How To Style My Braids?

How To Style My Braids?

How To Style My Braids?

There are many ways to style braids, depending on the length, thickness, and texture of your hair. So whether you’re headed to the beach or want to switch up your look, braids are an easy way to freshen up your hair. Besides, there are many ways to style them—from simple to intricate.

This summer, you can try out a handful of fun hairstyles that use box braids. From a cute half updo to an elegant half bun, these looks will prepare you for any occasion!

Spritz Your Hair

When styling my braids, I love using good hairspray. This is because it keeps my hair in place and moisturizes it, making it soft and healthy.

Opt for a light or medium-hold formula if you’re looking for hairspray on your braids. This will help you get a strong hold that doesn’t weigh your braids down or make them look crunchy.

In addition to choosing a spray with a light or medium hold, you should also consider the product’s fragrance. Fragrances can add a lot to your overall look, so choosing one with a nice scent is important.

Another great option is a product that has a hydrating ingredient, like shea butter or coconut oil. These ingredients can prevent breakage, dandruff, and itching of the scalp.

You can also try a product with a heat protectant, so you don’t have to worry about your hair getting damaged from blow-drying or hot-rolling your braids. These products can be found at your local drugstore and are usually affordable.

Lastly, try using dry shampoo on your braids to refresh them. This will absorb excess oils and lift your braids, especially if they’re limp after a few weeks.

The Batiste line of hydration dry shampoos has several formulas, so you can find the perfect one for your hair. You can even use this as a part of your regular scalp cleansing routine to extend the life of your braids and get a fresh hairstyle every time you wash your hair.

Trim Away Frizz

Your braids can look a lot better when they aren’t frizzy. One of the best ways to reduce frizz and flyaways in your hair is to trim it regularly.

Often, the tips of your hair are the most susceptible to dryness and damage. This is because they are exposed to the elements more frequently than the roots, making them dry and brittle much more quicker.

Getting your tips trimmed as frequently as possible, ideally once every six months is a good idea to keep your tips healthy and looking great. This will help to prevent split ends, and tame frizz since the tips of your hair are much more likely to have this issue than the roots.

Another way to tame frizz and flyaways is by using a deep conditioner on your hair. These are formulated to hydrate your locks and prevent and heal split ends, which can lead to breakage and frizz.

You can also use a shampoo that contains moisturizing ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid or glycerin. They will help seal the cuticles of your hair to prevent moisture from escaping, says cosmetic chemist Nikita Wilson.

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It is important to remember that many health conditions can cause dryness in your hair, including eczema, thyroid disorders, and eating disorders like anorexia nervosa. Therefore, you must see your doctor about treatment options if you have any of these.

The bottom line is that your hair should always be hydrated and well-moisturized. This will help to eliminate frizz and make it easier for your braids to hold together.

If your braids are causing frizz, you can use gel to smooth them out. These products are typically inexpensive and can be found at almost any store. You can also use a detangling spray to help calm down your hair and avoid tangles.

Set Your Braids With Gel

When you get your hair braided, you can use gel to help keep it in place. This is especially helpful for box braids, a protective style you can leave in for up to six weeks.

You can use various types of gel to set your braids. You can find a product that works for your hair type and needs, from eco stylers to cult-favorite brands.

NVNV Beauty Braid Gel is an excellent choice for setting your braids, as it holds the hair in place. It’s also great for protecting your braids against heat, humidity, and water damage.

To use this product, mix your hair into two parts and apply the gel to the strands between them. This will keep the braids in place and help them stay smooth and tidier longer.

Another way to set your braids is by dipping them in hot water. This works best on synthetic braids, as natural hair softens when exposed to heat. You can dip your braids in a jug of hot water at a safe distance from your scalp, ensuring that over two to three inches are submerged.

Once you’ve dipped your braids, wrap them up in a microfiber towel, like the Best of Beauty-winning Volo Hero Quick Dry Towel, and let them air dry for about 30 minutes.

You’ll want to avoid a cotton or terry cloth towel as it will only trap moisture, which can cause your braids to become frizzy. Instead, try a microfiber towel to help your hair dry faster and keep it from looking greasy.

Keeping your braids clean is important, so wash them with a gentle shampoo and conditioner every two weeks. If you wear them in a protective style, don’t forget to spritz them with a styling spray.

Trim the Baby Hairs Around Your HairlineTrim the Baby Hairs Around Your Hairline

Baby hairs are short, fine hair strands that grow around your hairline. They can be tricky to style, but a few easy hacks make them look more polished.

