How to Style Curly Hair

How to style curly hair, including styling tips, photos, current trends, where to shop, and more.

Everyone adores natural hair that is bouncy. As the trend grows, we thought it only right to compile a list of ways to style curly hair. Please do the following things before we get into how to style curly hair.

  • Step 1: Know your hair type. The form of the follicle from which your hair grows determines your curl type. It’s easiest to figure out your curl form when your hair is still damp.
  • Step 2: Use gentle hair products. The majority of hair care products, particularly shampoos, include sulfates, which deplete the moisture in the hair. Such products can also harm the hair’s health. So, before you start style, apply softer hair products.
  • Step 3: If you can, air dry, but if you can’t, diffuse. When we let our hair dry instead of blowing it out, it typically looks nicer and less frizzy. 
  • Step 4: Separate your hair into equal sections before detangling. Begin by dividing your hair horizontally, splitting it into two large portions from earlobe to earlobe. Then, vertically break each of those halves into two pieces, giving you four sections. 
  • Step 5: Be as descriptive as possible with your stylist while getting a haircut. One of the most important aspects of ensuring that you leave with the finest hairdo is to communicate with your stylist.

How to Style Curly Hair in Half-Bun

How to Style Curly Hair
how to style curly hair- half bun

Half-buns seem to work with all hair types and lengths, which is why they’re still popular. To get the appearance, softly gather the hair curl by curl from the crown of the head to the middle of the head just below the crown, starting at the top of the head and working down to where both ears are.

High Ponytail with a Sleek Look

How to Style Curly Hair
how to style curly hair- high ponytail

Apply a leave-in conditioner, then pull your hair back into a high ponytail at the back of your head, fasten with an elastic, and spray with gel to keep flyaways at bay. Then, for a little extra oomph and volume, spritz your hair with hairspray.

Part the Slicked Side

How to Style Curly Hair
how to style curly hair-side part

A little gel applied to the part line gives tightly spiraling curls an edgy shape. Part the hair to one side and style as normal with your favorite products and drying methods. To evenly spread the gel, use a brush. You may also fasten it with a few bobby pins.


How to Style to Curly hair
how to style curly hair- pinned back

Use bobby pins to keep loose, romantic waves off your face, as shown in the photo.

Style Curly Hair With Bantu Knots

How to Style Curly Hair
chow to style curly hair- bantu knots

Bantu knots are a fantastic natural hair protection style. Not only is this look stylish, but it’s also good for your curls. Although they appear to be difficult, Bantu knots are rather simple to master.


After many trial and error styles, you might believe curly hair is a lot of work. It’s reassuring to learn that curly hairs may be used in a variety of ways. Continue reading for all the inspiration you’ll ever need on how to style your hair.