a white cardigan. Finally, complete this chic fall ensemble with a pair of loafers or ankle booties in suede.

Can You Wear A Long Cardigan With Jeans?

Yes! Long cardigans can be paired with whatever you want. It’s possible that thin longer cardigans “catch” more on the denim’s texture. However, I choose thicker ones with some weight, so they can be draped over denim without clumping and looking odd or caught in my legs while walking.

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Cardigans can be paired with denim of any type. I’ve worn skinny jeans for a long time, so I’ve got a lot of outfits to wear with thin jeans and cardigans. I’ve also paired cardigans with boyfriend jeans and denim boots (see the above)! The trick for wearing cardigans and jeans with more legroom is to put on a slim or fitted top.

Do Long Cardigans Make You Look Taller?

Do Long Cardigans Make You Look Taller?

Longer cardigans can make you appear taller with the right look! The bigger the cardigan, the bigger (taller) you’ll appear. So it gives the appearance of height. That could be one of the reasons why you choose an oversized cardigan that falls just below your knee.

It is also possible to choose an oversized cardigan to appear larger. I am a fan of my fuzzy knit sweater; however, they aren’t the same length as thinner cardigans. To appear taller when wearing the cardigan, put on a monochrome-colored base beneath your long cardigan and shoes that are the height.

Should Cardigans Be Tight Or Loose?

I believe this is contingent on the style of a cardigan and the design you’re aiming for. Still, generally, it is best to wear a cardigan loose enough for you to layer it easily. I own a range of long cardigans, and all have the same loose fit within the body. What is more important, I believe, is the width of the sleeves. I like looser cardigans within the arms (again, to put sleeves on tops that are sleeved beneath). However, I do have a couple of Barefoot Dreams cardigans with arms that are slim and not suitable for layering over tops that have sleeves. So keep in mind the sleeve’s width when shopping for long cardigans!

Where Should A Long Cardigan Hit?

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, a cardigan’s ideal length is to hit any place beneath your hip. Most longer cardigans are below the knee (between the ankle and the knee); however, I’m very petite at 5’4″; therefore, so I prefer my cardigans to be over the knee. If you’re also petite, I suggest wearing long cardigans positioned in the area between your booty and knees. The mid-thigh area is perfect; you’ll get that long cardigan style without taking over your body.

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Can You Wear A Long Cardigan If you’re Short?

I hope this article will give you plenty of outfit options while you peruse your wardrobe! There’s no definitive definition of a long-sleeved cardigan; however, you may prefer cardigans that sit below the knee or reach mid-thigh. I prefer long-sleeved cardigans that reach mid-thigh, although I’ve thought about trying long cardigans with a lower cut than the knee. But I haven’t bought one yet! If you prefer longer cardigans below the knee, keep your entire outfit simple and sleek so the cardigan can shine.


What do you do if your cardigan is too long?

Crop your knits with a shoelace. Almost any sweater, cardigan, or other garment will work with this cunning approach. You only require a shoelace or other strong string (a thin belt would also work, in a pinch). Over your sweater, wrap the string around your waist and secure it with a knot.

Are long cardigans in style 2023?

For the approaching winter in 2023, long cardigans will be in style. There is no doubting that the most popular cardigans of the season are thick ribbed long cardigans, such as XL long thin ribbed cardigans, and chunky cardigans, such as chunky long cardigans.

What kind of coat do you wear with a long cardigan?

Consider wearing a cropped jacket over a maxi dress or a knee-length coat to accommodate a sweater that is hip-length. However, it appears rather strange to have a duster or long garment protruding beneath a shorter coat. The only options left are to either buy a maxi coat or tuck your clothing creatively.

What pants do you wear with a cardigan?

They look fantastic with jeans, chinos, or pants. You may put on any kind of footwear, including loafers, boots, and even sneakers. All of them will look fantastic with an OCBD and cardigan sweater.

How do you wear a long cardigan without frumpy?

The cardigan looks best layered over straight-leg jeans and a T-shirt; larger pieces are essential to avoid a twee appearance. Alternately, slip it into high-waisted pants for a smaller look. A excellent alternative for winter workwear is to get a fine knit version and belt it over a midi skirt.