First, trim your baby’s hair with a comb. It may sound strange, but it will help you create a sleek look along your hairline and frame your face better.

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You can also spritz a folded tissue with some hairspray and swipe it over your baby’s hair for an extra smooth finish, says Kattia Solano, founder of Butterfly Studio Salon in New York City. She recommends this before blow-drying to ensure the strands don’t break.

Another way to get a more streamlined look is to comb your baby hairs down and then back towards your hairline, resulting in tight swirls of curls. This is a great way to give your hairline a natural-looking shape, and it’s easier than trying to tame baby hairs in a messy bun or ponytail.

Alternatively, you can sweep your baby hair down into gentle waves to frame your face. This can also be done with a brush, but you may need to repeat it multiple times.

Finally, don’t forget to set your braids with gel. This will keep them looking neat and set and prevent them from becoming frizzy over time.

While you should always avoid hair products that can cause breakage (like heat styling tools and excessive chemical treatments), baby hairs may be caused by continuous traction or over-manipulation, which often causes them to appear. If you see many baby hairs with shorter, split ends and a dry texture, this could indicate that you’re dealing with breakage.

Embrace A New Style

Braids are an iconic style in the history of hair. Whether you’re wearing them as a protective style or want to update your look, braids are a great way to make any look more interesting and unique.

There are many styles to choose from, from classic cornrows to chic buns. But how do you know which one is right for your hair type?

To help you determine which style is best for you, it’s important to understand your natural hair and what it can handle. For example, some hair types may not be able to maintain braided hairstyles as long as others, so it’s important to listen to your scalp and know when it’s time to wash.

If you’re looking for a new hairstyle, consider box braids. These ’90s-inspired braids have become a popular choice among celebrities and real girls alike.

They’re the perfect style to rock on a first date or when you’re feeling extra flirty and fun! You can even add beads to your braids for a bohemian ’90s vibe.

Box braids are also a great option for anyone wanting to wear their hair short without cutting it! This hairstyle is an easy way to show off your gorgeous locks and a great style to wear to the gym.

To finish up, tame the baby hairs around your hairline with an edge control cream. This will help keep the hair from looking frizzy and clumpy. This will also keep your braids looking fresh and clean.

Here Are Five Ideas:

  1. Half-Up, Half-Down: Gather the top half of your braids into a high ponytail, leaving the rest of your hair down. This style is perfect for keeping your hair out of your face while showing off your braids.
  2. Crown Braid: Take the two front sections of your braids and braid them along your hairline, securing them with bobby pins. This will create a beautiful crown effect that is both stylish and practical.
  3. Low Bun: Gather your braids into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck, and twist them into a bun. This is a classic and elegant look that works well for any occasion.
  4. Side Braid: Create a side part and braid the larger section of your braids over your shoulder. This style is perfect for showcasing your braids while keeping your hair out of your face.
  5. Top Knot: Gather your braids into a high ponytail and twist them into a top knot. This is a great way to keep your hair off your neck and showcase your braids simultaneously.
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Remember to be gentle when styling your braids to avoid damage or breakage. You can also accessorize your braids with headbands, scarves, or hairpins to add flair to your look.


How do I stop my braids from looking messy?

Oludele suggests heating up a kettle of water to a boil, then drenching a cloth in it. Remove the towel from the pot using tongs, then let it to cool just enough so that it is still warm to the touch but not burning. After that, spread the towel over your braided hair. Your braids will seem cleaner and the frizz will be reduced by the hot water.

Why do my braids look messy?

You don’t pull tightly enough: It’s perfectly OK to occasionally choose a looser braid appearance. Nevertheless, if you begin by braiding too loosely, the hair pieces won’t stay together. Instead, when the braid has been made, tug it to make it relax by running your fingers through it.

How long do braids last?

You should be prepared to cleanse approximately every two to three weeks even though braids can last anywhere from two to eight weeks depending on the type you choose and how you wear them. Whether you’ve been swimming or have been perspiring a lot, your scalp may need some tender loving care.

How do you sleep with braided hair?

If your braids are longer and thicker, you can section them off to make it easier to twist them over your head while you sleep. To begin, divide your hair into two equal parts, making sure they are detangled and free of knots. The borders and roots of your hair can be damaged if you pull the braids back too tightly.

Why do braids damage hair?

Too-tight braids can also result in tensile stress, which happens when the hair follicles are continuously pulled. “Depending on how tight or heavy the braids are, certain forms of braiding may cause damage. Stress placed on the follicle can weaken it and can result in hair loss “affirms O’Brien.