How To Style Long Braids?

How To Style Long Braids?

How To Style Long Braids?

Styling long braids can be fun and versatile to switch up your look. Whether attending a high fashion show or simply wanting to spruce up your everyday look, braided hairstyles are an easy way to look chic and polished.

There are various ways to style your long braids, so knowing your hair type and length is important before choosing a look. From box braids to buns and ponytails, we’ve rounded up 25 of our favorite looks to keep your mane in place without sacrificing your glam factor!

Box Braids

Box Braids

Box braids are a great way to style your hair if you’re looking for a quick and easy look. They’re easy to maintain, and you can even add your twist to the look by adding a few small braids throughout. Plus, they’re super chic and can make a big statement independently.

One of the best parts about box braids is that they can be very long or short, depending on your preference. If you want a dramatic look, go for long, but medium-length braids might be the better option if you’re spending a lot of time at the office.

If you’re worried that long braids can weigh down your tresses, pair them with an edgy undercut or a side-swept bang. This look perfectly gives your locks more volume and creates a modern, fresh look.

You can also use shorter box braids to add depth and dimension to your natural tresses. They’re perfect for any woman with thin or fine strands and can be pulled into various easy-to-wear styles.

For more of a pop of color, try adding some ombre braids. This trend is all over Instagram, and it’s a great way to bring some extra pizazz to your hairstyle without coloring your whole head.

To achieve this look, start by making a high ponytail and then splitting it into three sections and braiding each separately. Then, wrap your braids around the ponytail to form a bun that rests atop your head.

This is a cute look that’s perfect for any occasion. Keep it simple, and hold it in place with a few hair pins.

Another cool way to style your box braids is to fasten them into an ethereal halo braid. This will look especially chic if you’re attending an event or party that requires you to look sexy and elegant.

This look is also perfect for Halloween and costume parties, but it works well on any other occasion. Remember to keep it playful and fun because you don’t want it to look too serious.

Braided Bun

There are several ways to style long braids. Braids are a popular protective hairstyle that can be adapted to many hair types and lengths. They are also a great way to reduce styling time and add volume to your hair.

The braided bun is a classic hairstyle that can be worn on almost any occasion, from formal events to the office. The best thing about the braided bun is that it can be adapted to your style and taste.

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Start with clean, dry hair free of knots and tangles to get the look. Then, brush your hair thoroughly and use a dry shampoo to refresh it. If your hair is curly or wavy, apply a styling oil like Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Styling Oil to help prevent frizz.

Next, divide your hair into three sections. Starting at the nape of your neck, loosely braid each section. Secure each braid with a small, elastic hair tie.

Tip: It’s Using bobby pins that match your hair color is important. This will blend the braids and help them stay in place throughout the day.

If you want to add extra texture and a touch of drama to your braided bun, try adding a few accent braids. This will help you create a unique and chic hairstyle that will turn heads!

This is an ideal look for black hair. It is also a great style to wear when you are going to a wedding or other formal event. The braids in this hairstyle are a little twisted, so they are very pretty and eye-catching.

The twisted bun is a great hairstyle for short hair, but you can also use it to showcase longer, thicker hair. It is a very easy hairstyle to do, and it looks very elegant.

Add a few beads to your braids for more dimension and texture. This is a fun and easy updo you can do any occasion, but it will be especially cute for a wedding.

If you want to keep your hair looking fresh all day, braids are a perfect choice for you. They are a simple and effective protective style that will make your hair healthier, easier to manage, and more beautiful.

Braided Ponytail

Braided Ponytail

A braided ponytail is a hairstyle that is easy to create and can suit many hair textures, thicknesses, and lengths. It is also an excellent protective style that can aid natural hair growth and reduce daily styling time.

Braided ponytails come in various lengths and thicknesses. They can be created to look sleek or messy, ensuring they complement all face shapes. They are easy to maintain and can be worn for everyday or formal occasions.

This simple but chic look is perfect for wearing to the gym or a business meeting. It is a great way to get dressed without taking much time, and it will keep your hair out of the face while still showing off your personality.

For a modern twist on this classic hairstyle, try adding some brightly colored braids to your ponytail. This will make your braided ponytail instantly more IG-friendly and add some dimension to it, too!

If you’re feeling adventurous, incorporate baby hairs into your braided ponytail. These wisps of hair are a great way to soften your features and draw attention to your facial contours. In addition, they can look particularly flattering when paired with the right haircut.

Creating this style is fairly simple, but if you have thicker hair, it’s recommended that you use a thickening spray or gel to help smooth out the edges of your braid. The jelly substance in these products will give you a long-lasting stronghold that won’t fly away.

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Another option is to add some hair jewelry to your braided ponytail, as Blake Lively did on the red carpet. This can easily be incorporated into your ponytail by wrapping it around the base of the braid however you choose.

The Ghana braid ponytail is an extremely sleek and neat hairstyle that can look sassy or classy, depending on how it’s done. It is ideal for any hair texture and can be worn to the gym or a business meeting.

This is a unique hairstyle you will want to wear if you have highlights or a lot of volumes in your hair. It will look especially enchanting on women with long hair and is a great way to change your everyday routine.

Twisted Braids

Long braids are a great protective hairstyle, allowing you to lock in moisture and encourage natural hair growth. They’re also low-maintenance, so you can wear them all summer without compromising your healthy locks.

Consider twists if you’re looking for a more creative take on your braids. These are much less common than braids, but they can be just as gorgeous and versatile – so don’t be afraid to try them out!

Big, thick, and dramatic twisted braids are a fabulous way to stand out from the crowd. They’re easy to style and work with all hair types, including kinky ends and thick curls. You can add a few shaved designs at the nape for extra flair!

The best part is you don’t have to be a stylist to pull off these looks. There are lots of tutorials online for styling them yourself!

To start, you’ll need to separate your hair into two sections. To do this, hold one section in each hand over the other. Then, twist the two pieces of hair together in the opposite direction that you twisted them before, switching the sections over each other as you go. Stop twisting about 1-2 in (2.5-5.1 cm) before you get to the end for a slightly undone look.

If you want to create a look as unique as you are, experiment with color. If you have a strong, dark color on top, try using light hair color underneath to achieve a fabulous ombre effect.

Try a colorful braid with a shaved design at the nape, or add some fun kinky ends. Combining these elements can give you an exotic and tropical-inspired look that will make your friends jealous.

Another fun twist on this look is to do a fauxhawk braid. This is a very popular style worn by celebrities for years. However, it’s still relatively easy to do yourself at home! It’s a great style for people with textured hair who don’t like a traditional box braid.

Six Ideas On How To Style Long Braids:

  1. Classic braids: Start with a basic three-strand braid and secure it with a hair elastic. This is a timeless look that is perfect for everyday wear.
  2. High ponytail: Gather your braids into a high ponytail for a sleek and polished look. This style is great for workouts or when you want to keep your hair out of your face.
  3. Braided crown: Create a braided crown by wrapping your braids around your head and pinning them in place with bobby pins. This style is perfect for formal events or when you want a more romantic look.
  4. Half-up half-down: Take the top section of your braids and pull it back into a half-up half-down style. Add a hair accessory or leave it simple for a more casual look.
  5. Side braid: Sweep your braids over one shoulder and create a side braid. This is a great way to show off your length and add a touch of elegance to your style.
  6. Bun: Gather your braids into a bun at the back of your head for a chic and sophisticated look. This style works well for work or when you want a more formal look.
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Remember to protect your braids by using a silk or satin pillowcase and avoiding tight hairstyles that can cause tension on your scalp. With these styling ideas, you can enjoy your long braids and switch up your look whenever you want.